Unbel easter ble !!!!

Unbel easter ble !!!!

Hello there.
Thanks for dropping in on Easter Bank Holiday Monday.
The sun is shining here in Kent,
and we are on our way out.
Let me quickly add to that!
We are on our way out for a walk along the train tracks.
The disused ones of course!
But before we set off, 
I would like to thank you for joining us 
on Create & Craft yesterday; never been so busy.
Ironically, last week I had said to Jayne at work
that it being Easter Sunday, I didn’t think the show
 would be very busy; 
that you would all be in CHURCH.
How wrong was I ???
So thanks for watching and supporting if you did,
and thanks for going to church 
and representing the rest of us who didn’t if you did.
Now at the risk of getting slain by the haters myself,
I am going to bring this up. 
To thine own self be true, Barbara.
There was a fair bit of negativity on various social network pages about the presenters yesterday. I find it very distressing that friends – and they are friends – who are helping me sell my stuff are being criticised and slated. 
Those women are doing their job, and in my opinion, 
(for all it’s worth) doing a very good job. 
I have been on the presenting side, and it is no easy task.
Presenters on a shopping channel are there to drive sales; 
that is their primary purpose.
The sales yesterday were phenomenal; they speak for themselves.
These people work so hard, 
you cannot imagine the pressure they are under. 
It’s all well and good to say, “Ah well, let the haters hate,”
but if it were going on in a school playground, with children, 
what then? (I think it’s called bullying).
I just feel that no good comes of it.
I have had my share of shit flung at me too, over the years.
Whenever I have tried to defend myself, or others, the response is,
“Put yourself in the limelight and expect it.”
And all I’m saying is, there’s no need for it, 
it serves no purpose, it feels awful 
and it is soul destroying.
I can’t help the thoughts that come into my head,
but I don’t have to voice them all the time, do I? 
So whilst I am pedalling away here in Crafty Blogland every day, 
trying to be upbeat, nurturing, encouraging and positive,
it burns deep when my colleagues are attacked.
Be glad it’s not me they’re gunning for? 
Enough said.
On a positive note, 
I wanted to show you my little Easter decorations which have brightened the house for weeks actually!

But check out what this gentleman created in Germany:
Now that’s what I call special!
I wonder if he sucked them all…
much love,

78 thoughts on “Unbel easter ble !!!!

  1. Hi Barbara, congratulations on the success of yesterdays shows. What an amazing picture. Wonder what they are all made of it. Enjoy your walk. Kind regards Joanne K x

  2. Love the picture sorry I missed your shows yesterday, but recorded them we had to do a craft fair didn't sell much though !!, watched. A bit last night after hubby went to bed will watch rest tonight ,got to tired last night to watch all ,but loved what I did watch xx

  3. Liebe Barbara,

    diesmal muss ich in deutsch schreiben, weil ich in englisch nichts Falsches schreiben möchte.
    Ich war gestern wieder total begeistert von den Sendungen und ich finde die Moderatoren bei Create and Craft so super und sie machen ihre Arbeit wirklich sowas von toll.
    Leider gibt es im Leben immer wieder negative Stimmen und man wird es in den wenigstens Fällen schaffen, sie vom Gegenteil zu überzeugen, man kann/muss es halt immer und immer wieder versuchen.
    Ich bin zwar kein Moderator und ich arbeite auch bei keinem Verkaufssender, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, wieviel Stress es ist und wieviel Arbeit es macht und dann muss man am Ende noch negative Sachen hören/lesen … was ist es nur für eine Welt in der wir leben *kopfschüttel*.
    Und diese dicke Haut, die man sich zulegen soll (was man ja immer wird hört), die können sich nur die wenigsten zulegen. Aber ich bin auch der Meinung, auch die haben innen einen weichen Kern und so ein Mobbing geht nicht so einfach an ihnen vorbei.

    Und zu dem Mann aus Deutschland mit den vielen Eiern am Baum … na ich würd mal sagen, wenn er fertig mit abbauen ist dann fängt er wieder an alle aufzuhängen.;-)

    Ganz liebe Grüße und noch einen schönen Montag sendet
    Sabine aus Berlin

  4. I really enjoyed the show yesterday Barbara and I loved your demos. I've just finished making your fairy banner card for a friend's birthday. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a lovely walk. x

  5. Afternoon Barbara…We had the sun yesterday…today we woke up to fog and its taking a while to lift …but lifting it is! I've just treated myself to a few bits today in celebration of it being Amy's 26th birthday…I really don't know where that time has gone!

    Yesterday's shows were great and thought how inspirational you were and how positive you were.The look of shock on your face when Steph gave you stock up dates said it all! So well done on the sales and thank you for all the inspiration…I am getting the craft card out this afternoon and my SN pencils.
    Enjoy your day off and the walk in the sunshine. It will do you good and prepare you for your next trip to Germany.
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. I have yet to watch your recorded shows but I'm sorry to hear about the negative comments. I don't belong to the well known social networking sites as I 've heard too many things about the negative comments and even bullying that goes on there. I agree that the presenters can sometimes seem a little pushy but as you rightly said, it is their job to sell your products to us and so naturally they will try every trick in the book. personally I find it quite entertaining to listen to them and you obviously have a good working relationship with them which leads to some enjoyable banter between you and them. You keep doing what you do best, there are plenty of us who get a lot of pleasure from your creativity. Sylvia .
    I can understand how hurt you feel, there is actually nothing worse than feeling that your friends are being talked about in a negative way, sometimes it is easier to take it yourself that to hear others berated. You are a loyal friend and they will appreciate you sticking up for them.

  7. I was one of the many in church where I am every Sunday morning, (being a Worship Leader I have no choice!) but always record and watch later.
    I know how you feel about folk and their complaining I used to get it all the time, but not any more. I just said to them 'if you think you can do it better why don't you have a go, next time the job is yours'. Surprisingly next time they are no where to be found or have excuses. I know you can't do this with the presenting but perhaps run a competition – become a presenter for an hour.
    I enjoy all the presenters and I expect they work on commission so they have to push the products. Keep up the good work.

  8. What on earth was said?! Some people are just evil minded and will say nasty things about the nicest people and find fault with anything. Best to ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve. You're better than all of them xx

  9. Loved the shows yesterday (one watched live one to go) and thought you were spot on with your analysis of, "Signing work", mmmm, thinking of adopting your idea of making this year the year I take ownership of my, "Makes". I don't know what happened on the Social media sites, I actually love Facebook, but I cannot be doing with bitchiness, I do think some people don't realise how lucky they are if all they have to worry about in life is whether or not they like a TV presenter! I say, "Go smell the Spring flowers!!!" Denyse xxxx PS Roll on Ally pally!

  10. Hi Barb,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the shows yesterday and thought that Jacquie and Steph did good jobs. I appreciated that they let you demonstrate and agree with Jane that the look on your face when Steph announced the stock updates was classic! I don't do the popular social media sites in fact I only do 2 blogs as well ( obviously this being one of them!) I saw the damage that the most popular site caused when I was teaching – it was very sad for the young people who were victims. So well said! Enjoy your walk, love Alison xx

  11. Hi Barbara,

    I write in english maybe it sounds not to rude…

    The show yesterday AND the presenters were great. I haven´t read about the negative comments on various social networks pages because I´m not a member of any of them.

    To my mind more and more people here on earth are not quite right in their heads. I don´t know why but it´s my opinion. The only thing which helps I try to ignore them if it´s possible. You wrote about haters. For me hate is a very hard word. So I never can say "I hate someone".
    People who don´t like me can lick my a.. and Im finished with them. Germans often are blunt and so am I.

    Now in german: Du solltest so etwas nicht zu sehr an Dich ran lassen (weiss nicht, ob ich das so in englisch ausdrücken könnte) und vielleicht auch ein wenig mehr LMA denken (Du weißt, was ich meine)

    schönen Ostermontag
    Rolf xxx

  12. I watched yesterdays shows and thoroughly enjoyed them as well as learning things along the way. I've always been a believer in 'if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all'. I cannot understand why some people have to be so spiteful or think that anyone other than themselves is the slightest bit interested in their unpleasantness. Anyway moving on from that on this gloriously sunny day the Easter decorations are lovely. I wonder how long it took that man to decorate a whole tree but I'm glad he did. I shall be back colouring in later today. Have a lovely, sunny day everyone. xx

  13. Hoping you enjoy your walk. Your egg tree is lovely. I did neither church nor craft yesterday. Spent the whole day spring cleaning, organising and planning future projects. I didn't watch all of the morning show but I do want to tell you that your celebration of art and advocating putting a name on it has really got me going. I now put a name on everything I do. I am also researching and planning some art projects to hang on my walls for when my flat has been renovated.

  14. What he'd little bit in morning had family coming so finished watching last night wow busy shows it was the look of surprise every time you gave a stock update was priceless and Steph when you added her name you looked really emotional bless her was fantastic as always looks like your going to have busy few weeks when those orders come through. Enjoy your walk xxx

  15. Dear Barbara, I thoroughly enjoyed the morning show yesterday and I watched the recorded afternoon show at 6.00 am this morning (had to get my son up at 5.30 am). I have no idea what was said on the social media pages, but I have to say both shows were brilliant I love watching your demo's and each presenter is different and individual in their approach, but all very good at what they do, so I am really surprised there has been negative comments. It's a real shame when so folks are just so negative.
    I have just come back from a short walk on the Mendip Hills as my daughter wanted to take some photos – its a lovely sunny day and that always puts a smile on my face. Am not sure whether to sit in the garden this afternoon and enjoy the sunshine or do some crafting – choices choices!!! What ever you do have a lovely day 🙂

  16. Loved yesterday's shows Barbara. I quite agree that if you cannot say anything nice about someone, it's best to say nothing at all. As a child this was always said to me by my parents. Enjoy the rest of your Easter. I have now joined the Barbara Gray Gold club. Hugs Rita xxx

  17. I haven't seen the shows yet but I still say without a doubt that I wouldn't moan about the presenters, after all it is a shopping channel so someone has to do the numbers bit! I never understand peoples need to put other people down, saying things online they would never say to the person face to face. I found a quote the other day that I want to use in my art journal it says : If everything you said appeared tattooed on your skin, would you think more carefully about what you say.
    Happy Easter Monday Barbara! Xx

  18. I've only seen the first half of yesterday's show so far and thought it was brilliant. Everyone has different presenting styles and, you're right, they're there to sell, sell, sell and by the looks of things they were doing that by the thousands! I'm hoping that my next craft fair on Saturday will sell enough that I can get the new letterbox kit and the fairies – they're both fab. No doubt there will be more once I see the second half! Have a lovely walk. It's gorgeous just outside of Edinburgh today but just having a sneaky read during my lunch break.

  19. I enjoyed yesterday's show and felt your excitement with each new sell out. I haven't seen any of the negative comments you talk of but as you say people should remember that C&C is a shopping channel, not a craft show. I felt that you and Stephanie made a good team and the two of you seemed to bounce of each other and her enthusiasm & curiosity for your products and demonstrations seemed genuine. The sales figures speak for themselves really. I have still to watch the first show but I'm sure it was just as good.
    Oh and for those of you not on facebook but heard mention on the show of my grandchild being delivered…it was a little girl named Cerys.
    Enjoy your stroll in the sunshine and perhaps a sit in your garden. Maybe all that hardwork pulling weeds last year is beginning to pay off
    Lots of love
    Jeanette xx

  20. I've seen a few comments on different forums re the presenters, and not just from your shows. I think people are not taking note of what they are watching, ie this is a "shopping channel" duh. Its primary objective is to sell something, the demos are a bonus and a means to that end purpose. I don't know how someone can talk about one product, multiple times in an hour, multiple hours in a day, hold a conversation with someone next to them, hold items at right angles, listen and follow instructions in their ear and s t i l l sound enthused, fresh, excited. Its like pat head, rub tummy on a unicycle!

  21. Hi Barbara have just watched the shows as i was at work yesterday. I enjoyed them, as you say the presenters are only doing their job. Perhaps those gegative people should keep their thoughts to themselves. Enjoy your walk xx

  22. Hello Barbara. What a shame that people have to voice their negative opinions and seem to care little how hurtful they are. We have a choice when watching TV. if you don't like something – turn it off! I think we should be grateful that we have a craft channel – albeit a shopping one – where you can watch craft programmes all day if you wish to. I think you all worked very hard yesterday and your demos were as terrific as always and your success was very well deserved. They are lucky to have a friend like you. xx Margaret Col.

  23. Hi Barb,
    Watched yesterday's shows and thoroughly enjoyed them. Well done for saying what you did – the presenters bless them are only doing their job and they do what they do very well. I was always brought up with 'sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me' – the only trouble is that they do don't they. Hopefully we all know who our 'true' friends are so can totally ignore anything/anybody else with their 'true' love and support.
    Hope you have a lovely walk enjoying the sunshine whilst it last. xx

  24. I watched and taped yesterday as I was cooking lunch at the same time! I've spent my last lot of pennies for a while, or at least those without thinking about it as I'll be retired by the end of the month and this month's will be my last full salary amount. Eek! not as if I haven't got so much here that I haven't used yet 🙂

    Why did I spend all day yesterday thinking that tree house was a bird house and thinking I don't need a bird house! It wasn't until reading yesterday's blog that I realised it was a Tree house. DUH ! I probably need that ……

    As much as the presenters love their craft and are passionate they are there to sell the goods and that certainly happened yesterday. Some people just post to get a reaction and are just plain mean. If they don't like it don't watch!

    Just been sat out in the garden and going back to do a bit of pruning – what a lovely day. Enjoy your walk!

  25. Well said Barbara, after all it is a shopping channel and one of the best (they should try 5mins of the others!!!!) and they are only doing as directed and their jobs! There is a simple for the moaners out there the "off" button if you dislike it that much, your viewing won't be missed!.

    I loved the shows and the chat and have learned to zone out on the sales pitch and just concentrate on the demos.

  26. Hello Barbara
    I am sorry I missed your shows yesterday – it was my birthday so I spent time with my family being spoilt (which was lovely). Social media comments can be awful. People seem to think that they can say what they want with no consequences. Most people would never say those things if they were speaking face to face with the person. As Thumper's mum said "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"
    I hope you had a lovely walk. The fog has finally lifted here leaving wall to wall sunshine but I am stuck inside supposedly doing college work. Best go and get some done!
    Take care

  27. Well said Barbara. I have not seen the shows yet but they are recorded so looking forward to catching up later today. Two wise sayings come to mind when it comes to commenting – 'If you can't think of something nice to say, don't say nuthin at all' (Bambi!) and 'Before criticising someone else walk a mile in their moccasins' (First Nations). Makes sense to me 🙂

  28. Hi Barbara. I think you are supposed to blow eggs, not suck! Great shows yesterday and good for you sticking up for your friends and colleagues. I know we just want to see the demos but it is a shopping channel and the presenters are there to do a job (and a darn good one they do too!) To all those moaning, if you don't like it, switch off!
    Gayle x

  29. Having been on the receiving end of rude comments I try to be careful what I say. It can hurt. Show was great, I need some stamps of course, especially that quirky house. Brilliant. Oh gosh not sure I would have the patience to put up all those eggs but they do look fantastic. Enjoy your walk. xx

  30. Don't use social media much myself-I think it can cause too much trouble, but what a shame that you have been upset by it all when the shows were such a success. Your demos were great and you obviously have built up a good relationship with the presenters there. Wonderful products as always. Thank you for your hard work in preparing and presenting these wonderful wares, Jan x

  31. I've now watched all the recordings Barb, and have to re-watch the afternoon session as it was so informative! Have inky fingers now from making two birthday cards today, and finally opened my two tins of SN pencils to colour something in – thanks for giving me the courage!!! It's such a shame to hear of all the negative comments – I really enjoyed the shows myself, and criticising people for doing their job is just so unnecessary. Steph was obviously so touched by you doing the letter box design for her, and your face was a picture with every stock update! That easter tree is just amazing too.
    Now, something to make you laugh, my cousin just posted on FB that her family must have eaten too many eggs over easter, as one of them said that the Archbishop of Cadbury was on the evening news!!! Made me chuckle, Susan x

  32. Good on you, well said Barbara, I'll back you up any time! My heart always sinks and I feel sick when I read /hear things like this. As someone who has been bullied and badly ill treated for pretty much my whole life, and with pretty much no one ever sticking up for /speaking out for me, I know only too well not only what it's like to be the victim but also what it does to you long term, for the rest of your life in my case. I'm very much a mouse, but when I was in a position to be able to speak up for others I didn't even think twice about doing so, often it rebounding on me but I couldn't, wouldn't stand back and watch, that would make me just as bad as those who did /said the nasty stuff. I did say nothing once about a not nice thing I saw, and I still feel bad about it now, unfortunately circumstances meant I had no voice, I had no one to tell, and wouldn't have been believed if I had tried, but I still should have tried. I still do speak up for the victims who need a voice, although obviously the people I say it to now are not in a position to do anything, only to agree. I've also had to try very hard to be strong and fight my own corner in the last few years, not as successful at doing that, especially as they are in a way along the lines of what you are talking about here!

    I totally agree with you and people on here, it's a SHOPPING channel, if the presenters didn't try their best to sell the products they would lose their jobs! What amazes me is how lenient they actually are – how often and in depth they let the guest do demos in the hour, how they do their best to allow demos even if a product has sold out, and how often they allow the guests to have a say in the content of that show, as in demos /samples etc. After all how many of us watch loads of shows and can only spend a little money here and there and /or go off to buy the product elsewhere! We should all be very grateful for having such a channel on our TVs for a large part of the day, every single day! And it's these not nice people that not only needlessly and wrongly hurt these people who are just doing their job but also jeopardise it for the rest of us! People like me, it's all I have, it's the closest I have to friends and family! Obviously I don't actually know them, but it's a familiar voice, a familiar face, safe, friendly and the nearest I get to having a chat. I and people like me can't pick up the phone, go visit, whenever we want normal human contact, instead put on the telly and Create and Craft provides that for us in the next best way, and that should be complemented and celebrated, not condemned! Yes, sometimes a presenter might irritate some of us viewers, as happens in all life, it would be a boring world if we were all the same! But that's what the off button is for. Only once in all those years of watching have I ever had a true issue with any presenter, and that was when one was clearly bullying guests on air which I found very upsetting, very uncomfortable and very upsetting that a shopping channel was allowing it, showing society this is ok to do to people. So I wrote to Ideal World and it was dealt with! I watched most of your show time yesterday and I cannot think of what these people could possibly have to complain about at all. And I know these people come back saying 'entitled to an opinion' but what they say is not actually an opinion is it, just like those 2 on your blog last weekend, what they said was not an opinion! Trying to put someone down, or make someone do /conform to what they want, that is never an opinion! I wonder how many of these not nice people would actually say it to the persons face!

    Right better get off my soap box and get myself a camomile tea!
    Hope you enjoyed your long walk in the glorious weather 🙂 Wish I could have joined you, but I did get to sit in the sun in my craft room for a bit and the window is open so it sounds like being outside 🙂
    Love Brenda xx

    1. p.s. I'm sorry I just need to say as this is a personal struggle I constantly battle, basically I'm someone who was robbed of my chance of a life, a happy life, ever, purely thanks to certain persons. Why do human beings think they have a right to make other human beings unhappy, or to rob them of their chance to live /live a happy life! It's so wrong, we are all born the same, we all die the same, no one better than anyone else, yet some people think it's fine to cause misery and destruction to their fellow humans while they carry on living their happy life! Craft, the crafty community, it's supposed to be about creating, fun, happy, safe, an escape from the bad stuff. Last week what those two not nice persons said on here and now this too, is there literally any place left in the world that's safe from harm! I'm sorry, it's just got me upset hearing all this, on top of last week, on top of a serious thing done to me a couple of weeks ago that has brought a lot of bad stuff I try to not go there with to the forefront. I know it's made me feel extra vulnerable continuing to come here and comment, and no one's even said anything not nice to me so far. It must be far far harder for you Barbara and Stephanie and Jackie, to find the armour to put on and pick yourself up and stand tall. Hopefully knowing that all us here are there with you will help xx

  33. I've only caught a few snatches of the show so far, but will enjoy it all when our new kitchen is underway, starting tomorrow, and I can relax a bit. Social media is great when used responsibly, for keeping in touch, tracking down old school friends etc. But I have seen some unbelievable exchanges, clearly from sad people who don't have what so many of us have in our lives, loving family, happiness and ART & CRAFT for a hobby. You and the presenters of C and C enrich that hobby, whatever their motivation and we couldn't have the demos without the sales pitch! I look forward to watching the shows. Love the Easter decorations. x

  34. So nice of you that you defend your friends and colleagues from people on social media who seem to forget both their manners and their empathy. It's the ugly side of the digital age, but we should not put up with it. Good for you for standing up to those bullies. The crafting world should be a respite from that sort of behaviour.

  35. Hi Barb, a hobby is a happy thing . It nourishes your soul, you can loose all your troubles ( not to mention a few hours….days! ), it is what we love most next to our family friends and pets. I don't read or subscribe to social network, they usually aren't to "social", any way I have too much to do, and listening to people slag off others, when they couldn't do what they do, it quite frankly a waste of my time. I love your blog, it's little snippets of life, but mostly I love to see talent pouring out. Personally, I really like both Steph and Jackie, and enjoy their enthusiasm on screen. I also loved the shows. Let the miserable wallow in their misery, and we need not give them a second thought. Xx

  36. Just want to say hear hear, no need for any nastiness and if you have nothing pleasant to say just keep it buttoned. So sorry that this upset you and spoiled the memory of what were fantastic shows x

  37. That's the worst thing about the internet. People don't think twice about being horrible online. I hope they are ashamed of themselves….it's nasty and cowardly. If you wouldn't say a thing to someone's face, why would you think saying it online is any better!!

  38. Hi Barbara
    As I said yesterday both shows where great and successful,so the presenters and yourself did a good job.I've no idea what has been said on the social net work sites but these people should keep there comments to themselves,they must have very boring lives if all they have in there lives is to be hurtful and nasty.
    Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  39. Hi Barbara,
    I loved yesterday's shows. Watched the clarity show but still have the spectrum noir to watch tomorrow.
    I am so sad to see that some folk have chosen to be so nasty about the very people who help to bring us such great shows on
    create & craft. You are so right. This is just not on. Ever. Deliberately setting out to hurt others is far too easy these days with social media. Sadly those folks who do attack others seemingly have no conscience. So very sad. I try to avoid those kinds of people. I've known too many in the past.
    On a happier note thanks for sharing the photo of the egg tree. Quite amazing.

  40. Barbara I've had a really difficult couple of years and at times have felt like giving up. I found you on Create and Craft and you got me hooked on crafting. It's literally kept me sane and I look forward to watching your monthly appearances so much. Without c&c I would never have found you. Different presenters have very different styles and I have to admit that Dean makes me laugh which is so therapeutic. It is easy to forget that the presenters are human too and on reflection it doesn't matter who the presenter is – I watch it to learn from you. A giggle with Dean is an added bonus. So keep up the good work Barbara and a huge thank you for your energy , humour and inspiration. Thanks to Steph and C & C too. Xx

  41. I watched today from the USA . I suspect those who were nasty didn't go to church ,or God fobid they did go . Guess they didn't get the message of LOVE . Just reading you're blog is inspiring .

  42. Hi Barb,
    Your Easter tree is very pretty and I am sorry you have been upset by negative comments regarding your co-presenters. I haven't seen the shows yet as they were recorded, and haven't seen or read any bad comments, I obviously need to get out more, or maybe stay in because I have been out for the last two days!!
    Maureen xx

  43. Dear Barb – don't let them lure you into the dark side – leave 'em all there cowering in the cold in their negative little worlds. This is why I don't subscribe to this unneccessary social media rubbish – I prefer flesh and blood pals. I count you as one (if that's OK).
    Rant over – bring back public information films I say…


  44. Hi Barbara I'm afraid I didn't watch yesterday we had church and family. I do love what you do. I hate negativity wherever it is aimed it is so unnecessary. I hope you get some rest and some family time. We are so lucky that you do so much. Hugs Jackie

  45. Hi Barbara and Happy Easter Monday.
    Thank you for spending some of your precious time writing your blog. You are a lovely person. If it were not for the fact that social media can be a useful way for some people to keep in touch I would like to see it monitored more closely. I remember having a chat with some of the TV presenters and after watching a member of the public " having a go " at doing their job I have some idea of what they have to contend with. I have never been able to understand why some people are so spiteful and negative about things. I am pleased the show went well for you. I thought it was lovely and your demos were so inspiring. Please don't take any notice of the moaners. Remember the lovely sentiment from that 12 year old.
    Hugs from Chris X

  46. Great blog Barbara, I agree with all you said, though I didn't see the comments you refer to, I have seen others in social media land that are nasty. I'm so glad the shows were a success for you. I hope you managed to get some well earned rest today and enjoyed your walk. Love the picture of the German man and his Easter tree – amazing! Hugs xx

  47. Hi Barbara
    This is so sad, what a shame there are people out there who hide behind their computers to be unpleasant to people who they don't know and have probably never met. I managed to see part of the first show yesterday and agree your face was a lovely picture when Steph gave you the updates and she was really emotional when you wrote Steph is cool. Now that is genuine friendship and I can see why comments have hurt you so much. I don't do social media don't have time and it causes so many problems. I was always told if you wouldn't say something to someone's face then don't say it at all. There is always the off button on a TV so you have a choice whether you watch something or not – if it offends you , why watch it! Enough said, I think you know there are a lot of us that agree with you Barbara and I hope Steph and Jacquie get to read your blog too.
    I do hope you have had a lovely walk, the weather was glorious wasn't it. Love your tree and the picture posted of that amazing tree. How wonderful is that.
    Enjoy your evening Barbara and good on you for speaking out.
    Lots of love
    Diane xxx

  48. well you know what i think of some people but i don't plaster it all over the place as that is not fair. just because one person irritates me it doesn't mean one irritates everyone else, enough said.
    hope you had a lovely walk. it was a glorious day and we spent it at the black country museum, hugs xx

  49. Thank you for your daily blog Barbara and your kind comments from yesterday it made me smile as one of the leeks was rain water through the cowl so you was right never rains than it pours ,
    And good for you sticking up for the presenters who are getting bullied why people need to be negative if they don't like them then don't watch them and buy straight from you but don't gripe non of us are perfect big crafting hugs to all xxx

  50. Well said! I have my opinions about people but I certainly don't put them on the Internet! I am sure many people are not keen on me but I would hate them to go viral with their thoughts! The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things, people etc! xxx

  51. I will never understand why people find it necessary to put other down. I think it says more about the person saying/writing it than it does about the subject of the negativity.
    …Raine Phoenix

  52. Hello Barb, you know how the saying goes "If you cannot say a kind word, then don't say anything at all". We all have opinions, but if they are hurtful or negative, why voice them? Glad that you have stood up for those you count as friends. Anyway, I love your Easter tree, it is beautiful, and as for the one in Germany, that is a labour of love, wonder how long it took to colour the eggs, let alone hang them. Have a lovely day. Bx

  53. Hi Barbara. First I want to say that I am sorry to hear that once again social media sites have been causing heartache. I opened an account with a certain popular one a couple of years ago to look at someones craft work but have never used it since. (I actually tried to delete it a while ago but couldn't work out how to as I'm not computer savvy!) We all have presenters that we prefer and there is always the off button. If you don't like the presenters style you can always watch the recording – what do you mean you don't record it? I have to or I forget what loveliness you have shown us: ) and then you can fast forward through any bits you don't want to hear….simple. I am delighted for you that the show went well and sales were so good. You underestimate just how much we love you and your wonderful goodies don't you?
    I love your Easter tree, what cute little eggs and birds. Blimey, what a tree that chap has decorated! What a fantastic sight. I wonder how long it took him to do? I'm off to see if I can find more pictures of his hard work : ) Take care x

  54. Hi Barbara love your little easter tree what a great idea will do something like that for
    the grandkids next year
    Well I don't have any social media so don't know or even want to know what the idiots
    have said But I do believe your colleages do a great job on live tv with there bosses
    shouting in their lugs what to do when and where anyway thanks C&C for helping me
    find Barbara Gray and her blog….Dot

  55. Unfortunately it isa fact of life that there will always be those that think they have a right to bring other people down and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and good for you Barbara that you have let everyone know what your opinion is on the subject. If we watch C & C we should realise that this is primarily a selling arena and the demos are there to help us make a decision on whether to buy or not, and if we are not enjoying this experience there is always the option to switch off. Facebook and other social media sites are a two edged sword and although a great way of spreading the word can also be damaging. I personally think that you should not say anything in print that you would not be prepared to say face to face. I enjoyed your two appearances on Sunday and think that all the presenters do their best in their individual ways to make it entertaining and insightful, and they work very hard. The sort of people who criticise have really got no idea how difficult a presenter's job must be. Barbara, we who follow your blog on a regular basis are behind you 100%. x

  56. On an upbeat note Barbara …… great show, great demo's, fair bit of emotion obvious on the subject of 'owning' your own artwork – and great to see you on the TV.
    Hope you had a lovely walk down those disused railway tracks – with the birds singing and the sun shining it must have been lovely.
    Much love
    Kim x

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