Abstract Art Week…

Abstract Art Week…

Thanks for popping in.
I spent the day designing and developing new stamp sets,
which was all very nice.
But I started also thinking about all the fabby designs which I loved at the time, but which have been forgotten, neglected, left in a cupboard to gather dust….ahhhhh.
These for example: the Abstract Art Framers 
and the magnifying glass.
Many years ago, when I concocted these, 
they were the cat’s whiskers! 
To me, they were and still are the perfect vehicle for abstract composition.
They are completely neutral.
So you can fill the shapes with anything you like:
Flowers, Christmas, Travelling – whatever!
This is a Clarity spin on the Grid Technique;
Grid supplied!
Here’s a card I made years ago, using flowers.
And since Monday’s blog is always Flowers and Trees,
I thought I would just showcase it.
See how you fill each section with an independent image?
I use Post-It notes to mask off areas,
and then tackle each little section as a separate little work of art.
Now I think I would use that triangle/pyramid shape 
very differently… 

You can just highlight parts of a large stamp, 
and then colour them in with Ye old Spectrum Noir pencils.
I used a Black Archival, so I could use water-colour pencils too,
without the lineart bleeding.
And nobody wants bleedin’ lineart, now do they !?!

See, now I would probably use a portion of the butterfly in the magnifying glass,
but the thing is every time you fill an Abstract art stamp, it will be completely original.
I like that too.
Then of course, I need a fitting verse.
Check out a few flower Claritystamps here :
My oh my. I drew this flower over 20 years ago, 
when we still lived in California…
There are literally hundreds of flowers stamps – little and large – 
on our website, which would work beautifully.
And you probably already own a rake of them! 
The Abstract Stamps are both XL. 
Let’s see what we can do to adjust the cost.
Mounted they’re £11.95 each.
Let’s put them together unmounted as a pair, 
and add a clever magnifying glass.
That’s what I call a good price!
Now I have showcased them, I want to have a play with one!
I think I may have to revisit this on Thursday, with a new spin…. 
Much love,

65 thoughts on “Abstract Art Week…

  1. Love these stamps Barbara, and I really do enjoy you revisiting old favourites and putting a new spin on them. I had fun playing with an old leafy stamp and just two colours of ink the other day, and was really pleased with the results. I look forward to Thursday's blog!!! Susan x

  2. Well knock blow me down. I saw these stamps on the website before I looked at the blog and thought what on earth will I do with those! Now I have seen your art work my mind is buzzing with ideas so they have joined the ever growing shopping list for Catterick! I so wish I had the ability to see beyond the image in front of me like you and so many others do. I think it is because I have a literal mind. Ask me what color I used to color in the Red Sea when I was 9 years old?! Not a lot has changed at nearly 52. I am a trier though! Thanks For all your inspiration and generous sharing. Hope all is well at Clarity Towers. Much love V

  3. Mmmmm – liking these a lot Barbara….I'm thinking a bit of tangling in these wouldn't go amiss either, combined with stamps & stencilling – endless possibilities…..I placed an order today for the Groovi Snowflakes, Xmas Tree & Heart, but looks like I may have to get these too – too good a bargain to miss out on!……Popping over to Clarity now…………..
    Have a lovely evening and hope Dave's had a "good day" today. Love to you both, Carole xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, abstract art my way, brilliant, breaking it down, being given the frame to work from like this, could even be doable by someone like me who's brain isn't wired up to deal with abstract anything. Thank you for sharing, love what you did with it. I might just have to have a go at something like this or what you come up with on Thursday. I have the wonky box stencil, that should work just as good for me, not as busy, less distraction for my brain to deal with.

    The new guy came with Nicola today. Nicola is still to talk to him about stuff and we picked up a couple of things she'll need to nip in the bud, she spotted them before I'd said anything to her, which helps. He seemed to get on with what was asked of him. I don't know what else to say, there's been way to much recently, my head doesn't know if it's coming or going so don't know what to think. I did notice he didn't talk, I had to struggle to find something to say or ask, he didn't try to engage me in any conversation, that's a big warning alarm bell, he should be asking all sorts on day one to get me to engage with him and to start learning, that's what's meant to happen!

    Hope today was a good work day for you designing some new stamps, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda I really pleased you got your visit today, perhaps he's a bit of a loner if he likes working outside on his own. Give him time and try not to worry too much. Xxx

    2. Thank you. Maybe it was because Nicola was here too, taking a backseat kind of thing. Like I said my head is in too big a mess for anything just now, I'll see what Nicola says about it. Found out a few hours ago the roofer is coming tomorrow afternoon. I won't have to interact with him, I'll shut the curtains and stay in the bedroom until he's gone. I still don't have a blind for the craft room so can't hide in there. He's supposed to not knock on the door, so hopefully he won't, couldn't handle that on top of everything else. It's very scary, but hopefully he won't take that long, there's not much needing done. And that'll be one job ticked off the list. Just the wood round the kitchen roof to paint but the worker can do that, once Nicola gets the spare paint back from the workman, he forgot to leave it.

      Someone stole a second hanging basket, the whole thing, the first was a few weeks ago. They're standing on the wall at the bushes side and reaching over the fence to get them. I only found out this one was also gone when I went out today because it's the one I can't see from my window. So not doing too good in my head. I've been getting trouble on and off since I moved here, someone very sneaky about it, it's not wee kids having a laugh or anything. All sorts of stuff, it's gradually escalated in seriousness of what they do, and now they're stealing, what's going to be next. It's certainly not kids that have stolen my tomato baskets, they couldn't reach. I have an idea of who it may be but with it always being silent and they're quick to run off after they've done something like throwing stones at my windows and door, throwing sticks on the roof, so even if I'm quick to look out there's no one there. They've also in the past stolen canes, slashed netting, cut string tying up bushes, big scrape down a railing, inside my garden, the day after they had been painted. We also suspect they threw some kind of weed killer over a pot and half a border that killed the whole lot within 24-48 hours. And we suspect earlier this year they threw seeds into a section of border as I had a carpet of seedlings coming up in one patch that were identical, not weeds and not self seeded from anything of mine. Before it escalated it was opening the gate and leaving it wide open or finding old rubbish, like old weather crisp bags and sweet wrappers and dumping it all in my garden. I haven't even done anything to anyone, the only person I talk to is my next door neighbour, and some people who must live up the road will stop and talk about my gardens when we're out there sometimes.

    3. Oh Brenda that's awful, some people are so mean. I hope your problems don't get worse, have you told Nicola? Really saddens me that there are people like this out there. Luckily they are in the minority. Let's hope they go away and do something constructive with their time. Xx

    4. Yeah it's a horrible feeling each time something happens and getting harder and harder to get rid of it. It's the other reason I'm desperate to go live in the middle of nowhere. Yes I told Nicola, as soon as I saw it was gone. Thank you xx

    5. Oh Brenda – that just makes me feel so sad. You have enough to deal with everyday without people making your life more difficult and stealing your lovely flowers. If you decide to move up to the Highlands to get away from it all, I'll almost be your neighbour and I'm a very good neighbour!!! Sending big hugs to make you feel a bit more secure, and I hope that the new worker turns out alright once he's found his feet (and his conversational skills)! Susan x

    6. Thank you Susan, hugs back xx
      You're all lovely, wish all of you were my neighbours, wouldn't need to fear anything then. Why doesn't everyone on here move to my village, a Clarity community, and show society how it should be! That would be amazing…..

  5. Very different, even if they were invented, did you say 30 years ago. Sorry I am into Groovi in a big way. I have found a teacher near me and had a lesson today in "parching". Had a wonderful 2 hours. Now busy buying the proper tools. (my two needle wasn't and that is why I could not perforate properly) Problem solved – what a difference a day makes! Thank you for your Groovi plate and ideas. Off on a new challenge. I am a happy bunny and destressed.
    Best wishes The Christmas Tree and other goodies came very quickly and I have left the allotment and the housework – who cares – dust will be there tomorrow and the weeds and the bunnies. Life just got a whole or even "hole"! better.
    Anne (Reading)

  6. Different. Very abstract. Not like I would normally enjoy but then I am trying lots of different art these days. So maybe this will be next on the list. Beautiful result anyway. xx

  7. These are very different, I did see them on the website while looking for something else and I have to confess to skipping past them, didn't really 'get' what they were. The power of a demo………… Now I really want them………..can't resist………….fingers itching. XX

    1. I leave the pair of you on your own for a few hours and look what happens!!!!!! I'm impressed with you Sheila, 3 days eh, that must a record for you, and despite Donna's bad influence!!!!! 😉 xx

    2. Oh Donna you little shocker! Sheila you can have a gold star ! I don't know Brenda what shall we do with them, you wouldn't catch us slipping off the wagon so easily would you! ……….. Ok I confess, my name is Diane and I put in an order last night from the Clarity Sale! I put the order in whilst in the kitchen making a cup of tea so hubby didn't know! That's naughty isn't it, especially as he thought I was being nice to him! Lol xxx

    3. 🙂 A secret order! Just sneak the parcel in, unpack it quietly and if he notices just say "oh this stamp, I've had it for ages, used it loads haven't you noticed?". Won't hurt to make him lots of tea that morning. Heeeee heeeeeee xx

    4. Oh Diane, the BC (Barbara Clarity) virus Donna and Sheila have succumbed to they've passed it onto you!!!!
      Is that what life is like when you have an other half – working out ways to be sneaky and hide things!!!!! Guess that's a big positive of always living alone – it's my money I can do what I want with it!!! Tell him how sad you are because your daughter is about to fly the nest, would that not get a big sympathy vote and a big spend on Clarity to cheer you up and fill your time when she's gone!!!! xx

  8. Brilliant Barbara I saw them on the web and thought they different now I've just seen your blog looking forward to Thursday to see how you showcase them before I'm tempted ,hope Dave is feeling better hugs to you both xxx

  9. Hello Barbara

    They might be a 'revisit' for you but I can't say I have noticed them before. That is the beauty of craft – even a re-visit is new to someone.

    Hope Dave is continuing with good health and you soon get to the bottom of whatever is wrong.


  10. Oh dear more purchases to add to the basket, can see all sorts with these. Had a go at your thank you card from weekend this evening. As it happened I had a spare stamped thank you when I messed up a card a couple of weeks ago so dusted it off, out came the micron pen and Spectrum Noir pencils and round I went. It worked a treat. Barbara can you do a colouring DVD, I have learnt so much about shading and colouring from you and would love more. It has helped me venture into watercolours, me who can't draw for toffee but I love to colour. So armed w with stamps and tracing paper, results can be achieved even by me. So a colouring DVD to go with your new colouring books. When are they arriving, you've been teasing us about these and I keep looking on the website in the hope it will be soon. Meanwhile you keep showing me lots of other goodies to buy, so much for being good, think you are really going to have to start up that support group for us Clarity Addicts, Sheila and Donna are already founder members. Thanks for another lot of ideas, definitely think this stamp is a winner, how about showcasing some of your other old ones, you'll have a new spin on many of them. Karen Dodd.

    1. Just noticed I have managed to rename myself, was supposed to send xxx at end, predictive text translated it as Dodd, go figure. Hi girls, thanks for welcoming me to CCA but got to go now, hubby fed up with me blogging all night. Just added wedding anniversary album with Groovi cover to my blog. kazzieb.wordpress.com, which took forever to upload, so better go keep him company awhile. Night night. K.

  11. If I'd seen these (and I must have done having been through the Clarity shop so many times!) I'd have said "Eh?!?" and moved on. Having seen this I want want want….. But being good, I have lots of goodies still not played with. This design looks very nostalgic to me somehow – wonder what Thursday's will look like, completely different I bet! Can I avoid temptation twice?

  12. Never seen these stamps before and I am looking forward to what you will do on Thursday. It is amazing how many stamps there are on the website and lovely to bring things out again.

  13. Hi Barbara
    How lovely to revisit some of your old artwork , I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new Barbara take on this will be! The stamps are very interesting and I should think took you into mindfulness as you worked on each little section. What a brilliant idea. Thank you so much for sharing and oh yes, I have many flower stamps 🙂 love Diane xxx

  14. I love these stamps Barbara, and don't think I've seen them before. Why is payday so far away?!
    I have one of those gerbera stamps and still use it now, it's lovely. I don't think your stamps ever really date, they are as fresh now as they always have been, you just do a modern take one them. Fabulous! Xx

    1. Completely agree, other stamps seem to age rapidly but can imagine I will still keep digging these out and trying in new ways many years from now. Yep payday seems a long way off and the list to buy already months ahead of itself. Ah well there's always Christmas. K.

  15. Do you know Barbara I look through the catalogue at all the stamps in there and I see these stamps but just seem to overlook them…..but now….. Oh wow! Please being some to catterick! They can go on my list of must haves!
    The card you made is just breath taking! I think it's all the pretty colours or is it the each section is just perfect….or is it the whole thing…who cares its stunning!
    Thank you for today's inspiration! Hope Dave's had another good day! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  16. This abstract stamp is lovely but at first glance wasn't sure what I could do with it but after seeing your sample card it makes sense. I love the Gerbera too. I look forward to seeing your new interpretation of the stamp on Thursday. x

  17. Hello Barb, I must admit that this is the first time I have seen these stamps (must need the magnifying glass more than I realise). I so want them now, as I can see so many possibilities with them. Your sample card is just stunning, cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Thank you for more fabulous inspiration. Bx

    1. Debby,glad you mentioned them, I thought I was going to be too obvious if I did. But that is honestly the first thing that crossed my mind. Please ladies, can I join the CCA? It may just be the support group I need. Bx

    2. You're welcome to join Bridget, but be warned, it's very hard work, espescially with that wayard pair always encouraging the rest of us to follow them – name and shame DONNA and SHEILA!!! And you get very bruised with all the falling off the wagon!!! xx

  18. Greetings from Bratislava! Wow this frame set is fab, will have to get this one. It has so much potential and will make grid cards so much easier to do. Thanks Barbara xx Claire

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