What’s coming up on HOCHANDA TV this Clarity Sunday?!

What’s coming up on HOCHANDA TV this Clarity Sunday?!

Thanks for popping in today.
Thought I might tell you about this coming Sunday’s TV Shows 
Last week, you gave Maria a warm Clarity welcome on her HOCHANDA début; didn’t she do well?!
And on Sunday, our good friend Paul Church is going to be gracing our screens for a whole 3 hours !
That’s at 11am, 2pm and 6pm.
So here’s a look at a couple of new Groovi Plates that Paul 
will be showcasing; 
we have converted them from stamps designs,
because they just work brilliantly on parchment.
(Groovi images much larger than stamp images)
Anyway, let me show you what I came up with…
First, I just traced the new deer plate.
Really enjoyed the way the lines flow.
The oak frame can be done in a round without the stag’s head
by simply using the lower leaves and turning the parchment.

How regal does this gent look!

So let’s extract the stag, and have some fun…

I have used the leaves and the acorn to jazz him up.
Make him groovi!

Mellow, man!

Used the Square nest framer next.

Then started weaving the oak leaves 
and ivy leaves from the second wreath frame.
Another superb plate to use.

Added a couple of little hearts from the Nested Hearts too. 
The tiniest heart.

Time for some whitework.
Soft side of the blue mat from the Starter kit,
and we have liftoff!

Added a little Zentangle to the stag’s head, 
and a little texture to the acorns
using the No. 1 stylus – the finest tool.

See how the Square nested frame sets the whole composition?

Time to add colour.
I used my Distress Markers.
bearing in mind that we are in France,
I am having to use what I brought with me.
Which is Distress Markers!
All colouring done from the back.

 Room for a sentiment?
Sure thing!
Using the letterboxes on the Groovi Plate Mate.


Now I think he’s complete.

I hope you like my funky stag.
Great for a Groovi Christmas Card;
cool for a man’s birthday card.
This one’s for Paul.

These new Groovi Plates will be launched on TV on Sunday.
There are also a super brand new set of 
Line Sentiments Border Plates on special offer.
Paul will be working his own magic, so
Please tune in and cheer!
Freesat 817
Sky 663
Freeview 39
or watch online at Hochanda.com
When will I be on again?
Back to the FIRST Sunday of every month.
Old habits die hard. Except I get a lie in nowadays.
 Sunday 6th December, 2pm-4pm.
love & hugs,

75 thoughts on “What’s coming up on HOCHANDA TV this Clarity Sunday?!

  1. Bonjour Barbara

    Une tres early (can't remember the French for 'early') oiseau! I love these plates and the whole Groovi system.

    Really looking forward to watching Paul on Sunday. He is such a lovely man.


  2. Gosh Barbara you are early, glad I looked at the blog. It's usually a late night thing for me. No wonder I get to bed so late. The stag is super, so majestic as Julie said, she hit the nail on the head. Love how you've dressed him, beautiful. Looking forward to seeing Paul's shows on Hochanda and seeing the new groovi plates. Have a brilliant day.xx

    1. Hi Donna, Diane, Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope you all have a good day, so early today. It's raining here, but time to improve. Thinking of all my clarity friends and sending hugs.xx

    2. Look at you Brenda with your blue skies 🙂 we've had rain again today but the wind has dropped. It was like a comedy sketch yesterday when I decided to put the washing on the line, it was dodge the soggy shirt as I bobbed up and down! To top it all the torrential rain started before I got it in so it was just as wet as it went out! Hope everyone is ok xxxx

  3. Oh Barb, what a fine upstanding stag he is, brilliant, you have used your magic hands yet again to give us all such a beautiful design. I will definitely be watching Paul on Sunday and you in early December, I really do love the groovi plates, I wonder what the new borders are going to look like. I have just received the bells, Madonna and child, hearts and bricks so I will be playing again soon. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a safe journey home.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Oh wow, this is beautiful! Lovely colours! There are so many combinations with these plates too. When I get back from my 3rd lunch out this week I'm going to set to and carry on with my Christmas cards! Thank you for the inspiration yet again – I need it every day !

    Will be watching Paul of course ! xx

    1. Oh my goodness Jackie, I hope you are going to different places to eat otherwise you will be getting a name for yourself! Mind you it does go in phases like that when people want to meet up, especially near Christmas! Hope you got some cards done xxxx

  5. A stately monarch of the glen and another 'must have' plate as I have an idea! In winter, our favourite jaunt on a Sat/Sun is to go snow-chasing and deer-spotting up towards the ski slopes where these magnificent beasties roam the hills. ;~}

  6. Hi Barb,
    Love this! He is just magnificent and me thinks a must have! Like the ivy and the oak leaves too. Looking forward to seeing the line sentiments on a border plate as I love the stamps. Really looking forward to seeing Paul's shows too. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, love Alison xxx

  7. Lovely card – yet more stuff I will 'need' – which brings me to another point. we arrived home from holiday yesterday to find a big Clarity box with my last set of orders! Today I have been sorting out and putting away – please tell me I am not the only clarity crafter who has a huge collection of stuff that I keep to stroke and look at but never seem to use!! Must try harder!!

    1. No Gillian you are not alone. I have had Christmas stamps for 2 years and not used them Made a pact with myself to use different ones for my cards this year. I'm doing my cards in sets of six, using a different stamp or stamps for each set. The I'll get through them. In the new year another pact to start using my Design club stamps and stencils.xx

    2. Thanks all!! I made a pact this year to use only existing "stuff" to make my Christmas cards, all with a snowflakes theme – some die cuts, some stamped, some embossed. And then… I had to buy the flying santa and a few groovie plates and some stencils. My excuse is that some of these will be used next year and some are just to hold!! I also bought the paste and microbeads as I have a Sis-in-law's birthday in early January and I try to make her a special card because it is so close to Christmas that she often gets combined gifts!! And I have almost a full set of groovi plates – havent used nary a one yet!!! and let's not talk about the Gelli plate and my extensive collection of fresco paints. Anyway, for each card I made and saved money from not having to buy them (who am I kidding!!) I am making a donation to our local support centre for the homeless. So I can at least know that my extravagance is helping some poor souls less fortunate than me.

  8. Stunning art work Barbara you and Dave enjoy your well earned holiday
    I've got record set for Paul looking forward to his demonstrations as I cannot do any shows I've never seen him demonstrate what a treat it will be xxx

    1. Hi Donna didn't have a good start to today but I manage to make a card for my friendships afternoon as it is her mums funeral on Monday and I wanted her and son to know I was thinking of her so made a hugs card
      How was your day ? Xx

    2. Good, lots of parcels were waiting for me when I got home. All Christmas presents, so I can get some ticked off. Glad to hear you managed a card for your friend, Im sure she and her son will appreciate it. XX

    3. Hi Sheila sounds like you've got a right wee production line going on cards these days, secretly nipping out to craft fairs to sell them?!!!!!!!! 😉 Got to fund all your falling off the wagon somehow I guess eh!!!!!!! I can feel all the cushions being thrown down and the body suit going on ready for Sunday!!! You too Donna, you're just as bad, and Diane seems to be catching up on you both too, but I definitely think Sheila takes top spot eh!!!! I think it's time our CCA got a naughty corner to sit in with your back to everyone for too many falls off the wagon!!!! Glad you've been feeling able to craft more in the past few weeks. xx

    4. I'm just polishing my halo! Sheila I'm pleased to hear you managed to make a card today, especially as it was an important one. Donna I thought you had really gone to town getting boxes of Clarity stuff delivered! Aren't you organised, mind you we've just worked out how many weekends left to Christmas !!!! Xxxx

  9. As beautiful as this is – and all the other parchments made so far – I am thinking that lately only Groovy Plates are made and the stamps are all forgotten. I am sure not only me would like to see some new stamps as not everybody is into parchment and never will. It is called Claritystamp after all.
    Wasn't Paul Church supposed to show stamps? I think I read that somewhere. And now it is again only Groovy Plates.
    For me – and probably not only for me – it seems to be the time to look elsewhere when wanting some new stamps. A shame really as the quality is second to none. But when it is only Groovy stuff now there is no choice other than to part with Clarity.

    1. I'm sorry but I feel I have to comment on your comment. There have been times when we have had lots of stamps, all the wee folk, word chains etc, also some beautiful flower stamps. Then the stencils, it's great that clarity is diversifying as it gives everyone a chance to try something new. Have patience I expect there will be more stamps coming soon. As you said other suppliers haven't got the quality of Clarity Stamps. I think it would be your loss if you went elsewhere but each to there own.

    2. Why do you have to be so negative on Barbara's blog
      We have had new stamp releases the Santa set for one and we have had new stencils
      If you joined the clarity gold club you get a new stamp and new stencil each month
      If you don't want to buy anymore clarity that's up to you and your loss
      I for one love the different products as we learn so much and the groovi is a fantastic help to me

    3. Well off the top of my head I can remember the following new stamps:
      Dancers, Santa and the reindeer set, Christmas wee folk, word chains for Christmas and weddings, wedding wee folk, round landscapes, holiday stamp set, snowflakes set, Christmas ribbon word, new quote stamps for creativity and being a rainbow, the sending a hug word chain and a million thank yous ribbon word set. These are just a few i thought of very quickly this morning! One blog by Barbara showing a stag plate doesn't mean the entire three hours were going to be full of groovi products. Checking out the schedule would have shown that. I for one think the balance between stamps, stencils and groovi is spot on. Keep up the good work Barbara and everyone at Clarity! Xx

  10. Hi Barbara and Dave hope you are enjoying your holiday. Loving the look of this new plate. The stag stamp with the oak leaves was a favourite so this will be a welcome addition to my ever growing collection. Thank you.

    Looking forward to your shows on Sunday Paul. Good luck. Xx

  11. Beautiful as ever. We actually used parchment for my 7 year olds homework so we used the plate from the starter set, hopefully she will get a good mark, she was very pleased with it.can't wait for the shows xx much love Sam xx

  12. Beautiful as ever. We actually used parchment for my 7 year olds homework so we used the plate from the starter set, hopefully she will get a good mark, she was very pleased with it.can't wait for the shows xx much love Sam xx

  13. Beautiful. Will be watching Paul. I might have to sit on my hands though as in middle of all Christmas shopping. Penalty of so many children a lot of pressies to buy, would I change it though. Not on your life. I do like this stag , very regal. xx

  14. Very regal – no funky but great. Looking forward to seeing Paul – he will be excellent. Enjoy your break – still buying from your web site and trying to hide it from the old man – except I cannot!! all the messages and internet sales come through to his mobile!! I must get my own e-mail account.
    Lots of love to two lovely, lovely people.
    Anne (Reading)
    p.s. thought you might have had time to work out the dancing men code – remember that?
    Surely not too difficult for your very, very creative mind

  15. Bonjour Barbara, comment allez vous? Beautiful parchment work, thank you for sharing. Seems one individual amongst us got out of bed the wrong side today, just ignore them ;-)! I can't watch Hochanda any more. TV aerial in the attic was temporarily fixed last year and with all the support issues not been back to permanently fix in alignment and it seems the big winds have blown it over again! But I have a plan! There's a separate attic aerial for the living room which is still a bit like a building site, for the same reasons, so can't use it. But that aerial does work properly, so I'm going to set the DVD reorder and then unplug it and plug it into the aerial in my building site to record Paul and your shows :-). See the effort I'll go to to watch my favourite artist and her team 😉 Good luck Paul I'll see your shows from record later.

    Je suis feeling better today. I did a lot of thinking last night and this morning. And a lot of thinking about what Kim wrote to me yesterday, that with someone's support and encouragement I found the bravery to speak out this afternoon and tell my social worker that the new support worker abuses me /us service users. She believed me, I think was getting there for herself from the accounts of visits she's been asking me to write for her. So he's not coming back ever and the SW is making a complaint on my behalf, which I don't need to be involved in. I've made sure she understands I feel it's not just me he abuses, speaking out for my fellow victims who are unable to for themselves. I decided to tell you here, otherwise I'm as bad as all those others in society who brushes these things under the carpet. Why should I hide it away, it's real, and I did nothing wrong, someone needs to shout it out.

    So I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me this evening, 4 or 5 weeks now I've been going through it in silence, until it totally escalated last week. The downside is I've now got no worker at all and no one in the pipeline yet. So I'm literally on my own for now, won't even get out to do my gardens, apart from my monthly extra garden visit which fortunately is next week.

    Do you know what's kept me from sinking beyond the point of no return in the past week – Barbara, this here blog of hers and her beautiful crafty community full of lovely souls (well most of the time, the odd one does stray in for a moan or nasty word or two from time to time, but we don't heed them do we eh!).

    This community is like a wee sheltered island in the middle of the stormiest sea ever, that pulls me into it from wherever I might be floundering around, surrounds me, comforts me, and sends me off with some good advice, strength and loving and caring words, thoughts and feelings. Merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup

    lots of hugs and love
    Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, well done you! A brave bold step that will make your life better before you know it, you dug deep and came through X hugs and kisses. You keep on reading Barbara's big and we will all be here for you xx well done that took great strength xx

    2. Brenda I'm so proud of you and I know you will have a lot of support on here too. That was really brave and what a great social worker to take it all on board now so you are no longer involved. Shame about the lack of support but I'm sure it will be sorted soon. If the CAA Crew lived nearer we would be round sorting out that ariel for you and leading you astray! Sending you a big hug xxxx

    3. Well done Brenda and thank you for standing up for all those others who couldn't speak up for themselves! I went to a desert botanical gardens today, and just kept thinking how much you would have loved it, Susan x

    4. What a good post Brenda, a problem shared is a problem halved, and good on your for speaking out. I'm glad a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I don't always comment but I do read your posts x x

  16. Hi Barbara
    Looking forward to watching Paul on Sunday,I'm sure he'll do really well.It's great to see more shows featuring your products.
    Love the card,the stag looks very proud of himself.

  17. Evening Barbara
    Beautiful card.
    Guess what?! My wonderful husband has just got the all clear after 7 long months of sickess, worry, pain and depression. He's only 32yrs and we have two small children. Guess why he was sick?! Yes, you guessed it, was given the same drug as Dave, back in April, same doctor who prescribed it has been sending him for test after test, to consultant after consultant, to diagnose the problem!
    Like you, I'm so do relieved…but honestly, is this common around the country? How much are the NHS wasting on this scenario?
    I thought I was losing him. So so relieved. But he still has an enlarged spleen and pain, a side effect that may wear off!
    Thank you for sharing your journey, it has certainly helped me through mine.
    Take care

    1. Frankie that's great news for you, thank goodness you've found out what was causing it. I hope your husband makes really good progress quickly, look how good Dave looks now. Sending you a big hug xxxx

    2. That's such good news Frankie, you would think that there would be a way of doctors communicating with one another, maybe by writing a paper and having it published in the BMJ, it would save the NHS purse a lot of wasted money.xx

  18. Wow, he looks so proud and graceful. I've not really been able to tune into too much of late but wish Paul a great day on Sunday. The tuning is being rectified and i have every intention of getting back in tune with and finding clarity as the New Year starts. I've already decided that. Enjoythe rest of your holiday x

  19. Oh my my Barbara, just when I think that's it you go and tempt me further! Paul will rock the joint just like Maria did. What a team.
    But above all what I take from yesterday and today is reading Brenda's comments and knowing your forum has given her the strength to speak out and feel the love and care you have brought us to xx
    Much love

  20. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful stag, so majestic and the finished artwork is brilliant – thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to watching Paul on Sunday. I've had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years ago for a workshop and he really is a lovely chap. Keep enjoying that holiday, rain and all.
    Much love
    Diane xxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Amazing artwork. Looks like I will have to start a new shopping list. I am looking forward to watching Paul at the weekend. Thank you for taking the time to write every day, even when you are on holiday.
    Hugs from Chris X

  22. Fabulous Barbara – I'm away, so I've recorded all of Paul's shows to watch when I get back. Hopefully they'll repeat your shows once I'm back in the UK, as my forward planner on the recorder didn't go as far as early December! x

  23. Hi Barb, love your funky Stag, the image is brilliant and the colouring is superb. I will try catch Paul's shows live, he is so creative, but if not will be recording them. Looking forward to your show too. Hope you and Dave are having a lovely relaxing time, thank you for still blogging every day. Bx

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