YouTube Tuesday – Groovi Let It Snow

YouTube Tuesday – Groovi Let It Snow

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Today is You Tube Tuesday,
so here’s a groovi little card,
putting the new Christmas Border Plates to good use!

I actually got to do this demo on TV on Sunday.
Leonie used a good word, when we were doing the corners:
Mitred corner.
That word eluded me when I was doing this demo.
Mitred. Not bevelled. Mitred.

Love and hugs,

47 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Groovi Let It Snow

  1. Amazing demo – cannot wait for my plates. See you soon, getting very excited.
    Best wishes
    p.s. Where did you get the slot punch?

  2. Hi Barbara, really enjoyed watching this, brilliant, thank you. I'm doing my usual hands free learning!!! πŸ˜‰ It does work you know, things I've watched you do over and over come very easy to me when I actually get brave enough to have a go :-). Hoping the same will be true for Groovi when I get mine so I can catch up with you.

    I've been thinking, these experienced parchment crafters who have very unjustly been giving you grief. It's not a very good analogy but it's kind of like when microwave ovens were invented. I'm sure there were chefs /cooks all over the land saying you can't call something cooked in a microwave cooking and fearing the end of the conventional oven. But the microwave will never replace the cooker, it's an add on, a convenience, a help, allows people to have better /hot food that maybe otherwise wouldn't. That's what I think your Groovi system is doing for the art of parchment craft.

    Hope you've got your prep for tomorrow all done and you can chill for a bit this evening. I was thinking C&C needs to get their act together and do your USA shows on the same day as your UK ones, but then maybe logistically that wouldn't work for you. I must remember to check when they are on so I can watch. Hope it goes really well and you have lots of sell outs. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda you have such a way of putting things across
      Hope your feeling brighter today ?
      I'm feeling a little better than last week thank you for asking big hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, Just had to reply to you today because your analogy with the microwave is just spot on. I'm sure that Barbara will really appreciate hearing it too. I know that it was a big step for you when you started to write comments on this blog and I would like you to take a moment to see how far you have come. You are now brave enough to speak out and show your support, standing up for a friend is a very brave and kind thing to do and I just wanted to say well done.
      I'm sure that when you do eventually get your own Groovi plate, you will find it easy to do. I really love using mine. You can simply follow the designs on the plates or mix and match each little bit that you want to make your own design.But make sure that you have a tumble dryer sheet to wipe over the parchment first. It makes a big difference.
      Best wishes. Jeanette x

    3. Hi Jeanette I had to comment on what you wrote I too remember when Brenda got the courage to write on the blog and how wonderfully she puts everything she is so kind and caring she deserves a big bear hug xx

    4. Wow Jeanette, thank you soo much for your lovely words. That means a lot to me πŸ™‚ Yes if someone had told me last year I'd be talking on a blog, have found friends who care, found somewhere I belong and feel included, being me and speaking as it is, upfront about my problems, helping others as best I can – I'd have laughed and said "aye right"!!!! I've never had proper friends nor somewhere I felt I belonged ever in my life. All the weeks of writing comments, then getting so scared to hit the button and chickening out, until finally I managed it, boy am I so glad I did πŸ™‚ Yes I still get scared sometimes and worried sometimes that what I say might be the wrong thing or that folk won't get me, but I know now if that does happen, Barbara and you guys are there understanding, looking out for me, and keeping me safe :-).

      I've been thinking a lot about you too. Wondering how your recovery was going but not wanting to ask in case it wasn't going well. Then I read you are having trouble with your boss not believing you are well enough to return to your career which although that's not good it did make me smile as it meant you have to be well on the road to recovery. Are you expected to make a full recovery and get back to your career full time? Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

      That's what matters just now Donna, you need wee breaks from what you are going through. I knew I had heard of the word minions – when I was doing my Tesco order earlier I saw Haribo have ones called minions, is that related to the movie? Are they any good, it's weird seeing blue sweeties, makes me want to try them, for some weird reason? By the way where's my gummy worm, hope you saved me one!!!!! πŸ˜‰ Big bear hugs xx

    5. Thank you soo much to you too Sheila, that's lovely :-). big bear hugs to you too xx
      What have I done to deserve being spoiled with such lovely comments – huge grin on my face and that warm feeling inside. Thanks guys xx

    6. Of course, its slithering its way up to Scotland! Yes Tesco have lots of Minion merchandise so you will have seen them. I haven't tried the sweets, blue you say? Well if you feel brave give them a whirl!!!!
      You deserve lovely comments, you are a lovely person! Xx

    7. Brenda you are a true Clarity ambassador, your comment about the microwave is spot on – does that mean in a few years every home will have a Grovi Plate? There's a thought Barbara, you'd better send Dave off for a lie down in a darkened room at the thought of all those plates he would have to make!!!! I agree, look at how far you have come with your comments, definitely a big player on the blog now. Enjoy your blue sweets if you are brave enough to try them! Xxx

    8. Wow thank you soo much Donna and Diane:-) Even bigger grin and warm feeling :-). I think every household should have a Mindfulness Groovi system, it would be a healthier happier society if they did! Me a big player on the blog – now that's scary!!! xx

  3. Hi Barbara the groovi is an award winning crafting first and you should be so proud love watching your demonstrations on c&c always enjoy you tube Tuesday's hugs xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Enjoyed this demo on Sunday but so glad you've made a video.
    Loved seeing all the sample cards but hope we'll get to see them all at our leisure as all the clarity design team are so talented,so would loved to see everyone's work.The show was brilliant and am looking forward to the order I placed you arriving.

  5. Great demo, lots to have a try with. My new snowflake plates arrived today so I will add them to my pile of Groovi stash! The wee folk stamps are lovely, may well have to use a combination of stamps and Groovi this year! Xx

    1. Ha, knew there was a reason I was doing soo much prevaricating! Donna you'll have done all the aaaagh ruining and be able to tell me what not to do so that I don't follow suit!!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

    2. Hmmmmmm, maybe! I know I should be pressing lightly, so I do but then I just can't help rubbing an area just a little too much and then you feel the tearing!!!!! Aaaaaa! Xx

    3. Use your smallest embossing tool and just shade a flower in the meadow set see how that goes I'm know expert but my meadow flower went ok Barbara demonstrated so I tried that one big crafting hugs xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for that very detailed demo. I am waiting for my Groovi to arrive from your shop. I will be ordering the Christmas plates and any new ones in the near future. I love how you can use little elements from different plates to create unique designs and hope I can make some ATCs with Groovi and the Wee Folk.
    All the best for your U.S.shows.
    X Chris

  7. Loved the demo, it is so-oo good. Definitely one to keep going back too. I've made a start (and completed) the deer plate, for my first attempt it looks good, I'm quite pleased with myself. Wouldn't have had the courage without you to show me the way, thank you. Definitely up there with the stress-busting colouring in, I love it. X

  8. I like the idea of working on a smaller pice of parchment – a bit less intimidating. I haven't tried a landscape yet, had a bit of a block, maybe this is the way forward.

    I love the dress you're wearing in this video!

    Just been and checked out the C&C US schedule to catch the shows tomorrow for some extra Clarity goodness! Hope they all go well.

  9. Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but just wanted to say how much I am loving my Groovi plate. It's so easy to use but also so portable that I can take it to the caravan or do it in front of the TV creating little scenes of wonder. I'm looking forward to the retreat but I may find it difficult choosing which Groovi products to buy next.. hugs Jeanette xx

  10. A lovely YT Tuesday video Barbara and love the way you packed so much into a small piece of parchment and there is endless variation to what you can do which is great. Hope you are all ready for your US shows and that they go well. x

  11. Helloooo! I must apologise for not visiting in ages Hadn't realised how long it's been!
    Just had to write and say how much I enjoyed your show on Sunday This groovi idea of yours is FANTASTIC!

  12. I do like the way the pieces all fit together and make a whole system. Your arrangement of the Groovi elements means that everything for one card is to hand. Parchment craft may require more patience but this would surely speed things up somewhat. Beautiful little sample too.

  13. Hi Barbara
    Loved this demo on Sunday and it's good to see it again. I'm wondering if I can flutter my eyelids at hubby and get him to treat me to the Grovi boards sooner rather than later as I'm itching to have a go. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of artwork with us . Love Diane xxx

  14. Love this demo thank you. I've done my first two cards now and am really pleased with how they went! Can't wait to do some more now. So much to do. I'm going to have to pick up a few more tools. Emma Burns has blogged how to do corners too until I can get hold of a punch. Although I think hers are very pretty and it's good to be able to do them yourself. Thinking one of the decorative punches I have might even do the trick. I must look through them. xx

  15. Hello Barb, what a great video, showing a lovely little image, and fab tips for using the different plates. Hope the US shows go well. Take care. Bx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Well I don't know what happened to my message that I left yesterday – it must be floating around in the ether! So, I'll try again. I loved this when you did it on Sunday and am so pleased that you have given us this video to refer back to. This is one that I will be having a go at, as I have all of the " ingredients". Just loving the Groovi. Good luck with you US show – I'm sure it will be brilliant. Love Alison xxxxx

  17. Hi Barbara….love the vids…have placed an order and can't wait for it to arrive….I love parchment work and started some years ago….but like everything, I began trying this 'n that, stamping, making albums and boxes…but you have rekindled my love of parchment and have been doing it again now for a few weeks…so thank you!!! for getting me re – inspired!!….keep the great vids coming…big hugs x x

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