Head in the Clouds…and a Distress Sale!

Head in the Clouds…and a Distress Sale!

Hi there.
After all the excitement about awards yesterday, 
I think it’s time to get grounded and do some pleasant artwork, eh.
Looking out of the window and I see sky, lot’s of it.
So let’s do a little cloud work, shall we?
Just for fun, I’ll do this exercise thinking out loud,
just so you know what goes on in this mad head of mine!
Where’s Theuva Card?
That’s the best card.
Which colours shall I use?
Best test them first…
Well, I know which ones NOT to use now!
Maybe if we brush a base colour in first, something neutral, 
like Antique Linen…
I wonder if the photo will even pick it up…
Our brushes really are brilliant.

Now for the masks. 
I hope I can find an OLD cloud mask.
I like them best when they‘re not so sticky.

Probably better to dust the card with talc lightly too.
The last time I got streaks from the mask adhesive which stuck to Theuva Card.
Talc helps that though.

Ooh. I’d better go let the cat in.
It must be freezing its little giblets off outside!


The trick is to use next to no ink. Almost like dry brushing.
Let‘s see if there’s enough on this blue brush already.

Must remember not to overlap the cloud as I move the mask down. 
That looks weird.
Shall I do the whole piece as sky?

Well let’s think about that 
and go back to the top with a second colour.
Old Paper is different enough to the Antique Linen,
but still very subtle.
I remember Emma Williams showing me once how to do this,
and she was using colours really really similar to each other.

So I’ll fill the gaps with the boring beige colours then.

Trouble is, now I can’t really add a white moon,
unless I put it right at the bottom.

Maybe a darker colour coming in from the lower edge 
would be cool.
That Faded Jeans blue is the same tone as the Weathered Wood 
I think, just darker.

I suppose the trick is to just keep brushing back and forth,
from one end to the other, until it’s dark enough. 

I am SO hungry!!
Am I really going to be able to lose 20lbs by June?
There’s no way I am parading round in a swimming cozzy 
unless I do.

Back to the job.
That’s nice.

Moon’s a bit low….

What about the other way round?
Yeah but no but yeah but no but..
yeah, actually!

Would make a lovely background for my favourite stamp 
in all the world!
When in doubt, get the Bird Boy out!
I don’t believe it!
A smudge!
Put the ink pad over it for the photo.
Bloody typical.

The branch will hide the smudge.
Looks a bit lost now. 

More leafery required.

Now what?
Either I can use a Sharpie pen and go round the edge, 
which will pull it in nicely.
But that’s been done to death.
Let’s use the blending tool on the blending mat 
and make a more subtle vignette.

Shall I? Shall I be predictable?
Torn paper hills in the corner.
Like a signature, innit!

That’s a lotta sky.
Maybe a branch in the opposite corner, for balance?

If I smudge this time, I will just crop the card and lose the moon!

Mounted on a piece of white card and then on a boring beige.
Love boring beiges !!!

It’s no good.
I must go and eat a soft-boiled egg or something. 
Leigh at work says you have to eat, otherwise your body thinks it’s being starved.
That advice is what got me into this shape in the first place !!!

Jayne’s going swimming twice a week.
I suppose I could do that.

At least I wouldn’t be able to eat while I’m in the pool !!
An hour in the head of a mad crafter.
Sound familiar?
Let’s have a Distress Pad Sale.
Let’s drop all the pads from £4.50 to £4
Did I say that out loud ??
Only while stocks last.
Offer ends midnight Friday. 
love and hugs,

79 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds…and a Distress Sale!

  1. How lovely to see the moon at the bottom for once Barbara – why have I never thought of doing that? I desparately need to lose weight, too much comfort eating going on at the moment, and I need some comfort for sure, have a lovely afternoon xxx

  2. I enjoyed that, the windmills of your mind! Beautiful artwork – he's a beautiful boy. Brilliant demonstration of how to incorporate a smudge into your art. Are cat giblets called giblets? I've never thought about that before. Oh, and huge congratulations on all your
    Tonbridge Sue

  3. LOL, you just took me on a flighty journey, away from my own stresses. Swimming, it's marvelous for getting in shape. When i'm super stressed and the chatter in my head won't stop, I lie floating on my back with my ears under the water and imagine i'm somewhere far more pleasant.

  4. Love that stamp! Don't have it but I love it! I've got the stencil though. Beautiful with all the clouds and the hills in the corner. Isn't it funny how we talk to ourselves while we work. I'm on the losing weight wagon too and while I was doing quite well before Xmas I'm finding it so hard to get back on the wagon after Xmas. But really must try harder. Better weather will be here soon and can get out on my bike a bit more xx

  5. I love the way you write just as you talk, thinking as you go. It is comforting that even you have a problem with random smudges and have to find a way to mask them. Beautifully done and a really lovely result. xx Maggie

  6. Mad crafter, no, just normal, at least it seems normal to me. So normal or mad take your pick, but it produces beautiful work.
    Well done on awards, and good luck with the wieght lose.
    M F M xx

  7. Hello Barb, you are not a mad crafter, you are a lovely inspirational woman, and you inspire us all, with this artwork, and many others. Good luck with the diet/weight loss. Bx

  8. I would never have put the moon that low but you did it again Barbara and it looks really good. Another trick or two to try. The beige and blue look well together too

  9. You've a great mind and and an even better sense of humor
    Leigh's right ,your body will,think it's starving
    Walking is great ,keep,track of your steps and gradually increase
    Better yet ,eat dessert — don't put off today your joy cause you never know about tomorrow joy now jan

  10. Hello Barbara

    Lovely piece of artwork. Nice to revisit old faithfuls. Leigh is correct about the starvation thing. Trick is to eat little and often to keep the metabolism going. But eat sensibly. Not a couple of biscuits! Good luck.


  11. I'm glad you self talk like that. I was crafting yesterday, it didn't go as planned and the language that my brain was using was shocking. I was also having a conversation with myself about losing weight whilst eating Lindor chocolate…mmm, but there is still lots of goodies (or baddies) left from Christmas. I wish I could produce art like yours though whilst talking nonsense to myself.

  12. Love the boy with the bird stamp, I had to get it as soon as you released it. Maria is quite right about the cherries, they boost your metabolism and they take ages to chew, if you don't stone them first ( with health and safety in mind, one does eventually spit the stone out!!).you just have to omit cream and/or icecream, sorry. Xx

    1. Afternoon Donna how's the eye ?afternoon Dorothy had my nutty porridge yummie ,afternoon Diane pam Brenda
      Big crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila hope you are keeping warm today, it's been freezing here all day. Hope you've been resting today so you can manage a bit of craft tomorrow xxxxx

    3. Evening Sheila, that nutty porridge sounds yummy, we just had Scots porridge oats this morning as it was so cold, still scrummy though. Sending you a big hug. Pam xx

  13. Sounds so familiar to me… Hiding a smudge with a stamp ;-))
    And being on a diet as well…
    Years ago I lost 13 kilos within four or five months. After that my weight was like that for two years.
    Then I have been in holidays and I didn´t want to pay attention. I enjoyed food etc. Believe it or not in a very short time I had my 13 kilos back. To hold the weight is much more complicated than loosing it. So I´m fed up with diets…
    Rolf xxx

    1. Hi Donna, good to hear you didn't scare the children with your eye today! Hope it gets better soon. I had to defrost my car inside and out today – not good! The frost hasn't gone off the grass all day either – still at least it's not raining!!! Xxxx

    2. Hi Diane, I hate de-icing the car! Especially when its frosty on the inside too. On playground duty this morning so I wrapped up with lots of layers! Xx

      Hi Pam, glad to hear your back is a bit better. Keep resting! Xx

  14. Just like being next to you while you craft! So easy for us to think you just magic a piece of artwork up, so encouraging to know you dither and improvise like us.
    Try drinking plenty of water too – I think I need to do that also, I'm always going to diet tomorrow! XX

  15. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!….me laughing out loud…Just brilliant Barbara…I heard you speak every word out loud!!!
    I really like this version of your favourite little boy and it was a nice touch with your hills in the corner too.
    Right I had better get on with adding some ink to my list before I phone in an order tomorrow. Hugs xxx

  16. Lol love the blog ,have just got this stamp not used it yet ,been doing canvas work with the poppy stencil .I love swimming as with crafting completely relax and lose myself for a while .

  17. Well done Barbara and team for your well deserved awards. I am a little late with my congratulations, sorry. Great picture as always and what a great offer on the distress inks but how to choose. First I need to list what I have and then try to choose.

  18. You chatting away to yourself is very encouraging to the rest of us as we are sure now that your creations evolve rather than being perfectly created from the word go and the end result is always stunning. Mine never turn out as intended but more often than not I'm happy with what I've produced.

  19. Beautiful clouds and that hint of landscape and the pretty foliage together with the Bird Boy make this a real hit Barbara. Thank you for the Distress Ink sale too. x

  20. Beautiful card Barbara, lovely knowing you talk it through to yourself too, or maybe shouldn't say that as you were talking to us weren't you? When I smudge my artwork it's usually in the middle where I can't cover it up with a stamp. Have to look through my distress inks, have loads but maybe not all, always need something. Not easy to lose weight in the winter, they do say to drink a glass of water before a meal, I do think drinking more water helps, good luck with your dieting. I'm still trying to lose weight as well, going to a wedding in April and don't want to buy an outfit the size I am now. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    1. Hi Diane, seems a little better the last few days, had a walk this afternoon, have to keep moving as when I'm sat too long it stiffens up. The frost had gone by the time we went out. Hope you're keeping warm. Been doing some cooking for the freezer the last few days too, just to feel I've achieved something and to keep me on the move. Thanks for asking. Sending you a big hug. Pam xx

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed reading what was going on in your mind – and yet another beautiful piece of artwork too! Thanks to so many lovely comments here yesterday, I am feeling much more positive today! I am concentrating on the survival rates, and nothing else – it's just hearing that dreadful 'C' word! I am reminding myself of my word choice for this year – HOPE! Little did I know how much I would need it this year!! Thank you all for the kind words and hugs from yesterday, Gilly xxx

  22. Hi Barbara
    I like hearing what goes on in your head, hope the cat wasn't too cold! I was talking to a friend about this stamp today, she said I had to get it because it's beautiful and stamps wonderfully – we both love your stamps if you hadn't guessed! I love the moon at the bottom, it makes a real change but works so well. I restarted the 5:2 diet again today, it's so cold , I wish I hadn't! It will be worth it in the end though. I'm off to check my ink pads!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxxx

  23. Hi Barbara I love to read your blog, your humour sets me up for the day. Great card, have the landscape masks so must buy the stamp now. Oh and the distress ink sale is a must.

  24. Hi Brenda and Dot, hope you are keeping snug and warm and are both ok. You were a night owl last night Dot. Liked the sound of your scrummy nutty porridge, we had Scott's porridge oats this morning as it was so cold. Sending you both a big hug. Pam xxx

  25. Hya Barb. Great blog – another one to have a go at! I do like your sense of humour ((giggle)). Thanks for the offer on distressed inks – I did a stocktake of my collection and ordered another 7!!!!!!! Beryl x

  26. So good to see our minds think alike! Same thoughts zip through my head. I love creating, but I sit on my fat arse and it takes time away from fitness. Wish I could figure out a way to hook up a treadmill or stationary bike while in my art studio…but talk about smudges….all that moving would create a mess. In a quandary about how to dedicate my time. Full time work, maintaining a home, fitness, creative pursuits, community work, spending time with the husb,etc. How do I fit it all in? I hoped to have it all figured out at the start of the year. No such luck. Constant work in progress. Extra tough when I think about food almost as much as I think about artsy/craftsy creating. Why is that? I think it is because I love to create – both culinary and artsy otherwise. Work and life have a habit of getting in the way, or maybe it is the other way around? A true dilemma…

  27. That was funny, sorry. You must eat to lose weight, no good starving. Lots of fruit and veg. If I can do it Barbara you certainly can. Mind you I have high blood pressure now, so how does that work, lose 3 stone and now unhealthy. I am a bit down about it. Will not put it back on though as we have a wedding next year to look forward to. Glad you explained how you did the clouds never make a brilliant job of them. Thanks. xx

  28. Beautiful card, lovely to see all the old favourites coming out from time to time. Missed yesterday as we were out til late so MANY MANY CONGRATULATIONS on the awards, you deserve them all. Really great news X

  29. Beautiful piece of work Barbara. You do make me smile as you do each step. Good luck with the healthy eating. I started the healthy eating plan on the Good Morning website on itv.com. Lost 2lbs last week. Easy to follow too. Hugs xxxx

  30. Hi Barbara,
    where do you think you have 20 lbs too much? Definitely not on your body.
    I do the eating thing easy… when I am busy I don't have time to eat. The problem is I am not that busy that I don't eat 😉

    The cloudy picture is very nice and the beige background is perfect. It looks very elegant.

  31. Goodness Barbara that's gorgeous! I will be having a little go at this I think!
    I have just been doing a bit of work and thought I would spend a short while before I go and collapse on the sofa, catching up on a few blogs.
    I saved the best til last! I always enjoy reading yours because I can 'hear' you reading it to me! It's like I have got you in the room with me!
    Don't be wasting away….I am the one who needs to lose weight! But the gym twice a week after work should help!
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  32. How clever, and the moon at the bottom of the frame really does work well. The combo of blue and beige is so pretty and the little boy is one of my favourites. I've lost nearly 2.5 stone on my eating plan – no/low fat or sugar, and at least 1/3 of every meal should be non-starchy fruit or veg. X

  33. Hi Barb,
    Your artwork is gorgeous as ever! Love the clouds – mine never turn out right. As for smudges, well mine are always either too big to hide or in a place where it would wrong to put something over it!!!
    Great offer on the distress inks – shame I've got them all and the reinkers! Don't know where you need to lose weight from – if I looked as good as you, I'd be well chuffed! Love Alison xxx

  34. ah great stamp great art work, typical Gray me thinks!
    Keep em coming Barb
    Winter time hard for the weight programme especially on cold days so I sympathise x
    Much love as ever
    Kim xx

  35. Morning, stunning art work Barb and so love the stamp and masks.

    Thank you every one for your kind thoughts and wishes yesterday. Mum has community acquired pneumonia and mca left territorial stroke? Will know more today. She did sound better last night…so making progress.

    I slept better last night – in fact crashed out… going to continue with my "diet" and hopefully get crafting today. Missed it yesterday.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

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