A Special Tree-T

A Special Tree-T

Hi there.
good to see you!
It feels very strange not to be on TV this morning.
7 years of every first Sunday of the month add up to a lot of Sundays.
If I were a rugby player, I’d surely get a tankard, engraved with
‘Player who played the most first Sundays of each month without a break, and without injury’.
But there you go.
Happy to report that Dave is feeling a little better.
Still undergoing tests.
Still not sure what’s wrong.
Trying to make him do nothing is harder said than done!
But one day at a time, we are moving on.
We decided to launch a Groovi Week,
and today I would like to showcase the new and fab 
Groovi Christmas Tree, which is absolutely FREE
when you spend £40 on Groovi stash.

When will the tree go on sale?
When the 7 day promotion is over.
Our lovely In-House Parchment Expert, Sylvia Marshall, 
designed this loveliness.
You see, for me, that makes it even more special.
So, let’s see what I came up with…
First emboss the whole tree with the fine stylus on A4 Parchment.
Add the star on top.
Insert the Nested Squares plate and add a double-line frame, 
all around.
Add detail from the tree inside the frame.
I used the bunting line to make a funky background.
Had one of those moments when I thought
I had made a mess of it.
Decided to keep going.
It was roll-your-sleeves-up-and-sort-it-out-Gray time!!!
So I just used the tree and nothing else.
Worked my way along the lines.
Moved the parchment around.
That’s better!
Time to emboss and colour in….
Now at this point I must have gone into a total mindful trance.
I completely forgot to take photos of the white work steps!
All I can tell you is this:
I sandwiched the parchment between the soft side of the blue mat and the Groovi Plate Mate.
Then I used the largest stylus, the No. 4 with light feather strokes
to create the embossed, white work.
Can’t believe I spaced the photos!
Must’ve been right in the groove!
Then I flipped the mat to the hard side,
and coloured in with Spectrum Noir pencils.
Blue and Aqua Blue.
This is a pic of the back.
Colouring in from the back…
Then I needed a good background,
so out with the Fresco paints and a brayer.
Just kept going until the blend was right.
What card? Our white Gelli Card.
While that was drying, 
I decided to trim the artwork with a blade and ruler.
C-Thru Ruler with a steel inlay. Very good.
I am getting asked how to attach the parchment to card.
I find that if I put little pieces of the 3mm double-sided tape directly behind coloured in work
 which is going on a darker background,
like this,
…it works a treat, and you can’t see the tape at all. 
Wrote Merry Christmas on a piece of the trimmed away parchment, using the Bunting Border ABC
I think it came out well in the end!
Thoroughly enjoyed the process, I have to say.
I am building up to the more complex 
piercing and cutting techniques.

But actually also enjoying developing my own style with this. 
I like using grungy painted backgrounds.
Mixed Media? Call it what you will.
I love mixing antique furniture with modern,
wearing pearl earrings and a Tee-Shirt.
So a lacy, filigree parchment tree against
a funky, random acrylic paint backdrop
is just my cup of tea.
So I guess some good came out of not appearing on TV today.
I actually had time to enjoy being arty and literally 
get in the groove.
Please leave a positive uplifting comment.
The tree is free when you spend £40 or more this week.
It will be available to buy when the Groovi Week is over.
love and hugs,

87 thoughts on “A Special Tree-T

  1. Absolutely fabulous! I've already ordered the new plates plus the free tree and can't wait.

    Glad to hear Dave is feeling a little better and I hope he continues to improve and feels his normal self very soon !

    I did the challenge for the first time in July and will now have a go at this month's Bingo one.

    Enjoy your Sunday xxx

  2. I hope that all goes well with Dave. I am hoping though that this absence
    E from TV isn't permanent Barbara, the powers that be at C&C seem to be cutting their nose off to spite their face by ridding themselves of the most creative people on their screens. I am so disappointed that I don't have my monthly dose of Clarity, it is the only chance I get to see you in action, it's very hard for me to get around to your shows, I don't drive and public transport is impossible. I only used to switch on the channel for Sue Wilson and you. Take care, thank goodness we have the blog.

    1. I agree, Megan, although so different Sue and Barbara are my 'go-to' people. I love their work and they are both very lovely ladies. Quite happy to share their work and ideas. I follow their blogs every day.


    2. I agree, Megan, although so different Sue and Barbara are my 'go-to' people. I love their work and they are both very lovely ladies. Quite happy to share their work and ideas. I follow their blogs every day.


    3. Hi, if you don't mind me saying, you can watch Barbara demo any time you want, she has a very comprehensive library of demos on Youtube to choose from, step by step, start to finish, no rushing, no interruptions, brilliant close up camera work… Hope that helps xx

  3. I'm so glad Dave is feeling better, as one of my elderly patients says " Your Health is your wealth" – so true ! Although I'm missing my monthly dose of clarity I'm so glad you both have got your priorities straight and cancelled the TV. The new groovi system is great fun and nicely portable ( I'm taking mine on holiday ) and I know I'll be adding to my collection at the retreat on Friday . Please take care .

  4. This tree Is fab, I will be getting it I'm sure. Love the colouring, I am trying to improve with mine. Hope you both have a rest this weekend, glad to hear Dave is a little better. J x

  5. Hey Barb, well this is just superb, I am loving your borders and colouring on the parchment, so effective. Glad to hear that Dave is a little better, hopefully they find the cause soon. Have a great relaxing Sunday. Bx

  6. I LOVE this so much Barbara, wow, what a beauty…..
    I hope you wil be back at C&C very soon, what's going on!!!!!!!!!! I love your shows….and I also hope Dave is soon well…xx

  7. This is stunning Barbara. Part of the reason that I have fallen in love with this system is the fact that it is a Clarity twist on parchment craft, with your images and new techniques. I can totally appreciate traditional style parchment craft but it's not for me as its too traditional. The things, that you are coming out with, like today's blog, are great new ideas! Love it! Would be good to see you have a play with the fish plate this week.

  8. Gorgeous . Happy to say one of my daughters took advantage of the groovi offer and got my Xmas present with the free tree plate. Can't wait for Santa now x have a nice day Barbara and Dave. Take it easy now x

  9. Hi Barb,
    Simply stunning. The tree is absolutely gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to mine winging it's way to my letterbox. Your shading is beautiful and I like that you have used just the two colours. I must try to do some of the white work shading myself – just a bit unsure of what to do! Also like that you've used a Fresco paint background too. The new lace borders are fabulous – they found a way into my basket! Glad to hear that Dave is improving. Did miss you today but I personally think you made the right decision and you've fuelled my addiction this morning by blogging early so thank you for that! Love to you both, Alison xxx

  10. What a fantastic card! You know, I watched people using the Groovi plate (yes I managed to pick my head up for a look see) yesterday and you could feel the calmness set in, everyone went quiet! Once the project Maria had set us was complete, the quietness became a very happy and contented group, all very pleased with their creations… And why not? The results were very impressive!

    Fantastic bit of kit!

    Keep at it Dave (relaxing and doing nowt) you know it will help. So pleased its working! X

  11. Barbara this is fantastic. I love it. Ordered a load of groovi stuff last night so I am now tapping my fingers waiting patiently. Glad to hear Dave is slowly improving and I hope yiu soon find out whats wrong. Missing you on telly but Dave must be your priority . Have a lovely peaceful day xx

  12. Barbara this is fantastic. I love it. Ordered a load of groovi stuff last night so I am now tapping my fingers waiting patiently. Glad to hear Dave is slowly improving and I hope yiu soon find out whats wrong. Missing you on telly but Dave must be your priority . Have a lovely peaceful day xx

  13. Fantastic Christmas Tree Parchment Card.
    I have already purchased over £40 Groovi with free Christmas tree yesterday. I can't wait for this. I really loved it.
    Thinking of you both Barbara and Dave. Hopefully Dave will getting better each day. xxxxx

  14. Missed my monthly fix this morning but thanks for the early blog. You made the right decision. Family should always come first. Hope Dave feels better soon and don't forget to look after yourself too.

  15. Oh the temptation, girl you are good! You have to cancel your show, no worries, plan B swings in, I'll do a really fab blog, put on an offer and watch what happens. My prediction is that you'll be just as busy fulfilling orders as you usually are. Barbara you are on fire, switching to Plan B has inspired you, your creative mojo juices are flowing and I for one am loving it. My order will be in later, I just have to decide which plates I want 'coz I want them all! Pleased Dave is feeling a little better if impatient with waiting for results but hopefully when you look back you'll see that there have been some upsides to needing to do things differently. Hey how about a new tv channel, Barbara TV, all your videos, your YouTube and once a month a new Crafting with Barbara show, all filmed from the comfort of your craft room by Jim. You could even have slots from Barbara's friends, Marie was doing some truly fab demos at NEC. I'd tune in, although on second thoughts may just be thinking up more work for you so scrap that one! Have a great and restful Sunday, sun shining here so get on those walking shoes. Karen

  16. Missed you this morning Barbara, but Dave is more important than TV. Hope it is your decision to give it a miss and not C&C!! What would we do without your monthly show. I have leanrt so much from you. No-one else does as well as you.

    Fabulous card, so clean and fresh, a change from stamping.

    Hope Dave is back to full strength soon.


  17. A lovely Christmas tree and I need, need, need–so will I be spending £40 at retreat well as one of your favourite sayings go, ' has the pope got a balcony'. Glad Dave a little better, it is tiring waiting for test results, just want to hurry everything along. It was right choice not to do TV today though, you must put yourselves first. Hope you get a bit of rest time today. xxx

  18. Hope Dave improves every day. This is the card that has tipped me over the edge to buying the Groovi Plate … I have been trying so hard to be good! Thanks so much for all your creative inspiration.


  19. What a beautiful Sunday morning treat for the eyes. Although I'm a little sad not to see you on TV this morning, I'm glad you felt able to cancel it to concentrate on Dave and yourself. It can be very frustrating for an active person to look on at things they feel they need to do, with a little voice in their head telling them they really shouldn't. You are looking after your Clarity fans on this blog and I hope the process also brings you some relief from the stress and worry of what must be a difficult situation. Wishing you and Dave a lovely sunny Sunday.

  20. I don't know what it is about Christmas Trees but I am always drawn to them! I set myself a challenge each year not to make cards with them on, but always fail and this year will be no exception! This is beautiful!! I can go to town or leave it quite lain, I can do then in front of TV and NO MESS! Missed you this morning but was the right decision to make for everyone close to you, including yourself. You all give so much to others, time to take bit back. Order went yesterday so production will commence in Yorkshire very soon. Love Vanessa

  21. Hello Barbara

    What a surprise, this early in the day. I expected you to take it easy on your day off. Should have known better!

    You have created a beautiful piece of artwork. Whilst I can appreciate the work that goes into traditional parchment craft it has never really 'floated my boat' but I really like your take on it. I like working with the Groovi system, it has so much potential and should appeal to the traditionalists as well as the more modern minded.

    Glad to hear Dave is feeling a bit better, enjoy the rest of your day both of you,

  22. Stunning card, the photos look brilliant and therefore we know it must look better in real life. I like others have been resisting, I have so much craft stuff and I'd like to be able to give it my full attention. it might have to wait til Christmas or not as the case maybe!!
    I hope the Doctors find out what's happening with Dave, I suspect like most of us, he'd rather carry on regardless, it's hard to "rest". Take care both of you. Kay x

  23. Beautiful and so original – Sylvia must be a clever lady – just perfect – looking forward to it being on sale – will she be designing some more none Christmas plates ?
    It is so easy to relax doing Groovi and portable – I take mine to work to relax at lunch time – a patient saw mine and commented on the butterfly and I gave it to her – made us both feel good jx

  24. Hi Barbara & Dave, Glad to hear you are both taking it easy.
    What a beautiful card , you have given us all something to work to. Will be ordering some more groovi plates after this week, even if i have to pay for the christmas tree this is a must have .Still working out which ones i need to get.
    Have a restfull sunday while the weather is staying good.
    Take care both
    Lynn xx

  25. Hi Barbara and Dave, hope you are feeling better Dave, all I can say Barbara is WOW, what a fantastic creation, I have been on the website this morning and ordered more plates so hopefully will get the free Christmas Tree Groovi as well. It really is fantastic. Can I ask is there a heart on any of the groovi plates that I have missed???? please. I am loving the new lace border plates and of course they fell in my basket, well it would be rude not to wouldn't it.

    Have a great Sunday, missed you on C&C today but quite understand why. hugs June Smith xxxx

  26. Hi Barbara, 7 years eh, doesn’t seem like that long, will I get a tankard too for watching every single show you’ve done, never missed one ;-). This is beautiful parchment work Barbara and it made me smile to see you mounting your artwork your way, love it 🙂 Strangely I was thinking about funky backgrounds while reading through today’s demo, got further down and there you are making a funky background ;-). (And the naughty in me was going he, he, he too, that’s showing all those elitist parchers who have been giving you uncalled for grief.) You’re totally forgiven for forgetting to take photos, very pleased you got some quality Mindfulness timeout, just as long as you don't forget every time, I need you to show me what to do 😉

    I’m glad Dave is feeling a little better. I’ve been worrying, I sure hope Dave hasn’t got CFS, if it’s a possibility please, please Dave do as you’re told and don’t exert yourself, if you do have it and you overdo it you very much risk not recovering from it, seriously you don’t want to end up like me, 22 years of feeling ill and in pain and no energy, and no life at all. Maybe if I’d had a decent GP that took me seriously and got me checked out first instead of telling me to push myself no matter how ill it makes me feel, maybe I would have recovered from it… Please it’s not worth the risk for your long term recovery /health /life. Please neither of you feel pressured into doing anything too soon, you take all the time you need to get Dave back to full health and your work /play balance redressed before adding back in such stressful pressures as TV etc. We’re all still here and will be, and benefitting from all your very generous offers and your detailed blogs and youtubes 🙂 And anyone who doesn’t understand isn’t worth bothering about

    Hope you both have a lovely Sunday, big bear hugs to you both, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Sheila, thank you :-). No, not done any craft yet, been trying to do chores, and work out a Microsoft issue! Trouble is so not well these days and being totally alone means every ounce of effort goes on chores, the usual mundane got to be done stuff, and dealing with problems etc.! So, no matter what my intentions, or how hard I make the effort in my head to get crafting, by the time I've got through each day's necessities there's nothing left of me to do craft! I don't have the luxury of any option unfortunately, there's literally no one to help me out and if I had a day or two off there's no way I could catch up. And if I don't keep it up, don't put on a show that I'm managing, managing to look after me, this place and all the usual stuff, then I risk being put in hospital – I've been told that, threatened with it in the past! That's my lovely support service for you! So all I can do is each day say "try again tomorrow" and try to keep my fingers crossed that that tomorrow will come some time soon 🙁 xx

    2. Brenda you sound stronger today which is so lovely, keep plodding on and your craft time will suddenly appear again. Sending a big hug to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Thank you Sheila and Diane xx
      Guess what I'm doing right now – my first wee shot of Groovi. I thought stuff it, I can make my arm do gentle tracing it can't get any sorer than it is!!! Doesn't matter if my head has shut down for today I'll just do whatever pops in! Is everything I need to hand – Groovi still on the floor waitng for a storage box, tape and tumblevdryer sheets there, stencil folder there, tip everything of the laptray onto floor!!! Parchment, hmmm I'm not using the posh stuff just to play, the stuff I was going to practise with is too hard to get at just now. Wait a minute what about that role of old tracing paper lying there waiting to be put away, quite thick, looks like parchment, that'll do for now :-). Glad I've got a double bed!!! Got an idea, did my usual and jumped in at the deep end, words first, thought I was clever remembering letters go backwards, but forgot that also means the boxes go backwards too!!! So thought I'd tell you I'm actually joining you all in something, at last, while my head does a "doesn't matter, it's only playing' mantra!!! I'll need to work something out though, my laptray has a raised edge so I'm having to turn the whole tray, and I can't use my box easel either so it's making my back very sore leaning over it, anyone any suggestions? Right, back to my back to front phrase… xx

    4. Hi Brenda thanks for your wee reply got ma laptop fixed knew you would have known what was up wi it, son said it was in a free game one of the boys had downloaded that caused it anyway he set it back to another day and now its ok I know you will understand what he did.
      So glad your managing to post again even with all your wee worries I wish there was some better support for you so you can find time to relax but I do understand your need to show them your capable to care for yourself will have a look for they wee sensory balls by the way that new school has been teaching Amy to swim the only thing is she wants to do it in the bath to so one drookit granny sometimes.,xx

    5. Well done Brenda I have a buddy board as I do a lot in bed as I spend a lot of time in there if you use the parchment that comes with groovi cut in half you can make a lovely small Christmas card with snowflakes on and one of the words or make your own words in boxes or on own then it is easy to cope with hope this helps my brain is working a bit slow but I know what I'm trying to say happy grooooov-ing xxxx

  27. Hi Barbara stunning tree a beautiful design by Sylvia ,you have a wonderful team around you .
    So pleased Dave is brighter each day and you are getting in the groovi as it will help with all the stress at present ,maybe Dave can do his own groovi to keep him occupied .
    You should be very proud not doing the c&c show sometimes things happen for a reason so enjoy your Sunday off they will be other Sunday's health is far more important big crafting hugs to all xxx

  28. Hi Barbara
    I love how you have used the tree to embellish the border. I ordered lots of Groovi goodies last night so I will be able to use that lovely tree when my parcel arrives. I find getting in the grove so relaxing. I am still a Groovi Newbie but the results are better than I thought I could do.
    Hope you soon get good news about Dave.
    Hugs from Chris X

  29. This is absolutely fabulous Barbara and the way you have coloured it using just the two colours of blue suits it perfectly. I am always fascinated by how you build up with the different motifs to make the finished picture, just so clever! So glad that the rest from everything is doing Dave good, and hope he gets a diagnosis soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  30. Oh no. I spent almost £80 on Groovi stash on Friday. What a pain. I wish I had waited ;0)
    Fab tree Barbara. I really enjoy the work you are doing with the Groovi plates.
    I am pleased that they are attempting to get to the root of Dave's problem.
    Cally x

  31. What a treat today – just love this design and the border effect is just genius! Why am I surprised? Hope Dave continues to improve and that the experts find out what's wrong and sort it for you both PDQ, Susan x

  32. Missed you on the TV today but been out in the garden instead. Lovely sunny hot day here. Now in for a cuppa.

    Enjoy your time together today, take it easy. And of course just have to say great blog today, thanks. Going place my Groovi order later this week.

    Big hugs Pen x

  33. Haven't got into ths yet. Hopefully I will pick up some tips when I come to my first retreat on Wednesday, then I can see what groovi goodies I will need to get started. Your tree certainly look stunning

  34. Thank you for all your kind comments, I am doing as I am told ! No day off for Barb though, week two of the retreat starts tomorrow , so today is busy busy with the team putting that together,
    So many thanks to bro in law Steve, Jayne and not forgetting Birthday Boy Paul Church, and of course the Clarity team for helping out , and making it work ! …. I for one am truly grateful !

    1. Glad to hear from you and that you are following doctors orders, not easy I know. Hope retreats go well, you have a great team there and at times like this you realise just how good. How wonderful that you have all these people sending you those good vibes to help you on road to recovery, makes you remember despite all the doom and gloom on the tv, that the world is full of good people too. Keep the faith, keep well and try to be patient, the hardest hit. Karen

    2. Dave glad to hear you are behaving, just think of all the books you can read whilst resting! Tell you what, you could try one of those Groovi plate things Barb keeps telling us about!!!!!! Lol. Keep doing as the doctors tell you, and you will be on the mend soon. Your lovely staff and friends are there for you because you and Barbara have been there for them over the years, what goes around comes around as they say – just shows what lovely people you are. Take care love Diane x

  35. Hope Dave is feeling a lot better soon! It's particularly hard to have someone ill who is used to being busy – as you say slowing them down isn't easy. Get well soon Dave!
    I have to say Barbara that the Groovi system is wonderful! I tried adult colouring books and found myself sadly uninspired, but using this system I can create beautiful things (Parchment work is so lovely to look at) and I am literally 'away with the fairies' while doing it. It is SO calming and the end results are brilliant! I've just ordered the newest designs and I look forward to my free Christmas tree – I'll be giving your design a go then as it looks great. Thank you for bringing us the Groovi system and I look forward to all future designs x

  36. Absolutely stunning piece of artwork. I was at a loss this morning without you on the TV and so went to my allotment and took out my loneliness on the weeds and then became mindful of the lovely flowers and insects and the peace.
    I am persevering with my groovy attempts – one really has to concentrate and forget everything else. I am thinking about your £40 offer – really enticing.
    Glad to hear Dave is feeling a little better.
    Best wishes to you both
    Anne (Reading)

  37. So BEAUTIFUL. I'm with you on the grungy background it takes it to a whole new level. Thanks so much for the tips re attaching, it works a treat as does putting parchment in a book with weight on top to flatten after the white work.
    so glad Dave is feeling better, love to you both x x x x

  38. A very beautiful tree. I was sad not to have my usual 2 hour fix of Barbara Gray but glad to hear Dave is feeling a little better. Best Wishes to you both

  39. I took advantage of the £40 offer….hooray! I am so looking forward to getting back to parchment crafting. I learnt the old-fashioned way….so relaxing but sooooo time consuming. And I always needed a stock of butterflies to cover up the mistakes!! Not a good look on Christmas cards…lol. Very glad that Dave is feeling a bit better, I hope you find out the cause of his malady very soon. Maybe it was just a signal that you both need to relax a bit!! Take care…..Jo xx

  40. Going to take advantage of the £40 offer love the tree just have to chose which plate to go with the starter kit so glad Dave is feeling a little better Don't forget to take as much time as it takes we are not going to forget you infect your blog is much better in many ways than the TV show you can finish what you are doing on hear. And I am one customer that never buys from the TV sending you both hugs Pauline xx

  41. I feel the need to burst in to 'deck the halls' !!!
    A simply wonderful piece and you are right goes so well with the fresco background……… I think thats what I love the most how it can be mixed and matched with your other techniques and stamps etc.
    So glad Dave is feeling a bit brighter – tell him to do as he is told!!!

    Much love as ever Barbara

    Kim xx

  42. Another one of your designs that I LOVE – this is stunning, gorgeous and ……… yes, I gave in to temptation after seeing this and spent my £40 to get hold of this lovely Christmas Tree

    THANK YOU for inspiring me to craft and take my crafting further

  43. Hi Barbara
    Just love this tree and im glad it will be on sale after the promotion. Im glad that Dave is feeling a bit better now. I wonder why your white line work seems whiter than mine. I might email in to see if anyone has any ideas. I don't have a tumble drier sheet to use.

  44. A really B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L piece if work Barbara!
    I did miss you on TV this morning but you have done the right thing by staying home and making Dave do very little! His health is an absolute priority and I hope that the cause is discovered soon so that he can be back to full health as soon as possible! It's good to hear he is feeling a bit better….let's hope this trend continues!
    I've been finishing a few bits I started off with you at the retreat today and it was lovely to remind myself what you had us doing! I am sure the visitors to the retreat this week will enjoy the fantastic projects that you had us all doing! I wish I was coming again!
    Love and hugs to you both! Xxx

  45. Hi Barbara,glad Dave is feeling a little better, and although we missed your programme today it is much more important that you have time at home. Love this piece of artwork.x

  46. Hi Barbara
    Oh if I had read this earlier I would have bought you the tankard and had it engraved! We popped down to Sidmouth for the folk festival this weekend, sunshine (cold wind though!) lots of Morris dancers and clog dancers, music at every turn and beer in tankards! A great time was had by all. You certainly deserve a medal for every month for 7 years, that's dedication so we all understand that at times family, your lovely Dave, comes first. Brilliant artwork today, the tree is stunning and I love your sticky tape trick too – what a great way of sticking it. Oh dear I'm trying to hold out until Christmas but you are making it hard – I must be good, I must be good, I must buy Groovi oh dear! Hope you have enjoyed your day with Dave and Happy Birthday to Paul.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane just think you can be making your Christmas cards if you buy it now .
      I can see your going to fall of the wagon or join us in the CCA
      It's helping me sooooo much I'm very tempted by the new offer hugs xxx

  47. That card is just beautiful I love the way you are showing how to use the plates away from there original design would look amazing on any colour background but blue is my favourite.
    Another busy week ahead Barbara making people happy but take care don't over do it yourself great that Dave is doing a lot better with the kind help from Steve and the team…..x

  48. Liebe Grüße aus Germany….ich habe gestern auch Groovie Teile für über 40Pfund bei euch bestellt und hoffe das das Angebot für den Weihnachtsbaum auch für Bestellungen aus Deutschland gilt. Ich finde den sowas von toll….ich wünsche deinem Mann weiterhin gute Besserung und allse Lliebe und Gute…. glG Gaby

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