Free Abstract Download Papers. Purple, Green – both!

Free Abstract Download Papers. Purple, Green – both!

Hi there,
Welcome to Mindful Wednesday’s Blog!
This is the day of the week when we look at 
and how we handle it,
and where craft comes into play.

The more I consciously use art and crafting to switch off
my washing machine head,
the more effective it is becoming.
How about you?
Starting to feel the benefits yet?

I have always actually resorted to some form of creative release,
but without realising what it was doing for me.
During the past few months I have really started to develop 
an awareness of how focussing on the action stops my wandering mind in its tracks.
 Whatever it may be, concentrating on what I am doing or making helps me stay with my hands in the present, in the now.

Yesterday’s blog was a prime example of how we as a creative group have the ability to concentrate on something and really focus.

I asked you to take a look at two colour splashes I had made with 
Color Burst Pigment Powders.



I was blown away by the response, by the creative input,
by what you all saw.
And without reservation you shared your findings, too.

This proves to me that we are collectively moving forward.
A year ago, I don’t think we would have had the same open, uninhibited response. 

So to celebrate, I am offering you the two splashes to download.
That way, you can explore.

Click here to download Green Splash

Click here to download Purple Splash

You’ve already told me what you can see.
Now print of a few of these backgrounds and see if you can translate what’s in your head to paper.

Like I did yesterday, with the whimsy houses on the cliff.

From this, 

to this:

Several of you yesterday said how much you enjoyed getting into what you could see in the splashes.
Well, let’s go to the next step;
let’s get them thar pencils out !!

Have fun.
If you would like to send me a pic of what you create, 
I would LOVE that.
I really, really would. 

love & peace.

Even if you just download the papers and add them to your stash, 
they make a great background for something!

50 thoughts on “Free Abstract Download Papers. Purple, Green – both!

  1. Thanks Barbara and what a great idea to doodle away on the downloads; I wonder if I can actually put on paper that which I saw in my mind! Doesn't matter anyway, if it turns into something completely different! It's good to explore! ;~}

  2. Hello Barbara

    Like you, I have used crafting in several forms to give me some peace of mind when life got a bit hard. I knew it was good for me, without thinking or realising why it helped. I was just happy that it did!


  3. Thank you for sharing your fabulous abstracts with us. I think I will have a play with those tonight as my pre-bedtime relaxation with my hot mulled wine. It fascinates me how we all see something different. I used to lie in bed as a child wondering if everyone saw colours and shapes and heard the same sound as I did – a totally unanswerable question. I do know that if you give 20 people the same things to use with identical instructions, you will get 20 different results, and that is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else sees in these splashes. Have a good and mindful day, Barbara. xxx Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie, I used to think the same – wondering if we saw the same colours etc! I suppose we do except if you're colour blind but I wonder if they're the same shades/brightness etc. Enjoy your wine ! x x

    2. Hi Maggie, when I was a small child we had cracks in the ceiling in my bedroom, it looked like a cow led down and the lampshade in the ceiling reflected an octopus, it used to frighten me. My parents couldn't see it though. Funny what we remember, isn't it?

    3. The bricks in our house, when I was a child, had imperfections in them, small odd shaped bits of what I think was slip. I always thought they were keyholes that you could use to open doors into different worlds. As you say, Pam, it is funny what we remember and imagine. xxx

  4. Thank you for sharing these. I've just come upstairs to the p.c. to look at the Clarity gallery again for inspiration. I've made a simple groovi birthday card – for a man so it had to be simple! Just using the banner and letters and put the birthday day on 8 December with the months/number plate, but why do I feel it's not good enough?! Not sure how to finish it off but I think I'm just going to put it on some black or navy card onto a white card. It's going to be DL size.

    On a brighter note though I have finished off a groovi Christmas card which I'm quite pleased with and entered the Challenge with another so it's not all bad LOL !!

    I'm glad you haven't given us the cows udders print …… 🙂

    Hope everyone has a good evening – it sounds as if Maggie C will with her mulled wine !!


  5. Ooooooo how exciting! I wonder what all the different ideas will look like. Can't wait to play, fingers crossed I have ink in my printer. I love it when I can be crafty, sometimes it is for an occasion, and sometimes its just because I want too. I used my 2016 calendar to make a card the other day and I loved the results I got from following your steps. I often go into my own zone when crafting and then notice hours have gone by! Xx

    1. Evening Donna I've used my clarity calendar to make the December Christmas one with out the words it's a beautiful set to use . Hope you manage to craft tonight hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna, hi Sheila, hi Diane, Hi Brenda and Hi Dot, well done Sheila, that is a lovely set, one on my list before next year. I'm still trying to do my jumpers, now on the sixth attempt, doing it in card now, wasted enough adhesive sheets and calico. Ordered yesterday but had to be a bit selective. Hugs to you

    3. Hi Donna, hi Sheila, hi Diane, Hi Brenda and Hi Dot, well done Sheila, that is a lovely set, one on my list before next year. I'm still trying to do my jumpers, now on the sixth attempt, doing it in card now, wasted enough adhesive sheets and calico. Ordered yesterday but had to be a bit selective. Hugs to you

    4. Hi Donna, hi Sheila , hi Pam I've been colouring in my Christmas bell stamp with my gorgeous spectrum noir pencils, a couple of hours went by without me realising. Good luck with your jumpers Pam – you could have knitted one by now 🙂 xxxxx

    1. Hi Sheila, yes parcel posted, almost needed a second mortgage ! Daniel Craig was rather heavy but didn't complain when I taped him up! Lol. Hope you are ok xxxx

    2. Had a lovley visit to one of my dear friends who is fighting cancer how I dislike that word then did a little crafting after resting in bed when I got home
      Pleased you got your parcel posted your daughter will be so pleased at your thoughtfulness xxx

  6. A brilliant challenge. Will try to encourage my husband to have a go as well he is very artistic.I was quite surprised I saw anything as I am usually not very good with imagination. Craft really helps with the relaxation, just have to try something most days. Love your little kitten. xx

  7. thank you so much for the downloads – will perhaps get me to your "mind place".
    Started off fine this morning and then battled to get a consultant appointment – only taken me 4 weeks to pluck up some courage. Then decided to "groove". What can I say – very, very seriously challenged trying to make an oblong from a square as Paul did! Very crisp straight lines but at an angle. I really think I have "squiffy eyes". I did not get into a mindful place and became totally disillusioned about my crafting skills. I am now shouting at myself and saying "get a life" and listen to Barbara. I will not be beaten.
    Must finish on a positive note – great blogs, great teacher and great person. Certainly looking forward to seeing you on tv soon.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Well I for one think of you every single day, because your lovely lavender gift sits at the top of the stairs, and your beautiful little cachepot sits by my bed. So I may even go upstairs and try to solve the puzzle you gave me to do….There you go Ann. You are loved .xxx

    2. Never mind Anne, you aren't alone, still trying to do these jumper cards, threw away another 6 attempts tonight. You aren't wearing varifocal glasses are you, I can't see straight with mine.xx

  8. Why thank you kind lady for the down loads need a new ink cartridge first must get one tomorrow. Then will down load. How's your day been hopefully better busy day again here we have been sorting lounge out new wall unsuited arrived so polished the oak furniture looking good with newly painted walls another room coming around tomorrow taking up curtains not a job I enjoy bit knitting tonight enjoy your evening love hugs Joy @Katie xxx

  9. Oooo I've missed a day, how did that happen. Great prints, off to catch up. I love loosing myself in a craft project and I'm so enjoying the whole Groovi experience xx

  10. Hi Barbara, thank you for the downloads, super idea. Hope you have had a better day today. Will print them off, but still busy with cards at present but will have a play when I

  11. Thank you for the downloads. Mindfulness on the moment is the key for me, art and creativity keeps me in the moment away from worry and fears. It helps me relax too.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  12. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the downloads, I will print them off to have a play later. I've been doing some colouring today, so relaxing – once I'd worked out which colours to use! I hope today was a better day for you. I'm evicted about the Grey Friday sale, what a treat – shall we load up the bus and come and help you pack the orders?
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    Hi Dot, thinking of you, sending you a hug xxxx

  13. Thank you for making these backgrounds available to us and I will definitely try to make something of them if I can. I often craft late at night which is the time I seem to be able to do better when everything is quiet in the house. Sometimes I'm not sure what I am going to do but once I start something seems to take over and off I go and then time disappears. x

    1. Ditto, I'm exhausted when I've got my daughter down, think I'll go straight to bed, then get distracted on the blog or "just trying something" and then it's the wee hours!

  14. Rats I missed yesterday's post so will check that next. Having said that these are awesome Barb – the purple reminded me of peoples and then the idea of the purple people eaters popped into my demented imagination lol! I have downloaded both – thank you for sharing them with us and I hope to play with them soon, but am a wee bit distracted right now after realising I really missed the boat this year and I don't have many Xmas created so all of me is going into doing them lol! Right off to check out yesterday's now and thank you for sharing huni – the art, the craft and the crafting are the only thing that keeps me going and fighting sometimes xx

  15. I am having such a lovely time doing my Groovi Christmas cards. Coloured some in with distress markers, others left as line art. Some white work on others, bit of glitter here and there. I don't know when I last enjoyed the Christmas card marathon.
    Thanks for the downloads. When I was little my bed was next to an old fashioned wooden wardrobe. Maybe walnut, or mahogany, not sure, but very shiny. There were lots of knots, and whorls, and I could see faces in them. They looked like naughty goblins to me, I found them quite scary x

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