Elephants never forget….

Elephants never forget….

Hi there.
Late I know.
But I got carried away with the Grunge paste and the elephant!
This Elephant stencil was a New Design Club Stencil a couple of months ago. A particularly good one I thought.
This evening, after a lovely day with my parents and Dave, 
I thought I would get my glass paints out after at least a year, 
and have a play before back-to-work-Monday. 
Grunge Paste through the stencil first.
It’s an elephant, so if you want a little texture, 
then before you remove the stencil,
Lightly make an impression in the texture paste with kitchen towel.

Or leave it smooth.
Either way, allow to dry.

You can see here I got carried away!
Had it all going on!

Decided to try glass paints on the smooth one.
Covered the whole canvas with a coat of 
yellow Pebeo glass paint.
Used one of our Stencil brushes.

New brush in a teal coloured glass paint.
Then just started pulling the colour in from the same side.
Over and over and over again.
Always in one direction.

Even when the brush was almost dry, 
I just kept sweeping across the elephant and the canvas board.

Add a darker blue glass paint.
Quite lightly though.
Still sweeping in from the same edge.
The paint catches the texture paste on one side.
It’s really cool.

You’ve got to know when to stop.
If you go too dark,
you can lightly wipe away some of the paint with rubbing alcohol.

Mounted it on a 12″ x 12″ Mountboard to finish.

Very, very simple to do.
You can do exactly the same thing with any acrylic paints;
I had just forgotten about my glass paints, 
and wanted to remember how they work. 
You can polish them when they’re dry.
Buff them up.
This elephant’s not ready for a polish yet;
I shall try tomorrow morning….
But I remember now!
It comes up like glass!

I have just noticed that the Website needs updating, 
so that you can actually buy this elephant stencil if you don’t have it but want it.
Give me till tomorrow; will get it sorted out first thing.
much love,

49 thoughts on “Elephants never forget….

  1. Oooooo I do like this a lot indeed, looks incredible and yes it is a fabulous stencil, very happy to be a Gold member (I can hear Shirley Bassey now). Definitely going to try this, thanks for yet more wonderful arty inspiration x

  2. Thought I might be first but Lynne beat me to it!

    Very excited, I have glass paints as I used to do a lot of glass painting. Still have good intentions to do it, but has been a while.

    I'm pleased the stencil will be available, I saw some of the entries that used it in the Clarity challenge and really liked it. But hubby has just done an order from the sale so may have to wait a little while!

  3. I have this stencil and I love it. I made a card and zentangled through it, I even went for multi coloured zentangle whereas I normally only use one colour and it looked like patchwork. He looks like a very happy elephant……….don't ask me why. Love the idea of using grunge paste through itvonto canvas, may well have to give it a try. Xx

    1. Hi Brenda and Donna he is a cute elephant isn't he lots of hugs xxx
      Did you order in the sale or are you both been good
      I fell of the CCA wagon again now I think I need the grudge paste xxx

  4. I love this stencil, I have not used it yet but now I have seen this I am inspired to have a go, thanks for idea, hope you had a good weekend. Jx

  5. Bother! I gave my glass paints to my daughter a while back so I shall have to be satisfied with acrylics for the time being. I love the way the light shines from this design. Really beautiful. Glad you got lost in your paints today – a lovely way to relax. Enjoy the rest of your evening with Dave. xxx Maggie

  6. Dear, dear Barbara, you truly are a most exceptional lady. You give so much of yourself to everyone and always with a smile and warmly conveyed even when you’ve got your own troubles. You know just when to give a bit of support, a bit of help, a bit of encouragement, some kind words. I truly believe you have been touched by God, you’re a living angel, sent here to spread out love and warmth and help to those of us in need who manage to stray across your path. And to build up this wonderful community around you of such lovely caring and kind people who are also always there when one of us in need. And I feel special to have been allowed to stray across your path, to be allowed to know you and be a part of this wonderful community you’ve gathered together, with you at the helm. I can genuinely say this community is the only place /people in my whole time alive that I know I can go to, be part of and I never need to fear being harmed or used or upset or made fun off, or pushed away, I can feel totally safe and secure and always welcomed and embraced. Dear, dear Barbara, that’s what you have done for me. And then there’s the huge amount of encouragement, inspiration and teaching you give helping me back into craft, and to think maybe I can be arty and express what seems to be hidden well away inside me somewhere, maybe I can. A life time of thank yous to you from me. I would be signed up for your retreat every single year if I could, the best I can hope for /ask for is that I be allowed to attend one or to meet you in person in some other way at some point.

    Amazing 3D effect with the frame round the thank you words, thank you for sharing. Can I please ask you a question about the shading, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. I need more words to understand what I do, if you don’t mind. I think the 1/4 is the first quarter of the space which is totally coloured with the lightest shade, and the 3/4 is the last quarter which is totally coloured with the darkest shade? It’s the middle bit, the 1/2 that I need more words, is the whole middle half, the whole empty space totally coloured with the middle shade? But I know you say to leave white to create depth, so is some of that uncoloured half left white? Oh. I’ve just confused myself even more now – the edges should be darker than the middle section so I must be wrong about the 1/4 and 3/4 bit too? Don’t suppose there’s any chance of a wee youtube, please, pretty please? I’m so desperate to learn how to shade, my head just keeps hitting a brick wall and there’s no one who can sit down with me and actually show me, me watching them do it, which is what I think I need to find the pieces of the puzzle or unlock whatever is blocking me from knowing what to do. Thank you, but nae worries if you can’t, I know you are so busy and you have a whole, how many thousands of followers was it, so you can’t be catering for the one total numpty among us!!!! Lots of love and hugs Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, right back at you as you are totally supportive too. You give back just as much you get from this blog. And agree with Donna you are not a numpty, you are just asking the questions I was thinking about the shading. Always remember you dare to ask what many of us only got as far as thinking, so we end up benefiting from your questions! Glad to see from your other posts you've been doing a bit of crafting, rock on girl! Karen xxx

    2. Aw thank you Karen, what lovely words to say to me. I was glad to read your Friday time out went down well, I was thinking about you and the poor souls. Thank you both 🙂 xx

  7. Wow Barbara, this is just perfect for the African elephant. Well worth waiting for. I like that stencil too, it jumped put at me while flicking through my folder looking for a stencil with a flower on it and just had to use it :-). Thank you for sharing. I must remember this technique, it's very effective, and I think even novice me should be capable of doing it :-). Glad you had a lovely family day, good for you all, and some quality chill craft time. You post as late as you want, we'll all still be here whenever you manage it.

    I think I've got my laptop totally sorted again, it's back to it's old self, pre first crash a few months back :-). Finger's crossed it stays that way! yay happy dance here. A very hard couple of days, but today I've managed to settle down a wee bit and even managed a wee bit craft, finishing off some cards. Now I've got to get my body and head up for a garden visit tomorrow, Nicola is bringing the new guy, introduction take two!!!! With everything that's been happening in the last few weeks I've totally forgotten it's my brother and his wife's birthday next month, I never forget things like this! And I haven't even thought about cards for them, oops! Groovi to the rescue, a bit of simple Groovi, coloured in simply – no shading yet, but that should be different enough for them, his wife is 40 so I'll need to make it a bit special, and a bit of Mindfulness for me :-). But not tonight.

    Glad to hear Dave is on the mend too, did you ever find out what the cause was, or is just one of those life's mysteries? Big hugs and love Brenda xx

    Thank you Emma for the tips for using ink, I've got a couple of the wee trays for mixing paint, probably not the ideal, but will definitely do for now, and I use a lap tray for crafting in bed, so sorted, might have a wee go when working out how I'm going to colour in the Groovi designs for their birthday cards. Thank you so much for all your help and patience, your brilliant love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda hope the gardening visit goes well and your not disappointed again will be thinking of you .
      And your not a numpty as I keep looking over it and it won't sink in blame the CFS I think I need it printed out or as you say on you tube xxxx

    2. Thank you Sheila and Donna :-). Yeah lots of happy dances. Except the way I'm feeling right now I wish there was longer before the garden visit! I bet Nicola will be texting /phoning the guy to make sure he's where he needs to be at the right time for her picking him up!!! Good thinking Sheila – blame the CFS, it usually is eh!!!! Right I'm off to be, can't keep my eyes open, 2 nights of only a few hours sleep and all that time of mental energy really catching up with me. Don't know the last time I went to sleep this early! Hopefully it means I'll be able to get up early too – not always the case with CFS though!!! Night night xx

  8. Well Barbara you've done it again! Who would have thought that with just a couple of colours you could create such a fabulous piece of art!
    Glad to hear you've had a family sort of day!:
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. It is so weird but I had planned to do a canvas using the elephant stencil tomorrow. My brother's dining room has large elephants on the floor so I thought about doing a couple of canvases for him. I like the idea of using kitchen roll to rough up the surface. Thanks for the tip as it looks more realistic…. Vx

  10. Hi Barbara great artwork today and what a fab elephant stencil. Lovely for zentangle and also for putting grunge paste through! I hadn't thought of putting glass paints onto grunge paste, I've got both so must have a play sometime – just need the stencil! It's great to hear you had a lovely day with your mum and dad and Dave – weather has been lovely here today.
    Hope your week goes well.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, Greetings from sunny Sicily. I am feeling so proud as I was brave enough to drive us from the airport to the hotel in a gorgeous little fiat 500.
    I love this elephant stencil. She looks fab in grunge and your technique with the brush is so effective. I feel like I'm there on the plain with the heat shimmering and the ground vibrating.
    I'm glad that you had a relaxing time playing with this today an I look forward to seeing what Nelly looks like when she's polished. Love & hugs, Jeanette xxx

  12. Wow Barbara you never fail to amaze me with all your talent the elephant is stunning I tried to zen tangle mine but didn't work out well might have to buy the grudge paste and give this ago with my acrylic paints hope Dave is starting to feel better big hugs to you both xx

  13. Wow Barbara what fab artwork you have created with so little so to speak. I must say I like it left un polished. I wasn't convinced about the canvas board until I had the opportunity to try working on it at the retreat – I now love it so thank you for both the retreat and the opportunity to try the canvas board out. Take care and love to both of you xxxxx

  14. This elephant is a great stencil and I have him but naughty me I haven't used him yet. I like the glass paints and the effects you can get by sweeping colour across the paste, and I have some now so I will definitely give this a try soon. Glad you and Dave had a good day with your parents. x

  15. Really like this one, I got some Pebeo paints at Art in Action last year and only used once so think it is time to get them out again. My local Hobbycraft has also started stocking some mixed media paints and effects and bought a few of those to try so will give them a go too, one is a really fab crackle glaze which I think will look great with this stencil. Thanks as always for the inspiration. Karen xxx

  16. Morning! Had a look at your post just before going to work…… I love that stencil, and have already made a few cards with it, using grunge paste or "just" some ink. I really like your canvas, still not very familiar with them….., and the lovely colours you've used.
    Off to work now, have a great Monday.
    Laurence xx

  17. Hello Barb, what a coincidence with this blog post, I have just got my Elephant stencil out and started making a card for a friend. Love the idea with the canvas, and the colours you have used. Glad you had a lovely relaxing day with Dave and your folks. Take care. Bx

  18. Hi Barb,
    I have this stencil, bu very naughtily I haven't used it yet. I love elephants and think that what you have created here is wonderful. You have managed to get so much depth with just three colours. Great tip for getting texture onto the grunge paste too. Glad you were able to have a lovely day with your parents and Dave and then " lose" yourself with this.
    Brenda I'm pleased you asked the question about the shading dis I didn't really understand it either – so I must be a numpty too! Love Alison xxx

  19. I am loving the elephant pencil. I have made a couple of cards from it so far. As i had miss placed my grunge paste during a tidy up i hadn't tried it yet. I found the paste again earlier today( why tidy up when it means you can't find anything?), so will have a go at an elephant later this evening.

  20. I love what you do with canvas. I made a card with the elephant stencil almost as soon as I received it, for a young friend in Asia, who loves all animals. I'm sure I shall use it lots, especially with the variety of techniques you bring us.
    Glad you had a lovely family day.

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