Eggciting stuff!

Eggciting stuff!

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Just got in from work, 
Ready for something completely different?
It being Easter and such, 
I got caught up in the celebrations and decided to join in.
Not sure eggsactly what I was thinking about when 
I bought this made-in-China artefact:
or even all his friends:
Must be cracking up.
Certainly wasn’t a spiritual moment, although
in my defence, they ARE from Waitrose.
So a better class of plastic egg I’m sure.
I suppose the fact that they opened must have been the convincer:
But honestly, Dios mio! What a yolk!
Where was my scrambled brain when these fell in my basket???
I have been known to buy crap before now, 
but vile plastic eggs??
Then I had a light bulb moment.
I took an eggucated guess, 
and figured out that it might stick.
And it did!
Dab it all over with an applicator.
What’s the worst that can happen?
Wild Plum first…
Got a bit tricky at the ends because of hold it…

but that’s where the tweezers I bought 
but have never used came in handy.

Check this out!!!
Fabergé or what?!
(could do the inside too, but that would cost eggstra…)
Add some Stream colour next.
That looks more blue and purple than Stream!

So let’s add some gold leaf from the Krylon pen, 
like the old polished stone trick…
Dab it on,
These look so cool!!
So now curiosity has the better of me.
Alcohol inks are translucent, right?
So what if I change to a different egg colour?
This is getting eggciting!
I knew it!
Stream on Yellow:
Now add some Butterscotch…

Well fry an egg!
Will you look at that!
And that!
Who’d have thunk it…
Still got a few to go, 
but at least these will get used instead of binned!
I’ve got until Fryday to work out what to fill them with!
Any ideas?
much love,

61 thoughts on “Eggciting stuff!

  1. You could fill them with chocolate micro eggs… From home bargains. They are like mini eggs but smaller!! Or for Dave a couple of jelly babies!!!
    They do look amazing! So need to be added to an easter display for all the world to see! Xxx

  2. You could fill them with chocolate micro eggs… From home bargains. They are like mini eggs but smaller!! Or for Dave a couple of jelly babies!!!
    They do look amazing! So need to be added to an easter display for all the world to see! Xxx

  3. Little chocolate eggs would fit, or anything small like that, some little crafty embellishments if the person receiving it is into craft, mints for after the Easter feast, bath pearls,with a warning that these are not to be eaten, coins, a little cross to remind us what we are celebrating at Easter, flower seeds, for the gardeners. I have to go now to be in Manchester first thing in the morning. Hope the ideas help. See you on the telly on Sunday. Happy Easter.

  4. This are brilliant Barbara. Everyone will be rushing to Waitrose to get them (me included). You could hang them from an Easter tree and fill them with shredded paper and a mini chick. xx

  5. These are fantastic Barbara and they've got to be filled with something chocolatey haven't they? How about a few mini eggs or even a few chocolates or a mini choice bar
    Jackie x

  6. Just fill them with your love. My daughter once gave me a beautifully decorated box with the instructions that it was not to be opened as it was filled with her love. I still treasure that box. xxx Maggie

  7. I love the beautiful finish you have made to these plastic eggs, they now look very expensive Barbara. I think I would put chocolate buttons or some small eggs as already said or perhaps Dave could treat you to a nice gold or silver trinket, I must say that is what I would prefer x

    1. Hello Barbara

      What a brilliant idea. We sell these at Colemans and I always wondered what to do with them.

      Are you filling them for adults or children? For children the obvious answer is small sweeties, smarties, jelly tots etc. For adults perhaps a pretty hankie, vouchers (folded), small trinkets. It does depend on how much you wish to spend.


  8. You have an eggstremely good imagination to come up with Barb, the gold on them looks quite eggstravagent. I'm sure with a little bit of chocolate inside they would be an eggcellent

  9. Hi Barbara these look really eggciting and eggstrordinary ! Look at yo with your waitrose expensive eggs – I saw some in hobbycraft last week for £1! Love how you have played with the alcohol o
    Inks and what you have achieved . Think it should be chocolates or a bottle of alcohol ink for t
    Your crafty friends but I do love the idea of using it to hold you love. Enjoy your evening .
    Love Diane xxx

  10. I have similar eggs from B&M. We are doing a family egg hunt on Sunday after lunch with my kids and my nice and nephew. It will be my daughter's last year as a child, she is 17, and she is eggcited to take part in her last childhood egg hunt. I think I will get out my alcohol inks out and mak3 them look more than they are. I have a jigsaw that I am going to put into the eggs along with mini eggs and bunny chocs. Once all the eggs are gathered the kids will work together to put the jigsaw together. Creating happy memories!

  11. Made 30 little gifts using a Clarity egg stamp for my mum's raft of carers and filled them with either Lindt mini eggs, Lindt chicks or Lindt bunnies. Love the altered plastic eggs; now alcohol inks and plastic- I've just had an idea! Thanks. ;~}

  12. Eggstraordinarily talented – these are fab! I would fill them with some special handmade chocolates and hang them from some beautiful ribbon on a twiggy tree. Enjoy, and happy Easter! Susan x

  13. You could put smarties in all but one of them and give them out at work. With the one that's left you could put a lottery ticket Inside and send it to me???? If you don't hear from me for 80 days it's because I am on a World Cruise! Xxxx They do look good don't they. X Sam

  14. i would put chocolate inside eggs but then depending on who they're for you could even put money and a choc. you know Tim Holtz was doing the same on his blog last week. now is taht a coincidence? or the great minds think alike?…… hugs xx

  15. These are so eggstrodinarily eggstravagant looking. I think that you should stamp the chicks on shrink plastic and put them inside. But which came first…? Looks like you had fun with these. Xx

  16. Hi Barbara.
    Well I never did. I am sure you will soon decide eggsactly what to put in these little treasures. Faberge could not have done any better.
    Easter hugs from Chris X

  17. They look Fab-ergé – I love those tiny little fluffy chicks you can buy (I like the real ones too, but I think they'd out-grow their home). I think one of those inside with a wee little choc egg & a special Easter message would go down a treat 🙂
    Have a great Easter break…..and enjoy some chocolate of course!
    Take care, Carole x

  18. Hello Barb, for a minute there I thought it was a yolk, with it being April fools day and all. Lol! The eggs look brilliant, love the added gold from the pen. Some great ideas on what to put in them, I am sure the recipients are going to enjoy whatever it is. Have a great day. Bx

  19. We'll blow me down! I've got about ten of these little plastic critters lurking under the stairs in a bag, never put them out cos they look horrid but now I think they'll be coming out of hiding for a nice make over. Barbara thank you for such a brilliant idea x happy Easter

  20. Brilliant make over. Every Easter I buy these pop open eggs for my son, not Waitrose variety I'm afraid but the place where you don't get any change from a £1 coin ! He isn't too keen on chocolate so when I hide them all over the garden for him they conceal a delicious strawberry inside, British, of course

    1. I'd settle for paid internet that doesnae keep dropping the connection!!!! Where's your free wi fi, on the plane? Go on make me jealous, here still the odd snow shower by day, ice and frost by night, ok, how hot is it in Florida? 🙂 xx

  21. Absolutely "eggcellent" idea Barbara, but then you are the master of good ideas! How about "chucking" a rolled up lottery ticket inside as a present? xx

  22. It's easy, you have to fill them with Cadbury's mini eggs! Love the alterations, I had some of those eggs in my hand on Tuesday (in a different shop) but stupidly bought the decorated ones. Grrrrr.

  23. Great idea – did you just see Tim Holtz do something similar, as I did? I purchased a dozen plastic eggs from Lidl the other day with this in mind! Mine are patterned though so could be a problem – haven't had a chance to work with them yet but was contemplating covering them in foil if the alcohol ink doesn't cover the pattern nicely. They *do* have ribbons attached for hanging though so that may make it easier to hold when colouring, we'll see!

  24. I have a mass of these – and give them to my cats as toys. They roll differently from a ping pong ball. Plus add a few cat treats for game enrichment. One cat can snap them open the other struggles. So in the bargain buckets on Tuesday – cat toys!!!

    1. Oooh, great idea, Daisy has been desperate for me to come up with something new to play with. No one to nip to the shops for me before Easter, but I'll bet Amazon sells them, off to check. Thanks for the idea xx

  25. Oh Barbara, if only Faberge had had plastic eggs and alcohol inks, he could have retired much earlier! It's got to be chocolate in the eggs for me although the lottery ticket is a good idea too.
    Gayle x

  26. Gorgeous eggshell finish. You could put a yolk in each one ( like Christmas crackers) or a Charade challenge. But chocolate's probably favourite. I can't manage without my long handled pointy tweezers. How do you do it?

  27. Hi Barbara, so funny, boy did I need some cheering up today, Barbara to the rescue yet again without you even knowing it!!! 😉 These are so cool 🙂 Can I fill them with all the bad stuff in my head and all the bad feelings, like Dumbledore's sieve thingy, and then I could put the lid on and all that bad stuff would look cool instead, and I'd get a break from it all for a bit!!! Knowing you, you'll come up with something cool to put in them, maybe mini artwork rolled into scrolls? 🙂 Thank you, love Brenda xx

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