Gentian or Columbine – that is the question….

Gentian or Columbine – that is the question….

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Playing catch up here, 
getting all fired up for the NEC Exhibition, 
which starts on Thursday and runs right through until Sunday.
So Monday’s blog is Flowers and Trees.
I take my inspiration today from a lovely birthday card,
which my clever friend Maria Simms sent me for my birthday.
I know she won’t mind if I share this technique;
it is so lovely and quick to do!
The hardest bit is tearing a leaf out of a book!
And just when I was going to get into reading again….
So pick a page of an old dictionary or novel,
preferably nothing lewd or raunchy.
Although that might liven up the ….
Nope. Dictionary is good!
Use the deckle-edge of the Clarity Blending mat to get a photo tear around all 4 sides.
Using black Archival, stamp one of the two beautiful huge new Flower stamps onto the page.
I went with the other one, the Columbine.
Cover it up with the mask, which comes with the stamp set.
Thank goodness!
Wouldn’t want to have to cut this puppy out!
Add a few ink colours to the blending mat,
and let’s add some shade to the background 
with a make-up sponge.

 Light colour first. Old Paper Distress pad
works brilliantly.
Well I never!!
predictable really…

Build up the colour off the edge of the mask.
Lightly dab and smear.

Looking good!
Actually, you could stop right now and get off the train.
Looks great to me.
But I want to try out the Spectrum Noir pencils on print.
Shade away.
I have been looking forward to this all day.
There’s nothing quite like colouring in 
for calming the mind.
In fact, I am hatching a plan; a very beautiful one.
More will be revealed.
Build up the colours gradually.
I love how the print peeps through the flowers.

Now to mount the printed page.
A piece of our double-sided tape is excellent actually. 
It really stabilises what is otherwise quite flimsy.

So I have found a piece of colour coordinated card 
and cut it to just slightly larger than the printed page.
The adhesive sheet goes on this,

and the printed art lays down perfectly on this.
I curled the corners with my fingers before I stuck it down.

Needs a black base, too.

 Do you like it?
I think these flowers are fantastic for colouring in.

Took Maria’s lead 
and even tried to tie a bit of garnish to the artwork.
Not sure if it adds anything on mine;
spent longer trying to tie the blimming bow 
than colour in the flowers!!

If you are coming to the NEC, 
Maria and I will be demonstrating arty stuff every day, all day.
Must go now.
Have got a long list of things to tick before we can go to the NEC!
That came round fast.
Guess what!
The last show we did was – wait for it – at the NEC !!
Did I go swimming today? Did I heck.
But I did have breakfast.
And I am going to read my book tonight.
Baby steps, eh…
Until tomorrow.
Ahh. Youtube Tuesday….
lots of love,

48 thoughts on “Gentian or Columbine – that is the question….

  1. Loved it. My friends are into tearing books into words ,looks very effective, but this torn page is really effective. Hope that you have a great time at the NEC and don't work too hard!

  2. Oh how lovely! Maria's card to you is beautiful and so is the one you did! A good match and that's just right for the NEC!
    Talking of the NEC… I have my train ticket so will see you on Sunday!!!! Yay! So looking forward to my first ever trip to the NEC!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. Lovely Barbara. Old books from secondhand shops are the way to go. Just couldn't tear a page out of anything I have bought and read and loved. Those flowers are stunning and you are such a good colourist! I need to practise. xx Margaret Col.

  4. Hi Barbara, this looks beautiful, the flowers show such depth and are beautifully coloured, thank you. Only you could turn an old book page into something so perfect :-). For me to tear a page out a book, the book would have to be well beyond being readable, just a bit old /falling to pieces – naw couldn't do it!!!!
    love Brenda xx

  5. Fabulous artwork. I've just settled into bed to read your blog and then my book but am so tempted to get up again to have a go at this!! I have these stamps & a book for just such a purpose. Book or artwork? Now there's a dilemma!

  6. Hi Barbara This is beautiful, I love these new stamps and they look fab stamped onto the page of a book. I would struggle with tearing up a book too but will have to buy one from a charity shop I think so there would be some benefit. Well done eating breakfast and reading, I'm sure you are rushing around enough to call it exercise so the swimming can wait! Maria's card is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing. Love Diane xxx

  7. Beautiful stamps, really wanting them. Love what you and Maria have done with them. Was planning on seeing you at Alexander Palace instead of the NEC this time, if you are going to be there in April. Having the grand children for a sleepover this weekend. Wouldn't let them down.xx

  8. What beautiful cards, I love this technique. I have a birthday card to make, for my mother-in-law, may give this a try, I have the stamps. Thanks for the inspiration.
    As Meatloaf once said – two outta three ain't bad! x

  9. Argh the book pages! I do love this and Maria's card and in fact many that i have seen that use old books. Alas no matter what i do I just can't bring myself to use the old pages. I don't even think I can even use the new pages of crappy books. It's funny what we can and can't do. I do really fundamentally believe in, and commit to recycling too! LOL Good luck with the NEC, have fun.

  10. Hi Barbara.
    What lovely stamps and a great technique too. I have a collection of old books which I bought especially to use the pages for stamping.Guess what? I can't bring myself to tear a page out!!! I find old reference books fascinating. See you at the NEC.
    Hugs from Chris X

  11. Hi Barbara – I loved the card Maria did and I adore your version of it and must give this one a try! Glad I am not the only one who finds tying bows a blooming challenge! LOL they really perplex me can never get them to look good and the knot always looks a mess! So well done in getting one done!
    You and Maria will rock at the NEC – as to swimming as you say – baby steps but well done on breakfast – the all important first first meal of the day – try Alpen porridge – tis yummy!!!
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  12. Hello Barb, wow both your card and Maria's are awesome, love the flower stamps, and the idea of using a book page. Glad to hear that you have done step 1, the others will come over time. So wish I could get up to the NEC, it would be amazing to watch you and Maria. Have a great day all. Bx

  13. Stunning artwork from yourself and Maria. Must practise my shading.

    I like your attitude Barbara, baby steps are really good, you can't change everything in one day. Well I had breakfast, read several blogs (does that count) and walked the dogs 3 times. I start at the beginners (again) running club next monday. Enjoy the NEC x

  14. Hello Barbara, lovely card, can't wait for Saturday to see you and Maria at the NEC I will try this card if I can bring myself to tear a page from a book……. I wonder if hubby would notice a page torn out of one of his many Tram books…………. probably HO-HUM. x

  15. Love both cards – so clever, and I really like the print coming through the colouring on the flowers and leaves. Luckily we have foreign guests who sometimes leave books behind, so I use those for my artwork (as I can't read them!) – no way of telling if there is anything a bit dodgy in the text though!!! Hope your preparations for NEC go really smoothly, Susan x

  16. That Maria is a clever girl isn't she? Gorgeous card she sent you and what a compliment that you want to use it for inspiration to make a similar gorgeous creation. Make sure you don't blink or you may miss our lovely Maria – she looks fantastic. Have a great time at the NEC. Wish I was coming but pennies are a bit tight after hubby lost his job. I will def yry to be there in November tho. Xx

  17. Both these cards are fabulous Maria is a clever lady and so are you Barbara. Gentian and Columbine are on my wish list, I'm hoping for some spending money for my birthday next month as this months money has gone on re mewing my stamp club subscription and upgrading to add the stencils too. Mmmmm that's probably next months cash as well lol.
    Wish I could get to the NEC but it's not to be, hope you have a great time
    Jackie x

  18. Lovely, I am liking this style of card more these days. Would have been difficult for me to tear edges etc at one time everything had to be perfect. Yes, will be at NEC always enjoy the day, also coming to Open Day in June and booked on retreat this year so you might be sick of the sight of me by end of the summer. Looking forward to seeing all that you do. xx

  19. Lovely card, the flower pops off the printed page with the shadows of the distress inks. Wish I could attend the NEC; I doubt my hubbie would spring for a trans-atlantic flight just for that. I can dream though.

  20. Hi a Barb,
    This is gorgeous and so is the one from Maria. I really love these stamps and the more I see them the more I want them! I love to see the finished cards with the text behind and would love to try it but I can't bring myself to tear up books! I do like Rolfi's suggestion of using a newspaper though I could easily do that! Love Alison xx

  21. This is a great idea for a card. I don't know if I could use a page from a book, but like you have done here an old dictionary may be a good choice. Fantastic flower stamps. Xx

  22. I love this gorgeous flower Barbara and the Spectrum Noir pencils have coloured it beautifully. I love Maria's Gentian too. Although floosy is there, on the right hand side just under on of the leaves is the word flower which certainly is appropriate, but perhaps you chose the page for that reason. I hope the NEC goes well. I wish I could be there but sadly cannot! x

  23. I love what you and Maria have done with this set of stamps. Not sure if I have yet overcome my lifelong dedication to keeping books in good condition but you never know. I have been playing with this set today and they are great, even if I have overcooked my first one (I did not listen to your voice in the background telling me to stop). Make sure you get plenty of rest in this run up to the NEC.. xxx Maggie

  24. Hi Barbara. Wonderful, I love how the words still show through after colouring.
    By the way I am with you on no.3 from yesterdays post : )
    I hope you get a swim today. Take care.

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