Micro Glass Beads. Very Cool.

Micro Glass Beads. Very Cool.

Hi there
Foggy Monday!
Thought I would carry on where I left off today,
with Micro Glass Beads, clear paste and our Clarity Stencils.
Remember yesterday, we were putting translucent embossing paste through a stencil and then attaching clear Micro Glass beads to it, as per Gill’s instructions?
(see yesterday’s blog to catch up to this point …)
Well let’s go see…
Did the 4 hours drying time help?
I’d say so!
Now that’s better!
So much so that I got straight on the phone this morning 
and ordered both paste and beads in to Clarity,
for all you One-Stop Shoppers!
So they’re both on our website as of now!
What to do to mount the work though…
Out with the brushes, ink pads and the Clarity Blending mat.
I trimmed the 7″x 7″ Clarity Stencil/Gelli card I used the stencil on, and reached for a second sheet. 
Blend the colours into the corners they appear through the stencil.
So, Ripe Persimmon top right, 
Mustard Seed top left,

and Evergreen Bough along the bottom.
To get a smooth blend, go over the area where the colours meet with the lighter of the two colours. 

There. That looks good.

The centrepiece glistens beautifully, but the frame is matte.

So let’s write a list of ingredients 
with links in case you want to shop:
 I have to crack on today, 
with YouTube recording and prep for the NEC.
Am actually looking forward to the Biggest Show of the Year!

Love & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Micro Glass Beads. Very Cool.

  1. Hi Barbara
    I just dropped in on the off chance you had put a picture and I've found a stunning finished product. This really is gorgeous. Thank you for sourcing the products for us, I got all sorts of results when I looked on amazon last night! Enjoy your day and don't work too hard!
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Donna hope your first day back wasn't too bad xxxx
    Hi Sheila xxxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Brenda and Daisy – I know this time of year is hard for you with the fireworks about but I hope you are ok xxxxxxx

  2. That's stunning and such a beautiful effect with the stencils, I haven't tried that before. Hope you have a productive day, I would so love to see you at the NEC, but will see what you're up to on your blog instead, talking of which I'm going to catch up with your blog next as I can't use the internet at the weekend, in fact I haven't even had time to watch the Hochanda stamping shows. I've got a very nerve wracking day ahead of me so I'm hoping that listening to your calming voice doing your demos will help, please wish me luck,

    love and hugs,
    Julie xxx

  3. How beautiful such wonderful calming colours ,have a fabulous NEC doing you tube too ,
    I must say a big thank you to clarity towers for my parcels that arrived Saturday and today stunning Groovi plates ,boarder, and groovi storage and the Best was my beautiful signed copy of the calendar thank you Barbara for taking the time to sign my copy it means a lot .looking forward to my groovi crafting day xxx

  4. Hi Barbara. I already have the translucent paste and clear micro beads, so I definitely need to try this out! Just 4 days at work this week, then its the NEC on Friday! I'm looking forward to it too. It'll be good to catch up again. Xxx

  5. Really like the effect you have created with the background colouring repeating the glittery piece – very cool. Off to get an icepack for my head, as I bumped it yesterday when I fell off a chair laughing! My friends said it was the highlight of their afternoon!!! X

  6. Hello Barbara

    Really love the effect you have created. Just getting into more stencilling, so will give this a go.

    I am really looking forward to the NEC too. It is clearly the most amazing and inspiring show I have ever attended.

    See you there!

    Barbara W xx

  7. Excellent! Great you now have the beads too, I have an order to think about! Currently putting together an old kit I've found of Christmas cards and have told myself I've got to finish those before I get around to Clarity goodies. I've decided to use up my kits (quite a few) that I got when I first started crafting and will then stick to my stamps, stencils and goovi plates (some of which I've had a couple of years and never used …… I'm sure there are others like me !!)

    Have a lovely day and enjoy the NEC! x x

  8. Hello Barbara,
    This is fabulous, haven't had chance to study it properly yet but looks like something I will have to try. Love it!!!
    I Just popped in to say thank you very much for the stamps you very kindly donated to Sandra for our retreat weekend. I chose a lovely ivy one, it stamps beautifully, love it. We had an amazing weekend, crafting, learning from each other, chatting, but mainly laughing! And considering we only knew each other as blog friends it was incredible how we all got on, as if we had been friends forever.
    Thank you once again, and if ever you go back to Fürth and fancy a coffee, I live in Nürnberg !!!!

  9. This is gorgeous and so is my calendar!. Postie brought it today. It's so lovely and, even better, it's signed. The sun's come out, the sky is blue and I'm a very happy bunny. The calendar is even better than it looks online. I plan to put it over my kitchen breakfast bar so I can look up at something beautiful and inspiring every morning to start each day well. Hope all goes well for you today and at the NEC.

  10. Greetings from warm and sunny Aberdeen – not a joke – no heating needed today!
    Up to the elbows in texture paste when the postie rang the doorbell! Woohoo – my signed calendars have arrived. Thanks so much, Barbara, greatly appreciate all the energy that went into the mammoth signing exercise.
    Just finished using glass beads texture gel and about to move on to your new technique. Happy as Larry!! S xx ;~}

  11. Hi Barbara
    Started off foggy but cleared up really quickly.
    Postie delivered my lovely calender and I must say it's one of the nicest calenders I've had,my partner thinks it's great also and to top it off it's signed so I'm one very happy person.Hope to see you at the NEC but I'm not sure which day I'm attending yet.

  12. Looks great. Love the backing too. Perfect. Wish the NEC was closer to me. Really pleased that you are feeling so positive about it. Received my signed calendar today. Was a lovely welcome home after a hard day at work. Especially as it's signed although I feel bad about that as I know it was such a momentous task for you.. Big thank you for your trouble. It's appreciated. Hugs, Jeanette xxx

  13. Hi Barbara

    Can I ask you a favour, would you put aside a jar of bead and translucent paste for me I'd am itching to try something new and will be at NEC on Saturday so I may lose out can I pick them up on Saturday. Thanks.

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