Very Fish – But Groovi too!

Very Fish – But Groovi too!

Hello there,
and welcome to Day 6 of our Groovi Week! Or is it 5?
Losing count of time here in our little Crowborough Retreat Bubble!
Speaking of bubbles, there’s a Carp Fish plate I want to show you today,
which is very cool to use.
And this Nested Squares plate is a must have too.
Let’s sit down, cast our line, and see what we reel in…
Make a large square frame first.
Divide it into 2 unequal parts.

Slot the Carp Fish plate into the Groovi Plate Mate, 
which, for me, is the key to this whole Groovi gig,
and add some fish in the larger area.
Not all of them.
Just a few….

Now comes the net.
Slot the Netting Plate into place, and add the netting to the background.

Add a single carp on the other side…
you know where this is heading, don’t you.

If this were your design, what would you write alongside this fish?

Great minds think alike?

to spell out the words.
I find that this smaller alphabet is ideal for writing longer things.

Time to add a little colour.
Used the Spectrum Noir pencils on the back.
Bright cadmiums and blues.
Used the Blending solution to tone down and blend the joins.
Always working from the back of the parchment, remember? 
Apply with paper stump in small circular motion 
over the colour join.
Works a treat on Parchment.
Time to present the carp and make a splash…
I found a lovely inky spritzed background which will work well…

I think I will double up the border, 
so look for the straight single scoring line 
one of the Groovi borders…
Down one side,
and around the lake!

Cut the piece to size with a ruler and craft knife.
Punch or slit a couple of holes in the funky background piece.

Add tiny slivers of the 3mm double-sided adhesive tape 
directly to the backs of the fishies.
This will hold the parchment down flat and you will be able to see the background splash well, without seeing the tape!

In the back of the net, as they say !!!

Hope you like it.

I am happy to put a very funky, modern spin on parchment craft.
It’s fun too.

Got to go.
An arty canvas session with lots of lovely arty people
is a-calling me….
Don’t forget! Our Groovi Promotion Week is on!
Check out the Website
Ends Tomorrow.
What a great way to make a living.
I’m a lucky girl, and I know it.
love & hugs,

53 thoughts on “Very Fish – But Groovi too!

  1. Hi Barb,
    This is really lovely. I thought I didn't need the carp or the netting- now I know differently!! There's one thing certain – I'll never be rich! I think what you've done today is actually really clever and fabulous for a pesky male card. The background is gorgeous too and just looks like the water is bubbling. Thanks for sharing and have a good day at the retreat. Love Alison xxx

  2. Really lovely. Great idea to do a smaller section and the ' one that got away'. I love this take on parchment, traditional parchment is very beautiful but at time a bit 'pretty pretty' for me, this suits my style better. Love how you just happened to have a handy underwater background!
    Thanks for sharing x x x

  3. Ah! I wondered why I bought those fishes! A good card for a man! Such lovely colouring too, I was wondering how to use the blending solution. Wish I'd thought to order so more parchment with my last order. Never mind I'll go and do it now … Enjoy your day xx

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Love the card, think I'm going to have to buy this plate! Glad everything is going good at the retreat. Hope Dave is feeling better and that you are also not working too hard.
    Again thanks for all your inspiration. xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    All I can say is WOW. A long way from traditional parchment craft but I love everything about it. I wish I was with you at the retreat. Have a lovely inky time.
    X Chris

  6. When is the A3 blending mat not a blending mat? When it disappears! Yes, I had the A3 blending mat from Claritystamp and put it somewhere safe whilst I re-organised my craft room. I've looked everywhere but can I find it – No, I've looked everywhere so I've splashed out on another. No doubt soon it will turn up exactly where I thought it should be then I'll be the proud owner of 2 blending mats!

  7. Great piece of art – love the versatility of the Groovi System…wish I were at home to have a go NOW!
    Have a lovely day – to say I'm a little jealous would be an under-statement!….Carole xxx

  8. Hi Barbara beautiful art work, the groovi is a winning formula so much can be achieved its fabulous have a great day hope Dave is still resting and getting stronger each day xxx

    1. Sorry to hear you not feeling good Sheila. Keep resting and using that Groovi when you can. I have bought several more boards for mine today at the retreat could not resist. xx

    2. Aw Sheila that's not so good. Is that you been out on the town again, and paying for it now!!!! Is it because you've done too much or just one of them random no reason relapses? Sorry you're not managing to craft at all. I've made two finished parchment pieces, just on the old tracing paper I had lying out, but looking far better than I thought my first attempts would be. Not really crafted today myself, just a wee bit cross stitch, was up most of the night so late in getting up today and then I had the roofer coming and Nicola stayed after for a bit which was good. I was going to have my first go at shaving foam backgrounds and through stencils today but I'll save that for tomorrow now and just work on the cards that I'm updating on and off. I hope tomorrow you'll feel able to do a wee bit craft again, take care xx

    3. Lynne, that was an amazing cake you made for Barbara, it's a shame everyone ate it! That's worse than card making, putting all that effort into decorating a cake so brilliantly only for people to eat it!!! xx

    4. Brenda sounds like you are having fun with your Groovi stuff. What did Nicola think of your artwork? Sheila sorry to hear you are having a bad day, I hope tomorrow is a better day xxxx

    5. Hi Diane, Nicola thought my artwork was really good, can't remember her exact words, may have been more than this, my head is exceptionally good at not hearing compliments!!! But then she thinks everything I make is very good, she's not arty herself, and she's obviously biased;-). I don't know the proper parchment rules, so I kind of do my own thing and do it my way. That's a weird one, you're probably aware no rules to follow and autism don't go together, but strangely it feels good that I'm doing it my way! It feels like teasing you, talking about Groovi and how good and easy it is to do when you've got to wait until santa comes for yours 🙁 How are you doing after your mishap with your car? xx

    6. Hello Brenda I very rarely go out only for appointments it's the fibromyalgia/arthritis the pains are too much to cope with in my wrists thumbs and elbows at present the fatigue is hard to cope with too but i do try to do a little craft as is my daily goal that's why the groovi is brilliant as even if I do a line I've achieved my goal I'm very lucky as I have a wonderful partner Who is my full time carer and is so thoughtful 24/7.
      Hello Diane thank you for your lovley comments hope you get your car sorted soon
      Hello Lynne thank you for your lovley comments your cake was stunning
      Hugs to you all xxx

    7. I'm happy for you that you have such a wonderful partner caring for you, life would have been even harder for you without your person. A bit of quality time, some kind words, a laugh shared with you partner is a daily goal /achievement that is possible for you no matter how poorly you feel 🙂 xx

  9. Great work Barbara and yes my first thoughts were for "The one that got away".

    I have both the Carp and Netting plate but have yet to get the nesting plates, but these will have to wait for my birthday at the end of the month.

    I could use this design for my partner who is currently away on a fishing holiday!!

  10. Hi Barbara, love this, very modern and fun too, thank you for sharing. I'm loving it that you're giving us inspiration of how we can incorporate parchment work into our style of art :-). The traditional stuff really isn't my thing but now I'm learning parchment craft can be anything I want :-). Hope you're going to release those poor wee fishes that have got caught in your net!!!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying your retreats, and hope Dave is still making progress in getting back to full health Love Brenda xx
    p.s. my initial thoughts on what you were going to write were along the lines of – come join us (he does look so lonely all on his own) then the penny dropped, they're stuck in a net, numpty! Clearly my brain is on strike today eh!!!!!

  11. Hello Barb, little else to say other than I LOVE IT. Glad to hear the retreats are going "swimmingly" (sorry couldn't resist). Hope you and Dave are both ok, and that Dave is feeling much better. Take care. Bx

  12. Really love this one, Brenda's right it is great to see how you can incorporate our art work into parchment and yes parchment was not really my bag either but now I've seen the light! I had already ordered my Groovi plates for this month but if only you had not added this one, I may need to order even more! My bank manager is really not going to be pleased, but you only live once. Cheers for some great inspiration. Karen xx

  13. Hi Barbara this is beautiful, love they way you have coloured the fish. Just told hubby I already know what I want for Christmas , he just laughed. I'm loving the Barbara take on parchment. Hope you are having a great time with a good bunch of friends at the retreat and Dave is still behaving himself. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Dave good to hear you are relaxing playing the guitar – lovely and calming isn't it, helped my daughter with some down time during revision for A levels. She's just added a mandolin to her list of instruments, she's really enjoying learning that x

  14. Hi Barbara
    A beautiful card and love the colours you've picked.
    Just been catching up on this weeks blogs and thoroughly enjoyed them all.
    Hope Dave is well and you both get a chance to relax a this weekend.

  15. Just catching up after two wonderful days at the retreat in Crowborough. Thank you to you, Paul and the wonderful Clarity team, and all the talented crafters I met, especially table 4, for a brilliant experience

  16. Oh I do love these carp fish, thank you for the demo as it's so good to see all these techniques. May I ask, how so you get the double slit to hold the parchment in place, is it a punch? I've tried with a craft knife but I can never get them even. Is there a crafty little trick you could please share. Xxx Claire

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