I’ve got Stencilitis !

I’ve got Stencilitis !

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Just got back from our Wedding Excursion
(no, not ours!)
and what lovely things were waiting to be played with…
a fabulous brand new Fallen Leaves/Pond Leaves stencil
Both still in the sale until midnight tonight xxx
Once I got over the shock of the side of the house not being there any more….
Welcome home Barb.
A few vertical tiles had come loose on the side of the house. 
Dave had told me there were some blokes coming round to sort it out. I should have known when the scaffolders arrived on Saturday that this wasn’t going to be a quick No More Nails job.
You know it’s out of your hands when you can see the roofers working on the scaffolding from the bedroom –
through the bedroom wall.
This is where crafting and its ensuing mindfulness is for me
THE most powerful calming device on the planet. 
And therefore, 
let’s leave the guys to put the side of the house back on, 
and let’s escape to the lovely warm, solid art-room 
above the garage. 
Easy peasy stencil art.
Found a really nice shaving foam background from when all we did for weeks was shaving foam. Remember?
Placed the stencil on a piece of copy paper 
and dabbed an Archival Plum ink pad on 3/4 of the stencil,
from the small leaves towards what I think is the front of the pond, where the large leaves are.

Here I used Sepia.
Is the stencil upside down?

Place the stencil inky side up on a sheet of copy paper.
We have to run it thorugh an embossing machine.
I like my E-Bosser.
So plate order :
C at the bottom.
Rubber shim
Copy Paper
Card with shaving foam facing towards the  inky stencil.
Copy paper.
A at the top. 

Love it.

Without reinking the stencil,,
let’s see if we can run through with white card.

And what does this stencil look like pure white, 
embossed on our 7″x7″ stencil card?

So there you go.
3 excellent and simple pieces,
made with one lovely stencil.
I got the Gelli Plate out too, and some paint.
Wanted to get a screen print effect.
Delighted with this.
But some things are more fluke than skill!

Dave has invited me out for a meal tonight. 
Kitchen’s closed.
Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain….
I think I shall save the fish stencil for that occasion….
love and hugs,

48 thoughts on “I’ve got Stencilitis !

  1. what a yucky start to the week for you both ,you both have a lovley meal out, what life throws at us eh .tomorrow is another day to loose yourself in art
    Hi Donna
    Hi Diane
    Hi Dorothy
    Hi Brenda
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Sheila hope you have had a good day today, have you managed to get any crafting done? Shopping and ironing took over today, I'm hoping to find my grunge paste tomorrow xxxx

    2. Hello you two no crafting today my hairdresser came to home today then my friend called just after so looking to tomorrow to craft hope you can craft too tomorrow Diana
      Enjoy planning your hallowe'en card hugs xxx

    3. I made a beautiful inky background, all greens and orange with my ink sprays. Trouble is I like the effect of the colours and don't want to cover it all up with something! Haven't got time to make another one so will have to use it. Xx

  2. What beautiful effects – lots of inspiration for the challenge this month! Please, could you explain how you did the gelli paint print – it's gorgeous, and I'm still working out what to do with my gelli plate!

    Hope you are having a good meal and the house gets reconstructed before too long.

  3. Good job your craft room is seperate think I would escape doing same next Monday when kitchen is being stripped hopefully week in craft room. Hope they don't take to long love hugs joy xxx

  4. Lovely stencils, will add them to my next order as I placed one on Saturday. My sister has Kent peg tiles on the side of her house and needed a couple replaced last year. Always interesting to see how construction was done years ago. Fingers crossed for a dry, wind free night. Xx

    1. Hi Donna hope you are ok. I might spray the polish around and tilt a couple of pictures tomorrow so it looks like I've been cleaning which will give me more time to play! Xxxx

  5. Your house reminds me of that in The Moneypit. Have you seen it? Hilarious. Have the builders told you it will take 3 weeks? (That's front the film too). Like the new stencils Barb. How's Dave now? Give him our love. Xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful stencils to come home to, don't blame you for hiding in your art room to play. I bet that was a shock having a cheerful builder say good morning to you through your bedroom wall! Best make sure you've got your best nighty on tonight ready for tomorrow's greeting :)! Love the artwork you have created, the geli one looks fabulous , really 3D. Hope you have had a wonderful meal out with Dave – how romantic. Wishing you a wind and rain free evening.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Oh yes forgot to say, no nails, brilliant stuff – it's holding our gate post together at the moment!!!!! We couldn't believe it when it worked – should tide us over for the winter until we get it fixed .
      Hi Brenda xxxx
      Hi Dot xxxx
      Hope you are both ok xxxx

  7. OMG! what a shock. It's never good when you can see the inside from the outside through the walls!!! No wonder you hid in the craft room playing with these lovely new stencils. Fab results. Hugs Jeanette xxx

  8. Hope your meal was lovely and your wall is rebuilt asap. I'd just go and live in your lovely art studio until it's done. Lovely new stencils, I forgot about the sale Doh, had a busy weekend with a new furry friend joining our family. Anyway my favourite print has to be the blue/green one, love those colours together xx

  9. Great stencils. The fish one looks slightly Escher-ish.
    Sorry about your house. We've just got our kitchen back after a week of invasion by decorator. Means I may have to cook though. Hope you enjoyed your meal. Carol

  10. Oh no, what a thing to come home to! Never mind, it produced lovely work and you got dinner out!

    Just got in in time and ordered up the stencils and also the groovi plates – Douglas and his harem!


  11. The hanging tiles are beautiful but not so beautiful when they have been removed and you have a big hole instead! Some great new stencils and love what you have done with the leaves, especially the gelli plate one. Hope you and Dave enjoyed your meal out Barbara. x

  12. Unfortunately a lot of tiles had slipped or dropped out so there was no alternative!! All or nothing!!
    And yes , these old houses eat money. It'll be fine I said to Barb. and so it will. A little light supper out eased the shock , Let's just hope for some quiet weather for a couple more days !!!

  13. Hi Barb and Dave, hope the house gets sorted soon and that the weather holds until it is finished. At least you had a nice meal out together. Love the new stencils Barb, have added them to the ever growing INIL. Take care. Bx

  14. Morning love the stencils …. shame missed your blog last night so expect they have now gone up in price. Lovely pictures.

    Fingers crossed that the house get backs to normal very soon

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  15. Having just listened happily to the Flanders and Swan offering on your Facebook, I suddenly remembered that I had a different version which Geoff wrote after a particularly trying time with the various utilities in our road. The local take aways did very well from us over this period.

    The Water Board Cometh

    'Twas in the middle of June
    The Council came to call;
    Your pavements are a mess – we'll sort them out for you.
    They dug them up completely
    And put them down again,
    Then the Water Board arrived and dug them up again!
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!

    'Twas at the end of June
    Biwater men came round;
    "You'll have to have new meters and your pipes are made of lead!
    We will now replace them
    And all will then be fine"
    Then they hammered through the water-main and off went all the taps!
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!

    'Twas early in July
    The Water men still came.
    They hit another water pipe and disappeared again.
    Once more the water flooded out
    And covered all the road
    So they worked for half an hour or so – and stuck the plug back in!
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!

    'Twas early in August
    The workers still turned up
    With their lorries and their heavy drills to put more meters in.
    "That pipe is just here", they said,
    "It says so on the map"-
    "But what's happened to my telephone?" said the lady on the corner.
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!

    'Twas on a Thursday morning
    The Telecoms made a start;
    To replace all the phone lines, they settled down to work
    All around the road.
    But we found when they had gone
    Biwater had hit another pipe and the floods poured out again.
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!

    'Twas early in September
    Those men were still here,
    They seemed like quite a fixture now, and the road was quite a mess.
    Mud and water everywhere.
    Then they hit the electric cable
    No lights or power anywhere to be seen.
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!
    'Twas all night long
    Those M.E.B. men had to toil,
    By the light of arc lamps and torches, to find the break.
    No sleep for anyone that night,
    Nor hot meals anywhere.
    Only one more disaster could be caused
    To make work for the working man to do.

    'Twas on the following eve,
    I returned home from work at four.
    "Oh dear, madame, you have no gas tonight.
    We could not help it – the drill just slipped while we ate our dinner.
    The Gas Board are on the way – never fear –
    They'll soon have it right."
    Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!

    The next two months they did no work at all;
    So, 'twas on a November morning that the Council came to call!

  16. Hi Barb,
    That must have been a shock for you! At least you had your lovely art room to retreat to. Love the new stencils and the artwork you produced. Doesn't it emboss well?! Hope you had a lovely meal out with Dave and that the house doesn't take too long to get finished. Love to you both, Alison xx

  17. what a wonderful life, even with the builders in, retreating to your craft room sounds idyllic, especially when I'm in a call centre! Im longing to get home to my Groovi plate though, I'm hooked and it does relax you and focuses you, enabling you to switch off from the day to day stresses. Will there be more Groovi plates in the near future?, I do hope so x

  18. What a horrible start to the week! So good you could retreat to your craft room & take your mind off things. Love the leafy stencil!Too late for the stencil but put this on my wishlist now 😉 Hope you and Dave had a lovely night out and that your house will be ok again soon xx

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