A world of contrasts….

A world of contrasts….

Hi there!
Happy Friday.
Thank you for popping in today.
After the strain of yesterday’s Hochanda new TV channel launch,
I decided to step back and enjoy the lovely town of Stamford.
What a place!
And the George Hotel is very lovely, I must say!
This morning I went into the little secret garden at the back…
Actually, what happened was, I was trying to get a phone signal to call my Mum and Dad, so stepped outside.
I figured I would keep walking until I could talk to them. 
It wasn’t looking very promising until
I bumped into a gardener watering the plants outside,
 and explained the situation. 
He just smiled and said, “keep walking and hang a left…” 
What better place than this to sit and gather one’s thoughts.
So I spent a very pleasant hour chatting to my parents,
 sitting on a bench which was tucked in under the wisteria 
in the sun …
I had to smile, because as I started to study the flowers 
more closely,
I noticed the bees, working away,
 seldom stopping.
And I remembered the bee on the wall in the restaurant,
which I wanted to share with you.
At first, from a distance, I thought that somebody had swatted a bug on the dining room wall!
But on closer inspection,
it was a painted Bee.
Absolutely perfect.
No wonder it didn’t move!
In fact, the whole dining room was a wonderful artefact!
I had arrived back at base, after a long day at Hochanda,
But I also wanted to watch the repeat of the launch which was airing at 9pm!
So what to do?
Pass on supper and watch the programme?
Or Pass on the show and go eat?
Food more crucial, so I went to the restaurant.
The friendly German waiter,
who I had made friends with the night before,
asked me whether I would prefer a more secluded place.
Lovely! The quieter the better! I said!
(Hate sitting alone in a busy restaurant)
Well, you can go in our private dining room, but you will be alone.
So I was able to crank up the Ipad and watch the launch
 at the same time as eating!
Call it Dinner TV if you will; it was perfect!
But the room !! The room!!!
It all started with a little frog on the wall…
It was so perfect, I had to go look.
 then the rest of the walls started to come to life,
The flowers were so beautifully hand-painted, 
they looked absolutely real.

The detail was enthralling.

Absolutely breath-taking.

And so, after a crazy, exciting, noisy, strenuous day,
packed with people and very serious business actually,
I sat completely alone in the corner of a fantastic dining-room
(spot the handbag hanging on the arm of the chair)
It was perfect. 
And the lobster was pretty good too!
So if you ever need a very special place for a very special occasion,
there’s a painted room in the George Hotel in Stamford.
I think I’d like to celebrate our wedding here.
I shall have to ask Dave….
TV Show tomorrow at 6pm-7pn
and Sunday 10am -11am
much love,

77 thoughts on “A world of contrasts….

  1. How lovely and peaceful. The flowers look amazing. So pleased you had time to relax. Once again I must say you were just perfect talking to the gentlemen at the launch. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend after doing a bit on the allotment. I shall be glued to your shows.
    Anne (Reading)

  2. Love the George – love Stamford – only an hour from here and lots of fabulous Cafes down side streets – been to great weddings( – and a funeral at the George – both managed amazingly. Always stop on the way to the A1 or Ragdale hall – perfect place to chill – take care – I hope Dave is well enough to join you jx

  3. What a beautiful place to stay and relax Barbara, especially after the hectic day you had. We did stop at Stamford once on the way back from Rutland but don't remember much about it. This hotel looks like a real gem though and beautiful gardens too. Will be looking out for your shows over the weekend too. x

    1. Hello friend Brenda, good to hear from you. Hugs and joy beaming your way, quite made my day to hear from you. Hope your evening is as good as you've made mine. Karen xxx.

  4. How lovely. Just chill now until it is time for your shows. You will be amazing, always are. Did I hear the word wedding that would be wonderful as well. I shall be watching the shows and know I will enjoy. xx

  5. What a fab room – who did the paintings!

    I'm going to add it tome list of,places to visit. Enjoyed the launch show yesterday. Have only been able to,sneak a peak today as we had the grandchildren. Holly decided she wanted to doodle so I explained about Zentangle and got my book out. She drew around her hand and took some Zentangle patterns from the book to fill it in. She already likes the Groovi plate so she's slowly becoming a crafter!

    Look forward to your weekend shows! Hope Dave is managing without you! I didn't get to comment on yesterday's bog for technical reasons but congtaukatioms to all at Hochanda and Clarity for a great start 🎉

  6. What a gorgeous place to relax in. I wonder who the artist is – s/he or maybe they, are very very good

    Congratulations on the launch yesterday – really en/joyed the first hour (which I was watching with you at 9pm)

    I managed to get bits of other shows too – love the relaxed (low sell) programmes

  7. So glad you found somewhere nice to relax having what must have been a truly epic day. Have set the recorder to make doubly sure I don't miss you over the weekend (I bet Dave does though). Good luck, although I'm sure you won't need it. Take care. Xxxx

  8. Beautiful room . I hope that hochanda will do what create and craft did so I can watch reruns during the week since watching live is almost impossible with the time differences and my schedule .

  9. I remember the George Hotel from my days in the RAF up the road at RAF Wittering. I was only seventeen and it seemed very posh to me back then. Maybe a return visit is in order to appreciate the beauty of the building and grounds. I used to love wandering around Stamford, I remember lots of churches and lots of pubs. Thanks for the memories. Looking forward to your shows

  10. What a beautiful place to relax and wind down, not to mention the inspiration both in the garden and that beautiful room. That place has gone into my diary for future reference if I ever end up staying over in that area. Glad you were able to find such beauty and peace. xxxx Maggie

  11. How super! See how a negative can also be a positive – had Dave been there last night you'd have missed out on the gorgeous dining room &so would we!! The garden sounds perfect too. So pleased for you. I shall be glued to the programme tomorrow. Looking forward to you having time to breathe & to explain!
    Hugs, Alison xxxx

  12. I think this Hotel will have to go on my 'must visit' list ….looks lovely.
    Congratulations, Barbara, on yesterdays launch. A brilliant start to your involvement in the Channel.

    1. Hi Donna very up and down just did a very little bit of craft tidying ,going to watch from my bed so will have padding all around me hugs sleep time xxx

  13. What a lovely place to retreat too after a long hectic day! What fabulous artwork! What a fabulous garden! What a fabulous launch! Enjoy your weekend! So looking forward to your demos. Take care to you and Dave xx

  14. It is a beautiful place glad you had some you time after a busy day. So hope Virgin come on board soon so can record more for know catch ups hope tomorrow has catch ups as we have are second birthday at clarity East Midlands so we are parting tomorrow as I'm sure you are aware and may be popping in if you have time as you did on our first day which was wonderful for me is a mixed felling as was just ten days later our Sandie died so I'm trying to stay possitive you all have been fantastic helping me through lots love look forward to see more of you on my TV big hugs Joy xxx

  15. Hi Barbara,
    what a beautiful place to stay and eat and have a walk in the garden…
    You deserve it.
    Good luck for the weekend shows. Do you know when they repeat the shows? I can watch sunday but not sure if I can tomorrow.
    Rolf xxx

  16. Well done on the launch Barbara and thank you for sharing these very beautiful wall paintings , how wonderful to have the room to yourself!
    Good luck for the weekend shows, sure they will be great,

  17. What a beautiful place and such gorgeous artwork. I bet it didn't take long for you to totally relax in surroundings like those. And eh hmmm did we mention the word Wedding there lovely lady?? Oh I do hope so – you really deserve the loveliest of days with your wonderful man. 👰❤💘👏👏

  18. A fantastic blog today and fantastic art work. Maybe the artist needs to be on the show.

    Wedding ….. something to come ?

    I watched the launch and have to say how excited I feel to hear the great ideas of things to come. More in the teaching and learning. I learnt several tips even in the launch programme.

    Relax and enjoy.

    Big hugs Pen x

  19. Everyone asking the same question as me, wedding,! I'm digging out my hat as I speak. How marvellous, I suppose you might need to let the groom know first. Big question for us is do we all get to attend via the blog. I'll sit and read it in my best hat and frock and feel I'm there too. Enjoy your evening and I'll be tuning in tomorrow. Karen xxx.

  20. Hello Barbara

    What a beautiful room! As previous friends have said… WEDDING!…… how fantastic. I hope you both find the time.

    Hochanda is doing great. I am really enjoying watching a craft channel again.


  21. What a beautiful way to unwind and relax a little. The pictures are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I was delighted to see that the internet is working better today and was able to catch John from CE doing a wonderful demo. Love the teaching aspect of this new channel and a softer sell which will probably sell more product. Looking forward to your shows on the weekend as wasn't able to watch the launch due to the internet problems. It is the only way I can watch as I live in Canada.

  22. What a lovely room, the flowers just stand out and that frog was amazing. You could have been in the garden it looked so real. I like Karen's idea of sitting in our best hat and frock to attend the blog.

  23. Hello Barbara

    What a beautiful room! As previous friends have said… WEDDING!…… how fantastic. I hope you both find the time.

    Hochanda is doing great. I am really enjoying watching a craft channel again.


  24. Wedding? Is that one of your little teasing hints? Holding my breath.
    Would be lovely news and what a beautiful place you were staying at.
    Loved the Hochanda launch yesterday, fun and frolics mad sound engineers and wobbly camera, just loved it, made it all so much more friendly with a few teething problems.
    Love Marian 🎨

  25. Lovely! Must be something about the name as the George in Rye is lovely too!

    Congrats on the launch at HOCHANDA – wishing you all every success


  26. Such beautiful paintings, it looks an amazing hotel….and as for your Wedding, I know a wonderful stamp company that has some great stamps that you could use…..xxx

  27. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful dining room,the frog looks so real.
    Wow a wedding does Dave know 😉 If there is I'm so pleased for both you.I've been with my partner for 25years and still haven't found the time to get married,one day I'm sure it'll happen.
    Will see you tomorrow.

  28. Hi Barbara didn't everyone do well yesterday. I am really enjoying the new channel the guests get to demonstrate without interruption. It must have been stressful. That is a lovely hotel you are staying in and hints of a wedding – teasing. I hope you get a good rest tonight before another big day tomorrow. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  29. Tried to view Hochanda from here but no joy thus a big treat in store for me later. As for your dinner venue, well, with all the painted decor, you were meant to be there, weren't you??? As for Wedding, does this mean I now have an outing for my July Challenge fascinator? I have visions of sitting in front of the computer, reading your blog, dressed up to the nines mit glass of Sekt! ;~}

  30. Hi Barbara
    Isn't fate a wonderful thing. If you hadn't joined Hochanda you wouldn't have stayed at this wonderful hotel and you wouldn't have found your perfect venue. What a wonderful room to find and such a gorgeous garden too. Yes perfect for a wedding – I hope Dave says yes! ( he hasn't left a comment yet tonight poor man!). Oh I like the idea of us all in our posh gear watching the wedding on the blog! Well Barbara I think one of your pictures would look lovely on their wall, you should donate one to them. Hope your mum and dad are ok and you enjoy your time with Dave at the weekend and the shows, I have them on record and wish you well for them. Lots of love
    Diane xxx

  31. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on the launch yesterday.Also looks like congratulations in order for another reason! Does Dve know about this! Like the idea of us all sitting reading the blog sitting in all of our finery – I'll even buy a hat ( or a fascinator) specially! The George looks gorgeous and the private room is just you. Looking forward to your two shows – I know you'll be brilliant. Love Alison xx

    1. Do you think it's a first, wedding by blog, bet you did not see that coming. Congratulations, makes my heart sing and a lovely way to put the scares behind you and celebrate the new venture. Good luck. Karen xxx.

  32. Oh Barbara how stunning thank you for showing us round this lovely special place never been but now I feel like I have had a special peek how wonderful to be looked after so well love the plaque to Diana how special is that .
    Wow wow weddings bells ringing hope Dave says yes what a clarity bash that would be lots of hugs xxx

  33. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for sharing that fantastic art with us. It was a lovely haven for you to find peace ( and lobster) after such a busy day. I have just caught up with Hochanda. My freesat recorder took a while to find the new channel. I have set it ready for tomorrow and Sunday but will be watching live too. I like the look of Hochanda. The shows were more relaxed and the presenters calmer than on other shopping channels. The in depth demonstrations were very good too. That's what Crafter's have been asking for. Good to see a wide range of crafts/hobbies included. Well done all involved.
    You are doing a fabulous job Barbara.
    Hugs from Chris x

  34. How lovley so glad you found a peacefull place thought launch was great ,you looked at home
    looking forward to your 2 shows love and all the best x x

  35. Hello Barbara, well done on the launch of a fab show, really enjoyable, and a big thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures, never seen anything quite like it and that stunning garden…wow…x

  36. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing such lovely pictures in this post, both the paintings and the gardens are beautiful. Glad you had some peace and quiet, after your hectic day. Looking forward to your shows. I am sure Dave is not going to say no, so hopefully Clarity Wedding bells will be ringing out soon. Take care and Dave too. Bx

  37. What a great day Barbara – I wish I had been a fly on the wall to see all the action behind the scenes! Brings to mind the swan gliding so peacefully for everyone to see, and paddling like fury under the water 🙂 . Thank you for sharing your beautiful surroundings. Not heard of the George but I think it needs investigating at some point. Looking forward to tomorrow's show. Sleep well and love to you and Dave xx Helen and Mike

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