A Special Day

A Special Day

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in on Mindful Wednesday,
where we do a little check up from the neck up,
and touch on matters of the heart.
Well today is no exception.
You’ll be pleased to hear I took a step out of Clarity World
and spent the day with my Mum and Dad.
Today is my Mum’s birthday, you see. 
And if I’ve learned nothing else in my 56 years,
it’s to make time for my parents over everything.
Without putting too fine a point on it, 
I know how many of you will be wishing you could still
spend a day with your Mum or your Dad.
And that is why I am so very grateful today.
We didn’t do anything grand.
Went to the Barnyard in Upchurch for lunch, 
and then drove on to Faversham to an excellent farmshop,
where we picked up some nice cake, 
which we took home and enjoyed with our coffee. 
So nothing extravagant,
but very special nonetheless.
As they have always taught me,
it’s not where you are but who you’re with.
Ain’t that the truth. 
Grace sent her Oma a beautiful basket of flowers from New York,
and Mark called and sang Happy Birthday to her 
all the way from San Francisco.
I miss my kids all the time; they are just too far away!
And on days like today it really hits home –
if you’ll pardon the expression…
So I was quite happy to come home 
and have to do some artwork for an hour.
(We have a Friday deadline for a very special project).
And here’s where the mindful process begins to work;
I concentrated on exactly what I was doing.
Focussed on the stamping and brayering; 
spent an age colouring in some toadstools!
Didn’t allow my mind to wander or get distracted – 
just stuck to the art like glue.
Now I’ve opened up to you and shared what I have been 
avoiding thinking about since I got in.
And now I shall go indoors, 
make a brew for Dave and myself,
light a candle or two,
and all will be calm in my head. 
I’ve had to work on it this evening though. 
I’ve had to deliberately block out sad thoughts 
by concentrating my mind on artwork. 
It works. It really does. 
The only thing left to do is show you 
a fresh toadstool in the light of the moon….
Any guesses which project which is going to the printers 
on Friday?
Let me give you a clue:
It is something useful that you will enjoy all year.
love and hugs,

83 thoughts on “A Special Day

  1. Oh what a fabulous way to spend a day. Me Mum used to do stuff like that very Saturday. Miss her soon much.

    On the upside. Been waiting a bloody aget for this project. Xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh what a fabulous way to spend a day. Me Mum used to do stuff like that very Saturday. Miss her soon much.

    On the upside. Been waiting a bloody aget for this project. Xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    How right you are to spend time with the ones you love especially your parents. How i wish that mine were still here so that i could spend time with them – I miss them every single day. I'm pleased thay you had a good day and i bet your Mum really enjiyed spending time with her very talented daughter. As for the special project, i think I'm with Jane and the colouring book, although as its all year could well be a calendar as you haven't done one for a while. Either would be great! Love Alison xx

  4. What a wonderful day would give anything to spend day with my mum dad your right so pleased your was lovely sender her a big happy birthday from me and hug love and hugs to you too Joy

  5. Just had a week with my mum and dad doing not very much, and having a fabulous time just being with them. Wishing your mum a very happy birthday, and glad that you all had a wonderful day. Looking forward to hearing your news about the project! Susan x

  6. So glad you had a good day with your parents, bet your Mum enjoyed it too. Sorry you were feeling sad but glad you decided to use your mindfulness therapy to take your mind off the sad things. It really does work if you can stick to it. Wonder what this project is? A colouring calendar sounds great, & if it isn't then it's a good suggestion for the future.xx

  7. Happy Birthday to your mum. Every day with family is special isn't it. I bet your mum is glad you're not so far away now.
    I'm guessing the colouring book you've mentioned is on your agenda now, maybe a colouring calendar. If it is, I for one will be putting it on my wish list.

  8. sounds like a lovely day Barbara – i so wish i could relax and enjoy all the time i have with my mum and dad – i always seem to be rushing here and there – must stop and smell the daisies. I hope Barbara Finch is right – a clarity calendar would be a fab buy!!! hugs rachel x

  9. Hi Barbara
    Happy birthday to your mum, it sounds like you have had a lovely day with your mum and dad, haven't been to faversham for years, we were talking about a trip to kent the other day. Yes enjoy every minute you can with your parents and make lots of happy memories. How lovely of Grace to send flowers and I had to chuckle at Mark singing – I hope he sent a card! Have a snuggle with Dave tonight and think happy thoughts. Your toadstools are beautiful, remind me of a picture my daughter did for her art GCSE, I'm missing her tonight, it's nearly her birthday and usually we would be planning cake and going out but we will face time her and have arranged for a cake to be delivered ( not a mum baked one though!) and it's not too long until Christmas so I will smile and think happy thoughts. Now I'm guessing the project is this years calendar ? It's looking good whatever it is.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Hello Barbara

    So glad you had a beautiful day with your parents. Lovely lunch and cake to take home – heaven. My first thought was something to do with the design/stencil club but quickly thought 'calendar'. Looking forward to finding out the answer.


  11. that is the best way to spend a day. if you ask me it smacks of german roots. that's exactly what my german friends would have done.
    as for the project methinks it is a calendar and that is one of the pics on it…… hugs xx

  12. Thinking the project is some sort of calendar. I have had a mindful day today, and probably some would think it stressful, but it wasn't I was writing the eulogy for my for my children to read at my husband's funeral. He was a very funner. quick-witted man and hopefully I have included enough funny anecdotes from his life – they certainly made me laugh whilst typing it.

    hugs and belated wishes to that lovely lad who is your mum x

  13. could it be a Clarity calender, or coloring book, or maybe two in one? A calender that has a beautiful picture to colour in for each month of the year?! If it isn't that it is an idea for next year maybe? Hope all well, happy birthday to your mum and love to everyone. XX

  14. It's great that you are so attentive to your mum and dad. We owe parents so much and your mum is such a lovely lady. Kaffee und Kuchen; ausgezeichnet!

  15. So glad you had a lovely day with your mum and dad and happy birthday to her too. I think it is good to enjoy spending time with parents while you can and children living so far away can be difficult I know as our son is in Australia and we haven't seen him for 20 months, and he is hoping to get over in December which will be wonderful. I do try to be positive as he is where he wants to be and doing what he wants to do which makes me happy. I was doing some colouring today and really concentrating on it takes me away from gloomy thoughts and certainly calms the mind. I love your toadstools Barbara and may be it is a calendar you are talking about or possibly a colouring book which I would love it to be, but we must be patient and wait and see! x

  16. Wishing your mum a happy birthday. I'm so lucky to have my 4 girls all living locally with their families. Thank my lucky stars everyday they never ventured far away. Love the art work today and so glad it helped you with missing Grace and Mark . Can't think what your planning but I know it'll be good x

  17. I do hope it's our clarity colouring book
    Happy birthday to your mum it's wonderful for you to take that time out to make your mums and dads day special
    My parents have been gone a very long time now but I still miss them but I have my memories .
    Your grown up children are far away but you have given them the wings to fly and they will love you all the more for doing that hugs to all xxx

    1. HI Sheila great minds think alike wings are the best gift to give your kids must have been typing same time hope your well haven't decided what stencils I NEED in the sale yet but got a few days yet to choose hope your well..love Dot..x

    2. Very true Sheila wings are very important because although they are far away it does mean they can fly home when they want to. Wish flybe thought that too, nearly £1000 to fly home to local airport from Aberdeen just before Christmas! She's trying out the megabus!!!!! Xxx

  18. Happy Birthday to your Mum I still have both my Mum and Dad who are in there 80's now but still making full use off there bus passes god love them. It must be hard not to see your kids but you have given them a precious gift their wings.
    A clarity calendar now that would be great, or a monthly Clarity mag, or a book Barbara Gray's life so far best seller list I think…..shut up Dot the girls busy enough…take care..xx

    1. 🙁 no! Man came out and fiddled around and said it was fixed. Left and about half a hour later BOOM! I've now turned it off again, so till Friday it will have to be double socks! Xx

    2. Oh Donna I hope it gets fixed soon – in some bizarre way we were right telling you to turn it on early just to warm the place up – just think if you'd left it until it was really cold – you would have needed more than double socks! I hope it gets fixed soon xx.

  19. Oooooo I'm hoping it's the Clarity colouring book! When I am colouring in my other one (or two, or three!) I often wonder about yours which I will be strapping the padding on for! Glad you had a day with your family, that is so important. Xx

  20. Lost my mum when she was just 69, still have my dad, now 86yrs. Physically frail and in need of help, but all his brain cells are still functioning – he is still my dad – and that is a blessing that I say a big Thank You for everyday.

  21. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely day you have had. Sometimes the simplest things give the most pleasure.
    I have just enjoyed the Autumn sunshine which has been a bonus in recent weeks. The trees are looking splendid.
    Are you sending your first colouring book to the printers? I do hope so.
    Hugs from Chris

  22. Hugs, cuddles, and understanding nods xx belated birthday wishes to your mum too xx

    Looking forward to the outcome of what goes to the printers


    kim xx

  23. Nice to hear you have had a lovely day with your mum and dad. Happy Birthday to your Mum. Loving the toadstools – don't use them nearly enough. Sorry you are having to block out sad thoughts too. Hope Dave is doing ok? Hmmm project to the printers?? A calendar that we can colour in? Or the lovely colouring book you have been working on? Whatever it is I am sure it will be brilliant and something I will definitely NEED!! Oh yes just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous NDC envelope which dropped through my door this week – it is amazing!! Have a fab day. Xxxxx

  24. Hello Barb, Belated Happy Birthday to your Mum. so glad you had a lovely day out with them. Love the sneaky peek of what is going to the printers. My bet is Calendar, that would be great with beautiful artwork to brighten a wall. Love the new NDC stamp and stencil, can't wait to play. Take care. Bx

  25. Glad you have your parents well. My mother has got bad jaundice waiting for hospital app Saturday. Still love your work. Husband and I had photo of me with you at crowbrough last year. Enjoy every minute with family there precious. Love ali x

  26. Glad you have your parents well. My mother has got bad jaundice waiting for hospital app Saturday. Still love your work. Husband and I had photo of me with you at crowbrough last year. Enjoy every minute with family there precious. Love ali x

  27. Hi I miss my Dad who has been gone for over 18 years all my grandchildren have never seen him. He was my rock…. so your words hit home. Glad you had a good time with your Mum.

    My Mum is still ill, not too good although she is home now but do not think she will be able to live without help now.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Pen sending you a hug sweetheart, my dad was a lovely man too and would move the world for me if it needed it – my mum too. I hope your mum improves soon and you are able to find somewhere or some solution to help her still be independent but enjoy life. Xxxx

  28. Hi Barbara love the artwork brill!!!!
    You are so right about time with mum and dad sounded a lovely datum sure your mum was so happy with you and her beautiful grandchildren sending special wishes.
    I am 77and I miss them every day of my life love to Dave xxxxxxx

  29. So pleased to hear you were able to spend a lovely day with your parents. Still miss mine but I am sure they are still with me …you know what I mean, little things happen which makes me think??!!! Anyway, the project – I must say thoroughly enjoyed the calendar all those years ago, and would love to think there may be another one on the horizon? Also looking forward to the colouring book, and like so many of our crafty friends I wonder if you have combined the two – another moment of Clarity maybe? Take care Barbara, and love to you all xxx

  30. What a lovely day you spent with your parents and a very special way for you mum to celebrate her birthday. It's hard when our children are far away and yes I miss ours too all the time but they are well and happy and enjoying their lives to the full so I can't really ask for more.
    I love your toadstools mmmmmm I wonder is it for a calendar? I hope so as some Barbara art work hung on my wall which changes every month would be amazing.
    Jackie x

  31. Happy belated birthday to your mum; sounds like you had a great day out with your parents. My dad only enjoyed six months of his retirement, leaving my mum widowed at the age of fifty seven. Happy to say she is still with us, albeit now relying on carers. I phone her several times throughout the day as we live a couple of hundred miles apart; the wit is still there, sometimes a bit ascerbic, though!
    I think you have created a colouring calendar, with monthly scenes created from prints of stamped images. Roll on Friday when we find out! ;~}

  32. Thank you for such an uplifting blog. I'm glad you had a good day with your Mum and Dad to enjoy your Mum's birthday. Your project sounds enticing, maybe a colouring through the year book/calendar? Looking forward to your revelations on Friday and beyond.

  33. To go out for your lunch and then take cakes home for your afternoon tea sounds perfect to me. My Mum is 93 and still lives on her own. When I visit I take a pie and gravy in and also a fancy cake for the afternoon. She remembers mostly her childhood now and sometimes it is quite difficult to get her to relate to the present day but we always end up having a good laugh about something

  34. Hello Barb,
    Happy birthday to your mam. I'm glad you had lovely day, and how nice of Grace and Mark to remember to make it special for her. My parents both died when I was in my 30's, much too soon but my daughter still remembers them, although I think it's the photographs which she sees that put the memories there!!!
    I'm looking forward to the calendar or diary!!!
    love Maureen xxx

  35. Sounds like you had a lovely day Barbara. A shared meal and then cake for tea – wonderful idea. It's my Mum's 80th in December and thankfully she is in good health. So's Dad though he's had some ups and downs the last few years. Love and hugs to you and Dave xx

  36. It's 22 years since my Mum left us, and I miss her every day. I'm so very pleased you enjoyed your special day; I love your Mum too (she shares proper Mum hugs!).

    Can it be family stamps, whilst we're on the subject… You know, like Mum, Dad, Sister, Daughter… son? Oooo! Can't wait to find out!

    Lots of love (not too close, I'm rather snotty and particularly missing my Mum today) xxx

  37. Great that you enjoyed time with your mum. I was very lucky in that my mum and dad had good long lives but still miss them. It's the silly little things that I can't tell them or ask.Suspect you might be putting a calendar together, brilliant. Happy belated Birthday to your mum. xx

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