Over the Rooftops….

Over the Rooftops….

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thought I would catalogue one of the projects I did on Sunday afternoon;
the one with our new Santa and the fabulous star corners.
it’s a good one for showing off the virtues of masking, 
and showcasing our Clarity Masks.
Stamp Santa onto cream card using Black Archival.
Stamp a frame into place with the large corner 
top left and top right.
Use the long holly trellis down the sides and along the base.
Add the Santa mask, which comes with the stamps,
and a moon mask.

Brush out from the centre.

Use the Rooftops mask from the pack of landscapes masks
at the base, underneath the reindeer’s feet.
Includes the Moons mask too!
Brush in the rooftops with Denim ink, using our Clarity brushes.

Looking good….

Stamp a greeting sideways, using the Christmas Word Chain.
Add ink, blot, plot stars around the edge.

Light, dark, light, dark…

Colour in Santa and his mate using Spectrum Noir pencils.
We have a great little Sakura pen which is a must have! 

Blending the colours gradually.

Add a drop shadow to the lettering with a red pencil.

Mount and frame and add more shade if you feel the need.
I’m happy with this as is. 
Have a lovely evening.
Paul’s just turned up, so it’s time to stop and have a chat.
love and hugs,

51 thoughts on “Over the Rooftops….

  1. Watched you do this Sunday, glad you have put a step by step for us. I have these stamps on my Birthday wish list so fingers crossed. Hope Dave ok after his test yesterday, maybe you will get some good results. Enjoy catching up with Paul. xx

  2. Loved this. Fabulous stamps. Sorry about the "look" lol. Have a good night, I fly off to Barcelona tomorrow for two weeks….I will be taking my Groovi with me lol. Hugs xxxxxx

  3. Looking forward to my order arriving, Santa included! Just finished the prototype for my mum's carers Christmas bags and boxes – Wee Folk, Parchment, Ribbon Words all included! Hope she likes them! ;~}

  4. Watched the classroom today in between work calls (I'm working at home as I am ill) and loved this one! Mind you, saying that I loved everything!!! That wish list doesn't get any smaller…..

  5. Hi Barbara this is stunning. I was so lucky today I was watching Hochanda and crafting and they repeated one of your Sunday shows and I was able to watch you make this wonderful card. I just love your brushes. Enjoy your evening. Paul is a good friend. Hugs Jackie

  6. Hi Barbara
    I haven't got to this bit on the recording yet so this is a lovely surprise. These stamps are fab, really like the large corner and how it makes the frame. It's lovely to have the how to on the blog so we can refer back to it. Enjoy your evening with Dave and Paul. Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Donna hope you are ok – Sheila Dot and Brenda haven't popped their heads around the door yet – they are probably off causing mischeif and falling off the wagon! Enjoy your evening xxxx

  7. Sat mesmerised as I watched you demo this on Sunday. To turn a plain piece of white card into this beautiful art card is nothing short of alchemy! One day I will take the plunge and go Clarity, meanwhile I watch and learn.
    Tonbridge Sue

  8. Just fab! I must not buy any more Christmas stamps, I must not buy any more Christmas stamps, I must not buy any more Christmas stamps……but I am soooooo tempted! Susan x

  9. Lovely card, so I had to buy the stamp.!!!! I've finished my Christmas cards, apart from the special close friends and family ones, and this stamp fits the bill beautifully, so, as soon as it arrives……….xxx

  10. Lovely card, so I had to buy the stamp.!!!! I've finished my Christmas cards, apart from the special close friends and family ones, and this stamp fits the bill beautifully, so, as soon as it arrives……….xxx

  11. This is such a fun stamp Barbara and what a fantastic card you have made with the great way you have brought it all together. Hope you had a good chat with Paul. x

  12. Hahahah just watching you again on Hochanda as I write – making this card. Think its really fantastic that Hochanda are doing repeat shows (although I have you recorded)

    Did not catch up with you last night, as been bit worried Mum rushed back to hospital last night for another head xray. Although she was moved to a convalescent home on Sunday think she had far too many visitors and she over did things. ! So fingers crossed for news soon… Was awake most night ….. kept on checking my phone.

    Oh well best get on as best I can…and wait….not easy I have to say.

    Crafty hugs and thanks for a fantastic card.

    Pen x

    1. It would seem that Mum has had another bleed on the brain…being so far away (250 miles) I feel totally useless and the hospital will not tell me anything over the phone. !!!

      Thanks for your good wishes Sheila.

    2. That's typical of hospital protocol they can ask you questions over the phone but you carnt ring to ask them as you could be anyone my partner and I have both been through that .
      All you want is a little courtesy and have your mind put at rest
      Try to get some rest lots of hugs xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Love this card. Saw you demo it on Sunday and was really impressed with it, so I am so pleased you've done the step by steps for it. I will have to wait until the end of October before I buy the stamps though as I've well and truly overspent on craft stuff this month!! Also having an unexpected break next week up to Skye so that's got to be budgeted for too! Hope you had a lovely night with Dave and Paul. Oh! That doesn't sound right!! Shall I say hope you had a lovely chat with Paul and Dave yesterday evening and a lovely night with Dave! Love Alison xxxx

  14. Hi Barbara. Love this card, strange but I am sat catching up on your shows and have just finished watching you demo this one, then turned on the TV to see you on Hochanda in a repeat of this show! I hope Dave is feeling better after his hamster wheel test, and that it can shed some light on what is going on. Some beautiful cards etc on the last few blogs. I loved the Farthing with the gorgeous Wren and of course the thrupenny bit, the castle one as I used to call them. My Gran always put silver sixpences in the Christmas pudding. Funny how me and my brother always had one in our pieces! (granparents do magic don't they, such treasured memories). We had to give them back to Gran and she would give us the same amount in pennies.
    I hope you aren't rushing around too much. Take care xx

  15. Thank you Barbara,

    My stamp set arrived today so will be following your tutorial above very carefully!!! Will you be having a Hochanda Gallery, as you did a Create and Craft Gallery. I found this very inspirational and invaluable. Love Caroline

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