Turquoise and Brown Deerscape.

Turquoise and Brown Deerscape.

Hello there.
So glad you popped in.
I have been pottering in the garden this morning,
just tidying up.
It’s very pleasant, isn’t it, to potter.
It’s not something I have done much of, 
but I’m thinking I may just make some more time for pottering.
Anyway, here’s that step-by-step artwork I promised you yesterday.
I used the Deerscape stamp.
Let me show you the stamp set:
We call it the Meadowdance Stamps Set, after the little children
These are some of my all time favourite silhouette stamps.
They work well together, too.
So. Here’s how.
Attach the oval shape from the Shapes Stencil set,
to a 7″ x 7″ piece of our Gelli Card,
making a hinge at the top with low-tack masking tape.
With the oval aperture down on the card, make 2 little registration marks with a pen to get the stamp in the right place.
Flap the stencil up and
stamp the Deerscape stamp  into place, 
using Potting Soil Archival, permanent ink.
Tear and cut a piece of copy paper for the hills,
 Tape it into position, covering up the stamped image,

 and drop the oval stencil back into place.

Load a Clarity stencil brush with Mountain Rose,
and add a sunset, brushing out from the copy paper.
Add some Espresso brown on a brush too.
Use a make-up sponge round the edges, for added depth.

Looks really cool when you remove the strip.
But keep the stencil  attached at the hinge.
 Use a black Micron Pen to jiggle along the torn edge.
Stray out beyond the oval…

Lower the oval stencil and run the Micron pen around the edge,
avoiding the white space.

 Time to add the hills. 
Maybe practice this on a scrap first. 
Start at the top and just start drawing jiggly lines,
using the existing jiggles as your starting place.
Do you know what; I think we will do this one, 
or something similar, at the retreats.
I think we could spend some time 
getting to grips with creating hills freehand like this… 
Add a straight line with the black pen and a ruler.
This is THE LAKE!
Add the tall tree to the right, using the Potting Soil ink pad.

Colour in the hills and the lake with Spectrum Noir pencils.
Still got that super deal going on…

Trim the edges back.
The trimmer I use is a Fiskars.
Just have to change the titanium blade occasionally.
We sell the refills

Run the Chisel end of a  brown Promarker around the edges.
I decided to bring out the blue of the lake with a complimentary backdrop.

I love the colour combination brown and turquoise.

It is very Southwest America for me.
New Mexico.
Adobe buildings with turquoise door frames.
The Native American Indians believe that Turquoise 
wards off evil spirits.
Isn’t this just beautiful?
They use it a great deal in jewellery too.
So if you ask where I get my ideas from,
the colours are right there.
Now let’s see if I can’t wangle a good blog offer for you today.
How about this:
Buy the Stampset, the 4 unmounted stamps,
and we will send you the set of 4 shape stencils worth £12
absolutely free.
I will honour this offer until the end of April.
And by the way, don’t forget we have free P&P 
on all orders over £10 until then, too…..
lots of love,

48 thoughts on “Turquoise and Brown Deerscape.

  1. What a gorgeous card and set…such a tempting offer that I could not resist and have bought it. I'm new to your lovely blog and really enjoying seeing your posts. Thanks so much and enjoy a mellow weekend x

  2. Beautiful card. I love using this stamp. It is the first one I got from you. It is suitable for all ocassions from Christmas to thinking of you as well as "greetings from Scotland"! Think I will need to get it out once I have made the cards and frames that i need to make to fulfill orders.
    I hope that you are feeling better today. x

  3. Hi Barbara, beautiful artwork, thank you for sharing. I'm even more envious now of the fortunate people who can manage to attend your retreats :-). I'd love to be there learning and producing this type of artwork :-). Ah well, maybe one day…. Barbara you're not allowed to stop doing retreats until I can manage to attend one!!!!! 😉

    Aye, pottering is good, but then I have to say that as pottering is about all I can manage most days!!! Unfortunately I don't get the support time to just potter in my garden just now – so little time, so much of it taken up by worker stuff, and a big backlog of jobs I need to catch up on in the wee bit of time left. I haven't even had the opportunity to get my camera out in the last year and a half 🙁

    What I'm intrigued to know today is how many of you on here have had bacon pieces (sandwiches) from Barbara mentioning it yesterday putting the thought in your head?!!!!

    Enjoy your pottering 🙂

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Ha,ha,ha, brilliant Dot, thank you. Aye, ye can tell it's no in ma heid, eh, but mine'll need to wait the noo til my allergies settle, hae tae settle fir some haggis and neeps instead. Ma wee chores done fir the day, time tae craft!!!!!!!! you take care too xx

    2. Hi Brenda, haven't managed them yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the sale of. Bacon goes up this weekend. I'm usually a straight bacon girl, no sauce, but if out and about can fall for a bacon and Brie to be posh! I really wish we could all come and take you by the hand Brenda and take you to a Barbara retreat, safe amongst friends who understand, Daisy could come in a basket so she was safe too and close by your side, perhaps one day. Xxx

    3. Thank you Maggie, you're the first person I've come across who likes both brown and tomato sauce!!! xx

      What a lovely thing to say to me Diane, this here really is a very special place for me :-). Daisy likes to explore new people, as long as they don’t wear anything that rustles!!! She'd feel right at home with everyone saying things to her like – get off my card /paper, stop chasing my pen /brush I'm trying to use it, where have you hid my pen cap /rubber…..!!! ;-). Bacon and brie, wouldn't have thought of that combination but it sounds lovely, especially if the brie was warm and melted a wee bit. I was wondering too if there would be a stampede for bacon. At least it won't get anyone worrying, unlike Sheena's glycerine stampede – apparently people use glycerine for making some kind of illegal drug. The pharmacists must have been really worrying, not only that illicit drug making looked to be sharply on the rise but that it was a lot of older women who were clearing their shelves!!! xx

  4. Beautiful card, my nephew would love this one, he does like all the deer cards. I have the stencil set must use it more. Perhaps I better practice these hills, I am booked on one of your retreats. So looking forward to it, reckon you might need a good rest though after I have been. Still will bring cake as promised at the NEC. Enjoy your pottering, bit cool here today so bit of crafting in the warm methinks. xx

  5. Hi Barbara glad your chilling out a wee bit watched you demo this on the
    USA C&C really fab artwork and I think you've gained a big fan in Jinger the
    presenter …keep chillin…love Dot.

  6. I am so looking forward to doing something like this at the retreat. In fact, I am just looking forward to the retreat, period. Beautiful summery colours. I think you are right, though, a bit more pottering time needs to be built in to your hectic life style.. I would have a go at this one, but I have a slight problem in that I have lost the oval shape which has got separated from the stencil. A bit of ingenuity required to sort that one out. Enjoy a bit more relaxation over the weekend. xxx

  7. Hi Barbara This really is beautiful and oh dear I may be tempted by the offer, it is such a good one and I keep looking at the stencils (just realised, no pun intended!). Will have to have a practise jiggling my hills, they look so good in your demo, I'm sure mine wouldn't be so bouncy and pert!!!
    Glad to hear you have had a good morning pottering in the garden, it will do you the world of good. Just had a little potter outside and planted some beet root – first time I've had a go at that but it is quite chilly today and threatening rain again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Love this no bacon butty here but then out to play clarity East Midlands playing with alcohol inks was great to have a good craft as haven't played much with packing to move good news date for moving 15th May so will have a craft room so wool be able to play again hugs Joy xxx

  9. Lovely design & beautiful subtle colours – I've got a crafting day planned for tomorrow as the weather is set to be a wet one here, so I'll try to find my deer stamp to have a go at this one! I love the turquoise/brown mix too and it will certainly brighten the day.
    Have a lovely evening, Carole x

  10. been so tempted by this stamp set in the past – and now getting those stencils – fabulous – wiill enjoy trying to copy your fabulous card xx

  11. Hello Barbara

    Love today's blog. The scene is magical and the New Mexico building is enchanting too. I already have the stamps and two of the stencils (unfortunately not the oval – yet).

    It is good to potter now and again.


  12. Hello Barbara

    Love today's blog. The scene is magical and the New Mexico building is enchanting too. I already have the stamps and two of the stencils (unfortunately not the oval – yet).

    It is good to potter now and again.


  13. Well I'm jumping for joy that I see some of the deer doing ( oh you don't ) well anyway , I watched this yesterday on TV and am so glad that now I hve the written step by step , or is it jump by jump. Just received my wee folk fairies and the shape stencils And the dotty waves in the mail today . I just need someone to hold my hand , oh yes and then clean up after me . Not Larry for sure ,he does the dinner dishes . Thanks so much Barbara . Everyone must love you !

  14. Love this Barb – I have the deerscape stamp and use it such a lot. The colours really make the scene come alive (note to self, be braver with colours!) Hope you get to potter a bit more tomorrow too, and I might just join you as my garden is a little out of control at the moment!!! x

  15. Oh Barbara this is lovely! I watched you do this last night on the American show and it was fabulous on there! Thanks for sharing it again today!
    Love and hugs as always! Xxx

  16. Oh Barbara this is lovely! I watched you do this last night on the American show and it was fabulous on there! Thanks for sharing it again today!
    Love and hugs as always! Xxx

  17. I love this artwork, can hardly wait to have a go at this, got the stencil and the stamps. Too late to start now, tomorrow will be good. Thank you for such a fab piece of artwork.

  18. I love how breaking out of the oval makes the scene and the colours are lovely together Barbara. I bet after your road trip coming up soon you will be filled with loads more inspiration too! As to pottering in the garden I think that great too. I love to potter in the garden a time for contemplation and restful in its own way just like crafting x
    Kim xxx

  19. Hello Barb, thanks for the step by step, beautiful image, lovely colours. Need to get out of my comfort zone and try do the free hand hills. I love to potter too, but don't think that will happen today as the weather is rather murky here. Have a good day all. Bx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Love this and yes please do it on the retreat! Just back from a weeks holiday with no wi fi ( shock horror) we get so used to it! So catching up with your last few posts. Love the idea for Wednesdays too. Living one day at a time is very important. Having said that I am counting the days til I retire!
    Three weeks left then all the time in the world for gardening and art making, can t wait. X x

  21. Hi Barbara, do love this card today. I've missed your blogs as been away with no internet so just catching up. Love the card you made in the week with the beautiful bluetits
    and blossom. Wednesday's blog struck an almighty cord with me as it did with so many of your fans. I'm in for Wednesday's being about mindfulness. I have suffered in the past from depression one doctor told me that I was just a melancholy person, as I suppose I could be. You are so understanding about wanting to help others with your blog, and you really do help us all. Like you I have lots of demons in my head at times when there are so many things to do & worry about, so much going on that I can't think of just one thing as everything is buzzing around, if I can just get in my craft room & maybe tidy around, before I know it I can have some inspiration to make a card, craft certainly helps a lot. God bless you. xx

  22. Hi Barbara. Have now finished catching up with your blog as we were away last week. As always your art is gorgeous and inspiring and Wednesdays Mindfullness is a fabulous idea that strikes home with an awful lot of us it seem! I am so glad that you did the sensible thing on Friday (and sometimes it is good to be sensible) and had a lovely day just relaxing. These days are often very special for no apparent reason, I think of them as stress release valves, they set you back on the right path both mentally and physically for whatever is to come and they can't be planned either or they don't have the same effect. I bet Dave loved to see you pottering around too, rather than pushing yourself too hard. Have a good weekend. Take care x

  23. When I was working I used to schedule in a 'Shuffle day' every so often. This was a day when I sorted out the filling, caught up on all the 'stuff' that was festering, cleared my in tray of the bits that had never managed to get even close to the top – on the basis that if they had been there so long they didn't matter – and if they did someone else would remember and remind me! A day to clear your mind of rubbish and leave it free to start afresh! Not sure I ever managed a bacon sandwich but Im sure that would have added to the overall beneficial effect!

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