Worn out with thinking. So let’s do some art instead…

Worn out with thinking. So let’s do some art instead…

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in. 
Mindful Wednesday Blog today.
Well, here’s the thing. 
Early this morning, I lay in bed in the dark, wide awake, 
and I was thinking.
Thinking, thinking, thinking.
Thinking about the poor people in Paris,
thinking about what makes a person want to create so much carnage and destruction.
Thinking about Clarity,
 thinking about TV and where we are going, 
thinking about this blog and you.
Then with the first cup of tea, 
and in keeping with my daily routine, 
I flicked to The Guardian on my Ipad, 
more raids in Paris, more suicide bombs, 
and Jonah Lomu, All Blacks hero, has died at 40 !
Dear oh deary me!!
I bet you have been thinking yourself silly, too.
These are worrying, sad times.
And so today, let’s use this blog to switch off the worry-thinking and the sad-thinking.
Let’s just focus on paint and ink.
That IS actually being mindful, just concentrating on what’s in front of us, and NOT thinking about the atrocities and tragedies in the world.
So first thing I did was get out the Gelli Plate, paint and an ink pad.
You with me on this one?
Spread some Snowflake acrylic paint onto the Gelli Plate 
and then roll it onto the N O E L Clarity Letters, 
which are still on the acetate they come on.

Transfer the painted letters to the middle of 
white Gelli/Stencil card.

Using a Clarity brush and Stream Adirondack, start brushing outwards from the centre.
The letters will start to appear, and you get a graduated effect by always starting from the centre.

Now to bring out the letters more.
Using a baby wipe or a damp paper towel,
carefully wipe the ink off the acrylic letters.

To get that splatted effect in the background,
take the damp tissue and wipe from the centre outwards.
The hardest thing here is knowing when to stop.

Tear around the edges of the card by hand randomly,
then lightly dust with the same dry brush.

For the entire time of making, 
I have concentrated on what I am doing. 
Momentary relief for my worn out thinking mind. 
In fact, let’s keep going. 
I have a piece of tester card, where I tested out the painted stamps and rolled the white paint off the brayer. 
Basically, a scrap with a load of white acrylic paint all over it. 
Mmmm. Let’s see what happens if I stamp the letters onto the scrappy white acrylic paint using the dye-based Stream ink pad…. 

Ahhh. Magic.
The Stream stamps well onto the chalky white acrylic, 
but is darker where there is none,
where it soaks into the card directly.
This is very cool.

Let’s tear around the outside again.
(No, oh literal ones! Don’t get your shoes on and run around the outside of the house!)
Dust with dry brush, and wipe the acrylic parts.

There we are.
Variations on a theme, using the same ingredients.
One very moody and grungy, one very crisp and arty. 
One dark, one light.
So let’s have a Barbar-Bargain, to cheer us up!
The N O E L letter set is usually £12.95
How about £8.95.
That sounds like a Barbar-bargain to me!
  It has stopped raining, and the head is much clearer now.
Time for a walk to the local chapel, methinks. 
Love & hugs

44 thoughts on “Worn out with thinking. So let’s do some art instead…

  1. So poignant and beautiful. I was laid up with a bug yesterday and not being mindful. I watched many re-runs of your programmes – so old, so new and feel much better today.
    Thank you for all your inspiration and your lovely blogs.
    Anne (Reading)

  2. Glad your mind is clearer now, it's amazing how being mindful and in the moment can make such a difference. Thank you for all your inspiration and especially for your blogging.
    Jackie x

  3. Beautiful! Have popped over and ordered the stamps, well it would have been rude not to! For good measure also ordered 2 new Groovi plates to add to my collection. Just love Groovi!, xxx

  4. Bonjour Barbara

    (Thought I would immerse myself a little bit into your holiday, lol). There is no better way to stop the thoughts going round and round in one's head than to immerse oneself in creativity.

    I love what you have done today.


  5. Oh, I say, I was browsing the website last week, saw these stamps and added them to my wish list! How exciting, will have to indulge.

    Having a happy but emotional day today as my baby Bethany is one today – feels like last week I was in hospital with a tiny bundle on my chest, now she's toddling all over the place! But she's a happy and healthy and growing and developing every day, such a delight to me.

    1. Thank you ladies – just opened a mammoth pile of presents, lots of fun, such generosity from friends and family. And she did play with the wrapping paper!

  6. You are right Barbara if we concentrate on whatever we are doing and stay in the moment we can clear our heads of the worry and stress at least for a little while. I think creativity is the best medicine ever! I love what you have done with the beautiful Noel and thanks for the great offer. Have a lovely day. x

    1. Hello my lovely Sheila hope you are ok and the weather hasn't been too bad in your neck of the woods today. I've been playing with some Spectrum Noir inks today, you should see the state of my hands! Xxxxx

    2. Good that it is just ink and you haven't fallen again good to know your crafting too
      I have been resting today as very fatigued I must not complain as I have crafted over the past days xxx

    3. Hi, Donna, Diane, Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope the winds never kept you awake last night. Glad you managed some crafting Diane. Won't hurt you to have a rest Sheila best thing to do when you feel tired, it never goes right if you aren't in the mood. Live those new Noel stamps. Hope everything looks up for you Brenda every cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. Try to think positive it sometimes helps and you'll start to believe it. Lots if hugs and positive thoughts are on there way.xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I was very upset this morning to hear of the passing of Jonah Lomu – such a talent. So young as well. I decided to have a crafty day to take my mind off things and you are right, it does work. I really like what you've produced today and the stamps are really lovely. Thanks for the fabulous offer too. Love Alison xx

  8. Was für wundervolle Worte Barbara, ich kannte leider diesen jungen Mann nicht und mußte erst googlen…man ist gefangen in den schlechten Gedanken dieser bösen Zeit… und du hast volllkommen recht…Farbe und Kreativität hilft uns dabei, diese Zeit zu überwinden….habt weiter schöne Tage..Hugs….

  9. Hi Barbara
    Who would have thought a bit of paint and ink could produce a sense of peace and some great artwork. I spotted the stamps for sale earlier and was quite excited, now I've seen what you've done with them they are wonderful. Thank you for another lovely blog today, I am enjoying your holiday. Hope you sleep better tonight.
    Love Diane xxxxx

    Hi Donna, hi Brenda, hi Dot, hi Pam hope you are all ok xxxxx

  10. Hi, sorry no French and no fun today. Going to be honest now, I'm going through something serious bad, since last Wednesday and I so don't know what to do. Well I know what I should do and not just for myself, but if I did for one no one would believe me and two I know fine well if I do it will only be me that ends up far worse of. I think it's too serious to be saying public here what it is, although that's half the problem, this stuff getting brushed under the carpet, a blind eye turned. I'm tired too, inside tired, been fighting so hard for my 49 years alive against this kind of thing and just to survive, try to keep my head above water. I so feel I'm done now. Sorry for even more negativity than is going on in the world right now. The way all our so called Leaders are heading I fear we may soon have no world /human race left anyway! Yeah very very bleak times in all ways. Sorry. Love Brenda xx

    1. Chin up Brenda, life throws some huge challenges to cope with dig deep find your inner you and fight for what is right for you. At the same time though know this wonderful crafting community can give love, support, understanding and care xx

    2. Thank you everyone for all your lovely words and for caring so much, that's huge to me. So sorry to be so miserable today. I'll try harder tomorrow. It's the huge faking it to make it that's stopped me from sinking beyond the point of no return this past week, got to get back there asap. love Brenda xx

  11. Beautiful artwork Barbara, glad it cleared your head for while. Must admit all this horrible news worries me, more for my young family who have a lot of life ahead of them and hopes and dreams. Anyway enjoy rest of your holiday you both need the rest. xx

  12. Fatal to wake in the night and start thinking, I did last night then got up and made a cuppa. Heard my neighbours phone first thing this morning constantly starting up then stopping and starting again. Then heard some noises so called hubby. Quickly got dressed and about to phone her daughter when they appeared. Turns out my neighbour had a fall before she got up to bed and had been in the floor all night, she is 93. Nothing broken but she has gone into hospital at least for a few days. Such a sad world lately, our crafting does give us,a break from thinking, been making cards this evening to take my mind off things. Love the Noel stamps and what you've done with them. Will order them soon. Didn't have a go with the leaves today may have to look for more. Thank you Barbara for all your inspiration, enjoy your holiday & hope the weather gets better. The rest will do you and Dave good.

  13. Hi Barbara.
    I have had all sorts of thoughts tumbling around in my head and the wind last night didn't help. It emptied the entire contents of the re-cycling bin all over the street and then lifted the trap door into the loft. The door of my craft storage space flew open and sheets of paper whirled around the bedroom. Thank heaven for Groovi. I have cleared my mind embossing doves of peace for my Christmas cards. My 1st gold design club pack arrived today too so I have a fabulous stamp and stencil to inspire me.

  14. Hi Barb, super artwork and 2 great ideas to try, love the lighter one, and just reading your blog has lifted my mind from worrying. Love the NDC club stamp and stencil this month, being a Gold member just gives you so much. Hope you had a lovely peaceful evening. Take care. Bx

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