Stencils and Micro Beads….

Stencils and Micro Beads….

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
I have to admit, it is great watching Paul Church on TV today.
I actually get to spend a day off with my Mum
 while Paul represents Clarity.
And he does it very very well.
Maria Simms too. 
Both brilliant ambassadors for Clarity.
And what a mighty relief it is for me to be able to chill.
Mind you, chill? Me?
I was up at 7am writing a magazine article (deadline tomorrow)!
There will never be enough time…
So here’s a quick step-by-step project 
using the stencils that were on TV last Sunday with me.
Use the bubbles in the heads on stencil No. 2 
at the top and bottom of a piece of Theuva Card.
Mustard Seed, Spiced Marmalade and Picked Raspberry 
are a great colour combination.
A make-up sponge gets in best. 
Use the same colours to bring out the funky Wild Grass No. 1
 using a make-up sponge.

Mask off the areas you want to cover up, and drag Clear Embossing Paste through the grasses in the stencil, over the top of the  colour.

Remove the stencil and coat the paste with Clear Micro Beads.

Now leave it to set dry.
You will find that it gets shimmery as it dries.

Mat and layer.

 That’s it.
I’m thinking a little fairy would look cool perched
on the righthand seed head.
Maybe. I will sleep on it.
What do you think?
Time to go cheer Paul on for his third hour.
He has been showcasing another set of cool pattern stencils:
We are still trying to catch up with the Gray Friday orders too.
If you are waiting, please be patient. 
We reckon they should all be out by the end of next week. 
Love and hugs,

61 thoughts on “Stencils and Micro Beads….

  1. Love the stencils Barbara I was watching you on hochanda this morning with the stencils and the beautiful flakes result was brill !!!!!!thank you love always June Horrocks xxxxxxxx

  2. Fab as always, love these stencils, they are on order so hoping will arrive before Christmas although looks like I will need to add these new backgrounds too. My poor bank balance. So excited can't wait until tomorrow to call up and add new Groovi club to my stamp and stencil ones. Highlight of my month is to get the newsletter and now a Groovi one too. 2016 promises to be a fantastic year, your look back on 2015 made me remember what an eventful year it has been for you with real highs and real lows so I think I should wish for a steady year for you for 2016. You are on the right track, Barbara, I am sure and the changes you've made are for the better in my opinion, you are making that transition from small company to larger one which can be painful but I think you have the right foundations in place to make those steps. Best of luck and we'll be here every step of the way. Hugs and everything. Karen xxx

    1. Thanks Pam! It might be athome waiting when we get back tomorrow! Lovely weekend, laughing, eating and drinking with friends ! Come home in the morning after breakfast in Boscastle! Xxx

    2. Sorry Jackie I think I got it wrong. I had a clarity parcel the same day as my envelope, but it must have been in the parcel as its not on the website yet either. Glad you have had a good time with your friends.xx

  3. Once I have finished with my last cards, this is one thing I really want to play with. It is just so lovely. Glad you have managed to spend so much time with your Mum, such a special thing to do. I have a couple of orders in with Clarity at the moment, but like so many others, I can wait till the New Year. Make sure you all get plenty of rest. Off to watch Paul's last show very soon. Love Maggie xxx

  4. Evening Barbara beautiful stencils and use of colours haven't tried micro beads or the paste it certainly stands out haven't watch the shows yet today they are on record Maria and Paul are wonderful how they showcase your products enjoy your rest time xxx

    1. Evening Sheila hope you are ok – I must go and look at the challenge cards, I'm not confident enough to enter, might have to give myself a talking to in the New Year! Glitter box safely back on the shelf until the next time 🙂 xxx

    2. Evening Sheila, glad you like my card. It just came to me to make him a reindeer, and then of course it had to Rudolph! Looking forward to when your card pops up. Enjoy your rest, although if you get bored I have plenty of glittery jobs you could do, and I will get you white chocolate as that is your treat of choice…………. Sending hugs. XX

  5. I love this technique, it would work with other stencils as well methinks. And, yes, a fairy would look good.

    Watching Paul at the moment and loving his tips and the new Groovi products.


  6. I'm going to have to catch up with Pauls shows when they are repeated as we are away this weekend. Was watching on my phone but it kept stopping. I think I'm going to have some ordering to do I think!! Must get some of these beads for a start let alone the new stencils! X

  7. Paul was absolutely fantastic – calm, instructive and so clever with his pattens. Please tell him. Haven't had chance to craft for over 2 weeks and getting gittery!
    Off to hospital Tuesday and taking my Groovi – pre-prepared piece of work in order to de-stress.
    Lovely blog today.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  8. Hi Barbara
    How lovely to share Paul's program with your mum, you must have enjoyed that. Your mum and dad must be so proud of you and all you have achieved. Love this stencil set and the paste and bead technique – that's another one for the new year. I've has beads for years but must invest in te paste. I think a wee fairy would look good too. I'm one of the outstanding parcels Barbara, ( not me personally – oooh the thought of that sticky tape, not to mention the franking machine label!) but I'm still happy to wait, it's my Christmas prezzie from hubby so I know it's on it's way and you're doing the best you can. Enjoy your evening with your mum and dad
    Love Diane xxxxx

    Hi Donna – keep smiling, just this week to go! Xxxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Pam xxxxx

    1. New year Diane, I shall cross my fingers that you join in the fun of entering the challenge! It's so exciting to see it with the others and don't be worried about how good you think it is as it is a random number picked so you don't get judged against other entries. This is why I enter! I'm sure your cards are beautiful and you up to the task! Go on give it a go! XX

  9. Beautiful. Looks like a must have. Paul shows recorded watched and will watch again. Been playing with the bird table and cat today.

    Crafty hugs and looking forward to my order.

    Pen x

  10. Very pleased you have enjoyed your day. Lovely project, must add mica beads to my crafty shopping list. I have all of today's shows as we have had a family christening today so back home with pooches, a cup of Yorkshire tea and Clarity with Paul Church on the TV. Xx

  11. Another great step by step using the new stencil. Had a go with micro beads on some Christmas cards, very pleased with the effect. Think the fairy would look good where you said on the card. Glad you have had a nice girlie weekend with your Mum and managed to watch Paul's shows. I watched the 1st one, loved it, (haven't seccumbed to buying the colourburst inks as yet but who knows), the others on

  12. have recorded so hope it did, will watch later ,we been to childrens Xmas party today, im on my old computer as laptop died ,its not charging this is xp so cannot update it the dvd drive dont work so cannot watch your dvds on it!!! bit of a pain… cannot wait to watch shows will do it when Hubbys gone bed !!! He watch tele in bedroom and i watch what i want downstairs ,well not got recorder upstairs ,haha xx

  13. Finally resolved my clear embossing paste last week think came from America then could remember what you did so glad you used it all again so will have ago. Only got to see last show of Paul's was brill hopefully be repeating other to come on Virgin get Hochanda so I can record shows don't like missing shows lots love Joy xxx

  14. I've watched two of the brilliant shows today and will watch the third later. I enjoyed them immensely. I learn something new on every show.
    I love todays project.
    A parcel arrived for me yesterday, but it was immediately whisked away by my daughter, so I'll be waiting excitedly for Christmas Day!

  15. this morning there was the repeat of your show with the gilding flakes and this stencil. i was just thinking that instead of the talc you could have added the micro beads and then had more texture on the artwork. just a thought. and it would still look white, hugs xx

  16. Beautiful card, I got these two stencils when you were on so with a little adjustment I could give this a go (no paste or beads)and see what other colours I could try. It might have to wait for a bit though as I'm on my final push to get things finished for Christmas.

    Well done Paul your shows were great. XX

  17. Saw the first two shows and really enjoyed them. Been to a carol concert this evening which was lovely, all the favourites. I have the beads and paste but not used yet, a brilliant technique.Almost got all Christmas cards done so can play with other ideas. xx

  18. Hi Barbara really enjoyed Pauls shows lots of great ideas he is clever chap really love the look of the colour bursts and those groovi lace borders and stunning design team samples great shows.
    I've been having a wee groovi day to got my parcel yesterday was going to keep it for Christmas but emmm.. opened it this morning and just been loving the mother and baby plate it is beautiful…Dot.xx

  19. I love the way you have used the seed head stencil Barbara and the bubbles look great as a pattern top and bottom and then the clear paste with the micro beads finishes the flowers beautifully too. I did catch one of Paul's hours and he was great! x

  20. Hi Barb, this is fabulous, love those stencils and the colours you used. Great technique with the micro beads. The other new stencils are brilliant patterns. More added to the need list. The shows were great, had to laugh when Paul said "oh no, that's too grungy for me". Have a great day all. Bx

  21. My stencils et al arrived last week but haven't had time to play with any of it – this will be reserved for the time between Christmas and New Year. Must say I'm looking forward to finding out about the Groovi Club when the info arrives with my NDC stamp and stencil.
    Well done Paul for yesterday's shows; managed to watch whilst ironing shirts, hoovering and cooking! ;~}

  22. This card is really lovely almost like Spring. I don't think that it requires a fairy on the side/top either. Don't worry about the orders, they will all arrive in time for Christmas. X

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