YouTube Tuesday – A Groovi Introduction to Parchment.

YouTube Tuesday – A Groovi Introduction to Parchment.

Hello and welcome to YouTube Tuesday!

Here’s a simple introduction to our new 
Groovi Plates and their Mates!

Oh boy!
If you watched the TV Launch here in England on Sunday, 
you will already know that it went haywire, 
and we sold out completely of anything Groovi
less than thirty minutes into the show!

I think we may have hit on a winning formula for 
Parchment Crafters here.

We have been inundated with positive excitement!
Nobody can believe the quick crisp line art which is so easily achieved.

From those who have always wanted to try Parchment, 
but weren’t sure where to start; 
from those who have tried and failed, 
and from professional Tutors and Parchment experts.

The buzz is Groovi !!!

Take a look at this simple introduction into the Starter Kit
and how our Groovi system works.

Designed to make Parchment Craft easier to get into.

We have got other Groovi Plate Designs too, 
which can be slotted in and interchanged:

Peonies and Sprigs

Lots more in the pipeline….
And with the totally calming, mindful effects of getting in the groove and simply following the laser tracks,
you never know – 
this could be the first Groovi Revolution of its kind !

lots of love,

73 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – A Groovi Introduction to Parchment.

  1. I am so excited – ordered all my stuff (but not coming until after my hols – thanks Ann) and I've been waiting all morning for the YouTube video to go live!! Now off to watch it!!

  2. Fantastic thank you Barbara for you tube-Ing it even though I watched the show as it sold out before you could really demonstrate it which is fantastic . cannot wait for mine to arrive from clarity towers I need some mindfulness crafting to help me through some tough days this week big crafting hugs xxx

  3. Great Barbara, I wish this had been out when I started to learn Parchment work, seemed to have put it to the back of the cupboard, BUT now out it will come thanks to you and your great team. Hope you bring out some Christmas designs soon.

  4. Great Barbara, I wish this had been out when I started to learn Parchment work, seemed to have put it to the back of the cupboard, BUT now out it will come thanks to you and your great team. Hope you bring out some Christmas designs soon.

  5. I reckon there will be a lot of worried posties being haunted by those of us waiting for our new kit to arrive. I certainly will be looking to use it to bridge the gap between stamping and parchment. I love parching but there are times when you need something a little quicker to get going.Lots of new parchers are going to join the hobby as a result of this brilliant idea, I am certain of that. Thanks to you and Maria and the rest of the great Clarity team. xxx Maggie

  6. Hi Barbara, you're brilliant πŸ™‚ Enjoyed watching this, I do totally get it, your Groovi system, and I am now seeing how it's going to grow and enable us all, as we learn with you to take the system and our artwork to whole new levels. Can I ask a wee query please – I was wondering (more wonderings!!!) if you have any thoughts of selling the extra plates on their own instead of pairs, so we can choose which we want, rather than having to wait until you put pairs together where we like both the plates? All the new designs are lovely, it's just some aren't my thing, so I won't be able to buy the ones I would like because I'd need to buy ones I wouldn't ever use. It's so not a criticism at all, please don't take it as such :-), as you know I think you, and your new Groovi system is genius. πŸ™‚ I was also thinking about the corner punch you've used for mounting your finished artwork. Are you going to be selling those too, that specific design? It's just right, not fussy, yet not plain. I've sussed it out – if my eyes think the edges across would be too much, then slipping the corners into the top cut out line only so it's the corner of the card that is showing would work for me.

    Nicola is back on Friday and she's coming out for a visit, so I'll see what she thinks for this helping me, so I'm still trying to sit on my hands!!! It's gala week here this week. She was going to come on Saturday so I could stand at the back gate, inside the back gate, outside would be way too scary, to watch the parade go past. But it's the one Saturday she has something else on, so she's said she is coming on Friday afternoon instead to drive me round the village to see all the dressed houses. Hopefully miss the long slow procession of everyone driving round in the evening. All the kids that get chosen to take part as part of the court, and there's loads, their families dress up the fronts of their homes for them with all sorts, from simple things like ribbons and large cut outs right up to even building false fronts, up the road from me was a castle with a dragon on the roof one year and the next a ship with an octopus on the roof. And they put big signs up with the child's name and what position they have in the court. They have an official photographer that goes round taking photos of each child in their outfits outside their dressed home. The girls wear like evening dresses, a lot in white, some in colours, the older ones I think, and the boys are in full highland dress. I used to be able to see all the photos of all the events they hold throughout the year, but they stopped doing the website before last year's gala, so I can't now. I think it's on Facebook instead but I've not joined on there, was told not to join anything like that to keep me safe. Last year none of the cottages around me had anyone involved so I didn't get to see any, so far I don't see anything happening around me this year either. Seems the kids round about must all have had their turns. And I'll still be able to watch the parade, I sit on the kitchen bunker with the window open and watch it and wave to the kids going past. It's extremely noisy with the various bands, the car horns – the cars also get decorated, and for the last couple of years, since the huge centenary one they held, the local bikers, proper bikers, now take part too – and they are exceptionally noisy!!! Daisy hides under the bed, poor soul. The king and queen have a horse drawn carriage and the rest of the court follow behind in cars /taxis etc. For a wee place there's so much packed in, as in various groups, activities, amenities etc. and it seems to have the old fashioned community spirit, which makes it a lovely place to live. Well, when there's no naughty kids and adults spoiling it!!!

    Love Brenda xx

    1. There's loads of galas up here, all the mining areas, they all had one, and most have kept up the tradition, but not many still make as big an occasion as where I now live. It's like Christmas in summer with all the bunting and the decorated houses and the buzz about the place, the excited kids xx

    1. Not really, but I have had a look at the teapot and think we should go for the fields next in different browns from light at the front to dark at the back. Did manage to get some sleep last night, not sure its made much difference!

    2. Sorry, disappeared to finish off my Tesco order for it coming tomorrow. I very nearly forgot! And then the website removed something from my order and I can't work out what! It's done that a few of times recently, found out the hard way, always something vital too! Just have to hope this time it's not something I rely on!

      Glad you got some sleep, don't worry about it not helping, it will take time and it is helping your body, even though you don't feel it. Bet it made you feel worse because you woke up to the reality, that will get easier as the days pass. Don't worry about not doing anything today either, try again tomorrow :-).

      Brown fields eh, see, putting you in charge – sensible, boring, brown fields!!! πŸ˜‰ I used to think brown is a dour boring colour, been working on changing that over the years I've been paper crafting. You're boss so brown fields it is, am I allowed to make them stripey brown fields, if I can find enough different colours of brown pencils πŸ™‚ xx

    3. It's alright, you're excused!!! Donna, right now I'll colour the rest of the teapot in brown if you so wish πŸ˜‰ Ok, I'll save mine for later this evening, brown stripes might bore me into falling asleep earlier tonight!!! And I need to get up in the morning as it's garden visit day! I'm attempting to start a bit of simple artwork for cards, just stencil /word stamp basic. I'm trying to keep seats for you and me on Barbara's arty train until you can take over again!!! πŸ˜‰ Take care and enjoy your brown fields xx

    4. Ha Ha Dour havny heard that for years and you have taken me right back to when I was wee and went to the Gala wi ma Gran and Di who was a miner I remember we used to call it The Store Treat as you used to get a wee paper bag wi cakes and that
      fi the Co-op so how lovely your wee town still does.
      And Donna its good to have a wee laugh a hope Brenda's got a few dour browns
      in her tin or its B & Q fields for her….take care…xx

    5. You could always press really lightly, then a bit heavier and then really heavy! Three colours from one pencil, even the dour, dull, boring ones like brown. But just think without brown we wouldn't have Chic latest! Xx

    6. You're joking Donna, shading, wi the cheapest o cheap colouring pencils I'm using, it's hard enough tae get any colour oot o them, there's nae way they'd oblige!!!!! Chocolate is the exception tae dour broon!!!!

      Dot I've never stopped using the word dour, shows how old fashioned I am! We have a Co-op here, two I think, a big one and I think there's a wee one at the bottom of my road too.

    7. We shall say our fields are sepia, burnt umber, mahogany, burnt sienna, taupe, chestnut, van dyke (reliable informed its a shade of the colour we shall not name) that sound good to you?? Xx

    8. Blue? (It's even colder up there!!!) Rust – that's a red rust (and wetter!!!) Where are you getting all these names from? Ok you win, I'll stop calling brown dour!!! And I better crack on and get colouring in my exciting, vibrant, striking, eye catching brown fields!!!! xx

    9. Between you and me Dot, I think she's lost the plot a wee bit – brown Hebridean's, as if!!! Donna's swans are in a van dyke field, ours are in our brown fields!!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

    10. Im sure country file had brown hebrdians………….or maybe they were herdwick? Anyway brown is a perfectly good colour for fields, just after they are ploughed, before the crops have grown, don't forget I live in the garden of England surrounded by fields (obviously not sheep) and have seen many a brown field! I also wonder what Dot is growing in her blue fields! Xx

    11. Oh your correct Donna but what are the swans doing in a ploughed field and if I keep going with the blue then the houses are gonna be flooded definatly lost the plot noo..xx

    12. Sheep, I thought we had birds in our field?!!!!
      You can't have much to eat down there if all your fields are brown!!!!
      Dot's got posh fields full of Festuca Glauca! Must find out her secret as each time I tried to grow it it developed rust!!!!

    13. Hey Dot's got a good point there, if those birds are swans!!! Donna…
      Dot ye get floating hooses, they're on stilts, so yer fine wi yer hooses in the water!
      And I've still no got ma broon fields started, no even washed ma dishes yet, better dae that first!
      An I need tae be up by aboot 10.30 the morn, nae chance!!! xx

    14. Thanks for the banter Donna and Dot
      Night Dot, hope you sleep well xx
      You too Donna, hope you get a better sleep xx
      I'll be ready for tomorrow's sensible colouring in Donna πŸ˜‰ xx

    15. Oh you have made me laugh ladies. Brenda dare I suggest your lovely set of pencils, there are several shades of brown in there or are they still a no no at the moment. We have bright yellow fields down south which is usually rape seed but occasionally we get blue fields which I think are hemp oh yes and of course there's a lovely pink hue from Heather. Night night sleep tight xxx

  7. Hi Barbara – what a fantastic idea this is!
    I must admit I never fancied trying parchment before, but now I do……glad I ordered from Clarity on Sunday… now patiently waiting for my Groovi starter kit (and all the stamps I ordered too) to arrive.
    Have a great evening. Carole xxx

  8. Hello Barb, just amazing. The starter kit and some extra plates are on my wish list. Love the you tube intro video. I am sure there are going to be lots of happy shoppers on the weekend. Take care all. Bx

    1. Have fun Shelagh , I'm excitingly waiting for mine to come from clarity towers ,thank you for your lovely comment on my clarity challenge card much appreciated hugs xxx

    2. Thank you, Sheila. I've been doing other things tonight, using Clarity stamps of course, but I'm about to start playing now. I'm one of this world's owls (just as well I bought the new stamp!!) and can work on into early morning – up here at the moment it can start getting light about 3am, when I'm about to turn in! Will all change when Mike returns from his business trip – he's a lark!
      Enjoy your goodies when they arrive; I look forward to seeing your work in future challenges.
      Kind regards,

  9. Well Barbara this looks like a fantastic product. I was thinking about buying a Die Cutting machine, but have put that on the back burner and bought your new Groovi product instead that says somthing about this product. Looking forward to my parcel comming and starting a new hobby as this will be very calming to sit in the garden and on my travels.
    Wishing you and your team great things with this product.
    Kind Regards

  10. Hi Barbara was thinking about going down the gelli plate route but now I've about turned and now want to go down the groovi trail.
    This product must be up for an award its just so simple but genious. Sorry Dave but it looks like your on nightshifts for a while..Dot..xx

  11. Hi Barb, I'm so happy to see this blog. Sent for my Groovi kit yesterday and joy the instruction Blog today – magic. I watched the telly programme on Sunday, but ancient me was very worried that I would forget everything but here it is step by step simple instructions. What would I do without your Blog – thank you. XX Can't wait for the next Blog of instructions.XX

  12. Looks really simple to pick up, and such a clever idea. I really need to use stuff up in my craft room before I invest in anything new – too many needs and not enough space!!! Susan x

  13. Loved your tutorial on YouTube today, as usual they were really easy to follow, which I guess is the point of the new plates, Such a great idea, and what supurb results. I have just bought the Gelli plate and am still experimenting with that, but soon, I'm sure the urge to try the Groovi plates will win out. Especially for Xmas, the ideas are already swimming around in my overcrowded brain box.
    Having a bit of a mindfulness evening colouring in the teapot, chilling out….lovely.

  14. This is lovely Barbara and gives parchment work a whole new and modern twist. My favourite plate is the peony and leafy background, but they are all beautiful! x

  15. Hi Barbara finally caught up with Sundays show today whilst ironing, well not much ironing happened as I just sat and watched with my mouth open! Love this system, must show it to hubby so he knows what I need for Christmas! I love the peony board and the butterfly and the leafy swirl, oh go on then, I love them all!
    Night night sleep tight
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barbara, thank you for a fasinating video. Have tried parchment in the past but couldn't get on with it. After watching the video I think I'll give your version a go!

  17. Hi, am I missing something because there are already a vast amount of design templates made by a very well known company that do the same as yours, they have been around for about 10 years. Can you tell me if your plates are different in some way please? Jenn xx

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