A day off.

A day off.

Hi there!
Sunny Saturday here!

I’ve spent the morning tidying and cleaning the place;
have thoroughly enjoyed it, which is rarely the case! 
Have paid a few bills and bought a nice gift,
which is sure to give somebody special a lift…
Sometimes something as basic as making the bed 
calms down the chaos that builds in my head. 
I chase round with work for weeks on the spin,
so much so that I’m rarely in.
So to hang out the laundry and be a good wife
helps me feel much more in control of my life!
There are those who’d consider me mad or insane
to delight in mere housework – how sad and inane!  
But a lovely clean kitchen gives me great pleasure;
fresh flowers on the table – to enjoy at my leisure. 
Not even Wurka and Hollick, those little buggers,
will stop me watching the Cup Final Ruggers!
And finally, if it’s ok with you, 
I shall have a day off from artwork too.
love and hugs,


70 thoughts on “A day off.

  1. Don't know how you come up with your verses! Yes, enjoy the rugby and have a day off. I've got washing on the line and that's satisfying too especially as the sun is shining! Later a Halloween party at son no. 1 as grandson no 2 is 13 today! Enjoy! x x

  2. Well deserved day off. Hope you have your feet up and the log fire burning and a nice big cup of Yorkshire Tea, umm may be a biscuit.
    Enjoy the Rugby and may your team win xx

  3. Well deserved day off. Hope you have your feet up and the log fire burning and a nice big cup of Yorkshire Tea, umm may be a biscuit.
    Enjoy the Rugby and may your team win xx

  4. You work far too hard it has to be said
    No wonder the gremlins spend time in your head
    So draw up the drawbridge and padlock the locks
    Sit down with some tea and the boys on the box.
    The artwork will wait and your craftroom will too
    But for now we'll all give a huge thank you to you!
    xx Magaret Col.

  5. Enjoy a wonderful relaxing afternoon Barbara and Dave, it sounds just what the doctor ordered.
    The weather is lovely here too, and perfect for a long dog walk….hugs …X X

  6. Great plan. Artwork is great but other things can be relaxing too. Enjoy your day! (i darent't watch rugby in case i spill the beans before hubby gets to watch. I really would be in trouble then!)

  7. Hubby just about to sit down to rugby too and no doubt I will flit in and out to see how they do. Have to watch the haka (not sure how to spell it). Have done the chores, the washing and the shopping so now free to indulge myself too, don't ya just love days like this! If the mood takes me might even have 40 winks! Cheers Barbara, enjoy your day off before the madness of NEC. Hugs and kisses Karen xxx.

  8. Sounds wonderful can sit back in your lovely clean tidy house and relax. Well we are still upside down kitchen stilling in middle of refit new flooring down cupboards fitted electrics in place put not connected did put washing machine in so could catch up with the last week washing hopefully will be finished Tuesday so can get back in kitchen so lots dust about getting there have a great weekend sun is shining here in fact car said it 22c today beautiful xxx

  9. Relax and enjoy………..not quite on your scale but, kinda know how you feel as all our weekends lately have been trying to redo our garden,although it's kind weather today we decide to have brunch and watch a film, something we've not done for ages………so enjoyed it. Go on, have some time off and you'll be rejuvenated (?) again xxx

  10. Rugby the priority here today too …..snacks drinks – oh and trick or treat sweets laid out – Hubby gets in from golf and sits down to ITV +1 – Then world cup over he tells me ( lots of Rugby been on here recently ) ……….Oh but tomorrow is the NFL game .. I am .grateful I am off to a dabble day at Jo Channon's shop tomorrow 🙂

  11. You deserve a day of doing what you please it's so good to have a clean and tidy home enjoy your time snuggling up with Dave to watch the rugger xxx

    1. Enjoy hallowe'en pleased you crafted today I manage to do a little crafting too shiny clarity black card with stamp versamark and perfect pearls turned out well so glad Barbara blog it on here .
      I got my clarity groovi storage plates and boarder today so groovi all put away super storage xxx

    2. Oooo lucky you, can't wait for mine to arrive. I like the look of the perfect pearls on black, looks so vivid and the colours really show up nicely. Have a good crafty weekend. Xx

    3. I've got some more plates to arrive so hope they come Monday and the calendar too tomorrow is some new offers do you think we will need our cushions strapped on cannot believe it's 1st November where does the months go a new clarity blog challenge too xxx

    4. NOOOOO cant be November already!!! Where does time go?
      New offers………………
      SHOULD I get anymore craft stuff this month? utters snort!
      CAN I get anymore craft stuff this month? Welllll 😉

  12. Well done, about time you had a day off, but you still did your blog a great rhyming one at that. Housework too, but it dies make you feel good when it's all clean and tidy. BeAutiful day here too, been making the mist if it by tidying up the garden an planting bulbs. Enjoy your evening.xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Brilliant rhyme today, you are clever. They say tidy house tidy mind don't they. It does feel good when it's all done and dusted and you can just sit back and enjoy it. Hope the rugby was good , I'm sure I will hear the result from hubby soon.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Donna xxxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxxxx

  14. Evening ….Been a day off for me too it's been Dens birthday and I have been "pen-nav" instead of having a satnav collecting his present. It's been a beautiful drive seeing all the autumn colours. So feet up now catching up on the blog
    Had tea which included jelly and ice cream ….how silly at our age

    happy days Pen x

  15. Hope you had a relaxing afternoon and evening Barbara along with Dave, and that you enjoyed the rugger – brilliant game I thought. Looking forward to receiving my calendar soon and to catching up with you in Thursday at the NEC. Hugs xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    I definitely think you deserved a day off if not more. Hope you've had a great day and enjoyed the rugby. My Groovi storage and new plates arrived today and they are fabulous – thank you. Love Alison xxx

  17. Happy Halloween Barbara hope youve enjoyed your day off I'm just not long back from trick and treating with my grandsons Liam was Edward scissor hands and wee ian was a pidgeon with a proper pidgeon head mask and a T shirt that said who will I sh*t on today. Me I was the granny behind the
    hedges making sure they were safe.
    enjoy the rest of your night I'm knackered…..take care..xxDot
    Enjoy the rest off the evening

  18. Hope you enjoyed that brilliant final, people think it odd that I get great pleasure from line drying washing and converting a pile of laundry to lovely ironed organised stacks. Takes all sorts I suppose but I love it

  19. Hello Barb, I hope you had a great day off, there is something so satisfying about just doing odds and ends around the home. Final was really good. Take care, and look after yourselves. Bx

  20. I can very much relate to your blog today, I've been getting on top of jobs at home, tidying , sorting and chucking out, incredibly therapeutic and it's amazing what a difference it has made to how I feel in general even taking a minute to make the bed lol. Now I'm enjoying some well deserved down time with my pooches xx

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