We made it!

We made it!

Greetings from France!

All landed safe and sound.
Some flew in,
Some went the long way round!
A wonderful mix of Design Team and good friends, all set to have a superb week in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
But off to bed I must!
Doesn’t look that far to Bretagne on the map….Dover – Calais, but it’s a day away – especially via Dunkerque! Ask Dave! 
Lots of love
Barb xxxx

54 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Have a wonderful week. Really looking forward to seeing what you and the team come up with. Sleep well and a demain! xx Margaret Col.

  2. Goodness Barbara do you never even stop to take a breath these days!!! Hope this time in France is going to be chill time for you, don't want you getting sick again. The place looks lovely, somewhere I could just sit and look at my surroundings and get nice and calming feelings from it. Was that Dave taking the long route for a short cut then!!! Aye, I know all about them, I had a support worker that liked to do exactly the same, to the point where I'd be saying "this looks familiar, maybe I'm remembering it from when I was younger". Only to be met with a look and the response"that's because we've already driven past here"!!!! Hope the creative juices flow, and the batteries recharge, oh, and Dave finds a reliable map for the homeward journey!!! Love Brenda xx

    1. Aye, go on then, what are the collective nouns for owls?
      Then I've got a wee puzzle for you to try guess πŸ˜‰
      Did you have a nice evening with your sisters?

    2. Yes thanks, got some things arranged. OK here they are
      1. A parliament of owls.
      2. A stare of owls.
      I like number 2 as it describes what an owl does really well. Xx

    3. Yeah we'll go with stare, and ignore the first one. There's certainly nothing wise coming out of that English establishment just now!!!! xx
      Sheila, sssh I was trying to keep quiet about that, still not done anything craft at all, and that includes finishing off my teapot!!!! xx

    4. Tut, tut not finished yet! Now imagine my sad little owlet face waiting with her posh pencils for her friend. Feeling guilty yet?

      Only kidding Brenda! Get it done when you can! Xx

    5. Morning Girls ..Parliament wouldn't have guessed that one had visitors last night
      they are Owls to would have been a bit rude to get the Lappy oot for a wee look
      take care …..xx

    6. Hi all πŸ™‚
      Well Donna, since no one wanted to talk last night I had no distractions, so I spent my nightshift finishing my teapot πŸ™‚ And I didn't even need your guilt producing comment, Sheila's was enough!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ So all done, I even got a wee bit shading in the sky and two tone flowers! Boy am I going go through a long sleeping sickness time when this awake all night cycle is over, doesn't normally last this bad for this long. I'm ready when you are for my next lesson – I've NEVER coloured in anything real before, this rose bowl is going to be even harder than the teapot. I don't know what size to print it off, my logic is telling me smaller may be easier than bigger, but no idea, I can print any size at all as I can take it into craft artist to resize, what size should I go for? Have you sent your teapot in yet? I've taken a photo of mine just not got it on the laptop yet.

    7. Donna, you've made me feel really guilty, despite having already finished my teapot!!! How's that, think we've found one of your hidden talents!!!! xx

    8. Heeee heeeee glad to know I have a talent although I shall only use it when its really needed! WELL DONE for finishing your tea pot, I haven't taken a photo of mine yet either but will do later and send it in as well.
      I am printing my flowers just as they are, so they will be A4. Which spectrum tins do you have? Xx

    9. There's two rose bowls on the page though, so are you just printing one at full A4 size? I've got all the tins – I got a really good one off offer on the full set of pencils, less than half the price πŸ™‚
      how are you holding up, or not today?
      By the way I'm not going to be able to do any colouring in today, I've been trying to do some hand sewing and my eyes are so bad! I can barely see this screen today. All this lack of sleep I guess!!! Going to get the knitting /crochet out, I can do that without looking at it much. But the printer ink will need time to dry properly anyway xx

    10. Printing the sheet as it is with both bowls on, normal A4 no resizing. I have all the tins too so that makes it easier to choose colours when we get started.
      Hope you get some sleep tonight so you feel better, no fun trying to see lines to colour if they are blury. No worries about starting till you are OK to.
      Hmmmmmmm today is hard as there are so many reminders, on the radio, the TV, on the web! Can't escape it, so have been listening to CDs and art journalling! Xx

    11. Good idea, you're suffering more then enough without constant reminders.
      Is the thought of going to work tomorrow feeling any easier than it did last Sunday?
      Hope you got your long walks with Phoebe
      I think it must be my Asperger's head – having two printed on one sheet and only colouring one. But I'll persevere and print off the sheet as is, it's not causing me stress or anything just now, just something doesn't feel right. Not something I should be giving into, stupid Asperger's head gets its own way too much!!! xx

    12. Just a thought, next time there's a reminder day why don't you plan to spend the day with your sisters, mum or a friend doing something, would that not help make it easier and be good distraction for you? I'm sure your mum must be running out of hexagons by now!!!! xx

    13. We will be colouring both eventually so that might help, didn't know that the two separate pictures would be hard for you, sorry about that. Would it be easier for you to resize in CA as I have that programme too so it wouldn't be a problem.
      I am round Mums now, we have had tea and then in a bit we will give my step dad his gift. The thought of work tomorrow is definitely easier this week thankfully. XX

    14. Nothing to be sorry for. It's fine, I want to keep going with it – printing out the sheet as is. I'll make a deal with you, if there's ever anything that I know I can't handle for sure then I'll tell you. Things that just don't feel right, well if I was to avoid them, I may as well not get up in the morning!!!! Nae worries, honestly. That's good that work feels easier this week, see how time and doing helps your head to start healing, not forgetting, never forgetting, just healing so you can start to live your life again, and that's no selfish, it's what everyone wishes for the loved ones they leave behind when we pass away. Take care xx

    15. OK, page as it is, let me know when you feel able to start. I will be taking my photo tomorrow in proper light and sending it in. Hope you will too!
      It feels a bit like no mans land at the moment, funeral is on the 1st of July. Trying to pin the vicar down to discuss the service is the biggest headache at the moment! Xx

  3. Barbara you and your wonderful friends and design team have a wonderful week away rest craft and play and enjoy France looking forward to a very creative blog each day sweet dreams xxx

  4. Bienvennue a France. Nous somme en Loire cette semaine en vacances. Il fait tres chaud et le vin, le pain et tout sont tres bien aussi! Enough in French my spellchecker can't cope! Have a fab week, have been having a truly inspirational week here myself and still another week left. Enjoy yourselves. Karen

  5. OK ! Hands up, I did take a bit of a detour, if you inadvertently hit the button that says avoid all Tolls on your SatNav, particularly in France, you are pretty much screwed…that's my excuse anyway ! Its an age thing… Time to chill….all the best to those who couldn't make it , there's always next time and as Zebbadee used to say, Now it's time for bed …….

  6. Night night and God bless! I wish I could have joined you but term dates and all that won't let me! This is the down side of being a teacher….you can't pick when to have your holidays; love and hugs xxx

  7. C learly
    L ots
    A re
    R evelling
    I n
    T his
    Y ardstick . . . .

    . . . . and have a wonderful, inspiring time, bouncing all these great ideas around to bring back to Blighty and to us with Clarity!
    BTW – I know the acrostic words are rubbish but all I can think of at this time of night! ;~}

  8. Hi Barb,
    So pleased that you have all arrived safe and sound. I hope you all have a fantastic crafty time together. Was it last year that you did your canvas? Love Alison xx

  9. Glad you all arrived safely in France, albeit some had longer journeys than others. Have a lovely fun and creative week Barbara and look forward to yohr posts. x

  10. Glad all arrived safely have a fantastic time creating relaxing together look forward to learning few tips from you all after. Just hope you Barbara and Dave also get some you time to relax this week as don't think your feet have touched the ground since you came home from hols lots love joy xxx

  11. Look at all those happy faces have a great week all of you have fun creating and learning from each other. A bit out numbered there Dave but I'm sure you'll cope as long as you know where the kettle is….Enjoy…..xx

  12. Enjoy your week in France, the weather shouldn't be too bad….. Dunkerque is always a nightmare to go through, and we also have Rouen to go back home….. You defo have to come down here one day, bet you will go back to the UK with plenty of ideas, especially with the great "paysages" we have with the Loire.
    Are you going to create groovi French sentiments while in my country???
    Laurence xx

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