Road Trip We need Sunglasses!

Road Trip We need Sunglasses!

Good Morning!
It’s Thursday and we are up and at it early in San Francisco!
We want to do some walking today, 
so boots and shades and off we go!

I thought  that since we are properly “on vacation”,
I would dig out one of the samples from the US Launch back in January, the Summer Shades Stampset.

The stampset is so clever, and the mask which comes with the set makes the job a piece of cake.
Let me just write out the steps…
You need a Mega Mount, a 9″x3″ to stamp the shades frame onto white 7″x7″ Gelli Card using Black Archival
Position the mountain mask and sun, and
using a brush loaded with Stonewashed ink,
brush the sky along the maskline. 

Exchange top and bottom mountain masks.
Using Eggplant, add the mountains,
and mask the base with hills torn on copy paper 
with the blending mat.

Time for the sand dunes to the front.
A brush and lettuce ink

The other end of the blending mat gives you the deckle edge for green lines.
Sun next. 
Let’s use the outer edge of the sun mask and add yellow to the centre.

Time for the stamps… they are sooo cool!
Place the Shades mask over the frame.
Use Archival ink pads, to build a scene.

Add the ocean with a brush and the wavy side of your blending mat.
Spell VACATION with your Letterbox Kit.

Want to actually glaze the lenses?
Cover up the outer area with the mask.

dab Versamark through the apertures, lift the mask,

Add clear embossing powder and heat set.

Cool or what??

Here are a few variations on the same theme.

And if you like the Mens’ Raybans, you’ll love the Ladies’ Pradas!
Here’s an offer to celebrate our holiday road trip!
Get the mens’ set, and we’ll give you the ladies’ set 
Hang on, I’d better call the office and tell them what I have said here!! YEP, Tom’s on it – we have lift-off!
And why not add the 9″x3″ Megamount for a fiver? (rrp £6.99)
Other items used:
Stream Adirondack Ink Pad
Butterscotch Adirondack Ink Pad
But now we are off to meet Mark at the Embarcadero,
and say hi to the Sealions at Pier 39.
Already had a reunion with Mark yesterday.
tall and tanned…

Had a Chinese meal in China Town,
already having a blast…
Room with a view….

much love,

54 thoughts on “Road Trip We need Sunglasses!

  1. Glad your safe and sound Barbara and dave hello mark
    Love the stamps Barbara the finished work is brill thank you for sharing love always June horrocks xxxxx

  2. Great use of these fab stamps…..have a wonderful time…oh my…I am sure Mark looks taller than ever……enjoy your vacation all….hugs…xxxx

  3. Oooooo so jealous! Lots of great memories of my trips to San Francisco. Love this set of glasses and your card is brilliant with the glazing on the lenses. The small stamps are useful little images as well. Enjoy your time away, making more memories and soaking up the Californian sun. XX

  4. Hi Barbara… Its like getting a postcard today!!! Isn't technology great! And how happy you look to have Mark standing by your side!! He makes you look small!!!
    Love the sunglasses set and how apt you show them today!
    Have a wonderful time! Love and hugs xxxx

  5. Oh goodness I am so jealous – I love San Francisco – and I had the best ever crepe on Pier 39! The noise of the sealions is something to behold and watching the food outlet serve up clam chowder in the sourdough bead which has been scooped out – you can sit and watch the world go by there. The streets of SF are just fantastic – the trolley cars – and the fantastic Lombard St – oh stop it Kim jealousy will get you no where!!! Mark looks absolutely fantastic – what a great young man he is and clearly very pleased to see his Mum!!!
    The weather looks fantastic unlike us in the south east today – cold, very grey and very wet barely 10 degrees all day! brrr.
    Great step by step and a brilliant one for the start of the road trip!
    Have a great day
    Much love
    Kim xx

  6. Hi Barbara great step by step love the glasses stamps good to see you've
    arrived safe what a handsome lad Mark is and you all look so happy
    you've got that song going round in my head now …If your going to San Francisco
    be sur to wear some flowers in your hair…can see you and Dave as a pair of
    hippies did you take your guitar Dave…..xx

    1. Hi Dot, thanks for your good wishes last night :-). I just wanted to let you know I left a reply about noise for you yesterday but on Tuesday's blog (just in case you didn't go back and check) xx

  7. Envious of Spain, if you go south on route one give our grandsons a wave in Pacifica .
    Have a great time, don't you just cringe at the strange animal parts In the shops in Chinatown.

  8. Hi Barbara, glad to see your huge smiles now you've been reunited with Mark :-). Give him as many bear hugs as he will let you 🙂 I really wasn't expecting a demo today, what a lovely summery one I is too, thank you :-). A bit of wishful thinking as here has got colder again over today too. I'll view it as times to come 😉

    Cavity wall insulation in, and I had as good a time as possible with Nicola. A couple of plants damaged, one maybe won't recover but it's one that Nicola could easily pick up if needed. Daisy's big adventure was to the local country park, only about 10 mins from here and my blue badge means we can get he car right into it, so we had a nice quiet view t watch. Daisy seemed happy exploring the car and looking out the windows even though she was singing growl songs on and off!!! Don't know why that was, she was obviously settled, about to drop off to sleep at one point yet was serenading us with little grumpy growl songs!!! I didn't get as long out as not being ale to do the gable end halved the time they needed, but Nicola still stayed the time so we got the dust watered of the plants and swept up, and then had good quality time in here. And I didn't even worry about anything, didn't think about the workmen, daisy was with me so didn't have to worry about her being on her own, and didn't do any what if's, so unlike me!!!! Rather done now and very sore, but with watering the plants this afternoon I don't have anything I need to do tomorrow so can have a big rest day. Today has been a good day for me too 🙂

    Barbara, your club newsletter this month was extra funny, I was chuckling from start to finish 🙂
    Glad you are in a happy place inside, long may it continue. Make the most of every moment 🙂 love Brenda xx

    1. Was wondering how your day went, glad to hear it was successful for you and Daisy. Don't need to water here as we have had heavy rain for most of the day. Felt like it was heading into winter again! XX

    2. Thanks for that reply on tuesday Brenda it does make sense to me my wee granddaughter does hit her head over and over sometimes I thought it was frustration but its been noise that's bothered her she does love music so will try those cds you mentioned. Glad all went well today and thankyou…big hug..Dot.x

    3. Sorry, must be like rubbing your nose in it a bit, me talking about the need to water and it chucking it down where you are, I don't often get the chance to do that eh!!! Don't worry the rain is heading back here tomorrow night so you'll probably be back to your warmer weather for the weekend 🙂 They forecast a frost here for last night and I've still got my winter quilt on and wearing my winter jammies! Got to keep reminding myself it is the middle of May!!! It's a wee bit like space age here, wee silver balls and bright blue liquid glue stuff, I even found 3 in the boiler cupboard!!! It's not that many but they're a nightmare to pick up, we did try to so the local cats didn't try eating them! xx

      You're more than welcome Dot, glad I can help :-). Just ask anytime and I'll do my best to help you understand something if I can 🙂 Sometimes it will be frustration but hopefully you'll be better able to maybe work out problem noises for her now. And the music might still help calm her frustrations down enough that she'd not feel the need to hit her head. Ear muffs is another one that can help a bit if you know there is going to be a trigger noise. And one she could be in control of, if she can learn to associate them helping her when she has those specific feelings. Make sure you get the compilations for calming /helping babies to sleep, I believe there are others that are for stimulation! I'll have a look for mine in the next couple of days and let you know the names if that helps, it'll give you a better idea of what you are looking for xx

    4. Hi Brenda it sounds like you have had a lovely day out as has Daisy. In fact I would say you sound happy tonight, you certainly made me smile with the Daisy car antics! You will be lovely and warm now with your cavity wall insulation. Don't worry, us southerners will let you off having sun whilst we had rain today, it's not often that happens and it's meant I haven't had to splash water on the plants. I'm still wearing my winter Jim jams too, it's not that warm at nights just yet! Have a good rest tomorrow xxx

  9. Enjoy San Fran; thanks for the memory of Chinatown, trolley cars, sea-lions, an over-sized art store and the large Tiffany canopy above the bar in the hotel. In another, we had the most amazing dinner for Mike's birthday, first ever with wine pairings, finishing with a 1927 desert wine but . . . . the walk from our hotel to this was something else and equally memorable, another story for another day! ;~}

  10. Sounds like a great start to your holiday. Mark is looking so tanned compared to his time in the UK. Hope you see views as lovely as the one you've created through your glasses. Hugs xx

  11. Hi Barbara, glad to see you arrived safe and well. Have a wonderful time and looking forward to hearing all about it. Kind regards Joanne K x

  12. Hi Barbara love this artwork today, very summery, especially as it has been tipping down with rain here today. Mark looks well and happy to see his mum, what a lovely lad he is. The scenery looks amazing, you all look relaxed already. Have a wonderful time.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Enjoy your stay. San Francisco is a great place to visit. Lovely memories stirred by your photos and blog. Great for you to see Mark. Have a wodetful time on the rest of the holiday.

  14. Enjoy your holiday in the sun, it's been persistently raining here today. You chose a good time to visit your kids. (as big as they are , their still kids to us aren't they)
    Have a great time

  15. I love the sunglasses with the scene behind and the glazed lenses definitely add something to the finished look of the image. The perfect Californian scene! How lovely for you to meet up with Mark straight away, and I bet it wasn't a moment too soon for you. Hope you have had a good day together. x

  16. Thanks for a great offer, Barbara, I ordered the stamps and masks.

    Your photos remind me of my trip to San Francisco… one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
    I remember the sunshine we had every day but exactly at 4 p.m. it was so cool each day.

    Have a lot of fun with Dave and Mark
    Rolf xxx

    1. Hope your move goes well, and you don't encounter any problems 🙂 You must be so relieved it's finally happening, it seems to have gone on for such a long time for you xx

  17. Hello Barb, great blog post, Love the step by step with the glasses, will go have a look at the offer, as all the cards show together look brilliant. Glad you are having a good time with Mark, the weather looks lovely. Take care. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara. What a lovely lot of great cards this week. I loved the anniversary card for your Mum and Dad, so pretty and how clever to use the sprayed copy paper as the backing!
    I am glad that you are all settled and enjoying time with Mark, blimey, how tall is he? Dave is not a short …. is he and nor are you yet Mark is towering above you both! Have a wonderful time. Take care xx

    Brenda, I am so pleased that yesterday went well for you. You sounded so happy last night after your trip out.
    I must say that I think you are a fantastic support for anyone with or needing to learn about Autism as you explain your feelings so clearly. And yes, you are so right in saying why should you hide anything that you are born with, I'm talking about things making you want to hurt yourself. It's not your fault so there is no need to hide it. By talking about it you help everyone understand and hopefully, be more understanding. You are one good lady. Thank you for sharing with us all. Have a good rest day today. Take care x

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