A Brilliant Day

A Brilliant Day

Hi there!
Or should I say “Howdi partners”?
Here we are at the end of the week, with
Friday’s blog – a private peek
Last night we got to bed very late,
US TV shows State to State!
Because of the time shift we aired 8-10,
with my lovely friends Ginger and Steph again.
Here’s one of the projects I did on the show;
I’ll do a Step-by-step tomorrow…
It went very well and according to plan,
but all action today went straight down the pan!
I’m feeling my age, that’s for certain;
on these late night sessions I must draw the curtain.
This morning I just couldn’t get out of bed;
my neck was aching and my feet were like lead.
So “SOD IT! ” I said,
and went back to bed.
The End.
I am learning to let go.
When I let go, I don’t mean give up.
I mean accept that it doesn’t all have to happen today.
I haven’t failed when I don’t accomplish everything 
I had on my list.

I sat in the garden in the sunshine with Dave.
I listened to the birds, 
and studied the flowers and the trees.
I had a bacon sandwich with tomato sauce, 
and it was delicious.

So how can I say I didn’t do anything today?
That would be madness.
Much love,

52 thoughts on “A Brilliant Day

  1. You have learnt a very valuable lesson in my book Barbara, how to relax …. Enjoy it as it won't be long and you will be back on that hamster wheel again. Must say that your Mindfulness blog hit a note with me and I dare say many others, it is something we must all learn to do, I think xx

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to approach the day's end. Time is such a precious commodity and has to include our enjoyment time too otherwise what's it all for? Your teaser card looks lovely. x

  3. Hello Barbara

    I agree with Doreen. I am glad you are learning to let go once in a while. As you have been a swan for years and years (calm on the surface and peddling like mad behind the scenes) it is good for you to climb out of the water and potter about on the bank. Lol.


  4. Good for you, Barbara! Bet your day did you a world of good.

    Just in case you ever invite me to join you for a bacon sarnie, I prefer brown sauce!

    Have a great weekend xxx

  5. Wise decision good to have me time what a glories day to spent eating bacon butty in garden nothing cannot wait till tomorrow but time with Dave family is so much more important you work hard time for more you time enjoy your weekend I'm of to clarity East Midlands for some clarity family time craft fun and laughter best medicine lots love Joy xxx

  6. Great day to sit in the garden! You both deserve a day off, maybe you should schedule in a few more. I am trying to watch the shows but they keep crashing, half way through the first one with Steph at present! Will keep trying. Have a restful weekend. Xx

  7. Good for you a bit of you and Dave relaxing time what a lovely day to sit enjoy a bacon butty in the garden , jobs always there tomorrow family time is important very precious have a great weekend I'm of to clarity East Midlands for fun craft and time with clarity family laughing love this group to me such important time love joy big hugs take more time for you xxx

  8. Today I watched two TV sessions and it was great . Ordered three items and learned tons of new stuff . It was so much better than the first usa show . You certainly deserve a day to just —BE . Be still and relax and renew and rejoice .,in the NOW !

  9. So pleased to hear everything went well and then you had a lovely day with Dave.
    I wish I could say the same – my only comment "Know your enemies" However I will remember what you said to me – today can be wrapped and labelled and called yesterday, I have to let it go (not always that easy, is it?) and look forward to crafting tomorrow with your stamps
    Best wishes
    Anne (Readin)

  10. Too cold to sit in garden here today. Hope you have recovered by now, late nights don't suit me either. I have felt rotten today but not sure why but am sure a good nights sleep will put all ok. Hope you get a good weekend. xx

  11. Glad you made the most of the good weather! If its raining tomorrow you can catch up on some of the list you had for today! Or you could just do them when and if!!!
    And there is nowt wrong with having a bacon butty especially with tomato sauce!
    Glad all went well yesterday.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  12. Hi Barbara I understand about late nights and finding it difficult to get going the next day. I am so pleased that you have taken some time for yourself you give so much to everyone. It is not so long ago that you were ill. A day relaxing in the sun must have been a good tonic. I love reading your blog there is something different everyday. I do hope this doesn't become a chore for you. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  13. Hi Barbara, enjoyed your 2 shows, but sorry to hear they have had such a negative affect on your body. I'm looking forward to you demoing this artwork tomorrow. I'm glad to hear you are learning to let go and let things wait. And yes, if I didn't count the little things, things that many people don't even register, then I'd be going to bed pretty much every night thinking the day was blank and feeling so bad. It is really hard to do, especially if like me, you always need to be achieving the whole time. So well done for reigning in and thinking of the little pleasures and activities of being alive as achievements enough for today :-). Love Brenda xx p.s. bacon piece, not had one in years, making my mouth water, brown sauce on mine please!!!!

  14. Hi Barbara it's good to know your listening to your body and resting you deserve to rest with the birds and flowers and nature clarity hugs xxx

  15. Being a LOT Younger than you I can't really understand how you feel but I do love a Bacon Sarnie with Tomatoe Sauce, for future reference. xxx Have a lovely weekend. I have watched the show with Steph, just off to search for the other one. xxx

  16. Hi Barbara, glad you decided to have a "me day" as you deserve it. I was able to watch the first hour of your show last night and thought the cards were brilliant and the demos were excellent. I loved all three cards.
    Chris A x

  17. Bacon sarnie in the garden sounds fine to me! You is the boss so you can have a day for you after late night TV shows. – you are entitled xxx
    It's nice to see you relax and let go a bit x
    Much love

  18. Good for you Barbara and you Dave. Time together is never wasted, throw in a bacon sarnie (not literally!) and some sunshine, what could be better?

  19. Hi Barb,
    Sorry the shows have taken such a toll on your body. Pleased that you made the right decision to have a day to yourself ( & Dave of course). Please take care. Love Alison xx

  20. Good for you!ive just spent very valuable time spent reading your last few blogs that I'd missed! Have a good weekend, not working too hard, having another lie in or two, maybe even another bacon sarnie!Wxx

  21. Time with those we love is never wasted. Glad you had a much-deserved day off with Dave and the bacon butty! 🙂 Hope you also have a relaxing weekend with not too much on that To Do list. Even this lovely piece of artwork can wait till you're good and rested. x

  22. Love this design! Really looking forward to reading about how you did it. Hope you have a lovely day watching the flowers and the grass grow – sleep well tonight!!! Susan x

  23. Hi Barbara
    Well done you for " letting go " you deserve to relax and enjoy the company of those you love. I understand that you are a person who never wants to let anyone down but it is important to have time for you. I really fancy a bacon sandwich now!
    Hugs from Chris X

  24. Hi Barbara. It's nice to be able to let go especially for someone as yourself. You are an extremely busy lady. Hope your neck feels better. I think that the treescape is one of my favourite stamps…I have it in two sizes, brilliant for perspective. Still very much inspired by your artwork. Thank you for sharing. Hugs x

    1. Hi Emma, thank you for your kind and supportive words. I'm sorry to hear about your foot, it sounds like Ben Nevis is going to be a very painful climb for you 🙁 Bet it makes you even more determined to do it! 😉 I'll be willing you on with every step you take :-). Love Brenda xx

    2. Hi Brenda. Thank You for the positive support. And yes I am even more determined to do it. Hopefully the sun will be out and I will get some lovely photos to share. Take care. Hugs xx

  25. Fantastic that you closed down your world for 5 minutes or so and just relaxed. Can't beat sitting in the garden listening to the birds and just relaxing. I think that you deserve every snatched hour you can because you work so hard to achieve perfection.

  26. Hi Barbara, When I got up this morning I didn't fancy my usual cornflakes, I thought I could just go a bacon sarnie with tomato sauce, only I added a few mushrooms as well, are we on the same wavelength or is there something in he air? Sometimes it does you good to do what you want to do, and not what you've got to do. I'm looking forward to tomorrow to see how you did todays art work.

  27. A gorgeous card and I love the brown with the turquoise. Today you did what you wanted to do not what you felt you should do which is good for a change. x

  28. I read the "thought for the day" as I tore off yesterday's page from may Day2Day calendar this morning and thought it was quite apt –
    "There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it"!
    Hope you had lots of fun today!

  29. Good on you Barb. I'm sure you'll feel much better for a day of rest in the garden. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses while you can…because you never know when the next load of horse manure will be dumped on them. Have a lovely weekend xx

  30. Well said Barbara. I too had to learn to let go. I've always been a control freak and did everything myself to be sure it was done and done good. Life caught up on me and the result you get is a burn out. So well done for you. Stop and listen to the body before it gives a full stop.
    And in the end things will be done, just not all of it today. Tomorrow is another day.
    Take care, enjoy the weekend xx

  31. Hi Barbara sorry I didn't comment yesterday, I was spending some me time with my lovely husband who has been working ridiculous hours lately and decided a day off was needed. Well done you just spending time in the sun relaxing with your lovely Dave, you were both up most of the night so you needed that down time for your body clock to sort itself out again. Have a lovely weekend just chilling. Lovely artwork, looks intriguing. I wonder if the sales of bacon will rise this weeken as everyone dashes off to buy their bacon for a bacon sandwich haha, you could start a Delia effect!
    Take care love Diane xxx

  32. Hello Barb, love the image, looking forward to the step by step. I am glad to hear that you backed down, stepped away and had a break. We often ignore what our body is telling us, which is not good. Take care of yourself please. Bx

  33. Good on you…. Howdy partner is right! I watched the live US show and as always it was stellar… Glad you rested and took some time for you… Loved this piece too. Xxx

  34. Hi Barbara, thoroughly enjoyed the show with Stephanie. Shall have to go back and see if I can find the one with Ginger. Have a restful weekend. Kind regards Joanne K x

  35. Good for you Barbara, sunshine, birdsong and a bacon sarny, what more could a girl want? I'm 69 (in June) and I've noticed I'm slowing up these days, so I just go with the flow.

    Love the new pic, sadly I dont have any of those stamps, but I'll follow along just because I love to see how you achieve the effects you get.

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