Mindful Wednesday – A is for

Mindful Wednesday – A is for

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in today.
My oh my. When will it stop raining??
Tunbridge Wells is very very wet now.
Where’s the bloody dog??
But the weather is just another one of those things 
I have absolutely no control over.
I was just in the town, and was watching 3 lads erecting some scaffolding. They were soaked to the skin.
But there was an air of grim acceptance around them; 
they had a job to do, and they needed the money.
So they were simply getting on with it.
Like my brother, who works outdoors always says,
“It’s only a bit of rain; makes the grass green.”
And Dave, the old farmer always says,
 “Shit weather for sheep shearers!”
(which sounds bizarre in a boardroom meeting!)
Mindful Wednesday, right?
Well, I am just about to head up to the new studios for prep and rehearsals before the big launch at noon tomorrow.
The big boxes are packed.
The little boxes are ticked.
I have got enough demos to go for hours.
I have got enough clobber to wear for a fortnight.
Have turned the place on its head looking for my earpiece for talkback. Haven’t used it for a while.
Obviously put it in a safe place.
Ah well.
I’m sure they’ll have lovely new ones at Hochanda for the launch.
And I shall just have to get a new one made.
But the lesson for me today was seeing those young men climbing up the side of the old building in Crowborough, 
hauling soaking wet scaffolding,
with rain literally dripping off their noses.
Years ago, in fact right up to 5 years ago,
it being August Bank Holiday weekend,
we would have been unloading a van in a muddy field
at the Stonor Arts & Crafts Show.
We used to hand make beautiful slate vases.

Chisels, sanding blocks, beeswax.
It was the real deal.

Heavy?? Weighed a ton!
No wonder my neck is permanently damaged!
But that was how we made ends meet.
And I am not embarrassed to tell you that we always slept in the back of the van. The weather was often so rubbish that camping in a tent was too unpredictable. 
(Remind me to tell you the story of the airbed and the pump some time…)
So. To be invited to launch a new TV Channel with an amazing group of people; to be packing my suitcase to spend the long weekend in a swanky hotel. 
Beyond my wildest dreams?
The only fly in the ointment is that Dave can’t be with me.
He really isn’t well enough to handle the pace just yet.
Paul Church and he are joining me on Saturday though, 
for the 6pm TV Show.
So I really must head off now.
I do hope you can make time to join us at noon tomorrow,
at 6pm on Saturday,
and at 10am on Sunday.
There may be teething problems,
things may not go according to plan.
But it won’t be for lack of effort.
This is a HUGE DEAL.
To build a TV Channel from an idea and a spread sheet.
What an accomplishment.
We will just go with the flow, duck and dive, smile a lot,
improvise if we have to, and have some fun along the way.

I thought I would focus my mind and get grounded by setting myself a task.

A is for Always look on the bright side of life.
C is for Can’t control People 
C is for Can’t control Places or Things either.
E is for Everything happens for a Reason.
P is for Plan. Plan your day before it begins.
T is for This too shall pass.
A is for Actions speak louder than words.
N is for Never nag.
C is for Choose your words carefully.
E is for Every cloud has a silver lining.
Why not try it yourself?
Make a cup of tea and find a quiet place 
with some paper and a pen.
Write ACCEPTANCE down the lefthand side.
Then have a think about what Acceptance stands for. 
Stay positive. 
Next week, maybe we can talk about Acceptance?
It’s a biggy on our quest for a little serenity…
love and hugs,

83 thoughts on “Mindful Wednesday – A is for

  1. Wow Barbara, I wish you all the very best for the launch and subsequent shows. I know you will be a huge success and whatever gets thrown your way you will deal with it with your usual charm and sense of humour! I'm so excited I can't wait! Good luck to you and all of the team at Hochanda! I just hope I can get it on the TV, I also really hope Dave is ok and gets to enjoy he weekend up there with you all. Lots of love and hugs.Wendyxx

  2. Sending you the biggest good luck wish. I will be watching and willing everything to go right. Good luck to everyone at Hochanda embarking on this new and scary venture, I'm sure you will pull each other through any teething problems. I bet Dave is sorry he can't be there with you tomorrow, but its great that he will come up Saturday with Paul. Drive safe in this horrid weather. Xx

  3. Good luck! It'll be great to have you back on our screens in the classroom environment again. Will be watching it all. Spent the afternoon with my Groovi mate yesterday! We are becoming firm friends! Take care xx

  4. Lots of hugs for you are the team. So looking forward to it. Xx
    You never know do you, where you will be in a years time. My year has been very up and down. This time last year I couldn't have imagined what horrors where is store or that I would find lovely friends to help me through. People sure do come into your life at the right time sometimes. Xx

  5. Hi Barbara, sorry I didn't comment last night, the reality of what Nicola put me through last Thursday has started hitting me. I think I must have been still in shock, but also Asperger's means delayed reactions, and for me it mostly only comes in fragments and over time builds to the whole picture. And I've got to face a garden visit in a bit, with the not very good worker on her own, the new worker, well that's another big mess they've made of that, so I can't have him back for a few weeks, what was the point of starting him last week! Acceptance for me right now – realising that my existence is never going to get any better ever, only worse, and I'm going to die never knowing what it's like to have any quality of life, nor experiencing any of the things that being a human being is /needs.

    I'm sorry to hear you are facing this huge deal on your own, but glad Dave isn't pushing himself to be with you, risking his recovery. Good that's he's managing to still be a part of it on Saturday, he deserves to be sooo much, poor soul. keep going Dave, keep doing as you are told, hopefully God will help you to fully recover very soon. I hope there are going to be some familiar faces there for you Barbara. I know you're going to stress so much and want everything perfect, but please try to just go with the flow. We're not expecting perfection, we're just sooo looking forward to seeing oor Barb making good, and getting what she deserves. And glad to here to be able to maybe in some way give you a bit of support and encouragement, and to laugh with you when teething problems occur. We're all here, all how ever many of thousands of us, cheering you on, sending you psychically our very best wishes and support. Standing behind and around you so you don't feel totally exposed and alone, keep that picture in your head. Hope the studio is big enough for us all!!!!! So relax and enjoy the experience as best you can, you sooo deserve this. We've got Hochanda up here too, so I will definitely be watching live and recording :-). My very very best wishes, best of luck that it goes as smoothly as possible. And please don't worry about what you are wearing, you could wear a tatty sack and we'd still be delighted to see you!!!! Travel safely, and let the people at the other end do all the lifting etc. for you please. Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, does not sound like you are in too happy a place at the minute, but acceptance is not about realsing your existence is not going to get any better, only worse, who can live with that bleak outlook. Acceptance is about not worrying or stressing about what can't be changed but looking to celebrate what you can control or change. Subtle difference (which I know your Asperger's will find hard to grasp) but when deep in depression all my thoughts were centred on what was wrong in my life, everything that happened was seen through the prism of what was wrong. I too was on my own and was not happy about it and thought it would never change, but it did. Not easily, many wrong steps along the way but what worked was a need to make myself look outward, forced in the early days, or as Barbara says, fake it until you feel it. It is amazing how when forcing yourself to be part of the whirl of life, thinking and focusing on others, how it starts to make you feel better, not just mentally but physically. Since you have started writing in this blog, I can see a difference in you, to me you seem stronger. re-read your early blogs to see how far you've come. I know my challenges are and were nothing compared to yours and it is very easy for me to say this, although not easy to admit to being subject to periods of depression, a much misunderstood illness. But this blog and your crafting are your outward looking areas. When you are down, come to us for support. I'll bet the blogs you write, the support you give to others here, makes your heart sing. When nothing else is going right, your crafting is your area of control, because even a bit of colouring is soothing and represents what you can do, what you can change and what you can achieve. Even if you do not like what you have achieved that day, put it away for another day because like the scraps, you would be amazed at what it looks like on another day. So accept one day follows another, some will be good, some will be bad, some will be feared, some will be joy but most of all set your recorder for tomorrow so we can laugh at what went wrong, enjoy getting our Classroom back and celebrate all things Clarity! Thinking about you. Karen xxx

    2. Oh Brenda, you know I care about you as do many others on here. Please try and find onre positive thing every day, even something really small. It will lift you when you do. You said you will never know or experience anything that people need but I disagree. You have found love and friendship here on the blog, Daisy loves and needs you to look after her. I know you feel very alone at the moment but try and come here and you will see so many people sending you positive thoughts. As Barbara is always saying take one day at a time. Thinking of you! Love Donna xx

    3. Brenda thinking of you like many of us on here do just take baby steps each day try to craft just a little and blog each day on here big hugs xxx

    4. Hello Brenda. Everyday people tell me that it's the little things that make a difference to their experience, so try to look for the little things to help to brighten your days. Today my little things were the rain stopping so I could bring in my wheelie bin, the electician finally picking up his phone and organising someone to come and search for my electrical fault, and seeing the bottom of my ironing basket! And when you sit and watch Barbara tomorrow, think of all your blog friends sitting on the sofa with you – sadly I won't be one of them as I have to fly down to London, but when I come back to Scotland and watch the recordings you will be sitting with me and we'll be enjoying it together. Love Susan x

    5. Brenda my dear lady sending you a big gentle hug. You are so important to us here on the blog and just look how far you have come along from your first tentative post. You are important to Daisy too (although being a cat she will not let you know that because she is far more important than you!). I'm so sorry to hear you are being let down by everyone, I had high hopes for the new gardening man that he was the strong silent type, you have got it all round at the moment. I know you are struggling but if you can come on here and tell us it's a little step forward each day, and hopefully we can make you smile or laugh. Much love Diane xxx

    6. Thank you everyone for caring and for taking the time to write me these replies xx

      That's good news about the lad Karen, miracles do happen. I hope he makes as good a recovery as possible and he can still have a quality of life xx

      A bit I didn't tell you was I had my first go at shading following Barbara's guidance last Thursday afternoon. I think I was quite pleased with myself with my very first attempt. I was still colouring my first flower when Nicola knocked. I was all set for showing it to her….. (She had told me she was coming to go through an important thing to do with the first worker, for my safety, but did what she did to me instead) My shading therefore got attached to the bad stuff she did to me. Any craft is like a trigger now, making the bad feelings and reliving it even stronger 🙁 There was no need whatsoever for her to do what she did, and it broke pretty much all fundamental principles and rules of support work! (You wouldn't believe me if I told you!) I still can't even guess as to why she decided to do what she did, it's totally senseless. And the very not good thing from high up is not all of it, I've inadvertently found out a number of very not good my service related things in the last couple of months…

  6. Will be watching tomorrow if my 5yr old granddaughter let's me sit still for 5 mins! Acceptance. ..yes I will think about this especially as I am at the end of my tether babysitting over the summer holidays. Good luck keep smiling . I know you will be a huge hit. Xx

  7. Will be watching tomorrow if my 5yr old granddaughter let's me sit still for 5 mins! Acceptance. ..yes I will think about this especially as I am at the end of my tether babysitting over the summer holidays. Good luck keep smiling . I know you will be a huge hit. Xx

  8. I so hope all goes well, there are bound to be a few glitches on something new but I bet there will be plenty of laughter to go with it. Shame Dave will not be there at the start but his health is far more important. Exciting times for you. xx

  9. Currently sat in the car park with the rain battering on the window screen waiting for my friend to come out of the dentist . She's in there having a tooth out so rather her than me !

    Only yesterday did we see some scaffolder's and I said what a horrible job in this sort of weather plus also horrible in this cold weather where your hands must stick to the poles unless of course you wear the gloves As you should !

    Looking forward to tomorrow Best of luck Barbara and I hope Dave will be fine to join you on Saturday as you say.

    Knock 'em dead! Xxxx

  10. Posted my comments in wrong places again, hey ho!
    Barbara, best of luck tomorrow, knock 'em dead, I am sure you will be fabulous and even if you don't feel it, you know you can fake it and we will never know the difference! Just enjoy yourself because that is what it should be fun and joy. It maybe raining outside (Winter coming on) but in my heart it is spring! Sorry that song is just in my brain, I refuse to let the rain get me down!
    BTW, my hubby wants to know if we are all planning on returning our C&C club badges now we are moving to HOCHANDA (have to tune in tomorrow just to learn how to pronounce it!). He used to find the Nigel May C&C Club trailers hilarious, extolling the virtues of the C&C Club badge. Or are we going to have Clarity ones instead, I dare you to make one from shrink plastic on the show!

    1. Great news today, just heard that the lad in the hospital I mentioned in some blogs back, is off the ventilator and allowed out of bed for short periods, a long way to go yet as he fell from a third floor balcony onto concrete but that he is off the ventilator is a huge step forward for him and the office is buzzing on this good news. thanks for all your messages of support over last few weeks (he has been intensive care for 4 weeks). Today is definitely a good day. Thanks Karen xxx

    2. News to brighten the dull, grey wet weather! How fantastic for all who know him and also for his family. Let's hope that improvement continues for a long time to come. Xx

    3. What a great idea Karen! We should have a competition to see who can most effectively update/recycle our C&C badges!! on seconds thoughts, let's leave it to the experts, come on Barbara… X

  11. Hope all goes well for the launch I must set the recorder but I need to work out what the channel number for sky is. Mmmm will have to look back or maybe go on FB.
    Love the Acceptance idea too by the way
    Jackie x

  12. Good luck for tomorrow Barbara …. not that you'll need it! My seat in front of the TV is already booked … see you at the launch. Go get em' girl!! xx

  13. Good luck for tomorrow hope it all goes well won't be able to watch as I visit my beloved dad on Thursday lunch times.bless him he's 91 and still keeping fairly well , has prostate cancer but is in good spirits , but I ramble ……… Will tune in later to see what's happening x

  14. Tomorrow will be great Barbara and if there are glitches, and I'm sure there will be some, you will all pull together and makeit right! So I looking forward to viewing tomorrow and will definitely catch you over the weekend too. Break a leg as the say. x

  15. All the very best for tomorrow, Barbara! I know you'll be fab. A real pity Dave can't be with you to begin with, but quite right that he keeps taking it easy until he feels 100% better. I've set the video to record all your lovely programmes and am really looking forward to them (and a few of the others – it's like the old days when I used to be recording stuff all the time…). And if there are a few glitches, so what… it'll be something to look back and laugh about. Have fun! K xx

  16. How exciting this is….Looking forward to hopefully watching tomorrow's launch on catch-up, then will definitely be watching live on Saturday & Sunday.
    Wishing you loads of luck & laughs….At least everyone will be in the same boat which must calm your nerves a little……You'll all be "newbies" together 🙂
    Love & hugs, Carole xxx

  17. Hello Barbara wishing all the luck in the world for a sell out launch show so looking forward to the lessons again and the groovi too you deserve it for all the hard work you and your team do lots of get well hugs to Dave even though he carnt be there for the launch he will still be with you in heart and he and paul will be with you Saturday for support all us clarity followers will be with you in heart so go for it enjoy every minute I know I will .
    Big crafting hugs xxx

  18. Wishing you all the very best for tomorrow and safe journeys there and back. Even though Dave won't be there with you, he's sure to be supporting you from home and with you in spirit. Paul Church was so good at the Clarity retreats and seems sure to be a great "2nd" and practical supporter at HOCHANDA. I'm planning to watch tomorrow and feel sure it will be marvellous. As for less than perfect moments, well, they can make it all so much more fun. Your ACCEPTANCE strategy looks good, but I feel that's something I will need to work really hard on. Looking forward to a real treat tomorrow and through the weekend.

  19. Good luck Barbara ,i will be at Edenbridge county show with our plants ,so will have to record it ,Hope i can anyhow ,and Yes we camping in back of Van ,have all mod cones Fridge cooker food ,and battery to charge them on ,Bed made on the plant trolleys ,bit low cause he put board on bottom but have to remember to duck when i get up ,o and have caravan mattress on top to lay on and bed cover hope it dont rain ,well we have our boots incase ,o and i got 4 battery chargers for ipad and phone can do both on one ,so should be plenty to keep phones charged ,hopefully i can watch when get back ,dont know if can get on ipad,but might not have internet there ,Good luck xxxx

  20. Hello and grüß Gott Barbara
    I haven't posted on your blog before, just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow. You will be brilliant.
    I read in a statement somewhere that your shows will be broadcasting in Germany, Yipeee, I live in Nuremberg, I know you know it well! Please tell me how I can get to see you on Hochanda here in sunny Franken Land.
    Love Saba xxx

    1. Hello my lovely friend, fancy seeing you here! If you have a look on the Hochanda website and Facebook page, I think they said it is being broadcast on line at the moment at the same time, I think Rolf posted a comment on Barbara's blog a couple of days ago with information he found for Germany. I hope that helps, but I'm sur Barbara or someone will answer your query when they have a moment 🙂 xxx

    2. Hallo Saba,

      ich habe noch keine Möglichkeit gefunden Barbara (Hochanda) zumindest am PC zu sehen. Hatte Barbara auch einen Kommentar hinterlassen und sie meinte, das werden wir schon hinkriegen. Leider haben wir nur ASTRA, somit kann ich Hochanda gar nicht empfangen.
      Die Fangemeinde von Barb ist doch recht groß.

      Ich lebe in Mittelfranken / Zirndorf 🙂
      Gleich um die Ecke von Dir.

      LG Elke

  21. Hals- und Beinbruch fuer die naechsten Tage! I'm sure it will all go swimmingly – and no-one watching will much care if things aren't perfect! Glad Dave will be up to joining you on Saturday – this time four years ago my husband was just out of hospital after having a stent fitted so I know how difficult it is to get the other half to take things easy when they're not used to it.

  22. Three words for tomorrow – Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    You love what you do and this is evident in all your work, certainly transmitted to the viewing public over the airwaves, so tomorrow will be a breeze; and if there is a hiccup or two, who cares!
    Looking forward to your next blog as I doubt if I will be able to tune in here.
    All good wishes for the next few days.
    S. ;~}

  23. Hi, Barbara, I can only reiterate the things that have been said before me.
    I wish you the best fun ever and hope you can share it with your lovely man.
    The rain has finally stopped and the sun has come out, so I have to "accept" that I have to go out and tend my garden! Think it's a bit battered. I'll be watching and learning – can't wait. Xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    Oh you do make me smile. I love your PMA. I always try to be a glass half full person if possible. You will be amazing tomorrow. I am so excited for you and all involved.
    Hugs from Chris X

  25. Love the blog. I have been trying to be mindful all day, just about recovered from my bug and hoping tomorrow at the MOJ will not be as bad as I think.
    My son has asked me to make his wedding invitations – Ah – I do not think I am good enough. I said to him "but you say I never get anything straight" His reply "Well you will when you get to number 50+" Glad someone has faith. Now to write out acceptance. Give myself a break from the groovy – I am seeing double.
    Good luck for the shows – you will be ACE and Queen of all our Hearts.
    Love and also to Dave and Paul – wonder if he still has the picture of me with paint on my face at the retreat – the family would love to have a laugh!
    Anne (Reading)

  26. How about the serenity prayer……
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Good luck for the shows.


  27. I wish you all the luck in the world – not that you will need it because you will be brilliant. I know you are nervous but it is only because it is a new start – you will knock em dead. Shame Dave cannot be with you but at least he is being sensible and doing the right thing. Big hugs for you both.

    1. Hallo rolfi,

      hast Du schon eine Info wie man auf den Genuss kommt Hochanda zu sehen.
      Bei mir gehts leider nicht. Habe nur ASTRA.
      Auf der HP von Hochanda kann man überhaupt kein lifestream verfolgen. Da gibts nichts. Ich denke zumindest momentan.

      LG Elke

  28. You are one special, caring and sharing lady! Thank you, for everything! Good luck tomorrow… And the up coming weekend' be with you then! Remember… Walk in the park, albeit a new park! How very exciting! Lots of love Mandy xxxx

  29. Best of luck for tomorrow…. You will be fine…We are all routing for you and the new channel. So looking forward to seeing you work your magic. Hugs xxxxxxx

  30. So looking forward to tomorrow – it sounds like it is going to be lots of fun as well as hard work. Remember the rain not only makes the grass green, we need it to make really good whisky – so that's the silver lining in my cloud! Have heaps of fun tomorrow xx

  31. Hi Barbara
    Good luck with the new adventure,not that you need luck you'll be great as usual.
    I've had a look to see who else is on the channel and it looks good,looking forward to watching.
    I definitely want to here the story about the inflatable air bed I can only imagine what went on.

  32. We appreciate the sun all the more after a good downpour 🙂 I'll be watching tomorrow & over the weekend with a cuppa, along with all your other fans & friends supporting you. I hope after this launch you & Dave will both have some 'me' time. Oodles of good luck & hugs xx

  33. Best of luck to you Barbara – hope all goes well for you. You probably know that we all love a view of the out-takes and bloopers, so we'll enjoy your shows for the good bits as well as the "wish it wasn't live TV" bits! I'll have a go at the acceptance idea when I'm back from London and can sit and watch the recordings of your shows. Susan x

  34. Will be watching you all tomorrow -good luck. If there are any bloopers, they'll be good for a Christmas show!!
    I like your acceptance. I live by the maxim -'Now is not forever.' It makes me appreciate the good moments and encourages if the moments are pretty awful.

  35. Hi Barbara
    I've got everything crossed for you tomorrow , I know you will be nervous that's a given but try to have a laugh relax and enjoy the ups and downs that are bound to happen – don't forget 'you will be fabulous darling!' I've got a friend visiting so I'm going to put it on record in a minute. The rains been coming down here in stair rods today too so I'm so pleased that you are in a swanky hotel and not camping! Oh yes please do tell us the air bed tale one day! Safe journey and enjoy your time with Dave when Paul brings him to join you – it's sad he can't be there with you but he's doing the right thing by relaxing. Sending you a huge hug and lots of good luck wishes xxxx

  36. Hi Barbara, such wonderful comments from all your loyal fans. How wonderful for you to know you are respected and loved. I am so excited for the new channel. I live in Canada and will be watching via the internet. You have such a wonderful way of putting things and put everyone in a relaxed mode when you are teaching. I know this as I have been watching all your videos and so enjoy them. Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow on this exciting adventure and Dave will be with you in mind if not in body.

  37. Hi Barbara. I love your wise words of Acceptance, well worth remembering. Good luck with the launch show today.I will be watching your shows at the weekend. Have a great time and try to accept that there may be hiccups but we will still be with you every step of the way. Enjoy yourself. Take care xx

  38. Hi Barb. Well, it's 11.45am Thursday and I'm sitting patiently waiting for 12.00 to come and Hochanda to go live! It's all so exciting and I join all your other faithful followers in wishing you all the best in this new venture. Just don't let anyone cause a giggle fit!!! Hugs Beryl (one of the Open Day BOGOFFs!!)

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