Ally Pally – tick that box!!!

Ally Pally – tick that box!!!

Hi there,

Back from Ally Pally, one eye on Poldaaaark,
The other on the Ipad…..
Great show today!
Lots of lovely ladies and friends…
Was able to really stop and chat to friends  inbetween demos….

Canvas art…
Gelli Plate art….
Walks with a brayer through chalk paint…
It was all very loose today, but very enjoyable….
And before we could call TIME, ladies and gentlemen please!
It was time to break down, 
load everything back in the van…
Flagging a bit…

Stephen was able to pack up with his eyes closed!
Dominos Pizza and Poldaaark. What a way to end a brilliant day xxx
Night night .
Barb xxx

39 thoughts on “Ally Pally – tick that box!!!

  1. Envious of everyone that was able to visit and watch you do your demos,maybe one day I'll make it.
    So glad you had a worth while trip and that you have regained your faith in the shows.
    Enjoy Poldark and pizza.

  2. Well you all look as though you had fun! P and P sounds perfect! Sleep well for tomorrow is another busy day!'x love and hugs xxxx

  3. Hi Barbara, bet you sleep well tonight, relaxed and with a smile on your face :-). Glad it was a success (and why wouldn't it be!!!) and you all had a good time. Night night love Brenda xx

  4. Sounds exhausting, but a fun time in between the busy bits.
    Put your feet up,…..or go straight to bed! Poldark will wait until tomorrow! 🙂 x

  5. Lovely, lovely day because of having a hug from you and Dave and meeting all the lovely people again on the Clarity stand – not to mention seeing Debbie. Thank you so much and for your kind comment to me. You are a true star and I will have Crowborough to look forward to. Hope you sleep well. You still managed to look amazing at the end of the day. I have lots of Clarity goodies to craft with.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  6. Looks like it was fun. I'm loving the colour of those chalk paints. I've just finished this months challenge piece and waiting for it to dry. I am very pleased with it but got carried away and stamped a few wee folk in my toilet. LOL they look cute and they'll be gone soon as the place is being decorated.

  7. I recognise the walk with a brayer through chalk paint 🙂 My friend & I had a great day yesterday. Your stand certainly looks very different now to all those years ago in Ringwood 😀

  8. I recognise the walk with a brayer through chalk paint 🙂 My friend & I had a great day yesterday. Your stand certainly looks very different now to all those years ago in Ringwood 😀

  9. So glad you had another great day today at Ally Pally. Really enjoyed the show yesterday the best bit was watching your demos and having a chat with you. Really appreciate your advice you are such a lovely understanding person. Also great seeing rest of your hard working team. Took us 4 hrs & 45 mins to get home nearly 2 & a half hrs to get out of London today as the Hammersmith Flyover was closed. Have a great week and hope you manage some me time.xx

  10. Wow, I'm pictured on Barbaras blog…lol.
    It was lovely to watch you demo, and to have a laugh with all the lovely ladies. Barbara, thank you for helping me choose three paint colours, I'm looking forward to playing with them tomorrow. I have to say everyone of the staff on your stand were so helpful, and although you interrupted Dave having his sandwich, he still worked the till with a x I'm looking forward to the open days and the retreat. Take care x Sally (spanner) x

  11. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you had another fantastic day and your lovely Dave was back to join you, hope he enjoyed the wedding. I'm glad your faith was restored in shows and you met some lovely people. Hope you enjoyed pizza and Poldark . Take care and night night. Love Diane xxx

    1. Thanks Diane, and Greetings from Eurotunnel ! Edinburgh wedding was lovely and now it's off to Munich. It was great too see so many friends and customers at Ally Pally, as well
      Now where did we put that map???!!!

  12. Glad it was a success and your demos look great too. Think that the packing up must be hard work at the end of a busy weekend though. Pizza and Poldark sounds wonderful but reminded me that I missed it tonight as watching Vera. Something to look forward to tomorrow. Sweet dreams and a quick rest before you set of for Germany xx

  13. Hi Barbara. I got to watch some of your demos on Saturday and the lovely Susan helped me finally decide what to go for. Thank you so much Susan for your wise words and that lovely smile : ) And yes I will be getting Cobalt blue next time Barbara, thank yo for your kind words :and smiling face, even at the end of a long day : ) Loved the new stamp racks and have to agree that your stand certainly is really roomy. Well done all of you for all of the hard work that goes into shows. Ally Pally has to be the most beautiful indoor stand hat anyone can have. That rose window is gorgeous and when the sun shines through it…….I spend half of the time looking at it rather than the stands! I hope you enjoyed your pizza and Poldark : ) Take care x

  14. Hi Barb, your pictures of events always bring a smile to my face. Looks like you had lots of happy visitors, may be able to make the next one. Hope the pizza was great, I know Poldark was 🙂 And I hope you can relax a little now. Take care. Bx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Glad that Ally Pally was such a success – with all the great products, brilliant demos, fantastic team why wouldn't it be! The photos show that everyone was enjoying it. Hope you enjoyed Poldark and pizza. Tried to watch Poldark on I player as we were watching the golf but it wasn't available – have that pleasure to look forward to today – yeah! Try to have a little rest now. Love Alison xx

  16. Morning Barbara, That was true dedication from you last night – taking one eye off Poldark in order to post your blog!
    I hope you are feeling a little rested this morning after the busy weekend. Very glad that you're pleased with how it went. I think these shows go through cycles – patchwork was the big draw when I first started going to the NEC, and then papercrafting took over for a while. Hopefully, it will all settle down as it would be such a shame if the shows declined further.
    Ruth x

  17. Good morning,
    could you sleep a little longer?
    Happy to see you tomorrow on german TV.
    When are your next holidays???
    Best wishes
    Rolf xx

  18. I hope you had a good night's sleep, and feel a little refreshed, after your hectic weekend. (I hope it was profitable too). I wish I could have got there – any chance of you coming to Belfast one of these springs (don't do the autumn one, it's too close to the Dublin show).

  19. I am so glad that you had a brilliant time at Ally Pally. I really enjoyed being there on Saturday I love the location and there are so many lovely people there. I want to come back in September. Poldark is brilliant too all dark and brooding. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  20. So glad Ally Pally went with a swing and that you enjoyed this show so much more than the last. It is good that this has given you a boost. From the comments all who came to see you went away happy and with lots of wonderful goodies.!! Poldark and Pizza sounds like the perfect combination too. x

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