Hochanda Launch and A Clarity Party!!!

Hochanda Launch and A Clarity Party!!!

Oh My Giddy Aunt!!!!
This is the funniest thing ever!!!!
I had suggested to the ladies at work that they all have a little party
and enjoy the new adventure our little company is about to embark on. It was Debby’s birthday today too, and she had already got the doughnuts, so I said, I said, have a party! Get some lemonade!
I had also asked my Mum and Dad to join us, because they are on Virgin and Mum was seriously stressing that she might miss the Midday launch.
So get this! 
My good man Jim called me just now,
 and said he had dropped some photos into my blog,
so that I could see how the Clarity Crew celebrated 
the Hochanda launch back at Clarity Towers,
 together with myself and all up at the studios,
albeit remotely.
And this is what I found…
I am so chuffed, I can’t tell you. 
My lovely brother came along to join in,
Now watch what they did!!
Just when I was wishing I had been there…

Look at the spread they put on!!!

There’s Dad in the background!
Claire, Jim’s Mum – she who makes all the stencils.
And Jayne, she who is in charge of all things TV dispatch.

And this one made me cry.
Not sad.
Just an overwhelming sense of pride.
There’s Dave too.

Young Steve at the front; he who is in charge of all retail picking and Amazon.
Ian at the front, who is in charge of all things to do with trade shop accounts 

Lovely Katie! It’s so nice to have her back for a while. 
She’s a young actress who works with us on stencils in between acting jobs. 

And lovely Dotty.
Our youngest Clarity teamie.

Remember Annie, our young Mum who designs all the fantastic stencils?
Well she works from home, so she can be a mum too.
A proper stay at home mum.
I was so chuffed to see they came to the party.
It’s a good hour away.

Poor bloke!
He shot into town and got an aeriel, 
so they could watch on freeview!!!

This looks bloody spooky, doesn’t it!!!
I bet the head masks were Jayne’s idea !!!
I do love that woman.
Here’s Jim holding the aerial up outside.
Now THAT’s what I call dedication.
Ahh, there’s Mum! I wondered where she was!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud and happy and chuffed 
I am.
That has to be one of the best surprises ever.
That’ll teach me to ask Jim to get some photos of the staff for the website!!!
And as for the launch at Hochanda,
it was amazing.
VERY intense.
What another excellent bunch of people.
Sure there were some glitches and technical hitches.
Tense nervous headache??
You aren’t kidding.
Christ!  They launched a TV Channel !!!!!
Unless you were in the building 
you will never understand how much is involved.
It was amazing.
And so what if the sound was iffy, 
or the plug was in vision, 
or the online streaming took an hour to fix?
My lot seemed to cope with it!!!
Onwards and upwards with vigour.
I’m a very, very lucky woman.
Do me a big favour.
Go on the Hochanda Facebook Page and give them a pat on the back. They need one, and they certainly deserve one. xxx
love and hugs,

80 thoughts on “Hochanda Launch and A Clarity Party!!!

  1. Ive just watched it Barbara and loved it – your enthusiasm was brimming – so proud to be part of a dream….. bring it on I say … and so what about the glitches …hey its just day one with many more ahead ….. great photos how great the family/team supported you – just brilliant xx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  2. It certainly was very exciting, I enjoyed every minute. You looked wonderful, legs and all.
    You team did you proud as far as the party was concerned and you were there in thought too.
    Go and rest if you can and I look forward to watching you over the weekend.
    Take care

  3. Brilliant! I couldn't watch the launch because I was at work and when I reprogrammed my box this morning the channel wasn't there but when I got in tonight the first thing I did was to look for it and yay! there it was. I am off tomorrow so will be checking it out and I wish them all the very best, it will be great to have some competition in craft tv. They couldn't have picked a better brand a guest to launch, go Clarity xx

  4. Hi I was watching most of the afternoon I now have a telly where I craft and it gets Freeview. I love how much the guests are able to explain what they are doing and everyone seems very relaxed. Your team did you proud. Exciting times ahead. Hugs Jackie

    1. Wow grace no wonder your so proud your mum and her wonderful clarity team are fantastic
      And the most important thing is she cares for her clarity customers and followers

    2. Grace what a fabulous role model you have for a mum, no wonder you are the woman you are. Hope all is going well for you and we have a mum update about you from proud mum soon. Love Diane xxx

  5. Well done to you and what a great start! I am so excited to see what lies ahead and how everything developes. You did a great job up at the studio and OMG your Clarity team did such a fan job supporting you from back home, they all look like they enjoyed their party. Xx

    Don't have Facebook so please allow me to say here well done to everyone at Hochanda for a great launch and all the best for the future, can't wait to see what you have in store for us crafters! Xx

  6. Hello Barbara

    The launch was fantastic and you looked really good. Looks like the Clarity party was great fun. I like the format – more demos, less 'selling', I am watching Creative Expressions at the moment (the other love of my crafting life) and can't believe how many demos Jonathan Lockwood has done in the first half an hour. On the other crafting channel they would still be going through all the items for sale!.

    Looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

    Well done!

  7. I haven't watched it yet either because of being at work but I shall watch it later. What a fabulous party. Hope Jane had a lovely holiday? Bless your Mum n Dad for joining in too and god bless Dave – plenty of rest Dave ready for the weekend. Take care all and glad you had fun at your fabulous launch party. Onwards and upwards. Xxxxxxx

  8. Hello Barbara

    The launch was fantastic and you looked really good. Looks like the Clarity party was great fun. I like the format – more demos, less 'selling', I am watching Creative Expressions at the moment (the other love of my crafting life) and can't believe how many demos Jonathan Lockwood has done in the first half an hour. On the other crafting channel they would still be going through all the items for sale!.

    Looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

    Well done!

  9. Fantastic to see everyone and all with a sense of humour. I was unable to watch the show but have it recorded to watch later as I was out with my girls and grandson today. I have something to look forward to.

    Big hugs Pen x

  10. What a cool a wonderful surprise your team gave you! That will stay with you forever and it's fab Dave made it too! I so enjoyed the launch today – hiccups are part of any start up and Hochanda will just get better and better! Awesome demo lead programmes – just what we need! Looking forward to your weekend programmes! Well done on the launch xxxxxx

  11. Congratulations Barbara! Was at work so still catching up but I sure noticed everyone's enthusiasm. Was nice to see you sitting on a sofa for a change but must have seemed strange for you. Yes there were a few technical problems and some people may not like the membership cost BUT you don't have to pay to watch and it means that we'll have more crafting, more inspiration, more tuition AND MORE CHOICE on TV. So there's nothing to complain about in my view.
    The Clarity team party looked so much fun if a little spooky with so many Barbara's in one place. Good luck with your future shows.

  12. Wonderful day and so proud of you and all the Hochanda team.
    I think today was great and its only going to get better.
    Very proud to be part of the clarity team.
    Me and Dorothy will see you aswell next time <3
    Try and rest, you must be super hyped! 😀

  13. Oh it's a party of Barbaras! How fab! It is wonderful how they are right behind you!

    Today it would have been my mum's 80th birthday so in some ways it's quite fitting that today was a special day. Who cares about the little hiccups! In the big scheme of things it matters not a jot. It makes it real and live! and it all seemed very relaxed from this end of the tellybox.
    I can't wait til your show is on TV on Saturday.
    Love and Hugs xx

  14. It was a great launch Barbara and Hochanda has different ideals and is obviously set up differently too which is all to the good. You were terrific and I could feel the enthusiasm oozing out of the screen from everybody so am looking forward to the next few days when I am sure it will be equally as exciting and any glitches will have been ironed out I'm sure. They certainly celebrated this ground breaking day in style at Clarity Towers and no wonder you are proud of every single one of them and they are obviously very proud of you too. x

  15. Really enjoyed the start of the new channel. I'm certain the hiccups will be fixed very quickly. Looking forward to watching your weekend shows (BTW did you know that the rumour mill has you on C&C as well at some point??) and also all the new guests -there are some really interesting ones on there, and didn't Tamara do well in her show, as did Chloe, bless her. I hope they stick to the selling only between demos format -so much nicer. Oh and Happy Birthday Debbie! She won't forget this one.

  16. How wonderful – lovely to see the Clarity team and who does what

    I'm watching the rerun of your launch interview – loving it

    Can't wait to see how hochanda develops and excited to see your lessons and how they develop too

    Good luck – I hope all goes well – it's exciting times ahead for you and the Clarity team

  17. I think the launch went well, there are going to be a few problems for a while but Rome was not built in a day. Looking forward to seeing how it all develops including your classroom lessons, they sound exciting. Your team are fantastic, probably because they have a good boss and know they are appreciated. Well done to everyone. xx

  18. There may have been a few hiccups along the way, but most of them were improved as the day went on, and no matter how much prep and rehearsal you do, you cannot avoid things going wrong. It certainly did not spoil my enjoyment and I feel excited that the people at Hochanda are listening to us. I can't wait for the shows at the weekend, especially to see how the Hochanda Live is going to work. Clarity is certainly rocking at Hochanda. xxx Maggie

  19. Woo hoo! What a day! I've been smiling all day watching, now I'm watching it all again with Stephen, he's excited for you all too! What a team….Clarity of course and it would seem Hochanda too.so so happy! Does it seem like I'm gushing……oh well! Happy birthday Debbie, I hope you've had a good one, it looks like a fun party was had by all. Love the masks Jane, hilarious!lots of love and best wishes to you all!Wendyxx

  20. Aw these photos are great. I hardly noticed any glitches I don't know what people are going on about? As you say it was a TV Chanel Launch of course it won't be 100% who cares? It was exciting. Can't wait for Saturday's show. Xxx

  21. Hi Barbara just shows how much your loved and how much we love your clarity products too
    Your wonderful the launch was fantastic cannot wait for your Saturday and Sunday shows lots of fantastic demos a big thank you to all your clarity team hope Dave is feeling better each day bet he was stressed but with you all the way
    I don't do face book so can you pass on my wishes to all at hochanda lets hope dean goes too them too loved the demos Chloe was so interesting to watch
    Big hugs to all xxx

  22. Congratulations on the launch – looking forward to watching more and seeing you on Saturday. What a great party at Clarity, so glad they could share in some way.

    Happy birthday Debby

    Hugs xx

  23. Caught the first part of the show but had to catch a train to Edinburgh…cat sitting… always the professional Barbara. What a team you have at Clarity Towers. Good to see your family joining in the fun. Hoping the HOCHANDA website link to pith works at the weekend so I can see you live. Have a great weekend. Best wishes to Dave. Hugs xxx

  24. The party looks so much fun! What a great day! I got out of bed (after a very long day yesterday and up a lot on the night with little one – I'm not really lazy!) at 11.45 and came down in my dressing gown to watch. Sure there were some hitches and things to work on, but there was so much improvement even in the first hour, and is it just me that thinks that makes it more human and likeable? I did laugh when the corner stamp came out! As long as Hochanda keep trying and listening, think it's going to be great. Well done Barbara, looking forward to the weekend shows now.

  25. Wow! What a day!!
    I got home to find the box hadn't recorded the launch show … Cue much grumping … Until i discovered the 9pm repeat! We've just watched & are both really impressed at the way Hochanda has been put together. Lots of promise. I really love the teaching angle – it is, for me, a huge draw. And would you believe it, my dear non-crafty husband has tonight watched more crafting tv than he's watched altogether at any time in the past. And dear Barbara i must tell you that he said your enthusiasm and excitement at this new venture shone through & you looked like you had found your perfect environment. So thank you for helping to bring us hochanda. We look forward to watching again.
    Many hugs, Alison xxxx

  26. Congratulations on the launch to you, the Clarityteam and HOCHANDA!!!

    That was a fabulous day with only a few things and they will get better… For the first day it was fantastic…..
    As everybody I missed the first hour in the internet but I saw the repeat now and it was great.

    Can´t wait to see what´s going on at HOCHANDA
    Rolf xxx

  27. Great launch. Well done everyone, and of course you, Barbara. I'm looking forward to seeing you in 'proper' shows (I mean just you and the fab products!) over the weekend.Glitches, smitches… it'll all come out in the wash. Like you said, they launched a TV channel. No mean feat! Onwards and upwards into the sunlit uplands… 🙂

  28. I too set the recorder to find it didn't work, after a two and a half hour journey home this evening on top of a long and stressful day at work, not what I wanted. Thank goodness for my wonderful hubby, who knew I wanted to watch your show, who when he realised it hadn't recorded, set the repeat to record then searched the guide for your shows and set these too. So I now get to enjoy your shows at my own leisure, what a wonderful man. How did I get to be so lucky, he even had tea ready for my delayed return, blooming M25. Congratulations and what a lovely party. Karen xxx

  29. You looked lovely, absolutely gorgeous outfit. Also have to praise you on your spiel, with, I think the boss. You were so natural and at ease – I think you said you were nervous. Well it did not show. What a truly professional lady you are. I have to take my hat off to you. Words cannot describe how you came over. Many congratulations. Enjoy your new enterprise. I will certainly be watching. Cannot go on Facebook (MOJ rules) but pass on my compliments to HONCHANDA
    Glued to the next programmes.
    Lots of love and hugs
    Anne (Reading)

  30. How lovely tears in eyes seeing your team behind you and what a spread and show was great what bits I could see has had all grandchildren so no time to watch but just getting in bed and free view in bedroom so catching up night night xxx

  31. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations for today, I thought you were brilliant and looked lovely too. Yes there were a few glitches but I'm sure that they can be sorted out easily and it was inevitable that there would be some mistakes. On the whole, I think it went really well. Looking forward to your shows at the weekend. Fabulous party too back at Clarity Towers – just goes to show how proud they all are of you. Nice to see your lovely Grace commenting too! Love Alison xx

  32. Congratulations Barbara. By reading all the comments, it sounds like it was a great launch. Unfortunately the internet streaming isn't working at all well at the moment and it is the only way I can see it in Canada. Hopefully, they will get that fixed soon so I can enjoy every minute of it. The first day there are bound to be glitches but that is the fun of launching something new. Good luck with your weekend shows.

  33. Brilliant launch Barb ! Or should I say lunch !! Thanks to the Team back at Clarity Towers…. Fantastic start to the journey ! I for one was very proud, It is a fantastic achievement and no mean feat to bring a new channel to air, and across many other platforms, sure there are bound to be teething problems, but hey ho, Onwards and Upwards we say !! See you at the weekend ! xx

  34. Everyone's excitement was evident through the screen. If you are launching yourself into this channel Barbara then I trust the ethos behind it.
    If the channel continues in the same way it started it is promising to be the true crafters channel where we can relax and enjoy demo's, inspiration, new techniques/crafts.
    Completely overlooked the glitches, to be expected when launching something huge.

    So chuffed for you all that you pulled it off and can't wait to see what else you can offer us.

  35. Hi Barbara
    I haven't had a chance to watch the recordings yet but will have them lined up ready for some me time. I'm really pleased to hear the launch went well, can't wait to watch. Congratulations on such a fabulous new venture. Please thank Jim for the great photos of the Clarity team, it's great to put faces to names and what a fantastic party – you really are a lovely boss. Nice to see your mum and dad looking so well and I'm glad Dave made it too – you can feel their excitement. Have a good rest. Sending you love and hugs
    Diane xxx

  36. Hi Barbara, glad it's all going so well for you and everyone is having a good time
    I'm really sorry but I found out this afternoon that the very not good thing from high up is looking like the worst case scenario for me, sorry but I really don't think I'm going to be able to come here for now. I wish you Barbara, Dave and all at Clarity and everyone on her all the very best. And thank you love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda sweetheart I'm really sorry to hear you have been hurt so much that you don't think you will be able to come on here foe a while. I know how much this blog means to you and we will all miss you and your lovely sense of humour. Keep yourself safe and be gentle with yourself, we are here for us if you can pop in – you don't need to say anything just sign on and publish then we know you are there. Sending you and Daisy the biggest hug in the world xxxx

    2. Oh Brenda that's very sad thinking of you whatever happened that day don't let it spoil the encouragement and the clarity friends you have found here on Barbara's blog even a little hi so we know your safe and facing each day with baby steps big crafting owlet hug xxx

    3. Well dear Brenda! What's all this about? The last place you want to walk away from is this little community, where you are loved and respected! If anybody has earned their seat at this party, it's YOU. Don't make what sounds like a miserable situation even worse for yourself by abandoning us lot over 'ere!!!!! We love you!!!!

    4. Dear Brenda, so much enjoyed reading your blog and cannot begin to understand what is happening in your life at present. Remember one day at a time. Lots of love xxx

    5. Brenda, Donna and Sheila need you, who is going to keep them from falling off the CCA wagon and buying up everything at Clarity, who is going to keep them in line and make sure that Barbara's bins are not raided and most of all who will drive the bus down to Clarity towers when they need rescuing from whatever crisis! Clarity needs you, we need you, don't desert us in our hour of need. Hugs as always Karen xxx

    6. Hi Brenda – sorry I'm late in posting – have been away for a few days seeing my sister. Thinking about you and sending you big hugs – I hope you can keep coming and reading the blog and catching up with all your friends, even if you can't post every day. We're all here for you and wishing you well, Susan x

  37. Brilliant Barbara, you came over as if you were very relaxed and enjoying every minute. I like the format of the channel, it's what we've all been waiting for. Love the photo's, how can they cope with all those Barbara's at once! It looks a lovely place to work,

  38. Couldn't watch at noon as website wasn't on then but caught up with everything this evening. Great start, and never mind the few hiccups. Teething probs, eh? You were great, and really enjoyed watching you doing the interviews. Looking forward to your next shows, and especially the 'classroom'! Oh, and the surprise Jim and your team have given you was just so funny. Loved.it! Continued fun and success xx

  39. Hello Barb, loved the launch, you looked so relaxed and excited. Well done to all at Clarity Towers for joining in. Love all the Barbara faces. And well done HOCHANDA, looking forward to this new channel and what it brings. Enjoy the weekend Barb and Dave. Bx

  40. Congatulations to all at Clarity, what a great party and lovely to share the moment. I was surprised at some of the comments on social media. The launch went well on the Hochanda channel, there were certainly a few glitches but I was a civil servant and don't get me started on how bad some of the technical stuff was when we launched any new programme, but Hochanda worked through the glitches live as they were broadcasting, listened and kept people informed as they did it, and I think they will soon be on top of it all. I enjoyed all of the guest presenters, I recorded some bits and am watching them now, and Barbara was brilliant at the launch. looking forward to seeing the new venture develop. Well done to everyone at Clarity and Hochanda.

  41. Well done on your excellent presentation yesterday, you appeared to be so calm and relaxed. Glad everyone back at base had a good time they certainly looked as thou they were enjoying it all.

    Hazel c uk

  42. Oh I missed the launch but it wasn't for trying My virgin would not show it even though I did everything .
    My computer I got it all up but nothing happened I went into melt down my phone my I pad I gave up but much later I tried again and there it all was on my computer working so well.
    Crisis over .

  43. Watched Hoch on and off all day – when I could. Actually I loved the glitches and the stumbles and the cameras trying to get the sparkle so we could see it, It was English ( Yeah!) and wonderfully eccentric! am watching it now……………. Oh dear the jobs aren't going to get done. They need to fix the sound its echoey!

  44. Well done Barbara, you are back where you really want to be – teaching. I am sure we will all learn so much from you in the coming months. I only watched C&C because you were on it – now I will be watching Hochanda. Good luck for tomorrow – heave already set the recorder!! xx

  45. Congratulations to you, Barbara, all the Clarity Team and to all at HOCHANDA for getting it all off the ground in in such a delightful way. It wasn't perfect, but then no one is and it all seemed to be done in a pleasant and charming manner. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it and the lovely guests. I'm glad your Clarity Team had a good time and wish you all the best for your future success.

  46. I thought the launch went remarkably well and I was on the edge of my seat willing everything to go right. I love all the photos of the Clarity Family. What a party. Looking forward to the Saturday show.

  47. Sadly I missed the launch, but it was my sister's 50th, so I was partying with her – hope I'll be able to catch up with all the fun on-line somehow! Love the peep into Clarity Towers, and what a hoot they are with all the masks! Enjoy your success everyone – you have worked so hard for it, Susan x

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