Hospital Waiting rooms, Best wishes and Trees.

Hospital Waiting rooms, Best wishes and Trees.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in and keeping me company. 
Sitting here in the hospital, waiting for Dave while he does a treadmill test, (or hamster wheel run as he preferes to call it). 
He was dusting off his trainers this morning, 
all set for his strenuous endurance test. 
Hopefully this exercise will give us some more clues 
as to what is going on. 
So I thought I would use the time wisely and write my daily blog….
Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, so let me look into my photo archives from the TV show yesterday.
Mmmm. No flowers and trees, but I will add a little je ne sais quoi later on!
 onto a piece of our stencil/gelli card
using a Potting Soil or Coffee ink pad. 
Colour in the ribbon writing using Spectrum Noir pencils.
Dust the card with talc, then colour in the ribbon words with a Versamark pen (bullet end). Add clear embossing powder
And heat emboss with a heat gun.
I like this one: Two-speed, folds up.
This is like glazing the letters. See?
Add a little Post-It tag underneath.

Using Clarity Stencil brushes, dust Evergreen Bough and Stonewashed over the words and Post-It, brushing out from the centre with the green, the circling with the blue.

Outline the little tag with a black micron pen
either freehand or with a ruler, and stamp on your special day into the box using the same ink pad. Create a little hanging illusion from the S, by literally drawing a string from the tag. 
Layer up and mount onto matching colour card.
Now to wait until I get home with his nibs, 
and add a tree or a flower…..
Well, he wasn’t feeling great after his brief encounter with that very fast moving ramp,
so we came home via the local farm shop, and bought loads of healthy stuff:
Pork pies, cheese and fruit cake. 
Time for a little siesta now….
Oh! before I retire for a snooze,
let me add a tree…..or three!

Perfect. Love these three.
Enjoy the rest of the day!
Love & hugs

58 thoughts on “Hospital Waiting rooms, Best wishes and Trees.

  1. I hope they can find out how to get Dave on the road to recovery soon rather than going nowhere on his hamster wheel.

    I really enjoyed your demo day on Hochanda yesterday, It's the best one yet, so I'm really looking forward to the new lessons.

    Take care both of you,
    Julie xx

  2. Oh dear poor Dave I've heard people say how hard the treadmill tests are. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day with all that healthy eating!! Glad you did the Best Wishes one again. It might stick in my brain second time around and I love the edition of the trees. Perfec

  3. Not the best way to spend a Monday afternoon for either of you! Hope Dave recovers his equilibrium quickly after his mini-marathon (pork pie, cheese and fruit cake ought to do it)! I watched your demo with the ribbon words yesterday and found it fascinating that a simple outline image can take on this convincingly 3D look by applying colour and shading. Brilliant!
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. Fab shows yesterday Barbara and really like the addition of the trees today. Think I will be having a go at this design , it's so adaptable to all these ribbon design sentiment stamps. I love them all.
    Hope that you & especially Dave had a good siesta after your pies and cheese and that these tests provide the results you need. Ps Hope hamster Dave didn't stuff his cheeks with cheese. Hugs, Jeanette xxx

  5. Liebe Barbara, danke für die Show gestern.
    Alles Gute für Dave. Ich wünsche ihm eine gute Besserung.
    Liebe Grüsse an Dich und Dein gesamtes Team.

  6. Oh dear let's hope they get some answers for you soon! I'm sure you are both needing an answer so you get back to a bit of normality.
    Love these ribbon writing sets. I had to choose between these or dancers or Christmas yesterday and Christmas won. I'm excited to play with my new snowflakes and Santa on his reindeer. I loved the shows yesterday all those demos were great. I did feel guilty watching you on Hochanda but then ordering from Clarity, as a gold member it made sense to do it that way just worry about you thinking why things don't appear to be popular as I'm sure I'm not the only member who does it this way. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – hope you have had a good day today and no wet playtime! Sounds like you did the right thing ordering from Clarity to get your free postage – I'm sure Barbara doesn't mind, it meant there was one available for a Hochanda viewer who hasn't found Clarity yet! Enjoy your evening xxxxx

    2. Hi Donna I'm like you a gold member so always order from clarity as we get free postage plus that wonderful 10% as like Diane says we can leave one for a hochanda viewer and Barbara catches all us crafters then .
      I'm very tempted to order the Santa and reindeer set
      I have the ribbon thank you set and the best wishes and Christmas ones are on my list of wants happy crafting when you get yours xxx

    3. Evening girls well yes I opted for the Clarity free p & p me being the wee canny scot that i am and now thinking about the gold membership but will have to start saving again but there's always a wee letter to Santa.
      Hope your ok Brenda sending a wee cuddle your way…..xx

    4. Hi Sheila bruises on my knees have got to that funny stage where the centre has gone to a creamy colour ( old paper!) with a big dark circle around it ( back to the dusty concord!) I knelt down today to rummage in a cupboard and realised quite quickly they are not up to kneeling yet! Thank you for asking. Hope you are ok xxxx

    5. I have just read some very sad news Sarah from inkydoodels has passed away she was a wonderful inspirational crafter and a very lovely friend I will miss all her beautiful crafting creations such sad news .xxx
      Hope it was ok to put this on your blog Barbara

  7. I don't know who to feel sorriest for! You- having myself spent a fair whack of time sitting waiting for someone in a hospital waiting room; or Dave- having myself spent too much time enduring hospital procedures! So by the time i got to reports of your shopping trip i was thoroughly taken in by your healthy options … & by what fabulous taste you both obviously have! We thoroughly approve of your shopping choices. Hubby is now mourning the lack of fruit cake or what in his family are called growlers (pork pie to thee & me!) in the kitchen. Oh dear.
    Hope you have a restful evening.
    Love & hugs to you both.
    Alison xxxx

  8. Hello Barbara

    Loved yesterday's shows and this card. The idea of minimalist intrusion by the presenter was a no-brainer. They should apply this format to most shows.

    Sorry to hear you have spent time in a hosoital waiting room. I know what that is like. Let's hope this gives the docs the answers they and you are looking for. Hope you get the results sooner rather than later.

    Love to you both,

  9. Although it was a necessity, I bet both of you are glad to be out of the hospital/waiting room – why are they always such depressing, soulless places? Never an inducement to feel better!
    Not like your card which would light up anyone's mantelpiece! Used the Merry Christmas and Thank You stamps from the series to decorate gift bags for my mum's carers; wish I'd thought to glaze the words!
    Take care and best wishes to Dave. ;~}

    1. Love the addition of the trees on yesterday's Hochanda programme card. The ribbon sentiments are super. Hope to get them all eventually. Did they change the programme times yesterday? As I had it recording from 2-3 and 3-4 as was advertised on Hochanda on Friday morning before we went away, but only the second hour was recorded. Think I missed the Groovi Mate demos. Hope Dave's test results come through quickly and that there's nothing untoward, so that you can get on with your lives without worrying. Coincidence today you getting pork pies because so did I, just fancied them. Hope you enjoyed yours along with your cheese and fruit cake, a little of what you fancy does you good, that's my excuse anyway. My clarity parcel arrived today, hoorah.xx

  10. Hello Barbara

    Loved yesterday's shows and this card. The idea of minimalist intrusion by the presenter was a no-brainer. They should apply this format to most shows.

    Sorry to hear you have spent time in a hosoital waiting room. I know what that is like. Let's hope this gives the docs the answers they and you are looking for. Hope you get the results sooner rather than later.

    Love to you both,

  11. Evening, hope you both have a restful evening after the strenuous few days just gone. And fingers crossed for good news from the hospital results.

    Thought you did fantastic shows yesterday just the sort of show I am interested in. Recorded all the shows. So a big thank you.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    Ps my mum is now out of hospital and although in a convalescence home she is complaint so she must be getting better

    1. Pen it's good to hear your mum is on the road to recovery. It's always a good sign when they start complaining! Make sure you rest too, we don't want you poorly xxxx

    2. Another lovely creation Barbara. Best wishes to Dave, I hate that exercise test, I hope he is feeling ok today after it. Best wishes to both of you and here's hoping for a good result for both of your sakes. x

  12. Hi Barbara
    Oooh I like this – I haven't caught up with the afternoon program yet so it looks like there's a real treat in store for me tomorrow when I do the ironing! Love the way it looks 3D with the little sign on it. I bought the thank you stamps a little while ago so I will remember this trick. I hope you get the results for Daves endurance rest this morning soon. Love your idea of healthy eating, you have good taste! Mind you better to eat them now, the Quack might put Dave on a rabbit food diet! Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs Diane xxxx

  13. Hello Barbara caught up with all your shows today i thank hochanda for repeating your groovi show today as my recording failed yesterday so I didn't miss anything.your shows are brilliant as your teaching us and crafters who haven't seen you will grow with you in how you teach us all your wonderful techniques .
    Hope you and Dave soon find out what's wrong as struggling each day not knowing why you feel so unwell isn't good as I can well understand as been there .
    Enjoy your rest together snuggle up with a nice cuppa lots of hugs xxx

  14. This is lovely Barbara. I do hope Dave's efforts this morning help the consultants figure out what is going on. The food sounds delicious – hope it tasted as good. Hugs to you both xx

  15. Been catching up on the shows from yesterday, so just saw this demo (minus the trees!) I have the Merry Christmas ribbon stamp so could do this technique with that, with Christmasssy colours and a Christmas tree!

    Lovely to see you doing your thing Barbara, Scott was so apologetic whenever he came on screen! But hope the format proves successful, it's what so many people have been asking for!

    Fingers crossed that Dave's exertions were worth it and some answers are forthcoming.

  16. Hi Barbara your card is gorgeous I love how you build up your cards. I hope Dave is OK and that you get some helpful results that really help. I just wanted to let you know that I am loving your brushes and the effects that I can get with them. I am so wishing I had bought some more at Ally Pally. I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening. Hugs Jackie

  17. so happy you blogged this as yesterday clever me deleted the episode even before i had watched it. i had missed this on live show as we were having lunch at that time. so now i know what you did.
    as with regards to Dave, i hope his stress test works out fine, hugs xx

  18. Hi Barbara loved watching this demo and opted to get the Christmas ribbon stamp thanks for blogging it so I could look back when mine arrives with my Groovi. Yaaaay….
    Take care Dave and of each kettle on fruitcake time..xx

  19. Fingers crossed for a good outcome from Dave's efforts.
    I indulged in all the shows yesterday and really enjoyed them. I'm delighted with my 'Merry Christmas' ribbon stamp. I've started making cards with it and can see it's going to be very versatile. It's also a good size for elegant cards at speed!
    Your meal had all my husband's favourites, but needs mushy peas for the pork pie ( coming from Yorkshire)

    1. Hi Sue, Yep the trainers are fine, they are of the Hill Walking type, rather that the pose around , as if I was going to the gym type ! xxx Hope the Farmers Market went well !?

  20. Thanks for all the lovely comments and your concern.. It's just a waiting game now. The Stress test was just that… Stressful !!! Hmmm …Pies,Cakes and Cheese. These are a few of my favourite things.. But oh the cholesterol , I'll look at that tomorrow ! For it is another day….

  21. Hi Barbara hope they find out quickly know what wrong with Dave and are able to buy him right so he can start feeling better glad your day is more rest full today and hope was to late you got home last night/ this morning . Katie did try sending in a email to show but didn't get through so don't no if sent it right place so will try again next time lots love Joy and Katie xxx

  22. Hoping that the test finally reveals what lies at the heart of the problem and treatment can be found. Fab card -hope you had a 'peaceful' evening!!!
    Much Love to you both
    Kim xx

  23. Hello Barb, such a lovely idea, especially the hanging sign, will try that. Hope that the tests show up what is wrong, and that Dave has recovered from the exercise. I do like your healthy diet. Take care. Bx

  24. Hi Barbara, that was a great idea to take some of your stash in to create that lovely card. It had never occurred to me that I could use embossing crystals over pencil (duh!), I'd always assumed it had to be ink….. so much to learn 🙂 I will use your card as inspiration today to take a break from study and make a card for my lovely friend.

    I do hope Dave's run (not in the sun), sheds some light on the problem and that it may be resolved quickly. Love and kind regards to you both.
    Alison x

  25. Love the idea and the step by step project is so helpful for me, as I need a lot of repetition to learn anything these days!!! Hope you get the test results very soon and get on the road to treatment rather than the road to no-where Dave! Enjoyed your shows by the way – still have one to watch, but that will have to wait for another quieter day as the sun is shining today and we're off to Aberdeen to be tourists, Susan x

  26. Hi Barb,
    Sorry you've had to wait in waiting room – horrible places. Hope Dave isn't too knackered after his treadmill experience and that they find out what the problem is quickly. I saw you demo this on Hochanda and really liked it. Thank you for the explanation on how to get the shading right. It really does look 3D. The addition of the trees is great too. I think the ribbon writing stamps are fabulous and I might have to invest in the Best Wishes one as it it so versatile and great for the male cards too. Love to you both, Alison xxx

  27. Saw your new 'word' stamps on Hochanda, and still can't order from them, but I now have them both on order PLUS the brushes! So finally I will be able to follow your techniques more easily.
    I tried one of those treadmills and didn' last a minute, so I hope Dave feels better after his exertions yesterday.

  28. I love the way you have coloured this ribbon sentiment Barbara and the sign hanging from it looks great. I hope that the treadmill test Dave has done will pinpoint where the problem lies. Hope you enjoyed your 'healthy' food, sounds good to me. x

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