Coming or going? Who can say?

Coming or going? Who can say?

Hello there.
It’s raining steadily here in the south,
so my hopes are that it ISN’t up north.
Sad Saturday here.
Grace and Mark have both left and gone back to 
New York and San Francisco respectively.
Back to work on Monday.
Hey ho. 
We had a great Christmas together.
No drama, no family fights.
Harmony and Love is all. 
So now I must stay busy and not dwell on the empty house. 
Probably just as well I am on HOCHANDA TV 
tomorrow 2-4pm and 8-9pm
 and Monday 9-10am 12-1pm 4-5pm and 7-8pm.
Great distraction, 
which will also give Dave a chance to take a deep breath 
and regroup!
I’ve got a few nice demos lined up.
Here’s one of the Groovi demos I hope to get to tomorrow,
using the lovely new Holly Border.
You can buy her on her own, 
or you can get three borders for the price of two.
Actually, there are two sets.
Rosy, Lily and Annabel too. 
Let’s fast forward to the completed line art.
When you know what’s going on in the Gray household, 
then this little piece of artwork takes on a whole new meaning.
Is she just arriving?
Or is she leaving, and just looking back at her home?
Who knows…
Either way she’s definitely not gone forever!
 I will show you the layout and how to position all the elements during the show.

Used the soft side of the blue mat in the Starter Kit 
to bring out the white work.
Actually made an interesting discovery quite by accident, 
which I shall tell you about tomorrow….

I decided to just use a holly berry red pencil.
The Faber-Castell Polychromos are pretty special. 

Instead of colouring in the holly around the border, 
I decided to see what would happen if I focussed on the background instead.
Took a while, but well worth it. 

Added a vibrant green to the leaves and the inner border.
Always working from behind.

But what colour to use in the background?
Here’s a grey colour.

Here’s red.

But green’s quite good too.

And even light dotty blue is nice.

 Mmmm…. not sure.
The jury’s out on this one.

What do you think?
It makes such a difference to the artwork!!
Pray do tell.
I haven’t stuck anything down yet;
waiting for you to inspire me!
Love & peace,

90 thoughts on “Coming or going? Who can say?

  1. It is hard saying goodbye, isn't it. My dad lives in Utah and I see him once a year, normally in May when he comes to visit. You have to cherish every moment whilst you can.

    I LOVE your inspiration today, I think the red or green. I tried the groovi plate at one of the workshops, my thumb ached, but that's my body, not the product, I wish I could use it, but I would be addicted and want everything!!

    Happy new year Barbara. Can't wait for all your shows 🙂 x

  2. Afternoon Barbara. I can empathise with the empty house. But pleasant memories will keep you going. I like the red background as it gives off a nice warm feel to it. A warm welcome home!! But I also like the dotty blue, simply as it's my favourite colour! Looking forward to the shows. Hugs and much love. Emma xx

  3. It's always so hard to say goodbye isn't it? I find keeping busy helps me too.
    Mmmm I like the dots blue best but the green is good too.
    Hope to catch some of your shows over the next couple of days
    Jackie x

  4. Afternoon Barbara. I can empathise with the empty house. But pleasant memories will keep you going. I like the red background as it gives off a nice warm feel to it. A warm welcome home!! But I also like the dotty blue, simply as it's my favourite colour! Looking forward to the shows. Hugs and much love. Emma xx

  5. Hallo Barbara,
    ich denke blau ist die richtige Farbe … Winter ist für mich blau (neben weiß natürlich).
    Ich wünsche Dir für morgen und übermorgen tolle Sendungen, ganz viel Spaß und wir Deutschen werden per Internet wieder dabei sein.
    Good luck and great shows.
    Viele Grüße sendet Sabine:-)

  6. Great blog, looking forward to the shows, Santa brought me a groovi but not played with it yet. Keep looking at it but not got round to doing anything yet. I have to say I like the blue background it just seems to draw my eye . X

  7. Afternoon I feel for you with an empty house. Mine is too today, Den has gone to work so its crafty day today for me. Been for a walk before the rain arrived this afternoon time to reflect.
    I think its the light dotty blue for me.

    Crafty hugs and looking forward to ALL the shows.

    Pen x

  8. Hmmmm, I would go for the grey as it makes everything else stand out especially the white work. Hope you are not too sad for long, just think every hour that passes is an closer to seeing them again. Xx

    1. Wanted to say I love the new monthly calendar challenge idea. I was looking at the art each month this morning and I have to say that each one is beautiful. I hope I can do them justice! Xx

  9. Afternoon Barbara. When your family is dotted about all over the place, it is nice to have them all together once in a while. Just look forward to the next time. I like the red background myself, gives it some warmth. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Best wishes, Margaret.

    1. Evening Donna have you got some more days off work to craft ?the new blog calendar challenge does sound wonderful I don't know how mine will look but will give it a try hopefully if the acupuncture keeps pain at bay .
      It will be lovley to see how others do if I cannot enter .
      Big crafting hugs xxx

    2. Only tomorrow, back at work Monday, the children are back Tuesday. My fingers are itching to do a bit of inking so doing the January artwork might be just the thing. Let's hope you manage to have a go too. Xx

  10. Hello Barbara, I'm up in Durham and it hasn't once stopped raining all day.Thank goodness we're high up as the ground is absolutely sodden.
    I love the blue. For me it gives the impression of a cold snowy day, but makes all the colours stand out. Can't wait for tomorrow and Monday's shows. You will be fantastic as usual x

  11. I would put the parchment on to black, sized exactly to the parchment, and then put the whole thing on to a soft grey. I tried that with my Christmas canvasses (Maria's original design) and loved the soft effect. I am glad you have plenty to keep your mind busy and you know they will continue coming home and always love you. As a very wise lady said to me very recently "one day at a time"! Can't wait to see what you have discovered about the blue mat. Machine is primed to record as well as watching live. My New Year's wish is that Hochanda will start broadcasting on Virgin. Love Maggie xxx

    1. PS being in the Midlands, we have middle-ish rain at the moment but I hope the New Year will bring some dryness to those areas that need it most. I also hope that those builders (and the authorities that permitted it) are made to pay for building on flood plains. xx Maggie

    2. I backed mine onto the blue that use to come with the stencils but you can now buy Tom cuts it to the size of the card with a little boarder then cuts my parchment just a little smaller it helps me have a guide to use my groovi plate or boarder on So I don't loose no pattern.

  12. Aah don't be too sad! As you say – so many happy memories to put into the box! I too said goodbye to my visiting family yesterday – and we had such a happy time together! Good job you have so much to get done Barbara – and losing yourself in craft is a perfect remedy. We are all looking forward to seeing you on tv. Regarding the colour of the background – I think the dotty blue, as I like the way that it makes the figure 'pop out' more. Sending you a big hug xxx

  13. They all go nice but I like the grey, simply because it makes the whole thing look quite cold & wintery…….. I hope Grace & Mark have safe journeys back to the States and it isn't too long before you see them again. Happy New Year to you all. C xx

  14. I like the blue.have spent the morning sorting out my NDC goodies, so many that I haven't really played with. Have tidied the craft room so I can sit and craft rather than sit and fret about the mess

  15. Hi Barbara, I would go for the dotty blue as I think it enhances both the green and red colouring where as the other backings only pop one of the colours. Hope all goes well with the shows; my recorder is set and I can't wait to see all the new stamps etc.
    Grace and Mark are only able to leave you because of your love and good upbringing to make them into strong independent young adults…Although farewells are always so sad. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Sorry that Grace and Mark have gone back but you've got happy memories to look back on until you see them again. At least you've got plenty to keep you occupied to take your mind off it. I think all of the colours are nice but for me it would be either the grey or the blue as it makes the colours pop more and also gives the picture the " cold" feel. Looking forward to the shows. The new calendar challenge is a great idea too. Love Alison xxx

  17. I like the blue as it gives a frosty feeling to the background, while the red on the holly and her clothes contrast with warmth and love.
    Our house is quiet too as the kids have gone out with friends this afternoon, so I am enjoying the piece and quiet after a manic few days! It is nice to be able to enjoy both the madness of having teenagers around as well as having me time!

  18. I think the blue background – although I like red and green as well, only the grey didn't really work for me.

    I've been doing lots of Groovi today. I'm back at my parents' so have been at my dad's bedside as he sleeps. There's no internet so Groovi is a good way to pass the time productively, it's calming without taking me out of it entirely like reading does. It feels strange to be doing this year's Christmas cards already though!

    I have the recorder set for tomorrow and Monday, as don't know what time I'll be home. Looking forward to all the reveals you're teasing us with!

    1. Sounds like a good idea – for you to be doing lots of Groovi, by your Dad's side. Escaping to the world of craft is the best place for you right now. As you say calming, yet productive too! You really can't start Christmas cards too soon! Thinking of you, Gilly xxx

    2. Thanks for all your thoughts. I've been making a groovi bookmark for hubby, who's looking after little one at home on his own. There has been a lot of interest from the nurses in the Groovi. I was very chuffed when one asked if I was an artist!

  19. Glad you have had such a lovely Christmas. I think the blue background goes well. I haven't yet bought the groovi kit but this card is beautiful and sharp and I will have to give in soon, the only thing holding me back is time. Looking forward to your shows tomorrow and Monday. Happy New Year to you all at Clarity.

  20. I like the grey, but they all look pretty. My house is also now quiet, I had all but two of my 10 grandchildren here at some time over Christmas, I love the noise and the bustle, but peace and quiet can be a blessing too.

  21. I hope Grace and Mark arrive safely, I'm sure they had the most wonderful time and you just have to hold onto that until you see them again. As you say they have grown into the most wonderful adults and that too you should take pride in and smile.
    I like the blue background it seems to make the colouring stand out more. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow (recorder all set), just hope you have a good couple of days as well. Safe journey. xxxx

  22. Dear Barbara ,
    My son leaves today also for New York and then to Montreal where he will finish up his second career .,first one was modern dance for thirteen years and now physical,theraphy ,and then perhaps he will move to New York again . We also had no drama ,no family fights , it was lovely .so I will,see you tomorrow online on Hochanda . Something to look forward to ! Joy now ,Jan from America . Oh yes , I like all,the colors

  23. Happy New Year from Hunstanton – thought of you when getting blown along the beach rainy here hope I can get a signal tomorrow
    Love Anne (Reading)

  24. Interesting to see what others are choosing but for me the RED is the winner, it has a warmth to it.

    Looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days. Been a bit slow getting into the Groovi but already asked to sign up to the Groovi club!!

    2016 is going to be a year of action and adventure.

  25. I just love the Holly plate and already have that one, wish I'd known they'd all be on offer, but am really looking forward to seeing your demo's as is my Mr who is really enjoying the groovi plates and made my Christmas card from them this year………double the money to spend now he is into it as well, WhaHoo xx

    I really miss my family after Christmas as well, although they are not as far away as your two

  26. Really like the blue, seems to intensify the red somehow! Lovely images. Looking forward to your shows.
    Missing my daughter too, as she has gone back to Luton (not so far as your loved ones, but far enough that we can't her as much as we'd like), as works in a special needs school there and is back on Mon. xx

  27. Been busy house today to granddaughter Leannah and Rosy quiet know. So just catching up live those cards do like green as brings out the green on art work but blue looks good to. The empty quiet house is nice for peace but very empty feeling so glad your busy cause I know how much you miss them they have a long flight each so you will be waiting to here. They have landed safely. Looking forward to shows over next couple days lots love safe trip for you tomorrow lots love Joy xxx

  28. Hi Barbara,
    beautiful art work…
    How about a dark blue background? You know I´m not into it… but how would a golden mirror card look like?
    Just a thought???
    Best of luck for the shows tomorrow
    Rolf xxx

  29. The red is my favourite I have the holly boarder didn't get to use it on my cards last year but know I will for this years cards I will be starting early .
    No wonder you have thrown yourself in to all these shows to keep your mind occupied grace and mark have given you lots to smile about when your feelin low and missing them and I'm sure you will be in touch very soon when they get home special memories they have and make .
    So looking forward to the shows on record so don't miss anything
    As I keep looking at your card many times each day I think what a wonderful end it made to 2015xxx

    1. Hi Sheila
      Hope the pain is bareable today, looking at your beautiful card must help. Just got home from my sisters, her parting words were, think I might give thus Groovi lark a go! I will be phoning Clarity on Monday to order it for her birthday. Have fun crafting xxxx

    2. Wow Diane a lovley present to give your sister she will be over the moon,I've managed a little grooving in pain now but enjoyed what I did cannot give in as my crafting is all I have left I can do now hugs xxx

  30. Green for me I think!

    Lovely design and makes me want to start this years Christmas cards already! It's nice that the kids will return and that you all enjoyed time together this Christmas. Goodbyes are always difficult but at least we can all keep in touch easily in this day and age!

    Been to see Annie this afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed it, took granddaughter and hubby's ex wife and my sister, niece and her god daughter also came too! A good mix there!

    Tomorrow….tomorrow…. I'll be watching Barbara on the telly and it's only a day away! Looking forward to it Barbara! x x

  31. Love the red Barbara can't wait till tomorrow your work is stunning I know you are sad at the moment mark and grace will be sad as well
    I was the same when my son went back to South Wales I know it's not as far but I had to say goodby then he travels on to his job on Monday. Craft is a lifesaver bless it see you tomorrow Barbara love you xxxxxxxx

  32. I like the blue as well. Husband and I took the decorations down today, oldest daughter was working and youngest was watching a movie in her room. The lounge now looks huge and I was left with that sad, empty feeling so I took myself off to the back room and got out my gelli plate and paints. That's another eight backgrounds done for this years Christmas cards!

  33. Hi Barbara
    I love the red and the green works well too. I have my recorder set for the shows. I will watch most of them live as well. I must have the Wee Houses and I need more Groovi storage and want to join the club and become a diamond member.
    Hugs from Chris X

  34. Dear Barb… Pure Inspiration, just need to go a re-read the blog a 100 times. Good Luck for tomorrow, not that you need it, but we are all there rooting for you. Bx

  35. Loving the red, but it is my favourite colour. I love this image she looks so perfect standing there. She looks like she's remembering every detail of what's being left behind, ready for the times she needs to see it again in her dreams.

  36. Hi Barbara
    I like them all but think that the grey works particularly well.

    This Holly border is a real favourite of mine; I used it last month for my daughter's birthday card.

    Karen xx

  37. Hi Barbara this is stunning I love what you do with the Groovi plates. I still haven't tried them yet I bet I will enjoy them. It is so lovely that you have good memories of your family all together at Christmas. It is always sad when they leave but you know they will be happy to come back and that means a lot. Sending you a big hug. Jackie

  38. Hi Barbara
    Such a beautiful picture and very poinient – I think the green or blue work as backgrounds. I hope Grace and Mark get home safe and sound. I do feel for you, but just keep those lovely memories close at hand and you will see them again soon. Good luck with the shows tomorrow, I'm looking forward to watching you live – no doubt Grace has sorted out what you are going to wear so no panic about that!
    Sending you a big hug
    Love Diane xxxx

  39. I like the grey Barbara, looks very stylish and atmospheric. I hope Mark and Grace had a comfortable trip and it won't be too long before you are all together again. Happy New Year to all xx

  40. Wow, Wow, Wow – love this

    I can't work out whether she is arriving or leaving but either way, the outcome is a stunning piece of artwork.

    I'm not working on Sun or Mon so will be able to watch all the shows – just wish I could record the programmes

  41. Hi Barbara
    Can't really choose as think your beautiful groovi work would look great on any colour
    but if I had to choose it would be the red or maybe the green but for telly puposes think
    the red would shine out.
    Glad your on tomorrow looking forwards to it on wee Ians ps4 as Dick Branson hasn't replied to my
    email yet mind you maybe slow tinternet on his private Island.
    take care with your travels see you the morra….xx

    1. Hi Brenda Hope your ok think my body's windering whits wrang that I'm sitting doon or maybe
      it wis awe that New Year bun hurling anyway keep nodding off but it was fun and kept ma mind
      of wantin ti greet if yi know whit a mean ….here's yir cuddle and thanks…Xx
      Hi Pam here's yer hug tae..xx

  42. Grey border, I think.
    Christmas tree dismantled yesterday as it lives in the shed and yesterday was dry. Unlike today, it has rained non-stop so spent my time after boxing up the rest of the decorations then Groov-ing my mum's birthday card on which I used my Polychromos. First time I've used these on parchment and I'm impressed with the results. ;~}

  43. I think the red looks great. Looking forward to watching you work later!!

    (For me, it would be good if Hochanda would do as 'the other channel' does and have a playback facility on the website as I can't record programmes.)


  44. What a stunning , fabulous piece of artwork Barbara!
    Any colour would do but reckon the blue looks lovely.
    Glad you had a great time with Mark and Grace and of course Dave and rest of family.
    Wishing you the best for 2016.
    Look forward to catching the shows,

  45. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Dot and Brenda, sorry didn't get on here last night, had dreadful headache so actually went to bed early for a change, it is a bit better today. Haven't crafted since before Christmas, getting withdrawal symptoms I think. Looking forward to the shows later today. Daughter popping in on way back home so it's on record so I won't miss it. Hope you are all ok, the calendar challenge sounds good, whether I'll have the confidence to give it a go I don't know. Lovely seeing Brenda on here the other day. Love and hugs Pamxxx

  46. Looking forward to relaxing watching your shows Barbara. I love all the colours but think that the grey and the blue bring out the whitework and the borders better than the others. Getting back into work and crafting like you are doing will help you cope with you missing your gorgeous children, the time goes so quickly and before you know it, you'll be looking forward to seeing them again. Lots of love and hugs. Pam xxx

  47. Looking forward to relaxing watching your shows Barbara. I love all the colours but think that the grey and the blue bring out the whitework and the borders better than the others. Getting back into work and crafting like you are doing will help you cope with you missing your gorgeous children, the time goes so quickly and before you know it, you'll be looking forward to seeing them again. Lots of love and hugs. Pam xxx

  48. Got family here today so the lovely Barbara is on the planner to watch later. Sstunning Holly card that for me has to be backed with the GREEN, shows her footwear off well!
    Happy days

  49. So time to get back to normality then. Safe trips for Mark and Grace. I like the green because I think it makes the red really pop. Xx

  50. This is beautiful Barbara and the colours are lovely. I think the red background defines and makes the whole thing 'pop' more and definitely gives it more 'clarity'! x

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