Come on! Get your Bora Bora and your Claret out !!!

Come on! Get your Bora Bora and your Claret out !!!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
What a beautiful day here in Kent & Sussex today!
The colours are pretty spectacular, aren’t they?
So I thought I would blog a painted card.
Well, let’s qualify that.
I thought I would go for a walk with paint on card.
These Fresco Chalk Acrylic paints are excellent.
On the Gelli Plate, on canvas, 
and of course, on card.
Let’s keep it simple this evening, and stick to card.
Which card?
And these are the paint colours I will use:

They work brilliantly together.

Deposit a pea-size amount of Bora Bora opaque paint 
on your craft mat and walk your brayer lightly through it. 
No pressure please.
So walk the brayer across the card, 
go fetch some more paint and roll again.
mat, card, mat, card and so on,
until the paint dries.
Repeat this process with  Autumn Fire.
Fantastic colour.

Now for some dramatic contrast:
a drop of Claret methinks will do the trick…

And to liven it up, how about a round of
“We all live in a Yellow Submarine!”
Just keep adding the tiniest amount of paint to the craft mat,
walking the brayer through it,
 and transferring said paint to the card. 
No need to wash the mat between colours;
no need to wash the brayer between colours.
We love fast drying acrylic paint!

The trick is knowing when to stop…
So say after me,

Black Archival ink now.
You have to use a Permanent Archival ink pad 
on top of Acrylic paint.
Dye based ink will wipe off.
I love this tree that Annie drew.
Absolutely love it.
And the butterfly tree set too.
(Wait till you see the latest artwork she has rustled up for us. Beautiful)
So plant Bird tree firmly.

Looks a bit dark.
Let’s lighten it up with a little Cheesecake round the edges.
Easy does it, and lightly it goes….

Another little drop of Claret?
Ach why not? Just a wee sensation mind…

That’s better!

Signature hills next.
Just to ground the tree and give the art some perspective.
Black Archival ink pad and a make up sponge please….

And now the words which resonate with me today.

This is a superb Clarity Set.
Wouldn’t these images look great on the same background above?
Just like they are placed here…

Yes. There’s a lot going on at the moment.
Big changes.

I’ve just got to hold my nerve, keep the faith, 
and know that it will all come good in the end.

Have I told you recently, how much I appreciate your loyalty, friendship, custom and support?
I really do. 
Why else would I write to you every day?

Have a good evening.
Lots of love,

58 thoughts on “Come on! Get your Bora Bora and your Claret out !!!

  1. Yes, lovely colours and it was bright and sunny in Oxford today! Keep strong and fingers crossed for you.

    It's no good I'm going to have to treat myself to those paints I suppose – I'm waiting until that corner punch thingy comes in to order again as I placed an order last night too – forgot I was waiting for the punch to arrive !! I remembered to order the moon masks too as I'm sure I've got some somewhere but ……

    At least it didn't rain today so your lack of tiles wasn't a problem!!

  2. Beautiful card Barbara and beautiful words. Scary isn't it changing direction? But I'm a true believer in all things happen for a reason and new doors won't open until old ones are shut. You have lots and lots of us followers (even ones like me who don't comment every day but always read your blog!) We appreciate you taking time out to inspire and teach us and won't be going anywhere soon xx

  3. The wonders of the Autumnal palette! Drove down to Stonehaven today in brilliant sunshine and viewed the variety of colours in the hedgerows, trees, harvested cornfields and workings on the new peripheral road all flanked by the dark blue North Sea! The only colour I'm missing is the Autumn Fire. Oh well, another order winging its way south!
    Must get to grips with this brayer walking. Akin to line dancing do you think? Can't do that either! ;~}

  4. Oh that's fabulous.Barbara glorious colours. Oh and that guy looking through his binoculars. …I have seen him…..just can't remember where I was…I am guessing down your end of the country..when we visited a few years back.

    Keep the faith Barbara we are all behind you xx

    1. Well I am obviously on the wrong guy…I do remember a fella stood at the seaside somewhere down south…oh well he's a grand chap…might have to pay him a visit some day xx

  5. As I said at Catterick its not just what you say it's the way you say it. I have followed your blog for a time and have joined to express my support. Along with so many others I will not be going anywhere. Do what you believe in and have faith in your friends.

  6. Lots of us love reading your blog everyday and are right behind you. Great demo, none of these paints…………yet, so will have to use my other paints to try this technique. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I'm fine thanks, how are you. Brace yourself for wet playtime tomorrow! By the way, my name is Diane and today the fresco paint offer fell into my basket 🙂 xxx

  7. Love the card and the sentiment. Will have to try brayer walking. My day isn't complete until I've read your blog it is so uplifting. I am just waiting for an order to arrive so that I can try the Autumn tree design that you did last week. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  8. Beautiful painting and beautiful stamps Barbara, Autumn is my favourite season, being cosy by the fire and looking forward to Christmas, but not this year. I'll try not to let it show to my family but I'll be crying behind forced smiles.

    I hope that all your plans go well Barbara, but I know you will have checked and double checked so they will 🙂 I've got plans too, Mum believed in me and I'm going to make her proud, wherever she is … xxx

  9. Well good evening Barbara

    I have to agree with you that the tree colours are simply glorious at the moment – in my travels over the weekend to various different places I have repeatedly said ooh look at those colours to anyone who will listen to me!

    There are times I wish you could blink your eyes and they would take a photo when driving along – so many colours to ooh and ahh at!! And then when you see a line of birds on the wire I instantly think of your good self!!!

    Oh to have some time to play but today has been all work and no play I am afraid – off to to work in the pitch dark and home in the twilight 🙁

    Roll on the weekend!

    Much Love

    Kim xx

    1. Hi Kim, couldn't help but comment, I was only thinking the same as you on Sunday on our travels, about the beautiful colours of the trees and hedgerows and how I wished I could take photos by blinking or at least memorize them by blinking my eyes. Then when you said about the birds on a wire which I had remarked on to hubby on the same outing. How amazing that is.xx

  10. I do appreciate my daily journey walk with you . Thanks for the inspiration . Whatever is brewing I think positive thoughts and it will be as it should be and so it is . Joy now ,jan

  11. Beautiful artwork Barbara. Just received a huge order yesterday and looking forward to playing with all my new goodies. Clarity Stamps just seems to have to best of everything. Although I live across the pond, where there are lots of crafting companies, none seem to have the quality of your products. So looking forward to your show on Hochanda on Sunday. I'll have to get up early to watch, due to the time difference, but it will be well worth it. I always learn so much by reading your blog every day, seeing your videos and now being able to see you on Hochanda. The autumnal colours in Canada are gorgeous at the moment. So glad we have 4 seasons and can enjoy each one of them. Have a pleasant evening.

  12. Good evening and what a lovely way to end the day. Been busy crafting today new ideas and experiments even got out my very old spray glue. We will see if the glue works tomorrow. As Dad use to say waste not want not.

    Love your New friend in the photo Barbara

    Crafty hugs
    Pen x

  13. lovely,
    the best thing about being able to do what i love for a living is seeing what you come up with,
    and how you use these images and turn them into little master pieces.
    Its a pleasure to do some doodles for you to play with.
    Also young Dorothy's drawing is coming along well.
    Im sure it won't be long till we get her designing stencils eh!
    Rest now,
    Peace out.
    More doodling for me!


  14. Hi Barbara
    The beautiful autumn colours are wonderful at the moment aren't they, there were some lovely red ones on the grounds I went for a walk today, I was like a big kid kicking them around! Today's artwork is lovely, I've ordered the fresco pack today but forgot the butterfly tree, it keeps calling to me! I got my ordinary acrylics out today, my brayer and a canvass so I've made some progress! You know us Barbara, we will follow you wherever you go ( not in a stalking kind of way of course!) , I'm sure you have checked and double checked everything and will let us know the next stage of your journey when you can- I'm sure it's very exciting. I hope you are watertight again, looks like the wet weather is on it's way soon. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Evening Diane I hope you strapped your cushions on I've got two of the colours or I would have fallen of with you the butterfly set is a beautiful set and well worth getting I'm very tempted to the other stamp set hugs xxx

  15. Thank you for sharing this lovely artwork Barbara, you always inspire.
    Was taking photos yesterday of Autumn trees , so beautiful and uplifting.
    Hope that all goes well Barbara in the days ahead for you and Dave and all those you care about,

  16. Your artwork is fantastic Barbara and the colours are beautiful together. I don't think I could be brave enough to just put the colours randomly and then stand back and not keep adding too much and spoil the look. I love the bird tree and the thing that really brings it all together is the shading and hills. What a great photo with the rather wooden character with the binoculars, he reminds me a bit of those figues by David Gormley on the beach at Formby that get washed over when the tide comes in and not a million miles away from where this figure is I suppose. I love the autumn colours that are beginning to appear. My favourites are the maple trees when they turn that bright red. Beautiful! x

  17. Hi Barbara it's a pleasure to visit your blog each day I love the colours you have used today such wonderful inspiration where you go we will follow don't stress over your new road just walk it and we will be there to learn new ways new techniques just look to the groovi you stressed over that and it soared xxx

  18. Fantastic colours. I just love the atmosphere you've created….stirs something within!
    I was also going to say that Dave looked a bit wooden tonight but then I read your reply to Linda Page!
    Best go as it's late and a work night. Hugs , Jeanette xxx

  19. that is such a good picture!
    lovely autumnal hues on the card. would work well as a canvas too methinks. and taking a phrase out of your book….this too shall pass. hang in there, hugs xx

  20. Love your artwork today, got a lot of the Fresco paints now but never have the right colours, must experiment with what I have. The colours of autumn are beautiful let's hope they last another few weeks at least. Whatever your plans are Barbara we' 'll support you all the way like you have us. Never you worry about that.xx

  21. Another one to try loving all those enjoying having ago thank you for your friendship means the world to me thinking of you love Joy ps Katie says Barbara Gray is the BEST. SHE LOVES YOU XXX

  22. As I was driving along yesterday, I saw a lady picking up beautiful coloured leaves and putting them in a bag, I nearly pulled over to ask her what she was going to do with them, I love your painting today, very arty

  23. I've been having an arty evening, playing with autumnal colours and images, inspired by the trees you did a little while ago. It's an anniversary card for my parents, for Thursday so has to go in the post in the morning. Last minute again! Makes a change from the Christmas cards I'm mostly doing at the moment.

    Reading your blog and the comments has become part of my routine. As I start to dabble more into crafting and "getting arty" your inspiration and the little (not so little!) community that has formed here have been a great source of confidence and connection. So thank you for that!

  24. Beautiful artwork – must try a canvas. Back with you again – been "Crook" and not commenting. So sorry but back again to support and dream of doing beautiful work like you. memo – have you worked out the dancing men yet – awaiting your answer with bated breath?
    Best wishes and love to you and Dave
    Anne (Reading)

  25. Hello Barb, such lovely artwork, the colours are beautiful together, love the last picture. Whatever you have planned and whatever the changes, you have to know that all your loyal followers will be there cheering you on. Take care. Bx

  26. Lovely card and I do love the paint effect – might just have to have some of those! Glad you've had such a good day. We're just back from a few days in Orkney where there were lots of birds sitting on the telephone wires, and lots of lovely colours, soft hills and shorelines everywhere – and funnily enough I came back with a lovely piece of art!!! Change is good, so bring it on! Susan x

  27. Stunning and then some – I have to get those paints and stencils! Hope all is well for you and your family, and that your work life will be balanced and less stressful, hopefully you will get there in the end Karen x

  28. Loving this piece! I'll be getting out my acrylics again at the weekend that's for sure & getting out all these stamps again too! 🙂
    The Clarity journey sounds exciting, please don't get off the train just yet Barbara….your passengers are all waiting on the platforms ahead, and those of us already on the train journey are behind you, supporting and cheering you on…..obviously you're at the front driving the train & blowing the whistle!!
    Take care and have a lovely evening, Carole xxx

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