A New Year Challenge with our Calendar…

A New Year Challenge with our Calendar…

Hi there!
If you are just catching up with this ’ere blog,
please know that this is BLOG No. 2 today!
The arty one is already out there.
I just wanted to tell you about this newest idea.

Forgot to mention something really cool earlier.
If you are somebody who enjoys emulating techniques
 and following projects, this may be something you will enjoy doing.
Many of you will have bought the 2016 Step by Step project Calendar we brought out recently.

We still have a few left, but not many.
Well we have started a monthly challenge over on the Clarity Challenge Blog, where you simply have to follow the steps for the pertinent month’s project, submit your work (very simple to do), and be in with a chance to win a £50 Gift Voucher every month.
Here is the link to find out more.
The regular challenge will still take place,
But this is perfect for those of us who aren’t sure how the other Challenges work!
If you want to invest in a Calendar, so you can join in,
thereby setting yourself a monthly task and technique to master,
they are reduced in price.
And I’ll be happy to sign it if it motivates you to get going!!!!

By the way, the Clarity Challenge Blog is pretty cool already!
Have you checked out the artwork which gets submitted there every month?!?

36 thoughts on “A New Year Challenge with our Calendar…

    1. If i don't think mines is good enough or my hands won't let me craft it will be wonderful to see the other entries so much inspiration thank you Barbara for having all these new options good luck with the shows xxx

    2. Oh Dot, no one would laugh, I would not give them any of my hob nobs if they did! I would love you to join in…………And you Diane, stop hiding in the corner I can see you there! Xx

  1. I have one hanging in my craft room and my second one is in its plastic cover so I can use it to follow the steps by steps and don't get it dirty .
    I've just been looking to see how many months I've got in my stash I only need to buy 3 more months so I can enter each month if my hands will let me and one of them are in the members sale yippie xxx

  2. Great idea, my Calendar is on its way!
    It sounds very exciting and I m looking forward to trying out a new technique every month.
    Also plan to do the monthly challenge too! I made that resolution last year but didn't get past January so need to do better this year!

  3. Hi Barbara, i was bought a calendar and a must have, so hope you do another one for next year. I made the cover pic for my friends birthday in December but my watermarks didn't show so well as I used Theuva card I think. She was impressed anyway!

    For the reflection technique in January, how did you do this before you had a gelli plate, as I don't have one, but have the set of tree stamps.

    Looking forward to your shows tomorrow and Monday x

    1. You can stamp it on acetate ( carefully) and then plant upside down doe the reflection.
      You can then stamp the grove the right way using the reflection as a guide.
      I find if you lay the acetate down carefully you can brayered it in place to help get a good image, it always tends to be less strong than the stamped image. It's taken me a long time to get it right! Good luck X

  4. OK with my captains hat on do the entries have to be the same as the originals? Obviously the same overall technique but do the stamps used have to be the same? Only asking as I will need to do a bit of shopping if not as I am short a couple of months. Thanks XX

  5. When I put my calendar up I had a look at the back for the how to and thought that's genius must try! So now I definitely must, so far I have only entered the Clarity challenge once but I'm determined it won't be the last!
    PS the calendar looks rather fab hanging in my craft room!

  6. Morning, This is another great idea ….. so looking forward to this challenge. I am IN….

    Looking forward to all your shows today and tomorrow.

    Good luck and crafty hugs Pen x

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