Blank Custom Stamps. Great Gift Idea!

Blank Custom Stamps. Great Gift Idea!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in!
Yesterday I mentioned that I had something 
I wanted to show you. 
Remember when we make lovely custom stamps 
with your names included?
Well, as we’ve been going along, making the bespoke ones,
we’ve also been making blank ones.
Just a few with every batch. 
So now we have enough to talk about!
I think it might be a good idea to have 
a few different blank Made by stamps, 
so we can actually sign our work for real.
There are 5 designs, as you probably remember,
and 5 different messages:
Handmade by
Created by
Crafted by
Made with Love by
Designed by
So you can pick any one of the graphic frames 
with any one of the messages for £7  £6
All the different combinations are on the website.
Just pick and click. 
They will come unmounted and nicely individually packed;
perfect to give as a gift. 
Or there’s another option, which might appeal to you too.
You can have all 5 images below,
with the exact messages below:
Handmade x 3 and Created by x 2

With this selection, they are only £5 each, 
and you only pay for 4!
So £20 for all 5.
These stamps will also come unmounted in a set pack.
Make great Christmas pressies too.
Not feeling great this evening.
Early night I think.
Much love,

45 thoughts on “Blank Custom Stamps. Great Gift Idea!

  1. OMG! OMG! Such a fantastic idea as I have always signed my cards with my own design and now I can mix it with a clarity stamp! Off to peruse the choices! Cushions at the ready. Xx

    1. Well my being good didn't last! Just got the set as I couldn't decide which one I liked best! And then I added in some masks so I can make Santa fly over the different skylines and cities! Oh well! Xx

    2. Can you imagined clarity towers on Monday the computer will be on overtime sending hugs to clarity towers to help you sort all our orders and a big thank you too xxx

  2. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a fantastic idea – was thinking of getting one for my sister so she could use it with her jewellery so I think I need to strap the cushions on too. Have you been enjoying the rugby with Dave today? Now you've been overdoing it again haven't you, and worrying about Dave then you had a day off with mum so you stopped and now the bugs are catching up with you. Pjs on, easy dinner, light the fire and a snuggle early night and an easy day tomorrow and hopefully you will recharge and catch it in time.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxxx

  3. Hi Barbara this is a brilliant idea and I already know who I could give these to as gifts. Thank you for sorting Christmas out for me. I do hope you feel better soon. A relaxing evening and an early night might just do the trick. Hugs Jackie

  4. These are so great! I have two already, but know that I will be visiting the website as I fancy getting the butterflies as well.
    Hope you feel better soon Barbara, early night sounds like a very good idea.
    Take care, love Carole xxx

  5. (Another!) Great idea, Barbara, thank you! I loved the bespoke stamps but they were a bit outside my budget – but these aren't! Off to make an order now. Hope you get early to bed and feel recharged the morning. x

  6. Great idea!! sometimes I am Gill and sometimes Gillian (and sometimes something quite different!!!) so having a blank stamp will be useful. And I have a couple of crafty friends – so that has sorted Christmas!! Hope you feel better tomorrow – too much excitement I think (or just plain overwork!!). Large cocoa and an early night methinks!!

  7. What a great idea – although I have one of each from the original and Mark2, opting for the multi buy this time round, a gift to me. OK, yet another one!!!
    Take a break tomorrow, Barb. How about one-off those gentle walks nearby? Autumnal countryside and fresh air – nothing but o beat it. Had Mike not been at his mum's in Bath (a rugby match at the Rec included) we would have been out at Haddo House, on one of the longer walks and appreciating this colourful time of year.
    Take care.
    S x. ;~}

  8. What a lovely idea – how clever to do them as you worked through the bespoke ones.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow. There's so much going around at the moment, time to batten down the hatches and keep snug.

  9. Thanks Barbara don't have one…..but I do now…had to order my stencils anyway as just two days to go so just added it in like you do. Lots of orders for your team I bet in the morning and that's just from the…take care and have a duvet day tomorrow….Dot..xx

  10. Fab idea – might need another one for my crochet items! I'll have a proper look when I get back from my weekend away. Only trouble is a stamp never comes alone!!! Oh well, there are no pockets in a shroud (so my mum tells me!) Susan x

  11. Oh Barbara! What can one say? But a great BIG thank you, this is such a wonderful idea and like you say, great gift ideas. I'm going for the pack.
    Hope that Dave is feeling well as is yourself?
    Much love xx

  12. What a fabulous idea! Another to add to the wish list. Hubby said tonight to thank you again for the German plum crumble cake recipe from your blog last year. This time i got the fruit to crumble ratio spot on apparently! It is rather lovely. There was supposed to be enough for the freezer but …. ah well. Next time.
    Hope you wake up feeling more yourself. Xxxx

  13. Great idea Barbara! Now which one will I go for? So glad you had a fun evening yesterday and sorry to hear that you are not feeling great tonight. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Like others have said what a great idea! I already have 2 from each set but I can feel another purchase coming on! Sorry you're not feeling too well & hope you feel better tomorrow. I know how it is as I've got a touch of food poisoning at the moment and feel dreadful. Love to you and Dave, Alison xxxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    I have a few crafty friends who would love one of the stamps and I could use another one too. I hope you get some well earned rest and are soon back to your usual self.
    Hugs from Chris X

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