Stand F01 by the front door! X

Stand F01 by the front door! X

Hi there.Sorry I’m late.Just got in to our B&B after a long set up slog at the NEC.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Spent 10 hours trying to cram the equivalent of 3 Stands into one….and we did it!!! Did she say 10 hours?? Yep. Mental, but true.  
But now I can’t find the password for the internet here, so am cobbling a little blog together,but may have to abandon ship here, and get some sleeeeep! 
I have Good News !
Delighted and mightily relieved to tell you that
Dave is almost back on track, 
and getting back to his old delightful self. 
After all that fretting, it was the Naproxen that he was taking for his arthritis which was doing the damage.
Medication was killing him.
And as soon as we figured it out and he stopped taking them,
he started come back round. 
There has to be a very very big message in there people!
The NEC would be too much at this stage we think,
so he won’t be there for the duration; what knock him to his knees is not going to come out in the wash, is it.
But there we are. I will be back tomorrow with the low down on day 1 and a little project methinks xxx
Love Barb xxxx

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  1. Everything looks wonderful Barbara. Wish I could be there but Canada is a little far away. Glad you finally found out it was the medication. I take a lot of medication and over the past few weeks have been gradually taking myself off some of them. Figured so much medication couldn't be good so decided to see what I needed most. Hopefully, Dave will be back to his old self very soon. Know everyone will enjoy all your hard work today when they see your wonderful space. Sleep well.

    1. Hi Donna, hi Sheila and hi Pam hope you are all ok. I've been knitting again tonight, got quite a long way up the back whilst shouting at the TV (the apprentice was on, need I say more!) then realised I had forgotten to change needles so has to undo it all! I'm nearly back to where I was. Xxxx

    2. Oh dear Diane, how annoying! I can't watch TV and knit at the same time. Very novice knitter so I'm very slow and need to concentrate. Are you knitting a Clarity suit? Xx

    3. Hi Pam, I cross my fingers every night that Brenda will feel strong enough to come say hi here on the blog. I feel sure she will soon. Nice of you to join in our friendly banter! Xx

  2. Good luck for the next couple of days. The stand looks amazing. I'm glad Dave is on the mend and you have finally found out what it was.
    Lots of love Sam xx

  3. Good luck for the next couple of days. The stand looks amazing. I'm glad Dave is on the mend and you have finally found out what it was.
    Lots of love Sam xx

  4. Hi Barbara, so glad you have got to the bottom of Dave's health issues, what a relief for you! Hope everything at NEC goes well. Too far away for me, but it looks fantastic and I am mighty jealous of all the Clarity fans who will be there! Have fun, and hope you don't overdo it. Love, Ruth

  5. Hi Barbara, so glad that Dave is on the mend. I too ended up in hospital twice, before they realised that all the ibrobrofen that I was taking for my migraines was affecting me in other ways! You really do need to watch what you take.
    Hope you all have a successful time, but take some time out for you too. Xx
    Amanda x

    1. It takes a while to get it right out of your system ….Naproxen was my poison not dissimilar to ibuprofen just stronger I think. Take care, maybe acupuncture or homeopathy will help
      That's the route I am taking…..x

    2. Good idea Dave, I hope you find something that helps you soon. I'm pleased to hear you are getting back to normal even if it is slowly. At least it's a step in the right direction. Have you got the take always on speed dial and a pile of films to watch whilst the house is quiet? Xx

    3. Hi Dave they are going to try acupuncture with me you will have to let me know how it goes if you start it before me so pleased you have got the answers to how I'll you have been hugs Sheila xxx

  6. Great news about Dave being on the mend, you must be so relieved, does make you wonder with some of these medications. We'll miss him tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you all, the stall looks super, well done all of you. Early start for us tomorrow , must try to get some sleep, doubt whether I will too excited, can't wait for my groovi storage.xx

  7. Well done to you and your team for a what will be a wonderful NEC
    So pleased you have found out what caused Dave to be so poorly yes medication can give you shocking side effects I cannot take naproxen either keep resting Dave and you will soon be back to your self .xxx

    1. How wonderful to get that news about Dave. I am so happy for you both. There are other natural things that can help with arthritis without too much reliance on drugs, and they are unlikely to cause such a frightening reaction. Looking forward to seeing you this morning. xxx Maggie

  8. So glad to hear that Dave is on the mend. Well done to you and your fantastic team at getting everything set up ready for the hoards.
    See you Friday morning, hopefully me and my crazy but wonderful friends will be first in the queue again.

  9. That's great news about Dave …. so glad he's on the mend. Have a fantastic weekend …. I'm like a bear with a sore head because I'm not going …. hugs to everyone xx

  10. Well done to you and the Clarity team and wonderful news about Dave, what a carry on and you worked out the problem yourself! Anyway let's be positive, things are improving with Dave , that's what matters. I had a lovely splurge at PS so can't make the NEC as well unless I win the lotto, anyway going to try and make it next year, you have to have a goal. Have a great day tomorrow and please say a special Hello to the lovely Heather for me xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    You must be absolutely exhausted and that's before it starts! It's looking good though and the team looks happy too. What great news about Dave, you can start to make plans and move forward now and hopefully have that holiday. Good luck for tomorrow , not that you need it, and have a good nights sleep tonight.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxxxx
    Hope you are both ok. Brenda we miss you, hope you are still looking in my lovely lady. Big cuddles for Daisy xxxx

  12. Just read all the other comments. Dave, my aunt used to have acupuncture for her arthritis. Said it was the only thing that worked! Good luck in youu quest to find an alternative to the medication.


  13. So glad to hear that you have got to the bottom of things regarding Dave. What a wonderful birthday present for the 7th. Hope all goes well at the NEC – enjoy your well earned break afterwards.

  14. Hi Barbara, that was a marathon session but it will pay off thats for sure!
    Naproxen…..I take it too…but not regularly, just when the pain in my shoulder is beyond paracetamol control…but this does make you think I should just power through the pain I have to say!
    Glad you have got it spotted though and getting Dave back on track – ready for his special birthday and of course your holiday in a few days time x
    Much love
    Kim xx

  15. That is fantastic news about Dave – took them long enough to find out why but at least they did and you can both get back to normal. Maybe this was a good little warning though for you both to try and take things a little easier and enjoy life. Go on more breaks and see Grace and Mark more.
    Hugs Elaine xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    You must be shattered – and that's before it starts! The stand looks great, wish I was coming but I would just spend too much with all that temptation!! Really pleased you've found out what Dave's problem is and that he is getting back to his normal self. I take Naproxen for my knee but am trying to cut it right down. It's also for my migraines so I have to be careful. Good luck for the NEC but watch your neck( not literally mind you!) and try to get some rest breaks. Love Alison xxxx

  17. Hi Barb, the stand looks fantastic, wish I could make it. I think after 10 hours, you must all be shattered, so thank you for taking the time to share the photos and the good news about Dave. Hope you had a good nights sleep. have a great first day today. And take care of yourself too. Bx

  18. Morning Barb,
    Can't wait for tomorrow… It won't be the same without Dave, but its great to hear that you've figured out the root cause and he is finally starting to feel better.
    Love to you both. Xxx

  19. Great news about Dave. Hopefully they can find alternative to treat arthritis. Looks like you are in same place as last year NEC wise! So excited about NEC have a huge shopping list and been stashing the cash for weeks so OH won't have a clue lol just hoping you have all on my list so I do t have to order on the credit card when I get back. . See you Saturday!

  20. So glad that you found out what was causing Dave's illness, must be such a relief to know that something can be done about it. Hope it does not take long for the drugs to clear his system and restore him to full bounce!

  21. FANTASTIC NEWS that Dave is getting back to his old-self again. It just shows that meds can cause so many problems, can he take any "herbal" remedy for his arthritis?

    Stand looks great and good luck with today and the next few days.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  22. Great news about Dave ! Naproxen is very strong , just glad he s starting to feel better. Hope u have a great time at nec – used to love it there but can t manage it these days – brains still works but the body doth protest xx

  23. So so pleased to hear Dave is on the mend … would you credit it, all that illness, worry, tests etc and it turns out to be medication. Won't be joining you at the NEC this time, but look forward to sharing your blog each day. We have Maria at Shrewsbury on 14th so very much looking forward to that. Keep strong Dave … ease back in gradually, and see you soon xx

  24. Brilliant news about Dave. I worked in a pharmacy for quite a few years and know how often this happens. Your stand is looking great as always. I wish I was coming to see you. It is one of the closest large craft venues to me and I used to come by coach with our local groups but we are all getting older and a lot of us find it a bit too tiring now. There is nothing quite like looking at all the wonderful goodies and watching the demonstrations. Hope you have a good weekend.

  25. Forgot to mention I have received my lovely signed calendar thank you. My husband Dave whisked it away before I got to close a look at it as I have to wait till Christmas for it.

  26. Well, you had a long day yesterday put in all the "spadework" for some rewarding days to come. The news about Dave must have been a real boost and I hope that all goes well for both of you and all the Clarity team. On the medications, it just goes to show that we are not "clockwork" and all sorts of things and combinations of things can and do affect us differently. Hope Dave can get something else to deal with the arthritis that he can get on with. NEC is too far away for me but hope it all goes wonderfully for you and all who go there.

  27. Great news that you have got to the cause of the problem. Just a little concerned though as I have been prescribed Naproxen for my arthritis !! Hope all goes well ay the NEC .
    Lynne T xx

  28. Hi Barbara. So glad that Dave is feeling better, it must be such a weight lifted off your mind!
    Won't be at the NEC but hope you have a great time.
    Gayle x

  29. So pleased the powers that be finally found the root cause of Dave's health issues, will take some of the worry away from you too.
    Stand looks great, wish I was there to see you and watch your brill demos but it is a tad too far and with all the fog which descended between 06.20 and 07.00 this morning, flights would probably be cancelled anyway. Will take some solace in my largish Clarity delivery which has just arrived! ;~}

  30. I hope he show goes well for you and the Clarity team. I'm so please you have an answer to Dave's health worries. I hope he continues to improve and you have a long and happy life together. Wendy x

  31. Stand looks wonderful, will find you easy if by the door. My girls will know where I am if they lose me. So so glad Dave is on the mend it will take time for medication to leave his system but great that you getting the old Dave back. Oh dear that does not sound good with his 60th Birthday approaching, did not mean you were old Dave, honest. See you Saturday xx

  32. Hmmm we had the same problem just a while ago with my husband. It wont be long before Dave is feeling better Barbara. Let us hope that the alternative medication does the job for the arthritis. Ive just discovered Clarity, especially Groovi. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us…just got to get to grips with backgrounds now. Gelli? Not sure what that is but i will get there!! x ps hope it goes well at NEC

  33. Thank goodness you have found out what was making Dave poorly, just in time so that you can really enjoy your holiday, it really puts things in perspective doesn't it.

    Hope you have a very successful few days but not so your neck is too painful. I'm very sad not to come again, maybe one day 🙂 xxx

  34. Great news about Dave, Barb! I take Naproxen (but only occasionally) when my rheumatoid arthritis flares up – nasty meds but they do help with the pain. Good you've finally got to the bottom of it, though. Not sure what type of arthritis Dave has but I've heard that Apple vinegar cider taken daily can help – the best type is HONEGAR (sweetened with honey) as the other stuff is foul!!! Worth a try, anyway.
    All being well, I shall be up at the NEC on Saturday so see you then!
    Liz M xxx

  35. Gosh, that was one long set up Barbara but the stand looks great, you and tbe team must be whacked though! So pleased that you have figured out what has been causing these problems for Dave and hope you can find something else without the side effects to help his arthritis. Hope you have a good day at the show today. x

  36. Hi Barb
    I 'm not very good at blogging, but felt I must comment on Dave's problem with medication. Years ago my husband was put on Adalat beta blockers after having a mild heart attack, which, thankfully he recovered from. But then his ankles started swelling up and were very painful. Although he kept asking the doctor if it could be the tablets, they would always say no, and it was almost 12 months before they decided that perhaps the tablets could be to blame and took him off them. Well, it didn't take long for the swellings to go down, and he has never had swollen ankles since. He is now 85 years old has problems with his kidneys, and has to have regular blood tests, otherwise he is not bad for his age.

    Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you for your comments. I decided to stop taking Naproxen , as the GP
      had failed to make any connection , Both Barbara and I simply worked it out, and although I'm still not 100% I would rather have arthritic joints ,than all problems that have occurred over the past few months . Glad to hear that your husband is doing well. Take care . David. x

  37. 10 hours non-stop at trying to figure out a giant 3-D jigsaw must have been exhausting. Glad it's done and bet it will be dismantled in a fraction of that time! So pleased to hear that you've got to the root of Dave's problems and that he's on the mend. He could try something called Flexiseq for his arthritis, which isn't a "proper" pain medication, but helps to lubricate the joints – worked for my dad! Hope the show goes well, and wish I could be there…Susan x

  38. Have a great time I'm sure the show will be a success as always. Also glad to hear Dave is getting better. I have had problems with the same medicine & had to stop taking it but it did take a bit of time to work out that it was the medication was causing all the problems xx

  39. Really pleased to hear Dave is feeling better, what a surprise that such a common tablet caused such problems. I'm sure you will make sure he doesn't do too much too soon

    Hope you have a fantastic NEC catching up with friends and business wise too

  40. What wonderful news and how scary so glad that's not a pain killer I take but Bob was givern in for muscle pain but when I dead the instruction there was no way he should take it because of his heart condition and meds he is taking for it good they have found out and he is getting better lots love to you both have a good time at nec xxx

  41. Dear Barbara I love your blog and just wanted to comment on your dear Dave. I have known about pharmaceuticals for sometime now that they are poison. I have arthritis also, and a nurse told me to take msm. Start with 1/8 t. and work up. Also, cherry juice. Always is a natural cure from our creator.

  42. Dear Barbara I love your blog and just wanted to comment on your dear Dave. I have known about pharmaceuticals for sometime now that they are poison. I have arthritis also, and a nurse told me to take msm. Start with 1/8 t. and work up. Also, cherry juice. Always is a natural cure from our creator.

  43. So glad to hear that Dave is on the mend…what a weight of both your minds. Also – my second huh of the day – visiting the NEC, your great stand ….and learning how to pronounce 'Theuva Card' properly!

  44. Really great news about Dave sorry it's taken such a long time to sort out! Medication has a lot to answer for. The NEC looks amazing. Away in Yorkshire this weekend for my sister's 60 th celebrations.
    So pleased for you both
    Hope you can celebrate once the NEC is behind you X X X xx

  45. Just wanted to pop on and say what great news about Dave – such a relief I'm sure. Modern medicine is wonderful in many ways but you have to be so aware. We had a scare with my dad in the summer, called us all down to the hospital as they didn't think he'd make it through the night, turns out he'd reacted to a medication and was back to normal (which is still pretty ill unfortunately, but stable) the next day and wondering what all the fuss was about. Hopefully this'll get out of Dave's system soon enough. Only thing I know for arthritis is that some people find avoiding wheat helps. May be worth a try.

  46. Hi Barbara
    I'm so pleased that Dave is more like himself, medication is great but it's a nightmare when it doesn't agree with you
    Coming to the NEC tomorrow so hope to see you there, I'm a little shy so not sure if I'll introduce myself but I will see you.

  47. So glad Dave is on the mend. We all react so differently (or rather these meds all work on us differently) so it can be a right old muddle trying to unpack what's doing what. Naproxen does have downsides. With me it's stomach stuff but that's easily sorted.
    Hang on in there. Normal service will soon be resumed 🙂
    Hugs (((()))) Alison.

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