A Gaggle of Geese and the Dentist!

A Gaggle of Geese and the Dentist!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I’m going to write really fast now, 
because the anesthetic is wearing off.
I’m one of those foolish people who avoids the dentist for a decade
and then wonders why they’re starting to get wobbly!
(my teeth, not the dentist).
He’s a lovely bloke, but I dread going to see him.
Anyway, let’s change the subject…
I have a couple of cool things to show you, 
before I crawl under the duvet and stay there. 
We’ve found an excellent craft mat.
It really is very good.
For one, it doesn’t slip; it grips the table.
Secondly, it doesn’t crease. 
So let’s get crafty, and take our mind off the aching jaw…
These Geese Stamps are beautiful to use.
So let’s!
Stamp onto our Stencil/Gelli card using Black Archival,

and cover with the masks included in the stampset.

Spray some Shaving Foam on our new non-slip mat

and spread out with a ruler.

Let’s mix up some distress inks with water.
We sell packs of 5 spritzers
This much water in a spritzer bottle mixed with 2 shots of ink.

We have bundled the bottled inks for you into small colour sets.
I will show you them at the end.
So spritz the inks onto the shaving foam.

Make patterns with the end of a paint brush or coffee stirrer.

Let‘s make the background piece first, 
Press it into the shaving foam.

Peel it off.

Scrap off the excess foam with the ruler.

Right. back to the mat.
Squish  the foam around some more.

Now lay the geese piece in the foam and press.

Peel and scrape off excess foam with ruler again.


Do a few more pieces while you’ve still got good shaving foam.

Add some shadow to the geese
 with a make-up sponge and Watering Can Archival (grey)

Add a moon and brush across with the grey.
Our brushes are second to none.
And they’re on sale as product of the month this month!

Remove masks.

Trim card using C-thru ruler and blade.
C-thru ruler an excellent tool. Steel inset.
And I’m definitely an inches kinda gal.

Mount on black. 
This is where the  ruler comes in handy 
for getting the same width black edge on all 4 sides.

Just look through the ruler and use the grid.

Now mount the Geese piece on the background piece.
Find an area which flows, like this…

See how the front looks like it flows into the back?

Trim the background too.

Add the flock of geese in flight, from the set.
Jaw ache. Serious jaw ache.

Right, quick.
Let]s add a treeline in the background.
Go with the shaving foam markings.

Find the right colour green, then
light feathery strokes away from the landline.

Using a black pencil, 
go back over the same tree line and add tiny flicks for trees.

That’ll do.
Hope you like it.
Let’s look at the Ink sets.
Better price point. 
Mat’s well worth getting. 
I’m really impressed.

click here

love & hugs,

48 thoughts on “A Gaggle of Geese and the Dentist!

  1. Oh dear, poor you! I would have been impressed if you had posted this at 2.30………………😆 sorry couldn't resist! Love the geese and that mat looks like it might be worth a look. Feel better soon. Xx

  2. Poor you – still the toothache will take your mind off your aching feet from the weekend – that's my dad's sort of logic and sympathy!!! Hope you feel better soon, and love today's artwork, Susan x

    1. Evening Donna I've manage to do some crafting this afternoon which was lovley
      My partner Tom wanted to do an acronym with our initials but too many ddd's so can we change some ddd's cheeky he is I said we are the clarity crafting addicts CCA
      Hope you manage to craft after your day at school xxx

    2. Hi Donna yes crafting this afternoon, made my friends birthday card and cut some snowflakes for Christmas cards – oooh snowflakes on a geli background – that needs investigating! Hope you are ok xxxx

    1. Hi Sheila, give it a go, it's great fun and smells lovely. My husband watched Barbara play with it on TV a while ago and had a go to see what it was like – he had great fun! Hope you are ok xxxxx

  3. Hi Barbara.
    Ouch! There is nothing worse than toothache. I hope all is well soon and that you enjoy your time away with Dave. I have the geese on my new shopping list. Lovely hubby has just told me that he will pay for me to join your Clarity Gold stamp and stencil club so I have ordered today. It will be for my birthday next month but I will be able to play as soon as it arrives. Yippeeeee!
    Hugs from Chris X

  4. Sorry to hear of your aching jaw Barbara, I do hope it's starting to ease now. The mat looks great and I love what you've created today. I think putting the inks into groups is a great idea too. xx

  5. Ouch! Hate toothache pain. Hope your painkillers are working and you've had a rest. Love the shaving foam. Looks like a scene on the Solway Firth near me, which is full of geese at the moment. Autumnwatch was filming from there. The mini sets of inks is a good idea too and I like the look of that new craft mat. Gentle hugs. Jeanette xxx

  6. Dear Barb, I am so glad I am not the only one that does not like the dentist. So really feel for you today. Hope it eases off soon. Love the artwork. The shaving foam technique has to be one of my favourites. Take care. Bx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Oh I do sympathise with you, tooth ache is not good, hope you manage a good nights sleep and the pain had gone by tomorrow. Love this artwork, the shaving foam background is wonderful and I like the way you have added the trees. Thank you for sharing.
    Night night sleep tight.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Hope the pain goes away quickly Barbara. Don't think anyone can like going to the dentist. You should have given the blog up for today feeling like you do, we'd have understood. Needless to say we'd have missed a great blog. Love these geese, bought them at Catterick so no excuse not to have a go. Shaving foam brilliant may have to use different colours as only have about half a dozen or so. Have to check out the craft mat.xx

  9. Hi Donna, hi Sheila, hi Diane, hi Dot, hi Brenda and hi Jackie, hope you are having good day. Dull and damp here. Still getting to grips sorting my room out. Moved all my glitters last night, tidied them into some sort of order then couldn't find what I'd done with them for over an hour. Sometimes feel there's no hope. Hope you're feeling a bit more positive today Jackie after a night's rest, that's if you managed to sleep. Hugs to you all.x

    1. Hi Pam – did you end up covered in glitter? I always find the one with the lid that isn't on properly! – it's amazing how far a small amount of glitter will travel! Xxxx

  10. Good evening Barbara I hope you are feeling better by now. I love the shaving foam background. The geese are fun too. I have ordered some more of the brushes I love mine so much that when I saw they were on offer I just had to get some more and a few other bits jumped into my basket as well. I hope you get a good nights rest. Hugs Jackie

  11. Hi Barbara
    Great card but would you believe I still haven't tried the shaving foam techneque yet and I have no idea why not as I bought the shaving foam a while ago.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and I shall record them too.
    Hope your jaw stops aching soon.

  12. Oooooo I do love the shaving foam technique, each one an individual never to be repeated original. Loving the end result. Hope you feel better tomorrow. I have sky set up to record tomorrows shows yay 🙂 x

  13. Hi Barb,
    So sorry you're in a bit of pain, hope it gets better soon. I hate the dentist, in fact I am absolutely terrified of the dentist! I start to shake as soon as I step over the threshold.usually end up in tears too!! Such a wimp! Love the artwork today will definitely be trying this as I have the inks and the stamps, so no excuse. Love Alison xxx

  14. Keep meaning to buy some shaving foam to give this a try as it is fascinating and the geese are gorgeous! So sorry you had to endure the dentist and hope your mouth soon feels better. x

  15. Morning, Hope you are feeling better this morning and that your dentist visit is all a distant memory.

    I have shaving cream so MUST give it a go ….. bought the cheap and cheerful container the other week and it has been sitting there waiting. Your lovely demo has inspired me to give it a go.

    Going to be a crafting day as its horrid weather outside.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

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