Back home again.

Back home again.

Sitting in the garden, listening to the cars flying past on the A26, writing to you.
Back home.
A long drive back to reality today.
But I bring with me a head full of memories,
To be wrapped in tissue and treasured.
And one word captures our week: harmony.
Sure there was laughter and even hilarity!

And then there were deep, meaningful conversations.
Hours of art and creativity,
Lazy snoozes in the sun.
Swimming Pool levity;
The ducks joined in too…
Walks in the countryside,
An amazing Pizza party with our hosts.

From start to finish, harmony. 

Didn’t want it to end.
But it did.
And that’s okay too.
Because now I can try to rekindle that serenity at home. 
It must be possible. To live in England, but live like the French do.
I have a basket; that’s a start!
Je suis épuisée! (I am pretty sure that means I am exhausted!)
Much love

34 thoughts on “Back home again.

  1. How lovely it all looks and lots of lovely memories too. Seeing the temperatures on the weather chart it looks as though you have brought the summer back with you. Best Wishes Ann

  2. It is good to see you all having fun, and creating stuff! I had a great day: happy post from Clarity, with amongst other things, a set of music things, so niw I can write tunes on a card! Ace! And we made me a Blog, and I've actually succussfully posted in it! Whew … Good to see you back….

  3. Glad you had a lovely time, it looked so lovely, picture book lovely. lots of lovely memories. always a bump down to earth when you get home,but it's nice to sleep in your own bed – right? lol

  4. Hi Barb,
    Glad you're home safe and sound and that you have wonderful memories to look back on. Sounds like you've had a fabulous time and also looks like you've brought the good weather with you.
    Received my new Groovi goodies ( Christmas plates and the borders) this morning – look fab & can't wait to try them – thank you). Love Alison

  5. Tired but happy and it was obviously a wonderful week spent in good company. Hopefully a nice relaxing day on the cards for you tomorrow. x

  6. Glad you're all home safe – it looked as though you had a brilliant week….a very well deserved restful time for you all.
    Welcome home! xxx

  7. What a perfect week to recharge the batteries. Bottle up those memories in your head and uncork them when you need to ;0) Enjoy a restful Sunday x

  8. Hi Barbara. Thank you for sharing your fabulous week in France with us, I hope you manage to live a little like you did in France, our weather doesn't always help though does it?
    I loved your "Magical" blog on Friday. Glad that your Ipad cooled back down ok,
    (I loved your comment about your "personal summer". What a great description, I know exactly what you mean too!!!
    Congratulations to Rosalind, enjoy spending your voucher : )
    Take care xx

  9. Glad you've enjoyed your stay in France and that you had a safe trip back home.
    Yes it means I am exhausted. Votre Français est très bon.
    Laurence xx

  10. Hi Barbara pleased to hear you are home safe and sound. I think red wine and cheese would help you re live France don't you. But with a proper cup of tea thrown in too!
    Love Diane xxx

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