Six New Groovi Characters ! And I love them all !

Six New Groovi Characters ! And I love them all !

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, right?
Well, I’ve got something really cool up my sleeve,
for all you Groovi friends:
I would like you to meet our latest addition to the Clarity Family:
You may recall Rosie, Lily, Annabel, Laurel and Doug.

They are part of our Stamp Collection, and come large too.

Here’s what we did when Holly turned up…
Six Brand new Groovi Borders!

Yep. This is the first time I have really got frustrated with my neck, because I just couldn’t play with them all for hours –
and I sooo wanted to!

But there we are, c’est la vie.
I had to pick one, and Holly it was.

Here’s a step-by-step, to decipher the artwork above.

Oval Nest framer,

Add Holly, walking into the frame…
Add the second oval.

Now use the Square nest to make a rectangle.
Just means moving the parchment along a little.

Add a small double line.
Mine was a bit out, but by the time this is finished
you won’t notice that! 

This is where the new Groovi Plates are brilliant.
Above and below each of our Clarity Characters
(and yes, I did draw these myself)
are the most superb relevant pattern elements.
Naturally with Holly, we have holly.
So fill the corners.

The Holly part of the border also tessellates.
So you can join it up top/bottom, left/right, 
to make a larger holly block too.

Check the front. Lookin’ good…

Time for the Landscape Plate from the Starter Kit.

Mountains and hills…

Add fence posts with the Square Nest framer
Make them smaller in the distance.

And closer together far away!

Soft side of the Starter Kit Blue Mat.
Working from behind, time to start some whitework.
White crescent moon.

Now it’s a race against time with the neck,
until I have to submit.
Using the fine stylus, the one I use for the actual line art embossing,
I have added dimension to the fenceposts and some wire. 

Add some white shade to her cap, cape and her dress…
I could spend many many more hours on this, 
white mountain peaks, pattern on her bag, holly detail,
and would if I didn’t need a blue blog today!!!!

 Signature required….
and some snow!

Coloured in the open oval with a purple and blue pencil. 
Real solid colour from behind, and cut the art right back with a ruler and blade.
I have a plan….

Funky Gelli Plate background from my stash.
We will have to get the Gelli Plate out this weekend methinks….

Here’s why I wanted to make the oval really opaque with colour –
so that you can’t see double-sided tape I am going to attach the parchment with!

4 little pieces, north south east and west on the oval border.

I love it when you can see a funky background 
through the parchment.

Layer up to brighten up.

As I said,
the potential for Holly and her five friends is massive.
They are so interchangeable, and work so beautifully together.

This spot marks their official Weekend launch.
I thought I’d introduce them to my Blog friends first.

I have come up with a good deal, a very good deal for you.
They are all available individually, @ £7.99 each.

Or you can get them in 2 groups of 3, @ £6.99 each.

Holly, Laurel and Douglas

Lily, Rosie and Annabel

Or you can buy all 6 character borders together, 
@ £5.99 each, saving £12.

Whilst I think they should all stick together,
you may want to get to know them one at a time!
I do hope you like them.
I think they are wonderful. 
love & hugs,

81 thoughts on “Six New Groovi Characters ! And I love them all !

  1. These are great and thank you for a great price. After almost 2 weeks of jury service, should finish tomorrow but might now be Monday I think I need a treat to restore sanity. Gosh has it been tough. So, these are just the thing and have jumped into my basket! Hope all good in your world though your neck needs some TLC still by the sound of it! Lots of love

  2. I love them all Barbara, well done, the new Holly is beautiful, will she come as a stamp too? Hope your neck's not so painful soon, it must be infuriating not to be able use them as you want to, I know I feel like that too, I plan what I want to do the next day in bed when I can't sleep and then things happen so I can't, have a hug on me xxx

    1. Hello Donna had a good day crafting managed to Finnish of my elephant and back it onto a card for this months clarity blog challange have to pace myself do some rest then do some more might take me a few days but it's so good to craft xxx

    2. Hi Donna and Sheila hope you have both had sunny weather again today. Sheila your elephant sounds lovely. I've been good today and put the Hoover around and dusted off the iron so no playing for me. Will make up for it tomorrow ! Hope you are both ok xxxx

  3. Love this card, more things to add to my wish list!! Barbara have you any plans for Groovi Storage? I need something to keep my plates and tools together and safe as you keep tempting me to buy. 🙂

    1. Brilliant!! Have started squirreling money away for NEC Birmingham so best start putting more away. Cant wait to see what you have for us. I know it will be fab

  4. You have brought a little smile to my physog after a challenging day, ending in ripping upstairs bathroom and hallway carpets, before dumping the sodden (AKA sodding) masses in the bath and that was before the drenching of moi on opening the downstairs lounge doors! No water, no heating; beans on toast for tea – needs must!! Has the water ingress reached my craft room? Don't know – too much clutter to find out tonight. Tomorrow is another day! (could use a stamp with that on it at the moment!) Just as well I washed my hair this morning! U
    Upside – what a brill chance to declutter!! Renovation plans for next year may just have to be accelerated!
    A little order WRT plates could just go a little way to cheer me up! Love 'em. Just finished completing my first tracing of a stamp onto parchment; end result – quite pleased with and – all white work!
    Off to relieve stress with some 'wet' canvas work in the kitchen, only warm place in the house. ;~}

    1. Thanks, Barb!
      In the 'chill' zone now.
      I'm not a 'certain well-known British company' priority, so will sit tight before the s hits the fan tomorrow when they don't appear between 0800-1800 as promised, although was promised a visit today within four hours! and when I'm left all weekend without heat and h2o, things may get just a bit 'heated?' Don't know why we pay so much for such a 'premium' service each year!
      Just as well MKM is not here – he's due back from overseas on Wed. At least he'll be around to dump the soggy residue!
      Isn't working with canvas and grunge paste so therapeutic and calming? ;~}

    2. Oh Shelagh that sounds dreadful – what a day you've had! I hope you get sorted tomorrow. If you need any help or just need cheering up just come on here and say and we will do our best. On the up side, weather should be good over the next few days which might help you dry out a bit and craft will keep you warm. Sending you a big hug xxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    I loved the stamps and now we have Groovi plates to match. My Groovi collection is growing fast. Now there are even more things on my NEC shopping list. Will there be a Holly stamp by then?Please try and rest your neck if possible.
    Hugs from Chris X

  6. Gorgeous piece of work, and I may yet be tempted onto the Groovi train as Jo is giving us a taster session at Clarity Glasgow on Sat! Looking forward to seeing you revisit the Gelli plate though – mine is currently lost under a pile of "stuff" in the craft room…. Susan x

    1. Wow Susan, I've inspired you to become a befriender to someone lonely and isolated, that's amazing. Thank you for telling me. And thank you so much for thinking of someone in a similar situation to me. At least I know someone else like me will now have a lovely caring and kind person who will help improve the quality of their life, and I helped it happen. Love Brenda xx

  7. Well Barbara you've done it again! Fantastic card and I can't wait to get the new plates! The characters look brilliant! I'll be on the website later!!!
    I hope Holly becomes a stamp too and her holly background!
    Sorry to hear your neck is giving you jip again! I know where you're coming from with that though!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave xxxxx

  8. Well Barbara you've done it again! Fantastic card and I can't wait to get the new plates! The characters look brilliant! I'll be on the website later!!!
    I hope Holly becomes a stamp too and her holly background!
    Sorry to hear your neck is giving you jip again! I know where you're coming from with that though!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave xxxxx

  9. Beautiful, love Holly and the picture you have created. I hope your neck is easier tonight, not sure the change in weather helps as most of my joints have ached this week. Nothing that has stopped me but conscious of the pain. Now I have to decide if I wait for NEC for some of these borders or invest now. xx

  10. Absolutely fantastic – speechless. Have had an absolutely awful day at work – abused, bullied, over-worked – and then off to bed. But before went on your blog – now calmed, inspired and so happy to have your blog, your inspiration, YOU.
    Many thanks for making a poor, little crafter so happy!!
    Lots of love to you, Dave, the Team – everybody
    Anne (Reading)

  11. Love the artwork, Barbara. I don't really use figures in my cards but Holly is delightful, as is the filler.
    I notice your elegant figures probably don't indulge in chocolate.
    I hope your neck soon improves. I get it a bit sometimes, mainly I think from hunching over the laptop at the wrong height. Carol

  12. Beautiful card , tempting to get into the groove , but I'm having enough difficulty with the stamping , have a few hahah that I haven't used , but there is great potential there .

  13. Wow wow wow stunning holly is absolutely fabulous and is my favourite what brilliant offers too .
    Rest your neck then you can craft another day crafting hugs to all xxx

    1. In two weeks Barbara said she is fetching out storage solution for our groovi I think we will need huge cushions as I think we will all fall of the wagon. CCA here we all come xxxxx

  14. Hi Barbara, lovely parchment artwork, thank you for sharing. Holly is a lovely addition too.
    I've worked out a solution for neck /back pain using the Groovi. I've got a box easel, you tighten the wing nuts to a comfortable angle. You can sit it on a table or I sit it on my knee in bed or in my beanbag and the height of the box base lifts it so it works well. For using the Groovi on it I found a solid piece of smooth board, it's at least 5mm thick (board that was inside my posh, to me, John Lewis bedding I got in their half price sale – my luxury :-)). It's a bit larger than the Groovi plate mate and I stick the plate mate to this board with masking tape, so then I can freely move it round whatever way I want it on my easel. For the borders I just stick them to the board on their own, all lined up together. A board for the plate mate and one for the borders so no need to take anything of and on when I was doing my Groovi stuff. No hunching over anything, works a treat. Hope that helps you or anyone else who is also having problems. Love Brenda xx

    1. That sounds really helpful Brenda, I'm sure a lot of people will too. I have an easel it's not been out of its box yet and I've had it for over 20 years, had planned to take up oil painting but never did, still have the paints as well, I expect they are,all dried up by now.xx

    2. Your a clever wee thing that sounds just the job for me to do a wee bit in bed Barbara might be pinching that idea a groovi mates mate on the website soon Im sitting up waiting to dry sons tears here he's on his way back from Scotland match at Hamden oh well there's always next year.
      Won't put him off though have packed his case he's of to Portugal tommorow Kilt still swinging for the next game on Sunday….xx

    3. Hi Brenda
      That sounds a brilliant idea, you are a genius trying things out and sharing them with us. I take it that means you are enjoying your Groovi plates then! Will you be needing the cushion too? Now I know there's a desk easel somewhere around, I must hunt it out. Hope you are ok. Big hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. Thank you for your kind replies. Still not been crafting, I cam up with that before all this recent stuff happened. It's way too hard for me to talk about but basically my support service ends next Friday and I've still not even been introduced to anyone from the new service, and the allocated social worker has gone off with flu so haven't even met her either! xx

    5. Well done Brenda your so clever I've got an easel somewhere but I use my buddy board as I can use that in bed at the table almost anywhere it turns too and it has bands to hold my craft work in place big hugs xxx

  15. Wow Barbara, Holly is fantastic, must have her. Beautiful card, so inspirational. Been on the groovi making a Christmas card tonight, really pleased with it. Just love all the groovi things, so glad I have them. You make it all so tempting, putting in an order tomorrow, bet the line will be busy.xx

  16. Gorgeous Groovi work with the pretty Holly and how great to have all the other characters groovified too. I love the way you built the whole thing up and then added that gelli plate piece behind which works beautifully. Look forward to seeing you get the gelli plate out soon Barbara as mine hasn't seen the light of day recently and need some encouragement. x

  17. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful piece of artwork, holly is really beautiful and I love the background holly too. You are spoiling us with these offers and treats you know. I'm looking forward to seeing the stamp too – oh dear! Just going to show them to Julian – he might be tempted! Thank you for sharing. I hope you have given your neck a rest tonight so you can play again tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxxx

  18. Love them. Lots. Will have to see what magic Santa can work. Till then i have plenty to keep me busy.

    Necks …. funny things (not!) hope you can get some relief soon xxxx hugs

  19. Dear Barb, these are fabulous, and such a beautiful image and card. I must confess that I don't have my Groovi plate yet. Have had to lay off craft buys (basically all non essentials) for a while. But I do know what will be in my first purchase along with the basics and some other bits. Maybe Santa is listening. Take care of your neck, and hope Dave is doing great. Bx

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