A new Stencil Technique for me!

A new Stencil Technique for me!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thought I’d try something new today. 
Last night we were invited to dinner with our friends, 
Debby and Gill.
Debby and Gill are two of the most creative women 
you could wish to meet.
Always making, painting, crafting, inventing.
Well, last night, Gill showed me a card she’d made,
using our lovely Chinese Lantern Stencil.
“Cor!” I said, “I like that! How did you do that?”

So Debby shot off and got the ingredients 
while Gill told me how it works.
Packed us off with the ingredients and the information,
and whole-hearted permission to share with you.
Which is brilliant and much appreciated.

So I thought rather than use the same stencil,
I’d try a different one, and see if it worked.
These two stencils are fab.
The Dove Stencil and the Deer Stencil apertures.
Brush a little Evergreen Bough through the base area 
with our Stencil brush

Brush a little Ripe Persimmon through the upper left area 
with second Stencil brush.

Brush a little Mustard Seed through the upper right area 
with third Stencil brush.
Time to get some more brushes?
They do wash out, but the more the merrier!
I wiped the ink on the stencil into the aperture 
using a make-up sponge.
Now for the translucent embossing paste.
Pull that through the stencil.
Kindly donated by Debby and Gill.
Available on Amazon…

Drag it through the stencil, over the colour.

Remove stencil, I think Gill said….
Yeah, you’d have to – otherwise you’d make a right old mess 
with the next step!

In fact, Gill was quite emphatic about the little glass beads 
and how they go
So I put my creation in a plastic tray 
before I poured the glass beads all over.

And then I remembered the last thing she said 
as we were getting in the car….
“The only thing is, you have to let it set and dry for about 4 hours.”
So I shall have to show you the finished example first thing tomorrow morning,
because I really need to go rescue the roast lamb, 
before I cremate it.
Let’s take another look at Gill’s lovely work,
and hope mine glistens like that tomorrow….
because at the moment, it is looking a wee bit flat & dull!
Maybe when the paste dries clear it will improve!
I do like these little Micro glass beads though.
Thank you lovely ladies for inspiring and teaching me 
It’s cool to try something new, isn’t it. 
And here’s Dave, looking much more like his old self too.
Thank goodness for good friends.
love and hugs,


63 thoughts on “A new Stencil Technique for me!

  1. Another master class, Barbara! I have the beads, I have the paste, I have used neither!!! However, now I've a bit of a clue as to what to do with them. Big thanks to you and your friends.
    Enjoy the lamb. My dinner is roasting happily away, too and ready soon. ;~}

  2. Glad to hear you are having a relaxing weekend with Dave, and making time to see friends. I love this look, so sparkly! I want to get some glitter paste and have a try with that. Have a good evening. Xx

  3. Evening Brenda, sending you a smile and a hug. Xx
    Evening Sheila, hope you have managed some crafting today. Xx
    Evening Diane, are you home now after your weekend of fun? Xx
    Evening Dot, have you recovered from your Halloween trick or treating? Xx

    1. Hi Donna
      Home safe and sound thank you it's been a lovely weekend and I've met some wonderful ladies – chatting to craft ratio was a bit lopsided towards chatting but it's been a hoot. I'm glad you've managed a crafty half term, paste that smile on tomorrow morning – it's not long until the Christmas holidays. Xxx

    2. Cor another week would be fantastic! Back to work tomorrow, and then I will be back to trying to fit my craft in after tea time. Christmas cards are next on the agenda as I have promised myself I will not still be doing them Christmas Eve! XX

  4. I love the technique. I've had some of those glass micro beads for ages. Must get out the pot and have a go. Darn it – checks stash of embossing paste – no translucent; gold, copper, silver, red, green, gloss white, black – even yellow! Will have to play with different glues through stencil!

  5. I would have to agree with you Barbara. I met Gill and Debby for the first time a couple of months ago at one of Maria's Shrewsbury workshops. I can honestly say that they are two of the nicest, warmest ladies I have ever met. It felt like we had known each other for years. So glad they made the journey North that weekend. Can't wait to see your finished project. So nice to see Dave looking so well too. Hope your lamb was okay? Xx

  6. Enjoy your meal and time with Dave so pleased he is feeling brighter hope you both find out what was wrong and can recover back to full health ,beautiful art work always good to learn new techniques happy crafting xxx

    1. Evening Dorothy did you enjoy your bath a cuppa and a rest after hallowe'en
      Evening Diane any crafting today
      Evening Brenda do try to come to say hello
      Hugs to all xxx

  7. Gorgeous gorgeousness! I had forgotten about this technique and so happy you and your lovely friends reminded me. I must purchase some of these beads again. They are right too Barbara at this stage it always looks a little blah but it will look beautiful tomorrow Karen x

  8. Lovely technique and great that Debby & Gill could show you something new.We did it at one of Maria's classes a long while ago. We used the magpie stencil and like you I thought it a bit dull and flat but you wait … as that paste dries it will really sparkle and come to life.
    Good to see Dave enjoying your day with good friends. Hugs Jeanette xxx

  9. Hello Barbara

    Brilliant! And I have all the ingredients! Use the beads on double sided sticky but never thought to use on the paste. Some people are so clever and imaginative.


    P.S. Dave is looking well.

  10. Hello Barbara

    Brilliant! And I have all the ingredients! Use the beads on double sided sticky but never thought to use on the paste. Some people are so clever and imaginative.


    P.S. Dave is looking well.

  11. Lovely technique but boy do those microbeads go everywhere! They look fab once the paste dries!
    How lovely that you get to spend an evening with Debby and Gill especially one that gives you even more strings to your crafty bow!
    And so pleased Dave is getting better! He'll be back to his usual jolly self before you know it!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  12. Looks great! Amazon will be selling out of translucent GP & glass beads….the possibilities are endless with all the stencils!
    Thanks to Debbie & Gill for sharing with you, and you bringing the technique to us on your blog.
    Glad Dave's feeling more like his old self – it's great to see them back firing on all cylinders isn't it?
    Carole x

  13. That is amazing, know what my next purchase is going to be. I thought my new storage system had plenty of room, ha ha will soon have it all full. So glad Dave is feeling better wish my hubby was, he looks awful today. Thanks for sharing this lovely technique. xx

  14. Looks fab haven't got either looks like visit to Amazon oops. We had roast all in micro oven as still no kitchen not quiet usualstandered but soon be able to cook properly xxx

  15. What a wonderful technique with 3 lovely ladies. Really looking forward to Debbie and Gill when they come to visit soon. Really lovely to turn on the blog and look at the wonders that come out of it.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Hi Barbara
    Oooooooooooh I like this! I've got microbeads, and I've often looked at the paste so I think it's time to buy! Thanks you gill for your inspiration , it's gorgeous. It's lovely to see you having a relaxing day with good friends and Daves looking good – has he lost weight? Thank you for sharing – I'm looking forward to seeing the sparkles tomorrow.
    Love Diane G xxxx

    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxxx
    Hope you are both ok xxxxx

  17. Glad to hear Dave is feeling a lot better. Glad you had a nice time with your friends. Great blog today, thanks for reminding us, got the beads and paste a couple of years ago hope the paste is still ok. Never even gave it a thought that I could use them with all your stencils. They do go everywhere though, thank goodness for the vacuum.xx

  18. Well I have the beads but none of the stencil stuff – wonder if mod podge will do the same??? Debby?

    Great art work ladies!!!!

    Great to see Dave looking better – soon you will have a little break so you can both re-charge your batteries x
    Much love as ever
    Kim xx

  19. Hi Barbara oh I do like the look off this first time I've heard about translucent paste think I'm going to give this a go I do like a bit of sparkle me. Great to see Dave looking well and you both having time away from work…take care…xx

  20. that is a great technique. i've used it before and i'me sure i'd linked it to your page. i did the same with the ginko leaves stencils. it's a nifty technique isn't it?
    glad that Dave is feeling better, take care. hugs xx

  21. You did something similar with the stencil and paste a while ago but you used colour not beads. I remember it well because it was one I tried to replicate but now Gill has suggested the beads I must try that too

  22. I have seen the micro beads but have never bought or used them but the finish is very pretty and sparkly so must give them a try. Glad you had a good evening with these two lovely ladies Barbara and great to hear that Dave is more like his old self now and he certainly looks very relaxed in the photo. Relaxing more at the weekend is obviously good for both of you. x

  23. Amazon will be wondering why they have a run on these things! I don't have either – more to add to the wish list. It does give a lovely gleam.

    Your weekend sounds lovely, and just what the doctor ordered.

  24. Hello Barb, what a lovely way to spend an evening, friends and craftiness. Glad you had a great time and that Dave is feeling loads better. Love this idea, need to give it a try, just have to decide what stencil to use. Did you rescue the roast Lamb? Take care. Bx

  25. Hi Barb
    I am trying more and more techniques with my natural 'home' – stencils!
    Give me a shout if you want me to tell you about what you can do with Brushos and translucent paste – it's just as magical as this.
    Dave's looking good!

  26. Love the picture your friend created the beads are fab look forward to seeing your beautiful card thanks for sharing xxxx Dave is looking better love to you both June horrocks xxxx

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