Clever Caption Competition Winner + Age is just a Number, right?

Clever Caption Competition Winner + Age is just a Number, right?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Oooh! It’s all go here!
Hochanda Launch on Thursday at 12 noon.
Claritystamp Launch Show 6-7pm Saturday evening.
Groovi Launch Show 10-11am Sunday morning.
Shows are prepped.
Boxes all sat at the door.
I ought to go through them just one more time ….
Slowing down?
Slowing down????
I guess we have to put the energy and effort into the launch, 
put in the action at the beginning,
so that we (I) can take my foot off the throttle down the road a bit.
Dave is up and down. The weather doesn’t help though!
Barometer doesn’t know which way to turn.
Ask me what I’m wearing – I dare you!
I’ve had just about every outfit out of the wardrobe now.
What a caper!
I can’t decide,
so I’m taking everything.
Sound familiar? 
You know what it is, don’t you.
For 7 years I have hidden behind the TV counter.
Now at the launch, the legs are coming out!
Tuts and shakes her head.
It was all so much easier when she was younger.
Jeans and a T-Shirt and that was it. 
All day, every day.
Now she’s got a wardrobe the size of a NewYork bedsit –
and still can’t find an outfit.
Ah well. Sod it. 
Let’s make a card instead.
Cut a piece of our White Square Stencil card back to 6″ x 6″.
We have re-christened it Clarity Stencil Card.
It’s still exactly what was Gelli Card. 
But we think the name Stencil Card makes more sense now.
It’s exactly the same size as our 7″ x 7″ Stencils, you see.
Stamp our Numbers randomly from one corner to the other, like a cascade,
in Cranberry, Stream and Denim Adirondack.
Or use Distress inks. Whatever colours flap your flares!
 Load the Mini Ink Blender with Stream, and sweep along the edge, to give a thin coloured edge.

Time to create a sentiment.
Out with the letterbox Kit.

Ahh. Look. I’ve got Leonie’s Classroom Set.
So that can only mean one thing.
She’s got mine.
Those were great shows, the classroom shows. 
That’s one of the big draws to Hochanda for me: 
A Classroom platform again!
Can’t wait.

So where were we?
Frame with a Micron Pen squiggle.

Cut out and add sticky fixers to the backs.

Mount the Number cascade and wrap with a piece of raffia.

Attach – and don’t forget the winky smiler!

It is, isn’t it. 
I mean, I’m 56 now.
Blimey. That’s edging up on 60!!
But I don’t feel 56. But how does 56 feel??
Who cares?
Age IS just a number.
There’s so much to do!
Life will never be long enough.

In case you haven’t got the Letterbox Stamp Set or the Numbers Set, here’s a great offer. 
Thank you so much for joining in the hilarious caption writing competition yesterday!
Oh how we laughed!
There were so many brilliant ones.
But I think on the laughometer, 
the £20 Gift Voucher and the card have to go to:

Angie Chancellor

Where’s the Bloody Dog gone?!Perfect.
Now that did make me crack up.
Love and hugs,

59 thoughts on “Clever Caption Competition Winner + Age is just a Number, right?

  1. Yep age is just a number, that's the truth of it. Lovely card. Well done Angela! Best of luck for the coming days and shows, they will be great as always just a different venue, because you will make sure they are great as always. I just hope I can get them on catch up as can't record or watch live on Thursday bur will be there glued to the box Saturday and Sunday. The other half will half to change the times for his bike ride! God bless, it is so exciting!. Vanessa XX

  2. Made me chuckle Barbara – I get the wardrobe dilemma completely! Big 50 fast approaching here – just a number – ODAAT and all that! Big hugs to Dave. Nikki x

  3. Go on Barb – put on jeans and a t shirt, then you'll never have to worry what to wear again! Clever card today, and it's true age is just a number. As my dad always says "Getting old isn't so bad when you consider the alternative!!" Good luck with the shows, Susan x

  4. hi Barbara and congratulations to Angie. It was a brilliant caption.
    Not long now to the launch of HOCHANDA. You must wear one of your fab pairs of boots Barbara.
    Brilliant use of the letters and numbers. It's true " age is just a number " I am still a teenager inside my 68 yr old head. Unfortunately my body refuses to co-operate.
    Hugs from Chris x

  5. Another brilliant card and what a fabulous caption!! Well done Angie.
    So looking forward to the weekend – thanks for the times – can set me box now!!

  6. I will have to try to get programme on my laptop Saturday as I have only got Freeview but I am sure I can sort that out. Good luck in your new venture, will be good to have the classroom back eventually. I will join in when they start, always ready to learn more. Hope Dave starts to improve again. xx

  7. Great card – different and fresh looking ! I'm just finishing off another groovi one!

    Well done to Angie for winning the caption.

    I'll be 56 in Oct – been bowling with the grandkids and feel 76 now! Probably 86 in the morning when I try to move my arm!

    Looking forward to Thursday and seeing your legs LOL !!! X

  8. Time for deep breath you are going to be fine we all love you and so behind you in those shows. Age what does it matter been your twin of same age your wear me out your so busy, go with the flow and go with it beautiful lady and Dave just take it easy love and hugs Joy xxx

  9. worthy winner of caption,made me crack up. Nothing to worry about with the launch of the new station, after all, you are amongst friends, and we will all be watching. Just be you, and enjoy yourself. x

  10. Hmmmm, mentioning The lovely Leonie…subtle way of saying she's coming over to HOCHANDA too?…just wondering. I can't wait for the shows! I've got to watch online though as I only have Virgin! Grrrrr! Don't stress about the outfits, you don't need to, you always look great Barbara! Best wishes to Dave, I hope he's feeling better soon.

  11. Yay bring on Thursday, I will be recording as it is back to work after a couple of days off. Enjoy anyway, I know it will be a brilliant show. Great idea for a unisex card today, will have to remember this and borrow for my FIL's birthday card I think, thanks for the inspiration xx

  12. Well done angie
    Looking forward to the shows classroom ones groovi ones
    Barbara don't stress you will look great and do great as always
    I took my granddaughter out yesterday afternoon for a meal to celebrate her exams results a proud grandma she is 18 in September 2016 wow I'm 60 in September 2016 too age eh I had to come home to bed as CFS kicked in and spent most of day today in bed too but wouldn't have missed talking her she is so special
    (Not good that Dave is up and down has he seen a neurologist as some of his symptoms are CFS oh I do hope not its not good to have hope I haven't overstepped saying this on the blog )
    Hugs wishing you only the best xxx

    1. Sheila congratulations to your granddaughter you do sound extremely proud of her. How lovely to have a meal with her but I'm sorry you were poorly this afternoon. Hope you have a better day tomorrow xxx

    2. Hi Donna & Diane
      It was a lovely catch up she is so grown up and such lovely company .
      I know if I push myself just a little too much my CFS comes to raise its head and puts me into my bed such is life thank you for caring it means a lot xxx

    3. I know that feeling Sheila as I have suffered from M.E. for many years, but sometimes you just have to get up and do something you enjoy, even knowing you will spend the next few days in bed or otherwise you get no enjoyment out of life. I am so lucky to have a caring partner, family and friends. I am grateful to Barbara and Clarity as I have made some new wonderful friends through our love of crafting xxx

  13. Don't know what 56 looks like – way passed that. You certainly look years, years younger and always, but always look lovely on the TV and ofcourse in person. Its what's inside and you are a truly, lovely, thoughtful person. So looking forward to the shows.
    Best wishes to you and dear Dave.
    Anne (Reading)

  14. Hi Barbara, yes I agree age is just a number. Love the card today. Also think you chose the right caption. I did try but was a bit late and having a bit of a problem as you'll see if you look back. Just want to say I love the New Design Club Stamp & Stencil for August which was there when I arrived home. Did a daft thing when I ordered the Groovi package plus more while away. Had it sent to my Daughters works address without checking that she would be home, anyway it has arrived there but I have to wait over another week for it, that'll teach me won't it. Just didn't want to miss your generous offer. Going to miss your shows if it can't be recorded as away again. Hope it all goes well, sure you' 'll be brilliant as always. Sorry to hear that Dave is still getting these headaches, hope he soon feels better then you can both relax.xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a fun card today, I love it. My letterbox kit is fabulous, my go yo kit when I need an age or word – never let's me down. Oooooh Barbara – legs! You always look lovely whatever you wear so I'm sure you will find a little number amongst your outfits – wear something you like and feel comfy in that way you will feel like you are in your art room rather than live on TV! I can understand the nerves but you will be fine. I'm sorry to hear Dave is up and down again, he's probably worrying about you worrying about him! Keep resting Dave. Now is there anything we can do to help? Shall we get the Clarity Coach tour started again to come and help you – Sheila and Donna on packing and Brenda on organising, I'm supplying cake and tea?? !!! What a thought! Take care of yourself and make sure you rest! Congratulations to Angela, that made me laugh. Love and hugs. Diane xxx

  16. Great caption Angie, so funny. Barbara don't worry about what to wear as you always look fab.
    This move to Hochanda has caused uproar in our house. We have Virgin downstairs and freeview upstairs so the OH had to order a distribution box which cost £50 then he had to go up on the roof and take down the old ariel, then get the digital ariel which was in the loft and put that up on the roof. Then the fiddling around with the tv and trying to show me how to work the remote….. The hardest job for him lol,
    Also I have a hair appointment on Thursday at 1pm which I am going to have to rearrange.
    So the Clarity launch is on Saturday…. Guess what, so is my Clarity workshop…. Yes but the show doesn't start til 6 pm I hear you say but unfortunately Sazz is having her bbq after the workshop.
    It looks like I am going to have to eat the burger quick.
    So Barbara you think you have a lot of preparation lol, well just think about your poor adoring public AND their other half ha ha, because tomorrow I need to ask him if he can get it to record (wish me luck)

  17. Stop panicking! Whatever you wear you'll look fabulous in….you always do and you'll have checked and double checked and checked again all the boxes you need and you've done this so many times etc etc blah de blah. Just go and be yourself and you'll be absolutely brilliant! Just think of us friends at home all willing you on and sending you lots of love and support too!
    I hope Dave picks up properly soon…this weather isn't helping any of us!
    Fabulous card…. Such a clever idea and you're right…age is just a number…'re as old as you feel! Good luck with the prep….safe journey… And have great shows over the weekend!!! Xxx

  18. Hi Barbara. I love this card, really really love it : ))so clean and simple but most of all the sentiment, which is just what I always say! Why does it matter what age you are? It's how old you feel inside your head and heart that matter. (Sometimes I feel 98 when my arthritis is really playing up but mostly either about 20 or 2, depending on what mood I'm in : )
    Please just wear whatever you feel most comfy in Barbara. You always look great so don't worry yourself please. I am really looking forward to the shows, I hope you enjoy yourself. Say hi to Dave for me.
    Congratulations to Angie. What a great remark, It made me laugh out loud, not sure my hubby was too pleased though as it woke him up : )
    Take care xx

  19. What a great card Barbara – simple but effective. Nearly launch date and we are excited for you and thrilled that the classroom is coming back. Bring it on!! Love from me and Mike x

  20. Hello Barb, great card, would be good for a male card. Love the caption Angie. And Barb, wear what you are comfortable in. We will all be watching what you are doing, not what you are wearing. Have to make sure I set the recording, so excited, hope it all goes well, I bet you have everything packed plus extras. Take care and hope Dave feels much better soon. Bx

  21. As you say age is but a number x great card and love the caption so big well done to Angie x
    Looking forward to the new channel with the classroom, have missed that it's you at your best x
    Also you always look fab!
    Much love
    Kim x

  22. Hi Brb,
    Fabulous card – especially good for a man card. Love the letterbox and numbers kits, they are so versatile. Congratulations to Angie for her brilliant caption. Looking forward to tomorrow providing I can get my Freeview box retuned. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in – you always look lovely anyway. You are right about age being just a number. I was ok when I hit 50, but in May I hit 60 and wasn't too keen on that I must say!!! Still it has it's compensations – free prescriptions and concession prices! Love to you and Dave , Alison xx

  23. What a fantstic card Barbara, I have a few people who would rather not mention their ages coming up and i can see ways of personalising it for them, thanks you for solving another craft dilema, Have a great time on Hochanda, I'm still working out how i can watch it with the time difference in Qatar, but will hopefully get something sorted. Thinking of you and the team if i miss it. Wx

  24. Loved Angie's comment , made me laugh out loud!
    Barbara you always look super smart and feminine so stop worrying, can't wait for this new channel , wishing you " All The Best" and looking forward to your shows on Saturday and Sunday.
    I wonder what is going to happen on C&C now?
    Great card ! I love the simplicity of it! I must go and check out the alphabet and numbers offer.xo

  25. Have to say that really was the best comment, I laughed…out loud…so tickled me….and I love the numbers card..AND I can't wait for the launch…good luck…xx

  26. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for giving me an idea for a birthday card I need in two weeks.
    Just right: Age is just a number… I´ll be 56 in november ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  27. Firstly – I am with you all the way with what to wear, its like when I go away on holiday I take everything. Den takes just what he needs in half a suitcase I need 2 packed full + spare bags with cameras, pens, pads etc etc "just in case".

    Thanks for the times you will be on the new channel will record you "legs and all" fantastic.

    Yes the caption has cracked me up too. Great.

    Take care you and Dave.

    Big hugs xxxx

  28. Perfect! I've been racking my brains what to do for a friends birthday card. This fits the bill if you don't mind me copying. I'm running out of time again and need to get something in the post! The sentiment is so right too, fifty in February how did that happen? Got to keep laughing and enjoying what you can. Great caption for yesterday's piece, my mind just went blank! Well done Angie! Good luck with the outfit and all the shows!Wxx

  29. The scattered numbers look great and the sentiment says it all Barbara. You will look great whatever you wear so just be comfortable and enjoy it! Congratulations to Angie, her caption was really funny. x

  30. Love the card – age is definitely just a number. I turned 50 on Saturday and since then I've completed my first canvas, entered the Clarity Challenge for the first time and had a go at WOYWW for the first time. I love reading your blog but it's costing me a fortune when I see the special offers – have just ordered the letterbox set (hope it arrives when hubby isn't at home.) ! I've already entered loads of shows into the Sky+ and added channel 663 to my favourites! Good luck and I'm sure whatever you wear will be perfect.

  31. Great caption Angie – I did laugh when I read it.

    Love the card too Barbara especially as I don't feel my age either 🙂 Sorry to hear about Dave, wishing him well.

    Good luck tomorrow xx

  32. Brilliant card, as always, and yes….age IS just a number. It's a case of mind over matter……if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! And remember……growing older might be inevitable, but growing up is optional !!! Good luck tomorrow!

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