Mindful Wednesday. It was the drugs that did it – honest!

Mindful Wednesday. It was the drugs that did it – honest!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Oooh it’s been a busy day thus far!
Filming YouTubes with Jim in the morning,
A little peek…
and then more filming German bits n bobs for 
Hochanda in the afternoon.
Smile! You’re on camera!
So I’m just about videoed out now!!
I wanted to share something with you, because it is something that surprised me today, and made me think.
And this being Mindful Wednesday Blog Day, 
where we look at things of that nature, 
I thought, Yes. Let’s.
Let’s talk about what happened to me this morning. 
Now I can only speak for myself of course, 
but nonetheless…
Last week, I went to the Doctors because my neckitis is getting worse. The last time I went to see him, he sent me to have physiotherapy, but that didn’t go so well. 
This time, he decided to go down the Pain Modifier road, in hopes that the tension might be reduced if I couldn’t feel the pain, so the muscles might relax more.
You get the picture.
So he prescribed what he said were Anti-Depressants when taken in larger quantities (100mg minimum), but Pain Modifiers (10mg) when taken in much smaller doses.
I assured him that I do NOT need anti-depressants, 
or any mind altering substance!
He assured me that taken in the correct amount, 
these pills would serve purely as a pain modifier, 
and not a head adjuster.

Well, I avoided them at the weekend, because I didn’t want to risk an adverse reaction if I was driving up to Peterborough and on TV and so on. You never know, do you….
But last night, I thought I had best get started on this course of mild Pain Modification. So 10mg before bedtime. 
Slept like a log. Mind you, I usually do.
However, when the alarm went off at 6am, 
I couldn’t get my head off the pillow.
At 7am I was still lying there, inert.
Tea went cold, coffee went cold. 
Getting dressed was a challenge,
and I still can’t find my boots!
Dave was doing his best to rouse me (n.b. rouse, not arouse!!!)
but to no avail.
Had a hell of a job getting the day started!
And I’ve been a bit phased all day, if you know what I mean. 
But the point I want to make is this:
The Doctor assured me that a miniscule dosage like this would not affect my psyche at all.
Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs!
Because if 10mg knocked me on my arse like that, 
what on earth would 100mg do ???
I have absolutely no intention of finding out, 
but I wanted to flag this up, put it out there.
So many people turn to anti-depressants as a coping mechanism. 
I am sure they are helpful for some and a life-saver for many. 
But it’s the dosage I am talking about. 
It certainly shocked me that a neglible dose could have such a profound effect.
So I for one will have to be careful, 
and question what is the normal dose for the average person.
Because if today’s is normal, I ain’t !
Has it helped my neck at all?
Nope. Are you kidding? 
But ask me if I care.
  Back to bed….
love & hugs,

64 thoughts on “Mindful Wednesday. It was the drugs that did it – honest!

  1. Good Evening Barbara, wise decision not to have taken them at the weekend then!! totally agree with you about antidepressants that said they do get prescribed for a number of ailments from migraines through to full blown depression – everyone is different and tolerate the dside affect differently so you might find after a few days they help. I myself am prescribed Naproxen for the old arthritis pains – only turn to them when I cannot stand the pain any longer and have to take them generally at night as I find they give me a bit of an upset tum if not careful – this getting old lark is just not fun is it!!!
    Take care
    Much Love

  2. Oh Barbara!
    I can hazard a guess at what you've been given. It sounds very much like a med given to folk with Fibromyalgia. That starts at 10mg & you certainly would feel worked the next day if you weren't advised to take it as early as possible in the evening to avoid the meds hangover.
    I can tell you that, for me, when i started them i felt like you describe for a week or so but that, after i worked out how to take them best for me, i found them so helpful for the pain as well that we (GP & i) have switched me to a much larger dose.
    Only you know whether it could be worth a while of feeling odd to get the pain under control. If you do, try taking them early evening & you may find the hangover easier to bear. If not, then i found the therapeutic massage offered by a local physiotherapist for shoulders & neck helped.
    Good luck & thanks for sharing.

    1. PS By early I can give you an example: i have just taken my 150mg (!!) at 7pm & will go to bed at 11.30 to get up about 9am. Earlier for early start, later if i forget & i am unlikely to see the morning!

  3. Hi Barb,
    Gosh, good job you're not taking a higher dose. I've always been very wary of anti depressants I must say. I know that some people will see them as a godsend but I bet there's an awful lot of people who are addicted to them. Definitely a good job you didn't take them before driving up to Peterborough. Have you tried a collar for your neck – you could wear it at night – not very aesthetically pleasing but might work. Take care, love Alison xxx

  4. I Take Prozac daily as part of my CFS everything management…..apparently it keeps me calm…im on quite a high dose because i have been taking for a long time and when it stops working they simply up it!!!! now im at the max an dreading what ill be given next….. Loved the shows on Hochanda and have been playing with the fusible film stamping idea today….
    Thank you for teaching me this fun new game !!!

  5. Sounds like you need to find a way to manage the medication. I have been luckynot to have experience of such choices so can only sympathise with your dilemma of how to deal with the situation.

  6. So sorry to hear of your experience today. Although I am not surprised. I was given "epilepsy" drugs some years ago in a small dosage to counter-attack non mentionable problems. Outcome – well, try coming off them! I have just about managed but with much lack of sleep. Have you tried acupuncture? It may prick a bit but not addictive like drugs. I do hope you find a solution. Put the lavender bag under your pillow and dream of Dave! Sorry I haven't commented for a week – been on a relaxing trip to Kefalonia – lovely people and now back to the thick of the MOJ. By the way have you worked out the message yet!!!
    Lots of love
    Anne and the other half (Reading)

  7. Hello Barbara

    What a day you have had! Don't know if it would help or even if you want to try it but my Aunt, who suffered with an arthritic neck (cerviacal spondylosis – not sure of the spelling) and she swore by acupuncture as a pain reliever.


  8. A tens machine can be helpful, and is non invasive. You could also give reiki a try, I'm a reiki practitioner and I've given reiki to people with arthritis who say that it does help. And the acupuncture suggestion is also worth considering. If all else fails try a large glass of red wine!

  9. Sounds like a scary experience Barb – at least you were not on your own. Had to laugh at your NB!! Lol.
    I have had antidepressants only once in my life – never would have believed I would ever take such a thing but I have to say they got me through a dark place in my life and my GP was amazing. Don't ever want to take them again mind! Really hope your neck eases a bit soon. Take care. Xx

  10. Oh Barbara do I know ho w you feel! I remember taking half of an anti depressant pill for something and it floored me so much my eldest daughter had fed and dressed her three sisters and put them all out to school , locked the door and went herself and I was oblivious to it all . Even when they came home I was so spaced out I couldn't cook or anything. Worse part was that their dad was away from home working so we just had to muddle through but never took any more and never will. I do hope you feel better soon x

  11. I know we all have to take medications sometimes when there is no option but it is really worrrying how strong some of these medicines are as your story shows, and some people get to tolerate huge amounts which you would think can't be good in the long run. I am a great believer in trying natural remedies and although not appropriate for more serious illnesses it may be that you might be able to find something which could help your neck problem and also a memory foam pillow which supports your neck might help, and maybe you have tried these things already but if not perhaps worth a try. x

  12. Oh dear oh dear ….. I remember when I was on anti depressants many years ago after my 2nd child. I went round in a fog for 6 months. It does make one wonder ……

    Now what do I use for pain killers, I have a bad back, is a tens machine and I swear by it. Got to make sure pads are in the right place though.

    Hope your neck improves Barbara big gentle hugs

    Pen x

    1. hi, good news Mum is back in the nursing home and fingers crossed she gets rest now.

      The hospital thinks she over did the visitors and excitement and this caused the bleeds she has on the brain to get slightly worse.

      just hope today will be better. will give her a call shortly. Thnanks for your thoughts.

      Pen x

  13. Hi Barbara Well what can I say but snap a few weeks ago I also went to the Doctor's when i pulled a muscle in my neck and no amount of painkillers were helping and yes was prescribed the same 10mg do they begin with a D it took 2 or three days for them to work but they worked he also said it wss anxiety that was making it worse.
    I'm fine now and yes you have to work out when best to take them they worked for me but hey I'm not running a busy company ….take care…xx

  14. 100% pure peppermint oil works great for acks, pain, stress and more. Rubb half teaspoon or more and let the natural heat and coolness do the work. Lavender oil works great for relaxation, respitory and much more when rubbed on chest. There are no side effects. There is lots of information on the net. I have had excellent results with oils and homeopathic remedies. Hope you find something that works for you.

  15. Hi Barbara. I am sorry to hear that your neck is still not good and that you had such a reaction with the meds
    I have been given various drugs for pain relief over the years, some like you that were originally made for other illnesses. Some can have the type of effect that you had for the first few days then your body settles down. If you can bear it they often can be very good at pain killing. It's not an easy choice though, you have my sympathy. I do hope you find something soon that helps. Accupunture is meant to be very helpful for neck problems so maybe try that. Also wearing a high necked nughtie, pj top, polo shirt Or whatever will be helpful.
    What great photos, you always manage to find the perfect ones to suit your blog, thank you for taking the time to find them : ) Take care xx

  16. Well Barbara, thanks for sharing your experiences.
    I , like you have major concerns about such medication and it sounds like your bod was just knocked out by the dose.
    You have been working hard and demos etc mean you are moving your neck constantly.
    Please try to rest , it's so important.
    Hope Dave is ok.
    Your cat photos are the best ( I am a cat lover) and they made me smile no end.
    Take care Barbara,

  17. Oh dear I have same problem tramodol if I take more than one dose make me light headed. Had problems with my neck few years ago my cure was I fell broke my wrist it was I plaster for 6 weeks so arm was rested and trapped nerve in neck healed so rest is the best cure but not always possible do hope you get relieve soon love joy xxx

  18. Hi Barbara,
    I've only ever had one experience like yours, but with an antihistamine. One dose – could NOT get up next morning, had to cancel an appointment and was groggy/useless all day. Needless to say I wouldn't take any more! Enjoyed a repeat of one of your weekend shows today and Hochanda were airing your recently filmed 'trailer'. Great job all round.

  19. Sore neck – not good Barbara. Have you thought of trying a chiropractor or an acupuncturist? A heat pack may help at the end of the day. I suffer on and off with pain in the neck and shoulders, sometimes ending up with a bad headaches when I have been making cards all day. I usually try a heat pack first to relax the muscles; if not successful I resort to mild painkillers.

    The problem is with GP's they only know how to prescribe “poisons” as my GP said to me some years ago. Most GP’s never think of alternatives treatments and do not always seem inclined to find the root cause of the pain. I am very anti-drugs unless it is a last resort; they all have an effect on the body, sometimes with devastating results. Some years ago I was the only one of a group of 6 of us who had not been prescribed Valium for “stress”. We all had very young children at the time. I often wonder how many of those ladies because addictive to them, knowing what I know now.

    ALternative treatment is way better than drugs that have an effect on you like you have suffered.

    Great 2 hours with you on Sunday, watched to-day as I was away in Spain on Sunday. HOCHANDA have got it right, they allow you to teach and the presenter stays out of it until you have finished. Fantastic no interruptions, we will all learn a lot more this way.

    Hope you get the neck sorted soon.


  20. Hi Barbara, it's your body, your life, your decision what you put into your body, please don't let anyone talk you into taking something you are not comfortable with. The cat photos made me smile, thank you. The first one with the cat in the bed, my last wee cat did that, I'd get out of bed to go for my shower, she'd go in, body under the quilt with her head on my pillow, just like it was a human lying there, it was so cute. Guess she thought I'd spent the night warming it up ready for her morning snooze!!! Take care, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda how are you today? I do like the cat photos, they made me smile too. I'm not a cat person – we have quite a few around here that think it's ok to stalk the birds in my garden even when I'm sat there watching them! But I am a softie for this cuteness! Big hugs for you and Daisy xxx

  21. My mum has suffered with pain in her neck and has used a tens machine for pain relief. Hope yours doesn't last as long as hers! As for medication she rattles with the amount she takes. I like to think that Drs only give out medication if its needed and I'm certain if you live day in day out with pain then you take any chance of relief. Pain can be so draining and soul destroying it can ruin any pleasure, I feel so bad for my Mum when she is having a bad day and I know that there are many people on here that live with pain too. I hope you get something that works for your pain and is right for you. XX

  22. Hiya 🙂
    First time I have ever commented 🙂 . I am sorry your neck is proving troublesome. I too have muscular stuff going on, and I think I know what med they have tried you on…..they had me on it too, and also told me to take it at bedtime. I found that that if I wanted to not be comatose at 7,8, or 9 am……then I needed to take it at 5pm, didn't make me sleepy til 10 ish, or 5 hours after i took it. I was on it, and/or a couple of other things for about 5 years all in. I have in the last 4 months come off all of it, but now need to take something else to fend off the nausea that has been left behind by not taking the "antidepressant but only a pain dose…….". I find that my osteopath is much more use to me than the meds, but i did think i needed to give the Doc and the meds a chance – they had five years of me, and they are not getting me again 🙂 . I hope you find some relief from the neck pain, Cranial Osteopathy is good too. Initiallly feels a bit like " Hang on, i've paid you £50 to do what?" then you feel a bit looser, and a bit more flowy………I know a couple of good ones on the SE London/Kent borders.

    I hope your neck eases a bit for you .


  23. Hiya 🙂
    First time I have ever commented 🙂 . I am sorry your neck is proving troublesome. I too have muscular stuff going on, and I think I know what med they have tried you on…..they had me on it too, and also told me to take it at bedtime. I found that that if I wanted to not be comatose at 7,8, or 9 am……then I needed to take it at 5pm, didn't make me sleepy til 10 ish, or 5 hours after i took it. I was on it, and/or a couple of other things for about 5 years all in. I have in the last 4 months come off all of it, but now need to take something else to fend off the nausea that has been left behind by not taking the "antidepressant but only a pain dose…….". I find that my osteopath is much more use to me than the meds, but i did think i needed to give the Doc and the meds a chance – they had five years of me, and they are not getting me again 🙂 . I hope you find some relief from the neck pain, Cranial Osteopathy is good too. Initiallly feels a bit like " Hang on, i've paid you £50 to do what?" then you feel a bit looser, and a bit more flowy………I know a couple of good ones on the SE London/Kent borders.

    I hope your neck eases a bit for you .


  24. Dear Barbara
    I suffered severe neck pain for months & couldn't even drive. I then found acupuncture & after 5 sessions plus massage the problem gradually went & 5 years later has never returned. I can highly recommend you put the pills down the toilet & give this a try.
    Love the cat pictures xxx

  25. I slipped a disc in my lower back 18 months ago, now have muscle spasms on the right due to over compensating. My doctor has recently done the same with me and I too took one on Monday night, can honestly say best nights sleep I've had in yonks. I did feel like a zombie to start with the day after but it was better the day after. Honestly wish I had taken them sooner, it will affect you to start with as you haven't had them before. I was very cautious and it took me 3 weeks before I took one. But everyone is different, hope you find some relief xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    Oh dear this doesn't sound good – thank heavens you didn't take them at the weekend! I love your sense of humour throughout though – poor Dave trying to rouse you ( arouse haha – ). I hope you manage to find some relief for your neck soon it has been going on for ages. My lovely chiropractor always recommends ice when my neck is sore which seems to do the trick for me but different things work for different people. Hmmmm I don't recommend tripping over outside Ally Pally though – that cost me two chiropractor appointments, but my jaw is back in line again now!!!!! 🙂
    I hope you have a good nights sleep tonight and tomorrow is another day. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

  27. i know that amitryptilene used at 10mg is prescribed for pain. as a side effect it makes you drowsy so it can also double up as a sleeper. at that dose it will not touch depression . it is NEVER started at a dose higher than 25mg and it is graadually built up to a therapeutic dose. not everyone responds to the same dose but everyone is knocked off their feet the first time they take the drug. it needs getting used to. the effect will probably reduce in about 2 weeks.
    as for the pain it will also need some time to get into your system before it has an effect. it is not an anlgesic like the others so you need to give time to time, hugs xx

  28. Well, I guess it's been a different day for you Barbara! I don't think some enforced sleep catch up will do any harm at all!

    I'm someone who was helped hugely by anti-depressants – probably not the type you've had though – but as you say dosage is an issue, and they can make things worse before they get better as there are reactions when you initially take them. And doctors don't always explain that fully – I've had massage clients struggling with that, who were hugely relieved to understand that they could be in a settling in phase.

    And drugs alone are rarely the answer, to any medical issue (in my humble opinion and experience!)

    If this isn't the answer for you, I hope the next thing you try is more successful – neck and back pain is so debilitating so be good to get it sorted. Maybe you need a Clarity massage therapist on the team! 😉

  29. Hi Barbara,
    Good job you didn't try the pills at the weekend! my body doesn't like drugs I usually react badly to most of them and have been in the situation of being fit for nothing after taking one allergy tablet, it's no fun at all.
    Like some of the other comments I would definately look at alternatives, after being told by a Consultant some years ago that I needed to be on drugs for the rest of my life because of pains in my head, the drugs made me a zombie – I thought I can't live like this and I was introduced to my Osteopath, after some xrays to make sure nothing was a miss I started having manipulation on my neck and back and hey presto everything got much better. A lot of my problems over the years have been stress related and everything tightens up – a few crunches, some pulling and the odd squeal seems to sort me out!
    You could find some small changes to the way you work + some alternatives to drugs could help.
    Good luck – Kay x

  30. Barbara, I think we can all only speak from our experience. I had a car accident in 1979 and did quiet a bit of damage to my back which I still suffer with. Each time I went to the hospital they prescribed more and stronger pain killers. The physio could not work on me as it was took painful I tried acupuncture as recommended to a friend. It was the only thing that really reduced the pain, took a few sessions, physio was finally able to work on me. I was going 3 times a week for months and then reducing. It is probably worth a try, you never know it may work. Hugs.

  31. Yes the drugs do knock you sideways to begin with but for some people they are helpful. Wouldn't it be good if you were one of these people Barbara? Constant pain is so wearing and debilitating. Love the pictures and the humour, where do you find them? Keep well.

  32. I do feel for you Barbara, I have a lot of back pain at present, do hope your neck soon gets better. The trouble with a lot of medication it can be addictive, not on a small once a night dose though. They do make you sleepy sometimes for a week or so until you get used to them. Which is OK as long as they work on the pain. Let's hope that it works after a few days. Love the cute cat photos.xxx

  33. I really hope they do work for the pain. They are funny things I think and have different effects on individuals. Hubby was on a low dose earlier in the year when he had low mood, but he's come off them now. He was already dozing all day and I was guessing sleep apnoea (for a couple of years I've been saying that) today he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea and he's sleeping with a CPap machine tonight for the first time…. I'm hoping it's going to be the answer we've been looking for and his whole life will change for the better. Fingers crossed for you and him xxx

  34. Hello Barbara gone from mindful Wednesday to hopeful Thursday hope today is a better controlled
    Pain day for you
    I have to take many different pain medication to keep my pains at bay I have creams and tablets and bottled pain medication too ,
    I went to pain management a long time ago they help you through the right medication for you
    I have some cream for muscle spasms in my neck it's called zacin / Capistan I don't know if you can buy it from the chemist as I get it on percription but it's very good don't know if it would help you but anything is worth a try xxx

  35. Hello Barb, I do hope that a continued course will help ease your neck problems. We do put a lot of faith in our Doctors. Just imagine if you had been that sleepy on the telly? Love your pictures today. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Hope Dave is ok. Take care. Bx

  36. OMG Barb what anti depressant did your GP prescribed albeit a small dose?! I know we spoke about chiropractor when I saw you in Caterrick and I really am an advocate but being the nurse I was massive skeptic but just had to try something. Went twice a week for 3 weeks and was out of pain for the first time in weeks within 3 hours of the first session. Yep pain came back but after the 3 weeks was pain free and I now go eve y 6 weeks or so just to be put straight as it were! I sometimes go thinking everything is good but good old Andy just knows where to go and always finds a little something to tweak and I always feel less tension afterwards even when I think There isn't any before I go in. I would be loathed to give it up now after 6 years. Give it a go Barb, there's nothing to loose except pain and tension and you wont feel dopey and loose time! A bit sore afterwards but a hot water bottle will do the trick there. Also an angled work surface like draftsmen use instead if a fat table may help when your working, you know like the old fashioned school desks, they had it right in the good old days! Love Vanessa

  37. Morning – I have been there Barbara – was given 10mg amytrip to try and help migraine – 48 hrs before I felt safe to drive – never took another one – then got given Pregabalin and wandered round falling over . GP tried to convince me I would get used to these , or other drugs, within 3/12 !!
    I do hope you find some relief from neck issue – sounds like Ibuprofen gel rubbed on may be your best bet – few side effects but does help – Jayne x

  38. Hi Barbara
    I'm late again. Love the pictures of the kittens. I have had experience of the drug you are talking about. I was prescribed 10 mg for chronic pain after falling down stairs. I had the same reaction as you. I was like a Zombi all day. I just stopped taking it. You really need to ask doctor to send you for a MRI scan to find out what the cause is.
    I hope it improves soon. X Chris

  39. Hi, Barb, interesting to read about your 'low' dose and what it did to you. I take a low dose (5mg) anti depressant for pains in my legs. I too was very sceptical – and didnt want anti Ds, but over a period of time (nearly 2 years now) the pain is definitely easier, and swelling lessened (though not gone completely. Hope you can find a happy solution.

  40. Hope you find a solution you can tolerate soon Barbara – it must be wearing you down having constant pain for such a long time. I had a shoulder problem for many years, and went to a holistic therapist in Upminster (Essex) who was the only person to sort it out for me. Might be a bit far for you to travel, but let me tell you Julia Massey has magic in her hands and she is truly a very special lady!!! Susan x

  41. Hello Barbara, one of your newest gold club recruits here. I think you mght be talking about amitryptiline…. I've been on it for around 18 months now … cervical vertebrae misaligned and three pinched discs…. the knock out effect does wear off but I think this mediation is great … I take it everyday because the alternative is surgery or injections into the cervical vertebrae space and both have 'potentially life changing complications' so sleeping like a log and waking up foggy but able to function works for me x

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