The Wicked Witch of the West!!!!

The Wicked Witch of the West!!!!

That is what I think the internet feels like today – meltingggggggggg

Just a quick post to fill you in if you haven’t picked it up from Facebook.

It would appear that the whole of the world wide web has been having issues today as a result of Black Friday.
The team back at base have been running around like headless chickens, trying to make sure that phones and emails are being answered as quickly as possible and dealt with.
So in order to help ease the pressure all round, I have decided to extend “Gray Friday” until midnight on Sunday – phew! On top of that, the phones in the office will be manned until 8pm tonight (Friday) and again tomorrow from 8am until 5pm (Saturday).

I will just add, don’t panic! We make most of our products in house at Clarity, so we will not run out of our own range! It may just take 6 months to fill the order!!
Dave’s pulling a night shift. I think that’s what he called it…
Jim was last seen leaving the building with a big sign …

Seriously though folks, we are doing our best.
Nobody saw this coming.
Have a Gray evening!
Have a Gray weekend!
Love & Peace

92 thoughts on “The Wicked Witch of the West!!!!

  1. It's because you have such great products and such a great offer! we all know you ll get there. I got my order in at 3:15 am as I woke up and figured it might be a good time!
    Well done to all your amazing team and to you. Keep calm! Glad for you it's been such a success. X X X

  2. Thanks Barbara and team so much appreciated…will place my order over the weekend when I can browse, indulge and shop. Take care of yourselves….you are all fab xx

  3. HI Barbara, I phoned this morning to place my order( after issues with the website) and even though your team were obviously busy beyond belief, the phones were ringing off the hook, they were their usual professional friendly themselves – absolutely fantastic – really showing what clarity is all about – what a lovely company , well done you must be so proud of yourselves THANKYOU Charlotte

    1. Absolutely agree, I did the same. You have a great team there Barbara, heard you were keeping them going on doughnuts. May need a few glasses of wine for the evening shift. Well done to the team, hope orders are good ones! Karen xxx

  4. Thank you Barbara. Have been trying on and off since midnight on Webb and then today on phone, felt so sorry for the Clarity team. Just shows what brilliant products you have and how much we all love them x x x

  5. Thank you so much for extending your sale. Unfortunately, i know there will be some complaints, but i really hope people take a moment to realize, there is nothing you can do about it, technology is not perfect,it does breakdown, just like everything else.Its extremely generous of you to extend the sales, and additional support on phones. well done clarity 🙂

  6. You are very generous extending the Gray day. I have managed to get my order. Part of it was on line; I managed to get a Groovi starter kit into my basket but when I tried to add anything else, it crashed so I checked out while I could.
    I then decided to phone to try to order the rest, and I got through on the second try! Your amazing staff called me back once she could get on a computer and she promptly processed my order.
    Your staff are amazing and I am sure they will be exhausted with all the orders.
    I am looking forward to receiving my parcel in the next few weeks and getting groovi!

  7. Phew!! Thank you, Barbara. I thought I had made some progress this afternoon and then my basket timed out!!! Will try again tomorrow. I hope all at Clarity Towers manage to get some rest over the weekend. Mxx

  8. What brilliant news the offer is being extended, means I can order some more 😉
    I ordered by phone at lunch time as I couldn't get on the net, Debbie was very patient, fantastic Clarity service as usual, well done guys and girls.

  9. Thanks Barbara – kept trying to log in and kept being booted out! Yours was not the only website where it happened today believe me. Have a lovely weekend, feet up and maybe a nice glass of wine to keep you calm 😉

  10. Thank heavens!! Spent today at Bury St Edmunds Christmas market and have been trying to log in to clarity for the past hour!! If I can't get online tonight I'll try the phone tomorrow!! You are very generous and patient!!

  11. Thank you so much, and thanks too to your team! As I was trying to place an order, throughout the day, Richard used the opportunity to give me a lecture about the difficulties in test, and then working through a day such as you have been experiencing! The complexity of the computer software, and systems, is enormous! So, I am so pleased that I might now get a chance to place an order! (especially now that I'm genned-up about Servers and stuff LOL!)

  12. Great products great staff great Barbara gray. … may just end up ordering some more stuff.

    Used my winning voucher this morning. Christmas coming early.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  13. Thank you so much for extending the time Barbara everything was running so slow on my computer I thought it had caught something .I am relieved I am not the only one having the same problem and it will hopefully be back to normal service tomorrow.

  14. Great customer service as always. One of the tests is how firms put things right and your example shows the Clarity spirit. It's clearly been a frustration for us but what a day it must have been for you all. I shall try again later; I'm a night owl anyway. I hope you all get some rest sometime.

  15. I toomanaged to phone my order today & felt very guilty that i hadn't got the codes fir all the items. I needn't have worried. The lovely young lady i spoke to did a bit of detective work & came up with the answers despite being new to all this. (sorry i didn't get her name) she answered the phone so cheerily despite the technical challenges.

    Your offer was so generous and your response to the internet breaking is equally so. Thank you!! All of you.
    Hugs all round (((())))

  16. Thank you. I wonder if the sighs of relief all round are adding to the breezy evening? Your Clarity Team are real troopers and having to face a hectic weekend. I hope to get back onto the website when it's calmed down a bit there are so many beautiful temptations to consider.

  17. Thank you Barbara for extending grey sale days what a wonderful dedicated team you have I will do my order over the weekend hopefully Internet will not crash as need to look on the web for what I would like to purchase thank you for blogging about extending sale as I don't do face book
    On no don't let Dave do nights we don't want him poorly again big hugs to you both and all the team xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, what a fantastic sale from Barbara. Hope you have had a good day, poor Donna sounds like she has flu. Managed eventually to place an order so count myself very lucky. Also managed to finish my jumper cards so I'm a happy bunny. Love and hugs to

    2. Hi Sheila, hi Pam and Hi my lovely Dot, it's good to see you. Pam I'm glad to hear you have finished your jumper cards, I bet they look lovely. Sheila I hope you get your order in soon, I think I will try tomorrow, I've dropped lots of hints! The cushions are being passed around today! Take care xxxxx

  18. See there are benefits to doing the night shift! Got my order through before the www overheated. Well done to you all at Clarity, you are all super stars. An amazing team. Clarity products are just so good and the offer proves it. Thank you so much, so generous! Lots of love

  19. It is so heartening to read how popular your ranges are and it's due to your soooo talented self, first class products, not forgetting your team. That you have extended the offer is testament to your kindness and generosity. The Gray team is the A team! ;~}

  20. Completely understandable. I managed to get back online briefly and my items were showing in the basket so I will just keep trying. As usual we will get a fabulous service and I'm sure it's appreciated by all. Problems happen and everyone realises that you are all doing everything that you can. I just hope that you don't all collapse under the strain – remember there's no point killing yourselves just to fulfill an order one day earlier. I can wait an extra day – it's brilliant that the offer has been extended.

  21. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for extending Gray Day. I will make my selection now and try tomorrow. I'm not surprised the web was busy. You have a fabulous team around you.
    Hugs from Chris X

  22. My husband would not listen to me last night!! He sat at the computer to place an order until 1.45 and gave up. He was up at the crack of dawn to try again. Eventually had success after one hour. What a sweetie! Your products, team etc etc are so good – what did he expect. I am in for a really good Christmas present and shall have lots of fun. My good wishes to you and your hard working team. Brilliant customer service – sign of a good manager!
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  23. Hopefully I will get on website for a browse before offer ends but I did manage to order important things on phone this morning. Wonderful calm and polite girl on end of phone though I am sure she was worn out. You have such wonderful products, very popular. Thank-you for extending offer. Hope you do not all end up too frazzled. xx

  24. Thank you Barbara for your great offer, as with a lot of others kept getting timed out on the web and phone so busy but eventually got through and made an order, so thank you very much. Couldn't do all my order as couldn't look on line but now you have extended the offer may manage to see on line for anything else I want. Knew with the quality of your products that it would be meltdown. Your team are amazing so cheerful and patient even after they have been so busy. xxx

  25. I did comment earlier but then realised I had not put it in the right place. So, here goes again. Thank you for your generosity with this offer. You may not have expected this rush but I reckon most of us, your fans and stalkers knew this would happen with such fabulous offers on brilliant products. It has meant that my little granddaughters no longer have to share one Groovi set but can have one each. I can't wait to see how they get on with my set tomorrow (I will take photos). Meanwhile, I hope Jim is still sane and that Dave gets plenty of rest to make up for his night shift. xxxx Maggie

  26. Hello Barbara

    I am very pleased the sale is such a big success for you all. Even though you will be working your socks off over the weekend and for a while to come. I managed to get my phone call answered and I have placed my order. Had to do it from memory because of the problems with the 'net.


    1. Yay so pleased to hear that 🙂 I can stop trying to order otnight and go to bed

      I don't envy you with all the work, Thanks for extending the offer, i am for one very pleased

  27. Just to echo the many comments saying THANK YOU! It's a very generous offer and it was bound to be busy so, to those people who were complaining that they couldn't place their orders, hey, that's what Black Friday/Cyber Monday is like – I bet lots of sites have had similar issues, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere near the shops today!
    I'd started my "wish list" on Wednesday, as soon as I saw the offer, and was planning to try to place an order this evening, but now there's no need to swamp the site tonight. So thanks again for being even more generous by extending the offer – and three cheers for the Team who are giving up their evenings/weekend to deal with us.

    1. It is what it is! Modern technology… can't live with it and you certainly can't live without it! Just told my husband about the extension though in case he's been trying to buy my Christmas pressies. Wouldn't want him to give up!

  28. Well Barbara think you've made a lot of people very happy, I was one of the lucky ones managed to get my order in didn't take my cushions of all day.
    Have also spent a lovely time catching up on the blog thank you each and everyone of you for your kind messages it has meant a lot.
    As for you lovely Barbara yes you are a star….take care…xx

    1. Brenda my friend stay strong was so happy to see you were back here.. sending a cuddle across the Forth which I would swim to help you if I could take care…x
      Diane and Pam hugs to you to……xx

  29. brilliant news Barbara I thought it was my laptop /internet that was playing up …pulled the plug out . switched off the modem and rebooted etc etc . Gave up and thought Id have a look to see if anyone else was having trouble . So pleased we get the chance to order after midnight tonight and may thanks for the generous discount youre giving in the first place ! xx

  30. Brilliant offer! Got nowhere last night but woke up at 5am and placed my order then. Plenty of time to browse before the rest of the household woke up. I've been really good to myself and can't wait for my box to arrive! Thank you for being such a great company x

  31. Brilliant offer! Got nowhere last night but woke up at 5am and placed my order then. Plenty of time to browse before the rest of the household woke up. I've been really good to myself and can't wait for my box to arrive! Thank you for being such a great company x

  32. Hi Barbara
    I was having a little panic because Julian was working late and I didn't want him to miss the sale! He has my Christmas list 🙂 now we can sit down and order at our leasure over the weekend so thank you for extending the sale. Aren't the comments about the clarity staff lovely, you must be very proud of your team, please thank them for all their hard work, especially giving up their weekend. I hope Jim is ok and the lovely Dave – don't work too hard.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Brenda, hi Dot, thinking of you both and sending hugs xxxx

  33. Hi Barbara, just had to make the effort to leave you a comment to thank you so much for your generosity and kindness with your amazing sale you're giving us, and then to extend it too. Not because you needed to, but just because you wanted to. You truly are a special lady. I decided it was too lonely sitting on the wagon by myself so I've fallen off too, bought a few needed items, especially your mega mounts to see if they'll help me with my stamping problems with stamps too big for the handles. I bought a couple of stamp sets too, my Christmas present to myself. Me being a night owl I managed to order on your website during the night. Sounds like you, Dave and your staff team have been amazing today. Hope you all manage to get some chill time too though. Dave remember nightshifts means sleeping during the day, please don't go without much needed sleep and rest, we can wait for our orders. I'm happy to wait until last to receive my order.

    Thank you very much Barbara for your message you left me the other day. I am trying to keep it in my head, but unfortunately what's happening in me is totally irrational and not something I've experienced before so nothing is helping and I have no idea how to battle it.

    Lots of love to you, Dave and all at Clarity xxxxxxx

    Thank you to everyone else who left me kind lovely messages too love to all of you too xxxxxx

    Hi Dot, how are you doing, not good at all is my guess. I think you need to crank up that bus, Barbara and Dave are in desperate need of our services methinks 😉 Thinking about you, big bear hugs love Brenda xxxxx

    1. Hi Brenda now that's just made my day to see you here left you a wee note just above you. I'm ok my friend wish I could tear myself in two to be with all my family but doing my best. Think we might just get that call to crank up that bus so get the supplies in for wee Daisy as she's coming tae….xx

    2. Hi Brenda lovely to see you back again, I'm glad too hear you've treated yourself. I stocked the bus up yesterday with tea coffee and cakes so if you're ready drive it down, sounds like Barbara needs us! Xxx.

    3. Hi Brenda – think I'm about to fall off the wagon too! Just concerned that my order might get sent out before I get back from my holiday – maybe if I add a little note to the team at Clarity Towers they will put me at the back of the list!!! Susan x

  34. Got my order in vety early before melt down plus for being up in painduring night. Must did have trouble checking out a stamp on our kit list tomorrow at clarity East Midlands as want sure which one it was took a longtime lots try's to look at image wasn't one I have don't think night night Joy xxx

  35. Thank you for extending the sale Barbara. I tried quite a few times to get on line but just couldn't get anywhere so will try again over the weekend. You and all your team must have been so busy and just make sure to pace yourselves a bit if you can! x

  36. How fab – thought I might have missed the boat as we're away on hols and I'm a bit behind timewise! I'll put in an order and don't rush with mine or the parcel will get left on the doorstep for a few weeks!!! Susan x

  37. Well finally bit the bullet and ordered some groovi items. Would have been rude not to at your ridiculous, sorry, competitive prices. Thankyou Barbara. Also, a big thankyou to your stalwart team, coping fabulously after the Web went ping. The young gentleman helping me was lovely. Now looking forward to playing. I really don't know how I'm going to fit it all in. Xx

  38. A big thank you to you Barbara for extending the offer and to all of the Clarity team for all their hard work over the weekend and the coming weeks.Its much appreciated. Take care Dave, take it steady, we will wait patiently for our parcels to arrive.

  39. A big thank you to you Barbara for extending the offer and to all of the Clarity team for all their hard work over the weekend and the coming weeks.Its much appreciated. Take care Dave, take it steady, we will wait patiently for our parcels to arrive.

  40. Hello Barb, what a super effort from you and your team, and very generous in extending the offers. I am sure all your lovely customers understand. Take care of yourselves too though. Bx

  41. Hi Barbara,
    that was dramatic indead…
    I didn´t get on your website in the night when it started… I woke up early in the morning and was able to place my order around 6 a.m.
    I tried to get on your site yesterday evening as well… no chance again…
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Barbara, for this offer to buy my stamps and stencils which were on my wish list for a long time.
    Rolf xxx

  42. Thank you Barbara for the extension to the gray day sale. Tried loads of times yesterday and site kept crashing…… no problem so just kept adding to my basket!!!! What a great deal..thanks in advance to all the staff who will have a huge job making up, packing and sending all the orders out. Have a great weekend everybody.

  43. Thank you for the Great Gray Weekend, managed to get my goodies online today. So glad it's done as tomorrow I hope to be out birdwatching on the Isle of Sheppey and think I'll only be fit for snoozing when I get home. I might almost be as tired as your Clarity Team after a very hectic working weekend!

  44. Yay, my order went through just after midnight last night. Thanks so much for extending the deadline. Thanks also to all at Clarity Towers whom I know will be working like mad to fulfill the orders. I can be patient now that I know I have some crafty goodies coming. Looking forward to playing with all my new stash when it arrives.

  45. Just placed my order, as couldn't get onto the web yesterday. My husband didn't believe you'd be that busy – I had no problem believing it at all! So lots of goodies, mainly Groovi, heading my way. Although hubby already has a huge Christmas stack for me, these are Valentine's gifts being laid down, so no hurry for my order! I'd rather people got a chance to catch their breath and have a rest!

    A huge thank you to everyone working their socks off to try to get all the orders through, I hope they get to see all the comments on here and Facebook and know they're appreciated. That they are still friendly and professional is a huge testament to the team and the company, well done you all, you should be very proud!

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