Making the most of it….

Making the most of it….

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in this evening.
Just got back home after a very pleasant evening 
in Tunbridge Wells,
spent with good friends at the Assembly Halls.
We watched Agatha Christie’s “And then there were None”
It was such fun!
We had a fine old time trying to guess who dunnit.
I have to tell you I am rubbish at detective work!
You never want me on your Cluedo Team!!
Before that, Dave took me out for dinner,
to the local Smith & Western – 
a great TexMex place in Tunbridge Wells.
Great architecture!
It is the old original Royal Tunbridge Wells Train Station, 
and it is astoundingly beautiful.
I mean, the decor is a bit hoaky…
this lamp reminds me of a particularly poignant moment in the past.
You know how some things stay with you forever?
Maybe I can share it with you in our mindful blog next Wednesday?

But when you look closely at the structure, 
you can see the platforms and the fantastic arches. 

Good Tex-Mexican food and friendly people, 
dressed up western style.
It was just what the doctor ordered.
You see, we should have been in New Mexico at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque around now,
but due to Dave’s wobbly and poor health, 
we put it on ice, and decided to stay close to base. 
The Balloon Fiesta comes round every year, 
so we’ll just have to catch a balloon next time. 
And besides,
you can’t beat a good old whodunnit with special friends 
on a Friday night !!!!
Thank you Jayne, once again, for injecting some fun into what sometimes feels like an all work no play kinda life.
Come back tomorrow;
I’ve got a real deal I want to run by you…
Much love,

67 thoughts on “Making the most of it….

  1. Hi Barb,
    The restaurant looks fantastic. Pleased you and Dave have had such a lovely evening – possibly not quite Albuquerque but youre with the one you love and good friends – what more do you need? Love Alison xx

  2. sounds like a great evening Barbara – good food – love the look of the restaurant – great choice Dave!!! All things happen for a reason …. it is just never apparent why at the time ….
    Much love as ever

    Kim xx

  3. So was it the vicar with a candlestick in the bedroom?…. Oh sorry that sounds a bit rude!
    Glad you had some fun though.
    I'm off to Preston tomorrow for Marias workshop! Hope you have a great day too! Love and hugs xxxx

  4. So was it the vicar with a candlestick in the bedroom?…. Oh sorry that sounds a bit rude!
    Glad you had some fun though.
    I'm off to Preston tomorrow for Marias workshop! Hope you have a great day too! Love and hugs xxxx

  5. Yours and Dave time is special you both deserve time out together with friends
    Been poorly on a day to day basis is no fun as I know so make barbara and Dave time together each day it might be a simple cup of tea or a hug but it's your time xxx

    1. I've had a couple of bad days as went to Drs on Wednesday about my abcess in my breast she rang me Thursday referring me to a breast surgeon and I will be seen within 2 weeks one of my friends who has CFS like me came with a large bunch of flowers as our CFS group met up on Wednesday and I couldn't meet up I'm so lucky to have such thoughtful friends and here on this blog too hugs to you all xxx

    2. Sheila my love I hope it gets sorted soon, how lovely of your friends to bring you flowers and be there for you. Sending you a gentle hug xxxx

    3. Oh dear Sheila, let's hope the new Dr gets it sorted out for you. I am trying to sit on my hands and not get anything else this month. Saving it for the groovi storage and also the colouring book/calendar that we had a sneek peak of! Xx

  6. Glad you've had a good evening with Dave and friends, what more could you want? You had the next best thing to Albuquerque a lovely Mexican meal. Better being here and safe until Dave gets the all clear, very wise. Have a great weekend both of you.xx

    1. Morning Cosy toes slept in again but had a lovely day with my son and daughter in law and my youngest 2 grandchildren see you later I hope as I'm off with my other 3 for a happy meal I promised them today this Granny thing keeps me going,,,xx

  7. Nothing like a good night out at the theatre and the dinner prior to the show, even better! Nothing like at good Tex-Mex!
    The balloon festival will keep for another time. Used to watch them glide over the house when we lived in Bath and regularly witnessed some enforced landings in a field just a few yards away.
    We were lucky enough to take a trip in one a few years ago around Sedona; the sense of solitude when up in the air was quite astonishing.
    Weekend of rugby ahead! ;~}

  8. Hi Barbara
    A lovely way to spend the evening. There is nothing better than a live performance. The restaurant looks great too. You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself after all the hard work you do.
    X Chris

  9. Love going to the theatre and detective programmes. Trouble is that I can spot the murderer pretty much straight away. Neil now asks me at the beginning "so who did it then?" Then I spend the whole show waiting to see if I'm right.
    The Tex-Mex restaurant looks gorgeous. Love the boot lamp! Not quite Alberquerqe but it's still "you & Dave" time. That work/life balance is a real skill to master. Take care. Hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Would it be wrong to add a yeee haaa? What a great restaurant, love the boots – were you wearing a pair of yours to match? Sounds like you had a great evening with friends, just what you needed. We've been playing mahjong with Julian's mum and husband – for once I won! Quite a rarity ! I had over 4000 points – unheard of! Sorry you are missing New Mexico and balloons but you will get there soon. Better for Dave to be sorted with the Nhs close at hand rather than get caught out miles from home. Enjoy your weekend, I wonder what's in store for us tomorrow!
    Love Diane xxxx

  11. So sorry you haven't been able to get to the balloon festival Barbara, but next time for sure! A lovely evening with friends is the best medicine and a who dunnit too. I am very intrigued about tomorrow and I wouldn't make much of a detective as I haven't a clue what you have planned for us, just have to wait and see. x

  12. Tis the company you are with rather than the location. Glad you had a nice evening with Dave and your friends. Sending healing wishes for Dave. I really hope they get to the root of the problem soon. Take it easy Dave. Hmmmm a Barbara deal …….. intriguing. Xxxxx

  13. What a lovely night out! Good company, good food and good entertainment. Great way to relax. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us later 🙂 Mxx

  14. Who done it ?! Was'nt me ! I was no where near it , did'nt touch it . Honest… Barb !!!
    Thanks for all your good wishes , will have some results next week. x

  15. Love a bit of Agatha Christie myself, sounds like a great night out, and time spent with friends is always special. Love the boots, the resturauntt looks fun x

  16. Morning slept in again but glad to see you having some fun with friends shame about the wee planned trip to the balloon fiesta but you will enjoy it more when Dave is back in top form which I hope is soon hasn't lost his good sense of humour I see good on you Dave ….xx

    1. Morning Brenda hope your getting a wee bit better day by day miss you here and your great wee funny humour on the blog. By the way thanks laptop not got the wee wheely thing when plugged in and not wifi on Hochanda your a wee star…xx

  17. Hi Barb, what a fab place to go, glad you and Dave had a great evening with friends. You should have been right at home with all them boots around 🙂 Looking forward to what you bring us. Have a great weekend. Bx

  18. Morning from Sunny Devon

    I love the photo of the ballons….reminds me of the Leeds Castle Hotair ballon shows when I use to be living in Kent.

    Glad you had a nice evening and shared the "station" with us.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  19. Sensible to stay close to home , we have to do similar as hubby has frequent lapses. So we do what we can when we can, although I did threaten him he was not allowed to be ill at retreat time Good to have an evening out, just relax and switch off for a while. xx

  20. Hi Barb – we just had some guests from Alberquerque who were telling us about the balloon festival – what a coincidence. Glad you had fun yesterday with your friends. We're just back from a lovely meal in a fish restaurant in Orkney, where you could see the lights from 7 lighthouses – amazing! Hope you have a great weekend, Susan x

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