On Tuesdays please let me do as I please.

On Tuesdays please let me do as I please.

Hello there.
Thanks for dropping in.
I am glad you did, because I have been doing a lot of thinking,
and wanted to share what’s going on with you.
When Dave got ill recently, 
I went into robot mode, or coping mode, as many of us do.
Went through the motions of work, kept going,
faking it to make it, etc. etc. etc.
Cancelled what obligations I could, 
and honoured any commitments I couldn’t.
A month on, Dave is feeling much better and more his old self.
We still haven’t figured out what went wrong, 
but at least he is making a come back!
However, we have decided to make some changes 
which will help get off the tread mill.
The first one is YouTube Tuesday.
Instead of a weekly video, I am going to make a monthly video 
on the first Tuesday of every month.
We now have a virtual library of reference material 
for you to peruse and use.
If you go to 
Claritystamp YouTube, you will find loads!
(tap on Videos) 
Now we feel that adding a video once a month is ample. 
So the next VT will be here on
Tuesday, September first.
Makes it much less stressful for Jim and myself.
Each video involves a lot of prep, work and editing!
I’m sure you understand.
That leaves the Tuesday Blog open,
so our little poem can now read
Monday’s blog is Flowers and Trees,
Tuesday’s blog I can do as I please!
Mindful Wednesday’s something New
Thursday’s blog is always Blue.
Friday’s blog a private peek,
Saturday’s blog a New Technique;
And that which is blogged on the Sabbath Day
is step by step – and typical Gray!
So what shall I do today….
Well, I wanted to have an Abstract week actually.
Yesterday we looked at those fabby Abstract frame stamps.

So today, I thing a Gelli Plate session is in order!

Out with the snazzy snowflake stencil set.
A seriously must have in your stash!

Let’s see if we can get a kind of shattered look,
not too perfect.

Here are the ingredients.
Small Gelli Plate
Matching Mega Mount
Cheesecake Fresco Paint
Blue Glass Fresco Paint
Inky Pool Fresco Paint
7″ x 7′ White Gelli Card.

Add a little Glass Blue directly to the Gelli Plate, 

and spread with your brayer, taking most of it off again!
Leave it to dry on the plate.

Spread Ink Pool over the Gelli Plate now in the same way, 
but instead of lifting off half the paint again,
Place the Snowflake stencil and one of the words 
(back to front) on the wet paint.
Lay a piece of punchinella on top of the lot,
and blot with copy paper.
It should look like this:

Take the copy paper and pat around the snowflakes, 
lifting off paint.
Use your forefinger on the copy paper to lift paint out of the tiny areas in the detailed snowflake.
Allow to dry.

Peel off the stencils…
… and quickly blot with clean copy paper.
Mmmm. The scrap’s got potential.

Once the blue has dried completely,
add a little Cheesecake,

spread it.

and then flip the whole thing and lay the painty Gelli Plate
down on the Gelli Card.
Flip back over, burnish the back of the card
and peel your print.

I think we can safely call that shattered.

See, now I like this a lot.

Let me add a little shadow with a pencil.

I like the tatty edges.
I like the abstract blotchiness.

Time to go find Dave.

love, hugs and peace,

82 thoughts on “On Tuesdays please let me do as I please.

  1. Hi Barb and Dave. I am delighted that you have come to the decision that you have today. You give so much but you never seem to take back. Now it seems you are and that is terrific news for us all, I am sure I am not the only one concerned about how hard you push yourself for the benefit of others. Great that you have taken stock and made some positive changes. Today's project is beautiful and the gelli plate and stencils will be out this weekend. Lots of love to you both. X

  2. What a wise decision you and Dave have made, Barbara. Love today's art work. I have a gelli plate, brayer, mount and some acrylic paints but have yet to pluck up the courage to use them! I must, I really must…… soon 😉 xx

  3. So happy to hear Dave is feeling better. I think it is a great idea for you to just do a monthly YouTube instead of weekly. There is already a wealth of inspiration in The Clarity Library and it will encourage me to keep revisiting it to try things I haven't tried yet and try and perfect ones I have tried!
    The gelli card is really lovely! I love the chalk acrylics. Thank you. X

  4. I'm glad you have reached the decision to look after the health of both of you. I'm sure everyone won't mind that there's only one You Tube once a month. Everyone wants you both well, able to enjoy life and be as funny and witty as you are!!!!look after Dave and other things will slot in behind! Hugsxx

  5. What a fabulous decision – so right for the both of you. Glad Dave is doing well. Love this project – note to self – need to build up my Fresco Acrylics! lol

  6. A change is as good as a rest as they say….who "they" are, I have no idea, but it sounds like a plan to me!
    I hope you enjoy your freebie Tuesday's – you deserve to have some "down-time" to catch your breath occasionally, and now's that time 🙂
    Lovely artwork Barbara, as always….I must revisit some of my first purchases – this being one of them. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Take care, Carole xxx

  7. Absolutely love the idea of do as you please Tuesdays, set your own pace we willl all understand whatever you do. Glad to hear that Dave is making progress. Love this card, really like the messiness of it if you know what I mean. Take care and thank you Jx

  8. Great news Dave is feeling better, definitely think right decision about YouTube Tuesday and am already looking forward to next do as you please Tuesday. Really interesting project today, like the effect you get with fresco paints. Have all these and loads of other stencils, leaves come to mind so shall have a go. BTW are you still doing Create and Craft TV first Sunday of the month, will miss you but recognise time to change, more you and Dave time. Karen xxx.

  9. Hi Barbara, of course you can do as you please, I'm delighted to see anything you do. I'm also delighted to hear and see that you are thinking of yourself and Dave a bit more instead of running round the hamster wheel the whole time. I love both your finished artwork and the scrap. Must get my gelli plate out soon and have a play. Thank you for sharing. Delighted to hear Dave is getting back to his old self, that's great news. Maybe best not to dwell on worrying what the cause was, sounds like it is just one of life's mysteries, as long as Dave makes a full recovery, and you've both learned to pace yourselves and have a good work /play balance. See we're all still here, still supporting you both and still buying loads of Clarity products some more than most (Donna, Sheila!!!!). I do love those chalk paints, such lovely colours.

    The roofer was here today and did a good job, so that's one thing ticked off the list, glad it's got done before autumn too.

    Please, if you don't mind, can you or someone on here explain the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 colour shading to me, I really can't work out what you mean, and I'm desperate to learn to shade. I've been trying to sort it in my head for years!

    Looking forward to you pleasing yourself Tuesdays :-). Big hugs and love to you and to Dave, and a huge well done for taking a step back and adjusting, it's a hard brave thing to do, love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda. I have a little technique or rule of thumb for shading. Pretend you are colouring in a petal or a leaf. Starting from the base of the petal, 3/4 of the leaf or petal is coloured with the lightest of 3 colours. Then you take a darker colour and go over the same area, but only halfway up the petal. Finally, you take the third, darkest colour and starting from the same base point again, go up but only a quarter of the way. That's my way of getting depth. Hope this makes sense xxx i also try to use light feathery pencil strokes always from the same base point. So the 3/4 of the way up are lightest, then halfway up a bit darker and the strokes the quarter in are darkest. But always light pressure. X

    2. Oh Barbara, I think the lightbulb has just pinged on in my head. I had it kind of back to front, the 1/4, 1/2. 3/4 thing. Wow, thank you sooooooooooo very much, very happy bunny with a huge smile on my face, sparkle in my eyes and doing happy dances in my head 🙂 🙂 I know what I'll be doing tomorrow, stamping a page of leaves and flowers and following your instructions letter by letter until I get it right 🙂 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      I think I'll have to crack open the posh pencils for this 😉

    3. So pleased Barbara explained now if I can get over the stencil ring right I can then move onto the shading .
      Wow Brenda posh pencils
      Glad you got your roofer today and all went well it's so good your doing so well love reading your blogging here big hugs xxx

    4. Aye, I think the joy of the lightbulb pinging on went to my head a bit!!! And since I wrote it down for you all to see, there's nay backtracking now eh!!!! So deep breath and time to take the cellophane of the tins, aye, I never even opened any to have a look, that's how scared of them I am! I've even packed them away at the back of a shelf! If I can get my hand to learn Barbara's instructions with basic leaves and flowers, and it look like something, we'll be all set to have a go at colouring the rose bowl. It's only taken nearly two years of following Barbara's blog, and every TV show you've done to get me to the point of actually starting to have a go at all these things, shaving foam, Groovi, next posh pencil shading, and a whole load of stuff to go. being honest I was starting to give up, thinking I was never going to ever join in with you all on anything arty. Do you know what I think the turning point was – the art from nowt much challenge and the teapot colouring in. And needing to make myself email them to Barbara too. Hopefully it's going to snowball and I'll proper be joining in with you all xx

      Glad it's helped you too Susan. Hope you can make a page of stamped leaves and flowers and have a go tomorrow too xx

    5. Thanks Barbara that's helped me too! Brenda you were the only one brave enough to ask that question so thank you too. Oh yes do open those lovely pencils and give it a go – it's worth opening the lid for the smell alone! Yes I know that's wierd but they do smell lovely! Have fun colouring xxx

    6. Brenda you made me laugh yesterday with your reply to my comment. I have one of the loveliest husbands in the world who will just smile when he sees the parcel, he's addicted to Clarity stuff too! That's a good one to keep up my sleeve thought – I bought it to cheer me up because Emma is at Uni! 🙂 thank you xxx

    7. Thank you Sheila, that's vey kind to say. I was thinking the shading for the ring would be different, but I went back for a wee look just now and I see it different to what I did on Sunday when I was so confused that even my questions probably didn't make sense!!!! That's so weird eh – when I checked it out on Sunday I saw the shading totally different to what I see it as now, and all that's changed is Barbara has switched the lightbulb on in my head, but it's the same picture!!! Try getting a logical brain around that one!!!!! What are you struggling with with drawing your ring, we might be able to help you out? xx

    8. You're welcome Diane 😉 xx

      Why are 'normal' people not wanting to ask questions? Maybe I need to learn something here that I don't know, because clearly I'm doing something that 'normal' people don't but I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong that I need to learn to do right?

    9. Hey I think I've so got this shading lark, it's shapes, isn't it, and boxes within shapes, and shapes within shapes. A petal, leaf, rectangle or square shape. if it's 4cm high, zero is the base and 4 is the tip. So the lighest shade from zero to 3, the middle shade from zero to 2 and the darkest shade zero to one, and where you stop at 3,2,1 an arc or point /triangle. And if you don't want 3-4 to be no colour add in a fourth palest shade, or make it with 3 boxes in it with palest shade zero to 3 etc. A teddy bear's stomach, that's a circle or oval, with zero being the outside and 4 being the centre point. A face, that's a circle or oval, like the teddy bear but with rectangles and circles superimposed on the middle for eyes, nose, cheeks etc. It's learning what and where the shapes are and what's zero and what's 4 within the shape. And boy can my do shapes!!!! It's one of my autism things, my brain is compelled to find shapes and patterns everywhere and to count things. I spend my time telling it to not go there!!! Maybe I need to let it do it's thing until I learn shading!!!! If I can learn this, then the next thing I'll need explained is the light and dark thing, like what's in the light and what's in the dark, but trying to keep that in it's box for now. learning to walk before I run and all that. I just hope I'm well enough to have a go tomorrow while it's all there in my head (been feeling very unwell today so done nothing), and I've got this written down to try to get me back there if I can't :-). Oh Barbara you're brilliant, I love you for this, everything xxxxxxxxxxx

    10. Hi Brenda after stamping the thank you its drawing the ring in the stencil then getting the second ring to link up like Barbara has I think it the pains in my wrists and fingers and the shaking of the hands but I will keep trying .time for sleep xxx

    11. Sheila, I found when drawing round apertures in stencils I needed to angle the pen a bit so the nib nudged into the stencil edge. And you need to tape the stencil down as I also found that I needed to draw a bit then turn the whole thing round slightly before drawing the next bit so you are always drawing at the same angle, like on a clock, between 8 and 10 or something, it'll depend on what feels best for you. I found when I was trying to draw too far round and not angling the pen to nudge it right in, my lines were very wobbly and misshapen. If you're not managing to get the stencil in the right place for the second circle, what I do is hold it up to the light so you can see through and get a better idea of where you need something to be. Don't know if you have one, but I use my lightbox now for lining things like this up. Don't know if any of that helps. Night night everyone, and you too Dot, if you're reading xx

    12. Thank you Brenda night owl, fantastic that Barbara is going to put it in next months design club hope today is a good day for you
      Hi dot hope your getting better so we see you back on here lots of get well hugs xxx

    13. Thank you Sheila, hope your day is good too. Just had my breakfast, thought if I stayed in bed longer it might rest my body so I can have a bit of crafting time later – a go at shading and working out Groovi designs for my brother and his wife's birthday cards. So going to get moving and hopefully I won't feel any more ill than I feel just now. I'm sure you know those days, when you wake up feeling extra ill but not sure what path it's going to take with your body until you actually start doing things. xx

    14. Brenda, you've already got fabulous replies to your shading question, and there's no way I can describe it better than Barbara 🙂

      I saw your question last night, and over breakfast this morning decided to make myself a little crib sheet (after my fab retreat experience) so that I don't forget what I've learnt! With great humility, and in case it's of any use to anyone else as a "visual demonstration 101" to complement the written ones already given, I've popped a picture on my blog: http://myworldofcraft.blogspot.com/2015/08/shading-with-spectrum-noir-pencils.html. It can't be described as showing anything more than the very basic principle.

    15. Wow, thank you so very much, how very kind of you. It's a perfect visual for me to go with Barbara's words. I'll definitely have both Barbara's words and your visual in front of me tomorrow when I have a go. thank you sooooo very much, big hugs xx

  10. Hi Barbara.. I'm so glad to hear Dave is on the mend but it is important that he can take time out if needed so you're absolutely right to do what you're doing! Health is far more important than anything!
    Today's project is lovely and its fine to do as you please….after all you're the one calling the shots and it is your blog after all!
    Looking forward to the next you tube however not that date….I'm back to work that day! Still it'll mean I have something to look forward to when I get home!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  11. Good decision, Barbara. I'm delighted Dave is feeling better and I think do as you please Tuesdays might spread into do as you please other things! Anything that takes the stress out of your lives can only be good. You've made a fantastic archive of arty ideas on your blogs and videos, not to mention all the lovely card examples on the website — enough to keep us all going for years. There are at least a hundred projects I want to try! Shame I have to work, really! 🙂 I love these snowflakes. Bought them last year and have yet to play properly with them, so this will inspire me. Thanks!

  12. Great Idea Barb, You gotta put your nearest and dearest first, cut out the stress, get off the treadmill, totally agree, anyway, I'm always looking back at your youtube tutorials, plenty there to look back on, and once a month is plenty. I hope you get some stress relief and peace of mind – If you work yourselfs to the bone, then we'll have nothing at all, so quality above quantity a?

  13. Hi Barbara, I love what you have done today. I might have to give this one a go tomorrow as I love using my gelli plate.
    I am pleased Dave is feeling much better and you have both decided to keep it that way… I was beginning to think that the next youtube would be how to walk on water lol. I just couldn't see how you could keep that pace up.
    I don't care what you do on what day just as long as you are around to do it.
    Take it easy… Vxxx

  14. So pleased that you've spent some time reflecting and made positive choices to give you and Dave a better work/life balance. I love your bog posts (even if they cost me too much money sometimes LOL) – your skill amazes me every day and the mix of humour, teaching and personal insights makes your blog the only one that I 'must read' every day.

    Please continue to take care of yourself, Dave, your family and of course the Clarity family too but remember that health, wellbeing and happiness ALWAYS needs to come first

    Take care


    I bought a Gelli Plate in last month's special offer but I haven't had the nerve to use it yet but with this blog to follow I will try and make something this weekend

    1. Hi Tracy So did I and I have plucked up courage and used it once, using the swirly leaf stencil and some blue and brown acrylic paint with bubble wrap as well, something I had seen in the archives and for a first attempt it was ok so have a go if I can do it anybody can. All you need is time to be able to play about I think.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Glad to here Dave is feeling more himself,hopefully you'll both be able to relax a little now.
    This is your blog Barbara and you should be able to do as you please without thinking about how we all feel.What ever you do on it is a bonus to see and read.
    Love today's project,still building up my fresco paint stash.

  16. Hi Barbara
    I like the tatty edges too. I have been groovin today but I think it's gelli plate day tomorrow. Lots of inspiration from today's blog post. I am so pleased that Dave is feeling more like his old self. I know work is important to you and you don't want to let anyone down but please find time for yourself and Dave.
    A big HUG from Chris x

  17. A do as you please day, what a great idea! Will look forward to whatever you throw at us as your ideas are always wonderful. I'm glad to hear Dave is on the mend and that you are both taking stock. Xx

    1. That's good been trying the thank you card from blog on Saturday but cannot get the ring right from round the stencil think is is the pains in my wrists and fingers and the shaking but will keep trying xxx

    2. Thanks Donna for lovely comment on my blog, just trying to get my head around blogs so value every bit of feedback. Not that it is Barbara's league yet but early days. Glad to hear you are managing to do some crafting too, post us some pictures so we can support you too. How about a CCA blog, where we can all post pictures of our latest efforts (and where we have fallen off the wagon and purchased more goodies). We can use it to also post questions for when we go wrong and need some help.

  18. Lovely gelli plate demo and the snowflakes and words are great. I love that gorgeous blue with the cheesecake, they go together so well and the punchinella leaves a gorgeous pattern. I have the small plate and must get it out again as it has been lying in a drawer for a while. So glad you have decided to change things round a bit to make life easier and take the pressure off a bit, and also fantastic news that Dave is nearly his old self again. You've got to keep it that way! x

  19. Love today's work Barbara it's brill. Glad your stepping back a little with work.dave and you are the most important people here and this will ease things a little love to Dave love you too Barbara xxxxx

  20. Hi Barbara – I love what you have done today – its brilliant – and I'm glad you are stepping back and leaving more time for the important things – Look after yourselves … hugs Rachel x

  21. To be perfectly honest I'm amazed you blog every day, very appreciate don't get me wrong so you have to do what's best for you and Dave, it's your blog so it's up to you what you put on it. The monthly video sounds a great idea, it will give me chance to really practice whatever you are demoing in that particular video, need to get my bum in gear.

    Great artwork by the way, really love this technique, thanks also for the reminder re reversing the words, I'd be the one that got it wrong lol xx

    1. Already been there, done that, got the t-shirt, with the letter boxes doing Groovi!!!! Thought I was doing really well remembering I was to reverse the words, didn't get as far as that means I need to first reverse the letter boxes so the punctuation was at the wrong end!!!! xx

  22. Love this project and what a great idea to have a do as you please day! Hope Dave keeps improving and that you continue to make more time for yourselves. Those fresco paints are so lovely – might have to have some, the colours are good enough to eat!!! Susan x

  23. Wonderful, so glad you making changes to look after yourselves and also that Dave is improving. I imagine you are pretty exhausted yourself after caring and worrying about him. I love the fresco paints so easy to use. xx

  24. Brilliant news on the personal front Barbara and thank you for a great project for us to have a go at. I LOVE the Fresco paints. The finish is quite different from anything else in our stash and the colours (and names) are wonderful. Gill x

  25. Amazing abstract piece of art. The new Tuesday format sounds a good plan Barbara and a wise decision, hopefully with these changes you will have less stress and more time. So pleased Dave is 'on the mend' 🙂

  26. Wow Barbara beautiful I will have to try this as got all the clarity goodies .trying the thank you from Saturday's blog but cannot get the ring round the thank you right with the stencil any tips glad you have put on the blog today how you do the shading .
    So pleased you and Dave have taken stock when these things happen its for a reason you need to look after yourselves so pleased Dave is getting back to his normal self big hugs xxx

    1. Hi Barbara( yes I am in the design club proud gold member )that's brilliant wouldn't be without my monthly present coming throught the door each month .thank you lots of crafting hugs xxx

    2. Brilliant Barbara, I think I do it wrong too, doing it in bits you don't get it perfect, so I'm looking forward to a club step by step on it too, Thank you sooooo much xx

  27. Love reading the blog and enjoy whatever projects you do, or topics you discuss. But I think your blog should be as much fun for you to do as it is for us to read.
    If you don't cut back on the heavy workload then it's not good for your work-life balance and ultimately it will take a toll on your health and that's not good.
    Pleased to hear Dave is on the mend and I'm sure he'll appreciate spending more quality time with you.

  28. So pleased Dave is feeling so much better and wiseovrs to slow pace. Love having you both in our life's so little is better than one so look after each other treasure time with each other love you both and will look forward to our monthly youtubes and today's number is awesome love and hugs to you both Joy xxx

  29. I'm so pleased that Dave is feeling better. What a relief for you and so wise heed the message.
    I love seeing you demo-ing the gelli plate as I'm still such a novice with it. I also need more ideas for using the snowflakes, so this was great for me. Thanks. x

  30. So lovely to see this today – I spent the afternoon with an art teacher friend showing her the gelli plate and brayer, and we were both having a play and an experiment. My acrylic paint seems to dry very quickly on the plate, even under the stencil, so some things work a bit differently to the demos, but we were starting to get some good effects. The leafy swirl stencil is just stunning, hard to go wrong!

    Glad Dave is doing well, and you're taking some positive steps. I struggle to watch the videos sometimes, the "words and pictures" seem easier somehow when pushed for time, so more than happy with once a month. And there's still a whole back catalogue to watch, so we're hardly going without!

  31. Hi Barbara
    I'm so pleased to hear Dave is feeling brighter, that must be such a relief to you both. Oh I love the idea of do as you please Tuesday – you could take us anywhere and do anything! You tube once a month will be fine with us all, especially if it takes the pressure off you Dave and of course the lovely Jim – can't have Jim getting stressed out and poorly too. Today's artwork is wonderful, love this snowflake stencil- I feel a geli plate session coming on. The end result is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love Diane xxx

  32. It is your blog and you can do anything you feel like doing on any day. We just love reading and marvelling at whatever you do, so never feel guilty. I am certainly glad you are taking steps off the treadmill as far as you can, and that Dave is feeling better than he was. Don't be in any rush to get back on that merry go round. It is always good to go back and revisit techniques, which for many are new anyway. I shall come back tomorrow morning and reread this particular post when I can keep my eyes open. Sleep tight. xxx Maggie

  33. Dearest Barbara, everyone above me has echoed my thoughts…your blog…your decisions, glad you have adjusted the work/life balance/pace as health, family and happiness must must must come first. It is not that long ago you introduced us to Mindful Wednesday – something you wanted us and you to focus on following the sad loss of your friend and the plans that you and her developed in the final days she spent on earth…so it is vitally important that you too take stock of things and not us your devoted followers…otherwise I sense that she is up there waving a finger at you telling you off! Not to mention I don't wonder all your family and close friends – so you do what is right for you and we will be happy with what you bring – even if eventually you bring the blog down to less times in the week! You never ever cease to amaze me as to where you get the time or inspiration from – I won't say that I don't look forward to reading your blog – its one of the highlights of my day – but of late I have struggled to keep up with you everyday as my own new pace of life since changing job and home location has not yet really seen me in a routine other than what time I get up! I find that I am playing catch up most of the time and generally early in the morning as I am too tired in the evening….but like you some changes will occur and I will get a balance – needs must and all that!
    So never worry about us – worry more about those closest and dearest – xx
    Much much love to both you and Dave xx

  34. Hello Barb, so glad to hear that you are slowing down, we all love your blog, but it needs you to write it, share your humour, outlook on life and inspiration. So you do what you want to and we will be there right along with you. So glad Dave is feeling better, hope that both of you get to spend lots of relaxing time together. I bet Jim is glad to take a bit of a break as well. So roll on September 1st. Love the artiness of todays card, just beautiful. Take care all. Bx

  35. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased to her that Dave is feeling much better,that must be a relief for both of you. I think you have made the correct decision about the videos too. As you say there is a wealth of information on your you tube already. It will give us time to practice various techniques anyway. Your health is more important (& Daves) than a video and everyone here will support you both no matter what you decide to do. If you feel that you have to cut out a few days of the blog then that's fine too. Love what you have done today. I love my fresco paints, but haven't tried them on my gelli plate yet so I think this is like a kick up the bum for me to get going – no excuse as I have the " ingredients". Love Alison xx
    Ps thanks for the explanation about the shading.

  36. Great decision. Glad that Dave is feeling better and you certainly both need to take time for yourselves. Lovely to see this blog post as I was looking at the snowflakes and words the other day and trying to work out what to do with them so very timely

  37. Definitely a good idea to take stock and take things easier. There's plenty of videos on You Tube already if we need inspiration so go for it. I look forward to reading your blog whether it's a demo, pictures, video, whatever. Take care.

  38. Cannot sat any more than has been voiced above – your blog, you decide what you want to post. If it's a monthly You Tube, so be it. Simples! As for 'You Choose Tuesday' I'm sure I'm not the only one who will look forward to all your inspirational posts as a big surprise. Love today's little piece of art.
    In a place with no brayer, no Frescos, few stencils but having the time of my life seeing what I can produce for my raft of Christmas cards (I make for all the family so need at least four different types and variations within those) with your stamps, gelli, Groovi, a few ordinary acrylics and homemade texture paste.
    So pleased to read Dave is on the mend.
    Bless you for all you do. ;~}

  39. I think that is a very wise decision to have time to yourselves. Health is paramount, and if you are not well it affects everything and everyone around you. You are a true inspiration, and the generosity you share is awesome. Even whilst you were frantic with worry about Dave, the Retreats continued. I cannot thank you enough for your time, and I had an amazing time in Crowborough. I am so glad you have taken the decision to change to a monthly You Tube .. whatever you do it will be lovely. Take care both of you and maybe see at Port Sunlight … but then again if you are still not 100% you could always turn to the rest of the team? Whatever it takes for you both to be fully fit and healthy xxx

  40. Good morning Barbara and Dave, I fully understand where you are coming from in regards to how you have been over the last month. I have been much the same working, functioning in "over drive mode" trying to cope with my partner having had a serious ankle injury, and cellulitis. He is such an active man and yet over the last month unable to do anything apart from sitting in the chair with his leg up. On the good point – he will get better.

    I am so pleased that I have my craft to take my mind off the stress. He is self-employed so thats a problem. But we live in a beautiful log cabin, we have food from the garden, and each other.

    A this time it makes one realize what is important in life and that is to do what your heart says.

    So with Gods help and love from friends we Will all recover. A day at a time.

    Big hugs Pen x

  41. Barbara, I think you and Dave are doing exactly the right thing, to be honest I don't know how you fitted everything in a day that you used to. I'm so glad to hear that Dave's on the mend and am sure it will continue.

    I love your abstract print, you've opened a whole new way to approach art and printing that makes we want to get printing myself. Recently when sorting through Mum's things I found all my A level art work, I was never very confident but now I look at it and think did I really do that ( not being big headed though). This year has been difficult but I've found that it calms me so much to do some art as well as appreciated other peoples. Mum always had a great belief in me and even a few weeks before shed died we talked about it and now she is my reason for spending time on my art as I feel I'm doing it for her.

    Thankyou so much for your inspiration every day and of course you must do as you please. We will all be here for you and Claritystamp xxx

  42. Go Barbara, Go Barbara (to be accompanied by very bad dance moves!). You've got to do what's right for you and Dave, and I'm sure you didn't make this decision lightly.

    We all love this blog, and the amazing inspiration you provide us with, as well as the community it has fostered. However, it has to work for you as well, and I applaud you. Change it as much as you need to, whenever you need to. We're not going away.

    Thank you for all you do, I for one appreciate it immensely, even if I'm more of a lurker than a contributor in this 'here community.

  43. Barbara
    What a lovely inspirational idea. I have Fresco paints and a gelli plate (I got for Christmas). I've not had it out for some time but I can hear it calling from the cupboard to get out.

    You have made a very wise decision to change to "YouChoose" Tuesday because "The important things in life aren't things".

    Thank you for the tip also on shading really helped.
    Kind regards

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