The kiss of the Sun….

The kiss of the Sun….

Hello there!
How are you today?
I am having a great day with my parents.
Dad and I both got up really early.
Met on the landing at the crack of dawn,
 and spent a very pleasant hour or so,
chatting and drinking tea.
They have a lovely, lovely garden,
well loved and nurtured.
We were watching the birds and squirrels,
and Dad was showing me their drey, their home.
I quoted him one of our stamps, which he particularly liked.
The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the  birds for mirth;
You are nearer God’s heart in the garden
than anywhere else on earth.
Then the cat from next door turned up, and it was all action!
Mum has just surfaced, so whilst she gets ready,
and before we take off to Tunbridge Wells,
to do our Christmas Shopping,
I shall just post a simple project which
was waiting in the wings for just such an occasion.
Using the new Thank You Framer,
Brush in the sky and grass into the garden,

Add the early birds with a flourish or two…
Oooh look out!
Cat alert!!!

Use the flourish round the hedge to frame.

Layer and mat to mount.

Got to go!
Time to tackle Tunbridge Wells!
What are you doing today?
Anything interesting?
My list is so long, I’m not even taking it with me!
Would end up being a mission rather than pleasant.
Love and hugs,

60 thoughts on “The kiss of the Sun….

  1. I love the sentiment you've quoted today, and what a lovely project. I'm very excited today as I joined your stamp club in the early hours. Have a great day with your parents!

    1. Isn't the brain a mysterious thing?! – yes, I, too, saw "farmer" instead of "framer" – think it must be our own personal spell-check "correcting" an unusual word into a more common one.
      Love the "framing" of the card with the swirl from the "framer" – I do like the way you show us versatile ways of using just part of the stamp, Barbara.

  2. Sounds like you are in for a fabulous day!
    Me I am doing jobs in the house and running errands this afternoon then theis evening Colin and I are out with Amy and her bf! I will tell you all about it on fb tomorrow!
    Have a brilliant day. Love and hugs xxx

  3. Hi Barbara,
    My son Michael was out in Germany in Ulm for four years and we visited one year just before Christmas . No-one does Christmas like the German people do, beautiful decorations, gifts and food.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and all my best wishes for the new year xx

  4. Wish I was going shopping -making a quick pit of soup for lunch, finishing off local Christmas cards, wrapping up final presents for mailing then hopefully a jaunt out into the Aberdeenshire countryside maybe even a bit of snow-chasing before the shirt- ironing! Enjoy your trip to Tunbridge; I have fond memories as I stayed there when down at your Retreat. ;~}

    1. Well a pit of soup will just be fine for the C.C.A. bus our Shelagh your on the 2nd pick up after Susan in Inverness..who's next before our Brenda and wee Daisy is it Emma sorry not good at geography girls so anybody up our end let me know…lol..Dot..xx

  5. Have a wonderful day shopping with your parents the start of your day sound like bliss too
    I'm on a resting day today the new thank you set is stunning so many ways to make a card thank you for blogging today xxx

    1. My clarity parcel has just arrived via courier toms just taken out my Christmas presents groovi Christmas I will have thank you clarity towers for all your hard work
      My clarity envelope came with the post man he even knocked to say it had got a little wet and didn't want to tear it putting it through the letter box bless him it's pouring down with rain here
      My NEC envelope is fabulous as always very tempting diamond club too xxx

    2. Evening Sheila, my club letter arrived today too. Diamond club, and monthly payments to good to miss! Hope you are enjoying your rest day and you can have lots more rest tomorrow watching Paul's shows. Sending hugs. Xx

    3. Hi Sheila, Donna, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you're all well and that you haven't got the snow. Had a lazy day just wrapped a few presents. Cold back with a vengeance but mustn't grumble, plenty of people worse off. Had my parcel and Design Club envelope arrive so that cheered me up. Hugs to you all, come say hello Brenda miss you and you Dot, take care and stay warm.

    4. Good evening Sheila Donna and Pam. Sheila I hope you managed to rest today with that design club envelope sitting there – beautiful stamp isn't it. Pam I hope your cold I proves, have a cheeky whisky whilst wrapping prezzies /, for medicinal purposes of course! Donna, take it easy with your dashing about, just one week to go! I've put 3 duvets down instead of cushions, thought we all might need the extra bounce when we take the dive for the diamond club!!!!! Enjoy your evening xxxx

  6. Lovely card , I have just put tree up , but need new fairy as think she had to much Christmas pud last year as she is too heavy to sit on top , so will have to go and get a lighter one , any excuse to hit the shops lol,,,.xx

  7. Love the blog, this is the kind of scene building I adore. Now that I have finished my cards for this year I am looking for ideas for next year's. I always start my cards a year in advance as it is easier to get festive inspiration. I have the festive stencils, so I'm thinking of building a scene inside the bell/tree/bauble and embossing snowflakes on the outside with a bit of inking.

    This morning my youngest daughter and I had a lovely time putting up the christmas tree and sing our hearts out to the christmas cd. This afternoon I need to clean up my mess and write my cards. I hope everybody has a lovely day whatever they are doing.

  8. Have a great day. I have received my Grayday parcel, redelivered as we were away when it arrived and also my NDC envelope so having a lovely day with the new goodies. Thank you so much for such a generous offer

  9. Hi Barb,
    Lovely card and great demo. Enjoy your day out with your parents. I'm staying in our nice warm house as I watch the snow falling! We have just got back from doing our food shopping. It has taken us one and a half hours to drive 8 miles – the roads are dreadful, there were cars sliding into the back of other cars and others skidding – it was horrendous!we had to try 3 different roads home as cars couldn't get up the banks. Dave said he wanted to go into Durham but I said he'd have to get me home first and then go on the bus! Needless to say, he hasn't gone! Think I'm going to play wth my Groovi. Speaking on which, I got my gold club envelope this morning ( brilliant by the way) and will be a Platinum member on Monday!I like the idea of the A 5 format too my big envelope often gets creased in the post. Really looking forward to seeing the new stuff though!! Thank you. Have a lovely day, love Alison ( from a very snowy Durham) xx

  10. We're in Cornwall for the weekend visiting a dear friend. We've been for a walk around Padstow this morning, bought some pasties to take home. Now chilling till we go out for dinner. Have a lovely weekend xx

  11. This stamp looks wonderful with the inked scene with the cat looking longingly at the birds and the pretty flourish frames it beautifully. Enjoy your trip to Tunbridge Wells. x

  12. My youngest grandson (4 next week) phoned up to ask if he could come to my house. We have dressed the tree, made Scottish pancakes for lunch and walked round the village delivering Christmas cards.

    Hope you have had an enjoyable time with your parents. I am sure you did.


  13. Good luck in the wells ,I'm tackling it next week ,lunch at the nutmeg ?.looking forward to receiving my thank you stamp and the groovi plates from gray weekend hopefully be here soon .enjoy rest of your weekend Barb .

  14. Hope you had a lovely day shopping and didn't get caught up with people who were in a tizzy! I went out for lunch with mum and then I'm doing some crafting tonight. Very excited by the diamond club, my only dilemma now is do I phone and set it up now or wait till January! Looking forward to watching Paul tomorrow. Xx

    1. Well my advice would be to start the Diamond club in January so they all start at the same time. The members sale starts then too so you won't miss it, and you can use your 15% too! Really good that payment can be spread out as well. I can't wait to see the members groovi plate mate. I will race you to the phones come January. Xx

  15. Received my Club pack today – thank you. Also for the interesting newsletter. Many of us know of Dave's illness (and are thankful, with you, for his recovery) but we didn't know about the business side of things and how stressful that must be – financially as well as emotionally. We all just think you rock up each morning, have a brief creative moment, knock out a stamp or two or a stencil, pass it all over to Jim to do the production side of things and then sit back with a cup of tea to see the finished product appear about 25 minutes later!! I do jest -of course – but we don't fully appreciate the effort you put into running the business and how stressful it is meeting our expectations of a new stamp and a new stencil each month, plus new products for the rest of the business, plus revisiting old friends so that those of us with limited funds dont feel left out when we cant buy everything new – let alone the whole Groovi range and sourcing new tools like the craft mat and new 'stuff' like the Color Burst powders. I have soooo much stuff that I have never used – but I will one day because you have shown me how and I can go back to your blog or YouTube or to my Club news sheets to see a demo. We also dont appreciate that running the various show stands and retreats COSTS, not just a day out of your schedule but real actual money – and if footfall is poor and sales are low it hits home with you personally. We take it all for granted – which just shows how easy you make it seem to be – and that is ONLY because you and your team are so professional and interested in what WE are doing with your products. Sorry – I feel we should all be on our knees with gratitude – but I am guessing you wouldn't like that either – so just Thank you!!

    1. So True Gillian, we would all love to see Barbara at various shows but you forget the financial implications, you have to sell enough to cover your costs not only for the stand but staff and travel. If TV sales are where the money is then that's were you go, but I have a sneeky feeling there are a couple of shows you will go to whatever the circumstances! Xxxx

  16. I was spending a lovely at Sazz's workshop. Fabulous projects and wonderful company,could not want for more. Really tired tonight but in a nice way. Hope you had a good trip to Tunbridge Wells. Lovely to spend time with your dad this morning, sometimes dads stay in the background and we don't chat to them as much as we should. Love the project. xx

  17. Wow, a beautiful step by step and card. My parcel arrived today very promptly, don't know how you manage it, my Xmas present of stamps and groovy, and included the thank you stamp set my treat to myself, love it. Also my Design Club envelope. Lovely stencil and stamp too. So tempted with the Diamond Club. Hope you had a wonderful day shopping with your Mum

  18. i love the simplicity of this card. it is so beautiful. apart from all the usual chores I have been helping both kids make their christmas cards. some 60 odd between them and i got to do all the gluing ….yippee! …. not. they just need to stamp the back with their stamps and write them now, hugs xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    How lovely to spend some quiet time with your dad, I love the poem you told him too. I hope you've had a good day shopping with your mum and didn't have to fight the crowds. Julian fought his way to the shops today, think he was after a little something to go with my Clarity stuff 🙂 I made my first batch of mince pies, I've got some orders for next week so had to make sure I could still make them! Then out came the glitter again to finish a few cards – oh dear I must do some hoovering tomorrow! Have a lovely evening
    Love Diane xxxxx

    Hi Brenda sending you and a Daisy a hug xxxxx
    Hi Dor hope you are ok xxxxx

  20. Lovely card and the yellow is so pretty with the blue. It only takes a hint. And now I'm looking forward to my Club arrival.
    I had a most relaxing shopping experience yesterday. I spent most of the afternoon in Waterstones in Sutton, browsing books, buying books, buying more books, then coffee and teacake and I even used their tables and chairs for the odd bit of emergency wrapping! I didn't bother with anywhere else. Wonderful!

  21. Love the "Thank You" creation, you make it so easily and it has the most stunning effect.
    My "Gray Day" parcel arrived today. I'd like to say "Thank you" to all at Clarity for getting it to me – I know how hard you must have been working to get the orders out. Great job!
    Hope your shopping trip was a success Barbara. Xxx

  22. Hi Barbara I've just spent a lovely couple of day's with my lovely Mum to, we have had a lovely time going back memories with Dad right back to when I was 21 in 1972 when he took us to Rome it was when travel abroad became available to working class family's like us.
    My brother's and I were so excited to board an aeroplane and visit another country I can remember as if it were yesterday although my late hubby made sure I saw most of the rest of the world that holiday will allways stay with me.
    Like it was yesterday we recalled how much it meant to her to visit the Vatican and to see the beautiful art and buildings that is Rome they are unforgettable.
    On the funny side we laughed at the day she climbed some steps to be told by the Swiss guards 'This is the Pope's residence' we made a quick exit.
    Also the when we were window shopping at all the designer shops my brother said 'oh just look at that safari jacket' at which my Mum overhearing replied 'What who's set fire to their jacket'.Oh how we laughed and remember it.
    Lovely memories thank you Dad.. Love them while you can Barbara..
    Sorry if I've went on a bit hope you don't mind me sharing with you.
    Take Care….xDotxxx

  23. Have a great day I love this stamp it's on my Christmas list for Santa I loved watching you demo this one.
    I've been watching you on hochanda this morning thank you love to Dave xxxxxjune Horrocks xxx

  24. So glad you are spending some quality time with your parents. Cherish them and your time together because family love and time spent together is the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy hitting that bank card – Much love Jayne

  25. Hello Barb, love this framer stamp, definitely one to add to the collection. Hope you had a great day shopping with the folks. Always so special, I do miss shopping trips with my Mom. Take care. Bx

  26. Got to spend time with my family yesterday in lieu of Christmas, as this year I will be at home trying to get it straight again after all the decorators/plumbers/joiners etc have been in whilst we were on holidays! Hope you had a great day with your folks, and what a lovely project. Susan x

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