Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Ready for Gray Friday tomorrow?
In case you hadn’t heard,
 at Midnight tonight, 
we are having a 24-hour sale on 
Yep, a third off all Clarity-branded products, 
including stamps, stencils, brushes, card, canvas,
Groovi and storage.
The doors open at midnight tonight,
and we are all set to welcome you!
Jim promised to stay up and make sure the Website doesn’t crash,
and Ann & the telephone team will be raring to go from 8am.
This is NOT a clearance sale.
We aren’t trying to offload old stock.
We are simply dropping prices by a third. 
Club Members’ 10% discount applies in addition,
(no minimum spend either)
Are we desperate?
Not at all. 
Quite the contrary. 
We just don’t like BLACK FRIDAY.
So we’re having a GRAY FRIDAY instead !!!
Sorry, but I ran out of steam as far as Blog-art goes.
I spent hours today, prepping and writing the inside cover 
and a how-to project for the new colouring book,
which is hopefully going to print next week.
And then promptly lost the lot.
My own fault.
I really should know at the ripe old age of 56, 
to hit the SAVE button frequently. 
(Ha! And you thought I meant save save save on the sale!!!)
Have to say, I was surprised at how quickly I accepted 
that I had cocked up. 
Nonetheless, a second run at what was really good is never fun, 
is it. 
So I shall love you and leave you with a little preview of 
what’s coming up in our new Artist’s Colouring Book…
How to get from this…
to this….
love & peace,

83 thoughts on “SAVE SAVE SAVE.

  1. Hi Barbara
    How exciting, I'm first!!!! I bet the air was blue when you realised you had lost the lot! Not a polite oh gosh bother and deary me 🙂 tomorrow is another day, looks like it will be busy. I've put my Christmas list into Santa, I've pointed out the sale, one or two things might just be added to a basket, what a treat. Now deep breath, count to 10 and press Save – oh and smile!!!! Have fun
    Lots of love Diane xxxxx

    1. Yah I was still first!!! Hi Donna, hi Sheila, hi Brenda, hi Pam and Hi Dot. I've put the cushions down, added an extra layer for added protection, I've loaded up the bus with tea bags, coffee and cake for Barbara and the gang and some matchsticks for the lovely Jim.
      Hope you've all had a good day and have managed to craft – me, I went out for a cheeky lunch that lasted most of the day!!!!! Love and hugs to all xxxxx

    2. Hi Diane, glad you had a good day, hope your meal was good. We had lunch out today too, that's it now Christmas is almost here, it's lots of meals out, catching up with friends. Very nice but does nothing for your figure. Sending a hug.xx

  2. Wowzers so looking forward to the launch of the new colouring books. My mum has just into the adult colouring books and I've been hanging on for yours yay 😊. Now to finalise my shopping list lol, payday tomorrow Woohooooooooo xx p's. Totally sick of hearing about Black Friday bring on the Gray day 🙂

  3. Loving the look of your colouring book. Very classy.
    So sorry you loist your work, its so annoying when that happens. I lost a present that I know I wrapped two days ago, finally found it but it has annoyed me all day. OH has told me to have a sherry. May have "just the one Mrs Wembley"….

  4. The book looks very exciting, and even though i made a purchase earlier in the week, i'm sure a few Gray bargins will jump into a basket tomorrow! I have a wish list. Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the book remeber shouting blog at you at the NEC so SAVE ! SAVE. SAVE! Lots of love xx

  5. Book looks lovely I can imaginesfter all that work you lost it so frustrating may be even better tomorrow and quicker getting it done. Sale sounds amazing every time think most be good temptation comes along oh well only live once lots love Joy xxx

  6. Looking forward to seeing the colouring book and really excited about the sale with the bonus of free postage too. Already know what I am going for. Thank you Barbara

  7. I really sympathise. There is nothing worse than spending hours on something and the computer crashing. I will be making my wish list ready to go after work tomorrow – AHHGHH lesson observation time! It will be my treat to myself. I can't wait to see the colouring book.

    1. Good luck with your lesson observation Sarah, I know how you feel. Make sure the wine is in the fridge for the evening and treat yourself to a little Clarity xxxx

  8. Fabulous grey day can I resist??? sooooo looking forward to the colouring book have a restful night your trying to hard since coming back from holiday chill out or you will burn out xxx

    1. Evening Donna have you crafted ?
      Evening Brenda sending a big hug
      Evening Dorothy sending a hug thinking of you
      Evening pam
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, Donna, Brenda and Dot, guess what, I have at last got the jumpers done, not made into cards yet though, that's for tomorrow. Bet non of you can resist Barbara' s fantastic sale, I certainly can't. Do hope you are all ok, keep your chin up Brenda. Thinking of you and Dot. Love to all.xxxx

    3. Pam I'm glad you've got your jumpers finished, I bet they look good. Enjoy putting them together tomorrow and enjoy your spending spree you two 🙂 xxxx

  9. Oh I bet the air was several shades gray!! It's so annoying. This colouring book looks great. Seems ages since you first mentioned it and I have been waiting patiently!!

    I have my list ready to ring tomorrow so thank you so very very much for the opportunity to get fantastic savings on such fantastic products.

    Wishing you both a pleasant evening xx

  10. Oh I bet the air was several shades gray!! It's so annoying. This colouring book looks great. Seems ages since you first mentioned it and I have been waiting patiently!!

    I have my list ready to ring tomorrow so thank you so very very much for the opportunity to get fantastic savings on such fantastic products.

    Wishing you both a pleasant evening xx

  11. Can't wait to see the colouring book. I don't doubt that everyone involved has put their all into it. Such a pity about losing your work – we all know we should SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, but it's easy to get totally engrossed and then it's always the best work that gets lost. Your sneak peek was tantalising, hope you have a massive print-run planned!
    Tonbridge Sue

  12. oh no, having lost hours of work on the computer I feel your pain for losing so much hard work. Pleased to hear that you managed to do all the work again – looking forward to seeing the result of your work

  13. Cannot wait for the colouring books. Also a big, big thank you for your reply to my comment last night – I received it when I got in from work today (cannot access any of your things at work! boo hoo) Your comments brought tears to my eyes. You are a star – an inspirational star.
    Lots and lots of Love to you, Dave and the team
    Anne (Reading)

    1. I am glad you are not going to be beaten, Anne. You are such a strong lady but we all have days from hell, where nothing goes right no matter what we do. Keep the Clarity faith and those lines will soon straighten out. xxx Maggie

  14. Hi Barbara, wow a sale, you're very generous. I only ordered the other day, but I was careful, so now I can get some of the things I left out. Thank you. Poor you losing all that work. Used to happen to me when I was working, never seemed to learn my lesson and SAVE SAVE SAVE. The colouring book looks very exciting. Hope you haven't forgotten to take some time out for you and Dave, you seem to be on a roller coaster

  15. I bet the air was blue Barbara and who can blame you … how frustrating to lose hours of work like that!! I must say I am really looking forward to seeing the Artist's Colouring Book and from the sneaky peak I think it looks fabulous. Thank you for Gray Friday too. x

  16. Can you set your computer to do automatic backups every ten minutes? Most of my programs are set like that after a few major crashes like that. It is just so horrible to lose precious work like that. I much prefer the idea of your Gray Day . I am not going near any shops over the next couple of days. I shall go crafting locally and then spend the rest of the day alternating between Gelli and Groovi. By the way, I love that new craft mat, although I have had to order a replacement as mine is going to my granddaughter to help hold her paper steady at school while she is recovering from breaking her elbow. Whether I get it back afterwards is very doubtful. Like everyone else, I am really looking forward to the new colouring book. I know it will be great. xxx Maggie

  17. So sorry that the website has crashed Barbara. Just shows you how many were waiting for the big moment and everyone wanted to place orders at the same time. As there is a 5 hour time difference here in Canada, I will keep checking in tonight to see if you have been able to remedy the situation. Poor Dave must be going crazy.

  18. Hello Barb, Wow a great sale offer, and what looks to be like a fantastic colouring book to look out for. Cannot wait to see it. Hope you managed to redo the lost work. Will take a look at the items for sale. I bet with what everyone is saying the website is taking a hammering. Poor Jim. Have a good Day everyone. Bx

  19. How annoying to lose all your stuff like that but in the upside I bet you never do it again. Love the look of the colouring book too. Right now I am off to browse the sale. Thanks Barb. Xxx

  20. Hi Barbara,

    Not sure if you realise yet, but I think your loyal fans have also sent your website into cyber meltdown.
    I was unable to complete my order, as it crashed part way through the payment process.
    I think lots of people are trying to do the same.

  21. Julie Don't delete it it says what your feeling and you need that, buy the groovi set and plates out of your mums money it's a fantastic piece of kit and will help you cope with the loss of your mum too as you loose yourself when groovi-ing sending a big hug xxx

  22. Have tried to get on the website after midnight yes it's gone into cyber meltdown tried today too grrrrr oh well maybe we can have grey Friday Saturday and Sunday ?what do you think Barbara?

  23. Julie sweetheart you go ahead and buy it and just think of the big smile that would have been on your mums face – don't forget to tell her what you've done, quiet like when no one around can think you're mad – you will feel much better for it. Sending you a big hug. Xxxxxx

  24. Success my order has been placed. I must be mad, it's not as if I couldn't without the stuff. 3hrs of my life gone just to get a bargain who knew spending money could be so difficult.

  25. Aaaggh!! Can't get my order through on the website and phone busy. I only hope that I can get my order in before midnight tonight!! Your staff must be in melt down as well – and will be for a time fulfilling all these orders.
    Hugs Elaine

  26. No, please don't delete it, Julie. Be kind to yourself – this is one of the biggest losses you'll ever suffer. Your grief is a very real testament to how much you loved your mum. I'm sorry you're so sad just now, but do buy the Groovi kit (if you can get on the site – I've tried three times and it keeps crashing). It's a lovely thing to buy in your mum's memory. You can think of her whenever you use it, and she would be delighted you had it. Sending you much love. Kay x

  27. Website is offline at moment, according to my error message, so I guess Clarity is a victim of its own success! 🙂 Hope they're not all going too mad trying to sort it… what a Friday afternoon for them 🙁 Good luck! K x

  28. Hi There – hope there are lots of sales for you at Clarity today. Much as I would like to join the happy throng, I have only been able to Log In but not to access Groovi etc and now I cannot access your website at all. Wishing you all well and hope you have plenty of refreshments to keep your Clarity Busy Bees going!

  29. Wow, what a busy day you must be having. Unfortunately, I have only managed to put 3 items into my basket as site timing out before I can go any further. I really want to add some stamps and stencils but want to browse as not sure which ones to get. I will keep on trying and hope for success later.

  30. I'm another that can't get on the site so it would seem it's very busy. Great for the business but not so great for those of us who can't place orders.


  31. Me too…..after an hour, I have given up!!! I had actually got as far as putting in my card details before it timed out! It did tell me that no transaction had taken place, though. I may try again later

  32. Please try calling the office if you are having difficulty, I did and managed to place my order and get a very helpful Debbie on the phone who looked up all the codes and sorted it out no problem. Number is 01732 868215 if you are struggling to get onto home page to look up. Good luck Karen xxx

  33. What a fabulous way to remember your Mum, every time you use it you will hear her voice encouraging you on. You go girl, wrap it up and open it on Christmas day and have a play. Tears or not I can't think of a nicer way to honour your Mum's memory. I have bought my Mum the kit for her Christmas present, hope she is not reading this…Thank you for sharing this with us, it makes me feel all warm inside and thankful that I have my Mum so want to give this to her even more. What a brave lady you are, when my Mum opens her present I will think of you with your Groovi. Karen xxx

  34. 20 minutes later…..I got through to a remarkably cheerful young lady, who processed my order in record time. 🙂 Barbara, your staff are brilliant! Thank you for today's great savings! xx

  35. Have been deciding on my wish list for weeks….wants against needs…..don't envy you guys trying to sort out your website…..also hoping I can place my order later…..fingers crossed xx will also purchase another time if not today……look after yourselves xx

  36. Sorry the website is still down. I would love to phone my order through but need the website to decide what I want!!! Please extend the offer, I've been umming and arhhing about getting some stencils for ages and this seemed like the offer to make me finally commit. Thanks.

  37. Had my wish list , must be 6:00 pm there , oh I can't get in hope I will not miss out . Maybe when you all go,to sleep I will have a chance . Beautiful here in Virgina 70 F. And sunny .

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the lovely Anne for phoning me back and taking my order! And to the even lovelier Barbara for also phoning back – what a great company! Impressive. Thank you! Kay xx

  39. I have been trying all day and not got on the site. Like others I can't see what I want to buy to phone my order. I have things on my Xmas list but I know they have been bought for me.

  40. I have been trying all day and not got on the site. Like others I can't see what I want to buy to phone my order. I have things on my Xmas list but I know they have been bought for me.

  41. Yep site still down. Just goes to show how popular the offer is. I'm going to try again later. I have my eye on the meadow grass and meadow butterfly groovi plates, the banner groovi border, an extra 7" x 7" stencil folder and of course I want to stock up on my gelli card. I hope I'll manage to do it before the offer runs out! Of course if I get the chance to browse more items may well fall into my basket. You can always find a use for an extra brayer and those fresco paints have always tempted me too! 😉

  42. Oh thankyou so much for your very kind comments. I have just read them all as I came back to delete my post. I managed to order the Groovi starter set and lots of plates and parchment. Christmas is going to be very difficult but I'm trying to keep my sadness to myself and not spoil it for the rest of my family xxx

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