A simple Gelli Plate technique…..

A simple Gelli Plate technique…..

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Feeling a bit second hand today, after all the excitement of our
One Day Special Set of Shows on HOCHANDA yesterday,
which sold out, don’t you know!
Right at the very end of play!
It was such fun working with Charlie the presenter
 in that last hour; he really is a hoot.
And when he said he used to be really good at darts at school,
I almost broke down, because I thought he said DANCE.
I had this image of Charlie in a tutu, and nearly lost it. 
What he actually said, wasn’t darts OR dance!
It was ART. Which would fit better in context actually.
Where was my head?!
They really need to sort the sound out 
– and I was standing right next to him!
Anyway, cream crackered today,
so I just got the Gelli Plate out for a change, 
and one of the new Stencils from the Sunday TV Show, 
and had a quiet play for an hour.
Hope you like it:
Lay a 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate on  a 7″ x 7″ Clarity Megamount.
Special offer on them when you get both together
Lay the Tree stencil inny on the CLEAN Gelli,
Part of the excellent new Festive Stencil Collection 
which comes with a free Storage folder.
and spread a little China paint over the plate with a brayer.
blot loads off, too.
Let this layer dry on the plate.
Leave the tree stencil in place.
Brayer the next layer of paint over the Gelli Plate.
I used Blueberry Translucent = Fab
and then place our bestist ever stencil, 
onto the wet paint.
Place a sheet of Punchinella over the wet paint and stencils, 
and blot with copy paper.

When the exposed paint is dry, remove the leafy swirl stencil
and blot the lot with copy paper,
leaving the tree in place….

Now spread a third colour, I used Caramel,
 over the tree and the dry paint on the Gelli.
Peel off the tree stencil, 
place your white 7″ x 7″ Stencil/Gelli Card
on the wet paint, 
rub the back of the card to transfer the paint to the card,
and peel your print.

Next, place the other part of the stencil over said print,
and place a torn piece of paper for hills,
to dust in a little colour with your stencil brush.

Weathered Wood is a nice grey/blue ink pad.
Now for the depth.
In order to bring out the depth of the scene 
which is seen through the tree aperture, 
we must first illuminate the sky.
Snowflake paint dabbed through punchinella 
using a mini blending tool.
Piece of cake.

Now it’s time to create the 3-D illusion

Doesn’t it suddenly look as if you could reach into the hole?
As if you are looking through a window?

Black pencil along the inner upper edges of each tree bough.

A white pen on top of the black pencil
will also enhance the 3-D effect along the base.

And now for a wee girl,
reaching for the stars.
She’s from the Wee Christmas Folks Set.
I really like this now.

White snowflake paint and a Groovi Ball embossing tool
 – the thin one, the number 1.
And it’s snowing.

With these Gelli prints, I really like the edges.
They make it clear that this is a proper print.
An original.

So there we are.
Time to stop for the day….

I just remembered what I have to do.
Tune in tomorrow and more will be revealed…
Love & hugs,

62 thoughts on “A simple Gelli Plate technique…..

  1. A beautiful composition Barbara and a great way of highlighting stencils and the effects you can achieve with a Gelli plate. So pleased for you that your HOCHANDA shows went well. Hugs to,you and Dave xxx

  2. What a lovely piece of work, I love the way you have framed the focal point of the little girl. My calendar arrived in the rain, the postman must have been trudging it through the streets for hours. Thanks to Clarity and your great packaging it is unscathed and it is stunning. I love it. Thank you for sharing all your great designs

  3. I love it Barbara, such a clever composition, I'll try to find some "me" time so I can copy it step by step. You were wonderful yesterday, showcasing the Groovi system, I've got a huge wishlist now 🙂 Have a lovely evening and a well earned rest xxx

  4. So glad you had such a good time at Hochanda yesterday! You looked so at ease with both the presenters but your final programme with Charlie just felt right! It had moments of humour and you seemed nicely relaxed! I loved how Charlie was totally absorbed doing the groovi!
    This artwork today is wonderful! I really must get my gelli plate out very soon! My groovi always seems to be my tool of choice at the moment. It is very addictive!
    Have a lovely evening! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  5. So glad you had such a good time at Hochanda yesterday! You looked so at ease with both the presenters but your final programme with Charlie just felt right! It had moments of humour and you seemed nicely relaxed! I loved how Charlie was totally absorbed doing the groovi!
    This artwork today is wonderful! I really must get my gelli plate out very soon! My groovi always seems to be my tool of choice at the moment. It is very addictive!
    Have a lovely evening! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  6. Oh wow Barbara, this is just amazzzzing – absolutely stunning

    I only got your two evening shows. I enjoyed both but I really really enjoyed you showing Charlie how to groovi

  7. Gorgeous! Well done yesterday it was a treat to watch you with Charlie! He is a laugh. Now waiting for my package to arrive. What amazing Groovi art work yesterday which I will aspire to but like you said on telly it is much easier than it looks, just needs practice. I will continue to practice. Calender has arrived too which is just awesome! Well done you. More inspiration. You a re soo generous. Will tune tomorrow as I am now intrigued, but I would tune in anyway, it has become a daily treat/ritual!.. Lots of love.

  8. Spectacular! what a lovely illusion – one could dream of far off places.
    Loved your programmes – you and Charlie are fun. Just a couple of things – the camera crew were not up to muster – did not show your close ups of samples and why did they take so long on the over-head cam? sorry to complain but it did spoil otherwise great demos etc. Loved your new plates – got to have them for Christmas
    Best wishes and love
    Anne (Reading)

  9. This art work is just amazing – how do you do it? Loved the programmes yesterday with the stunning artwork from your design team – they really are the 'bees knees' aren't they. xxxx

  10. Hi Barbara this is amazing. I do love my Geli plate I just don't get to use it enough. I am a bit over committed on Design Team bits and pieces I do find it hard to say no but I am going to practice. I can't wait for tomorrow's reveal. Hugs Jackie

  11. Smashing piece of art! Love learning about the 3D effect. I should think you did need some time out after the last couple of days! A sell out and I haven't ordered mine yet – hope you've got a secret stock at Clarity Towers!! Xx

  12. I'm still working my way through the recorded shows, but I'm already inspired and have had my Groovi out today, trying some different things for Christmas cards.

    This artwork is amazing, it really looks like an aperture, and I like the combination of paint and ink. Another one to try at some point!

    Have a good rest after your excitement, enjoy the peace!

  13. Stunning design Barbara and I have to say , I really did laugh out loud when Charlie said ' darts' well that is what it sounded like on the tv……you did so well to hold it together….a brilliant combination of demonstrations and humour……a real tonic….and just to cap it all off…..A sell out show…..just perfect…..hope you have had a rest today….love to Dave and you….X X

  14. this is just fab. right up my street. i love that leafy stencil. the matching stamps are my favouritest ever and i confess that i have 2 sets. more of this please, hugs xx

  15. Have all your shows recorded so I can watch them at leisure tomorrow, but I'm glad for you that you had a sell out and they went well. Love today's gelli offering – I'll be getting my one out at the weekend to do some Christmas crafting! Susan x

  16. Loved this geli plate you just did waiting for the stencil set to come so when arrives will have a play at doing this haven't played with geli plate for a while so will get it out. Was great the shows yes Charlie is really coming out of his shell great seeing to of you and him playing yesterday been a good week watching you on telly love and hugs Joy xxx

  17. Great step by step today, so inspirational. Love what you do with the gelli plate, especially with my favourite stencil. Hope you are managing to relax after your 24 hours with Hochanda.xx

  18. Oops don't know what happened there anyway had a great time watching the shows yesterday liked Charlie he was interested and funny and no hard sell but sellouts well done Barbara Clarity and Hochanda …..xx

  19. Wow Barbara how stunning your amazing you deserve sell out as you put so much into the shows hochanda is a brilliant channel showcasing your talents and wonderful crafting products enjoy a well enjoyed rest with Dave hugs xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Oh this is beautiful and oh wow it is 3D. Amazing. I must get my geli plate out again for a session, especially as my fresco paints arrived today. I was eying up these stencils last week and the wee folk are cute too – oh dear, where are my cushions!!!!. I've still got your last show to watch but the ones I've seen so far have been wonderful. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Enjoy a bit of a rest now before the NEC.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Evening Diane, out tonight and tomorrow! Three days in a row, anybody would think its a holiday! I have the wee folk and those stencils are on their way to me so all I need are the paints! Have fun with your new stash! Xx

  21. Beautiful artwork. Unfortunately didn't see yesterday's shows as travelling back up from Kent but sounds like I missed a good one with Charlie. Have ordered everything from Clarity so my Groovi habit will soon be getting organised. Pleased for you that it all went so well. Xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely lady you are…. And you made me spend lots of money on the Groovi … I really enjoyed all your shows…
    Fabulous work today stunning…..
    Hugs Sylvie
    Gibraltar xx

  23. Beautiful, can't wait for my stencils to arrive! Have to agree I was in stitches in that last show with you and Charlie, good to see you relaxed and having fun! Have a restful weekend. Xx

  24. Love this idea with the gelli plate Barbara and the scene looking through the tree is fantastic! I loved that last show yesterday with Charlie, it did sound as though he said darts not art and there was certainly some laughing going on from me watching and from you on the telly! So pleased it was a sell out too. Glad you have rested up a bit today and hope Dave is doing well. x

  25. This is so beautiful. Did it really only take you only an hour? The illusion of depth you've created here is so totally convincing. Love it!!!!
    Tonbridge Sue

  26. Barbara your comment "With these Gelli prints, I really like the edges. They make it clear that this is a proper print. An original." Made me think of a friend who wanted a special card made; she gave me a list of about 8 things/ideas of what the theme of the card could be. I used about 6 of these ideas on the card. When I gave to her, she gave it back and asked for a more personalised verse inset, so the recipient would realise it was a specially ordered original card and not a handmade one bought from the shop. I nearly said I would like to see you go into a shop and get a card that covered 2 of the items on the list, let alone 6 and in the colourway you wanted. However I did not, just smiled and said okay. Do I need to invest in a clarity special stamp that says 'this is an original work of art, specially commissioned' do you think?

  27. Hi Barb,
    Loved the shows and good to see that Charlie is coming out of his shell a little bit. He really seemed impressed with the Groovi system. Love the art work you've created here as well.havent used my Gelli plate for ages – think I will have to rectify that! Glad that the folders sold out for you too – ordered mine straight from Clarity. Love Alison xx

  28. Hello Barb, loved the shows, they were as always fantastic and inspirational. Loved all the new Groovi system plates, especially the Poppies. So I now have a huge Christmas Wish list. Love this beautiful artwork and the stencils, may get them too late for this Christmas, but for next year, they will be in the bag. Take care. Bx

  29. Hello Barbara
    I always admire your artwork and ideas since I came across Claritystamps and over the time I bought quite a lot from your company. Your blog always makes my day.

    Today I was getting out the gelli plate to try something like your beautiful artwork.
    Since I don't have these stencils I used the inner of the oval frame, and the leaf stencil. And I made the mistake to use these Fresco paints. It took me nearly half an hour to get the dry paint of the oval with a stiff brush, not to mention how long it took to clean the leaf stencil without ripping it.

    These paints may be good to paint with, haven't tried that yet since I usually use normal acrylic paints for my artwork which never give any problems to clean my tools.
    Normal acrylic paints only need a bit of water and a good wipe and come easily off nearly any material. But these Fresco paints are nothing but a pain in the derriere, so I am happy I only bought a few. They come off easily off the craft mat and the gelli plate though. But they should definitely not be used on stencils and sure not on the very fragile ones.

    You simply go to the office and get a new one, but we have to buy them and I am not prepared to have to buy new ones frequently only because the paint doesn't come off or they become damaged from cleaning. I like my tools clean so no Fresco paints for me anymore. They are too expensive to be thrown away.

    I look forwad to seeing some new stamps (word chains and line sentiments in German would be nice) again in the future instead of only groovi plates.

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