Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Sorry there’s no You Tube.
We couldn’t film because of all the banging and roofing,
which has been going on for over a fortnight here.
On a happy note, the side of the house is back on, 
and the scaffolding will be gone before Christmas!
It will all be fine soon…

Just a quickie today; 
we are off to set up at the NEC tomorrow,
and let’s just say there’s still a bit to do!
Good news!!
The punches have landed!!
And they work!
If you’re wondering why all the excitement 
over a little photo slot punch,
they provide an excellent solution to the 
Groovi Parchment mounting dilemma. 
No glue or sticky tape in sight!
Doesn’t this look classy?
are very lovely plates, even if I say so myself!

The Banners Border Plate ties it all in beautifully, too.
Now we have found a reliable manufacturer,
we will design a couple of different corner styles,
ready for the NEW YEAR.

But for now, this one’s on the website,
and we will be taking a load to the NEC.

Do pop in again whilst we at the NEC
I shall be blogging from Birmingham, 
and I bet there’s lots to show you!

much love,



  1. WOW!! I love the poppies, Barbara…may have to invest in them… 🙂 Enjoy the NEC….I would love to get there one day, but too far away in N Ireland 🙁 xx

  2. I searched for a supplier of these corner punches for ages, finally found one but me thinks I will look out for this one at NEC, as you can never have too many of them. I have cleared my diary for Thursday and will be there first thing, I can't wait. I spent all weekend trying to organise my stencils a la Grace method and then found another stash of them. I am up to 14 folders now! And still I crave more, oh dear definitely a Clarity Addict. I am waiting on my Groovi storage package and the lovely poppy plates which your fab office told me should be going out tomorrow. Lovely, gives me time to work on my Christmas cards which should be further along if I did not keep getting distracted by lots more goodies. Ah well, see you Thursday. Much love and hugs. Karen xxx.

  3. I can't wait for my order to come through…I have ordered the poppies and banners, plus lots of other goodies. I so want to go to the NEC, I went to it a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it. Only problem with going, is the temptation of spending too much money. Take care xxx

  4. Awaiting with much excitement my order of the recent Groovi goodies and a trip to the NEC. It must be 12 years since I was last at the NEC so am really looking forward to it and a day off work! Setting out at 7am so see you there! Lots of love V

  5. Hello Barbara have a fantastic NEC i will have to put my order in for a corner punch as can see they will sell out quickly,I've got my poppy plates and banner boarder they are stunning haven't had a crafting play yet hopefully soon .xxx

    1. I manage to craft today and used one of my bespoke stamps too and checked through my Christmas cards to see how many I have to make so it's been a good day xxx

    2. Aren't you two organised! I love these new plates, haven't bought them………yet! Might be tempted this week. We're not going to the NEC this year, went to Ally Pally instead so perhaps a little treat is in order! Hope you are both ok xxxxx

    3. Warn them at the NEC if you do decide to go, that way they can put down the mats to prevent further bruising on the way in 😉
      Have a few ideas for cards this year using my Clarity stash so feel ready to dive into Christmas. As long as I get them done before Christmas Eve this year I will be a happy bunny. Xx

  6. This edge punch works beautifully with the parchment Barbara and those poppies are gorgeous and I love the background colour you have used. I hope your set up at the NEC goes well and look forward to hearing how it is going. x

  7. Oh brilliant… I must get one of these!!!
    I love the poppy plates and hope that I will get mine soon. I ordered them on Friday when I realised I won't be able to make it to the NEC.
    Your cards are beautiful!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  8. Oh brilliant… I must get one of these!!!
    I love the poppy plates and hope that I will get mine soon. I ordered them on Friday when I realised I won't be able to make it to the NEC.
    Your cards are beautiful!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  9. I am so torn between coming to the NEC or going down to Ringwood to Angela's Clarity workshop! I have childcare complications and really can't decide what to do! Maybe I'll toss a coin.

    Only crafters can understand such excitement about a punch!

    Glad your house is coming back together Barbara – hopefully all cosy and warm and beautiful for Christmas.

    1. Lucinda I understand your dialema – the workshop might be the cheaper option. I hadn't realised there is a workshop in this area, I will gave to investigate. Enjoy your Clarity weekend whichever way to go xxxx

    2. I went for the workshop, partly for that reason – I think it'll be much cheaper! Although there is a little Clarity shop there…. Really looking forward to it now I've made the decision! Will you be joining?!?

  10. Great you are making your own punches. I have a few different designs all from different companies and they all have varying levels of success! Have fun at the NEC, the closest I have got to that show is last year when my sister brought us tickets to the cake show two halls down. Such tourture! Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    The first items on my list for the NEC are those 3 plates and a punch. See you on Thursday and I hope again on Friday. I have been having a Groovi afternoon getting pieces ready for Christmas and have just posted my 1st Groovi card to a friend.
    Hugs from Chris x

    1. Rosalind you can join in too – we don't mind. Could you imagine if we ever met – we would be sat there surrounded by Clarity goodies and cushions! I miss the lovely Brenda too, hopefully she is looking in, even if she isn't commenting – I think the Poppies will be on the wish list xxx

  12. I managed to get one of the very few corner punches you got earlier in the year. Great that you have some more. I am just writing my list for NEC, Clarity list is quite long. Looking forward to seeing you all .xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, I will be at the NEC on Thursday yet another thing to add to my shopping list, good job I have been saving up…… looking forward to seeing you all again.Pam.xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Great that you've got the punches in now. I got one of the ones that you had before which is a different design so I might just have to have the new one too! Good news about your house too. Wish I was going to NEC but I just can't afford it – this is when I wish I wasn't retired!! Love Alison cxx

  15. Ordered my punch as soon as I saw you had them, have been searching for ages…and more to come…….I also got the poppy plates and a traveller organiser………….for me, but, Mr W will pinch them no doubt. I haven't had a chance to play with all the goodies I got at Ally Pally as he is always getting in the groove 😉 xx No NEC for me, went for a few years but, find it to expensive and that's before I've bought anything x

  16. Hi Barbara
    Oh I'm late tonight – been to see the new James Bond film, what a treat! I like the look of the new punches, don't they give a lovely finish to a project. Goodness me, you're still having the roof done with all this rain! Hope you are watertight again soon, and noise free! Good luck with your prep and set up for the NEC , sounds like there will be lots of sell outs. Safe journey, have you got Steve driving you again.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Dot hope you are ok xxxx
    Hi Brenda, missing you xxxxx

    1. Morning Diane, I have seen Bond, great opening in Mexico wasn't it, very exciting! I went with family just after I had finished decorating skulls for my sister, I couldn't believe it! Xx

  17. Lots of nice goodies to catch up on then! Do enjoy the NEC – but going to be so much busier than Ally Pally so make sure you get some breaks !! Love to you and Dave xx Helen and Mike

  18. Morning Barb, sorry day late in commenting today, I hope you don't sell out of the punches, I am coming to NEC on Sunday and look forward to seeing you, Paul and all the crew, that is of course if I can fight my way through the crowds in my mobility scooter. I think I have almost the whole set of groovi plates……….oh wait I think there might be some more coming out soon……..will have to start saving……..yes, yes, yes, I love them.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  19. Hello Barb, ooh, I am so glad they have arrived, good looking too. Have a safe trip to the NEC, and hope the setup goes well. I am sure everyone going is hoping to get loads of time and buying at the Clarity stand. Take care all and have a great day. Bx

  20. Hi Barbara, I love the new punch. I am new to parchment and enjoy using the starter kit. I'm now collecting some extra 'must haves'. We will be visiting the NEC on Sunday, so excited. See you on Sunday. Hope Dave is feeling better. Take care. Love Karen x

  21. You're right Barbara, your Poppy plates are beautiful, roll on Christmas 🙂 Great idea manufacturing the corner punches too.

    I so wish I could meet you all at the NEC, have a great time, I'll keep up with it all by reading about it on your blog, have fun, love and hugs, Julie xx

    ps I hope your neck isn't too painful with all your demos.

  22. Hello Barbara

    Loving the new punch and also looking forward to new ones!

    Will make a point of visiting your stand at the NEC and hopefully meeting you in person.

    Lol Barbara W xx

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