It’s Sunday and we are dancing!

It’s Sunday and we are dancing!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
Sunny Sunday, and a day off.
So I shall just blog something from the TV show last week 
if you don’t mind.
A simple step by step, using our new background stencils,
which come with a FREE stencil folder
(and you only pay for 4 stencils) 
CLICK HERE for special offer
and the beautiful dancing stamps.
My absolute favourite designs at the mo.
Amazingly, a lot of people haven’t figured out yet that the words are woven into the designs…
Using Clarity Brushes
load a sheet of A5 Theuva Card with
until it is full.

Add double sided adhesive sheets to the back 
and trim back to fit the sticky sheets.

cut half inch strips

Peel off the sticky backing and lay down the strips on a sheet of copy paper, alternating them.

Lay the bubble stencil over the striped piece and dry dust the stencil with the brushes you have already used.
By not reloading, the colours will be subtle.

Stamp one of the lovely dancers in Black Archival.
I went with Elegance, because I saw her using the horizontal strip as a dancing bar.
You know, the bar ballet dancers use.
No! She’s not a Pole Dancer!

 Coloured in the word Elegance, to make it stand out.
See it now?
Not that you didn’t before of course.

Ribbon mount.
Keep it simple, eh.
But I think a little depth is called for.

Lovely as she is, she looks a bit flat.
I remember getting criticised on a forum once,
 because “my cards were too flat”.
No comment.

So let’s add a little dimension 
by adding a drop shadow with a grey Distress Marker,


Let’s try the same thing with Charm.
She is fab too.
Before Drop Shadow.

After Drop Shadow.

Darker background.
Ribbon at a jaunty angle. 

What a difference a little shading makes!

So there we are.
Time to get my boots on,
find Dave and go for a stroll through the leaves…..
love and hugs,
Candy Blog Winner to be announced tomorrow, 
when I have counted all the clouds and rains !!!!
If one of you has time, that would be brill !!!!

57 thoughts on “It’s Sunday and we are dancing!

  1. Morning Barbara,

    Just catching up with your blog before the girls and the grandchilden arrive for my eldest grandsons birthday party. Been a bit hetic over the weekend with baking.

    Have made a special card for him (hope you have received my email)

    If I get time I will count the clouds and rain ….. may be rather relaxing to do so…..

    Enjoy the day.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  2. Fantastic demo, such a clever idea. Enjoy your walk with Dave, it's a lovely day in Scarborough too so going to get out in the garden as the rest of the week is forecasted to be very wet so I shall make the most of today x

  3. Enjoy your walk through the leaves. I love this time of year, the colours of the leaves are incredible. I love the rustling sound as i kick the leaves gathered at the side of the path.

  4. My count comes to 51 rainy and 62 CLOUDY (including one vote for each by one person and ignoring double posts. That's a pain because I chose rainy so won't be in the draw. Never mind. Hope this gives you longer to enjoy a walk with Dave.

  5. Well done Sarah, think I chose rainy as well! Have a lovely stroll Barbara and Dave , the weather will be changing soon and we will all be stuck indoors ! So make the most of it X

  6. May have a go at that live the dancers and the stencils they are wonderful can fill that play coming on. Enjoy your walk with Dave hope he is feeling better lots love and hugs JOY KATIE XXX

  7. Thanks for blogging this technique. Flat cards – what do some people see ?! Hubby was just saying yesterday he probably thought I had enough crafting stuff when the doorbell rang and I thought, ooh dear that will be my Clarity box, and it was!! These stencils, the father Christmas sleigh stamp, pretty fibres and some groovi stuff ……. oops !

    I think the rain won 😉

    Have a lovely walk in the sun, I'll be taking next door's dogs out later ! x x x

  8. These designs are beautiful – gorgeous – love them

    I've got the 'count' to 60 for cloudy and 51 for rainy. I've done a list of names for each one and will email this to you. I've ignored double entries and when people chose both went for the first option or the one where the person was most positive about their choice. In typical style, the list doesn't include me as I forgot to enter – would have chosen rain though

  9. Hello Barbara

    An unexpected early treat today. Love the technique and the finished articles. The drop shadow really makes a difference.

    I hope you and Dave had a lovely amble in the sunshine.


  10. Hello Barbara again!

    On a different note I think I must be losing my marbles. I thought I had seen some Art Deco/Art Nouveau Groovi plates but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone throw a light on this dilemma please?

    Thank you,

  11. I made 60 for CLOUDY and 48 for RAINY, but don't quote me! Some posts were doubled up and a few votes were made in 'replies' to other comments so it all got a bit confusing. Going green myself now with all the scrolling up and down! Hope you enjoyed your walk in the sunshine – I did. The brisket went in and I went out – it was lovely!
    Tonbridge Sue

    1. I forgot to mention your beautiful dancers – how rude. Absolutely lovely and when you've worked your magic with them they're even beautifuller(!). BTW I've never seen you do a 'flat' card yet.
      Tonbridge Sue

  12. Beautiful background beautiful stamps and such lovley colours simple stunning card enjoy your walk with Dave .
    Hi Donna how's your cold ?
    Hi Diane
    Hi Dorothy
    Hi Brenda
    Big crafting hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Donna pleased your feeling a little brighter .ive just ordered some clarity black card and a perfect purls to try out plus the blue paper pack that you get in your stencils .i ordered the new Santa set and best wishes set yesterday from crafters companion as they had an offer on spend £30 use the code for £10 off too good to miss .
      I've been doing a little crafting but it's not coming together as it should but going to keep trying as I need to make and send this card .you rest up as your at work tomorrow hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila oh you are naughty, but what a great idea using the crafters companion discount to get Clarity things! I hadn't thought of that!!!!! Haha, you are a one xxxx
      Donna glad to hear your cold is getting betterxxxx
      Hi Dot Hi Brenda xxxxxx

  13. Gorgeous day, perfect walking weather. I've been in the garden most of the day, sawing down a tree (only a small one) and generally tidying up. I think we're in for some nasty weather this week, so need to make the most of the lovely autumnal days. Still, at least when it's rainy, it's the perfect excuse to stay indoors and get your Groovi plate out!! Hope you have a lovely walk. X 💐

  14. Hi Barbara, great demo I like the background. I always admire the 3D look without adding another layer, Jo Rice convinced me to try adding charcoal which looks great although not as great as hers! Flat? What a ridiculous thing to say!
    Loving the dancers and will get them ASAP. Enjoy your Sunday with Dave. Xx

    1. Funny you should say that Dot, I was just looking at the seedless preserve Barbara was using and that's about the colour of the bruise left on my left knee – the right knee bruising has now gone! Thank you for asking. Hope you are ok. We shall have to get Donna on the berrocca to build her up so she can fight off these germs!xxx

  15. What elegant and graceful cards! So, so lovely – wish I had a figure like them!
    Off tomorrow for a bit of R & R – having a parchment lesson – at last found a teacher to show me how to prick and cut. Have a great week.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  16. Love these pretty ballet dancers and the idea with the strips and the blending through the stencil over the top is lovely Barbara. The shading really makes a difference, and thank you for the offer with the stencils too. x

  17. Hi Barb,
    Hope you've had a lovely walk with Dave through the fallen leaves. I ventured into Durham and wished I hadn't – forgot today was the day that all the university students and parents descend on the city. It was manic! I was pleased to get home!
    Love this artwork and pleased that you've done the step by steps for it. Thank you for that. The stencil offer is brilliant and the dancer stamps are fabulous.
    Not sure if I'll be able to comment this week as we are going to Skye for the week so depends on the Internet connection. Love Alison xxxx

  18. Wow, what a fantastic card. Love the way you've made the stripes then added the circle stencil on top, colours too are brilliant, and must not forget the gorgeous stamps. Whoever said about your cards being flat needs their head looking at. Anyone can layer up a card but you give it definition and dimension by your sheer talent. Hope you've had a relaxing walk with Dave today and made the most of the lovely weather.xx

  19. Evening Barbara,
    Beautiful cards, beautiful stamps – as ever!
    Hope you both enjoyed the walk. I once heard someone say that Autumn is Spring with leaves! Beauty all around us. Enjoy your day of rest…

  20. evening.these are great projects. lovely idea here.
    i was wondering : is there any chance you could do a different mix of the dancers? say charm and grace together and elegance and beauty together so that there is more versatility? just a thought. hope you had a great stroll, hugs xx

  21. Love the ballet dancer stamps and elegance is my favourite she is so beautiful and like Donna says Flat !!!!! Who ever said that doesn't know you don't need half a pound of card to make a beautiful creation and that is why I love what you do.
    Please don't read those forum thingys and keep doing what you do …..xx

  22. I loved this background when you demo'd it on TV. I think I'll try it in Christmas colours. I hope you had a lovely walk; the weathers still holding out.

  23. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, lovethebackground effect and the stamps just top it off. These are perfect for the dancers we know. The stencil offer looks interesting, might have to go and have a look at that :).
    Hope you enjoyed your walk, it had been a lovely day today. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

  24. Hello Barb, Hope you had a great stroll through the leaves. Love these beautiful cards, the Dancer stamps are superb, and topping my Clarity Wish list at the moment, which is a rather long list. Take care. Bx

  25. Such an effective background technique and those stamps are just beautiful. Might just have to have that pack of stencils too, but whenever I decide to have something it never seems to come alone! Susan x

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