YouTube Tuesday – Stencils & Chromo Card

YouTube Tuesday – Stencils & Chromo Card

Hi there!
It’s YouTube Tuesday,
 and time for a simple Chromo Demo!

Items Used:
Post-it Notes
Craftwell eBosser die cutting & embossing Machine

Easy and effective, methinks.
But I must dash.
Still figuring out what I am doing at the NEC,
and still need to pack.


Hope to see you at the show!

lots of love,

34 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Stencils & Chromo Card

  1. Great demo Barbara, I love all the products in this project and the weathered wood ink pad is such a pretty colour it has to be one of my favourites. As for this stencil it is perfect for so many things, it is just so versatile ! but saying that so are lots of the stencils you produce. Good Luck at the NEC and with the packing for it !!

    Love Doreen x

  2. This is beautiful. I think building something from a few ink colours and a white piece of card is always fascinating to watch. I bet you could do cards like this in your sleep! Hope you get your packing done without too many problems. XX

  3. Hi Barb,
    Great video and lovely project. I bought some of the chromo card at a Catterick and haven't used it yet, so this might be the time as I have all of the " ingredients". I'm really pleased that you've given us the sandwich order too for the EBosser – thank you for that. I hope everything goes well at the NEC and that you aren't too shattered at the end of it. Thanks again, love Alison xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    You must add being psychic to your list of talents. I have been waiting for my Clarity parcel to arrive and am now the proud owner of stencils and CHROMO CARD. In my excitement I have forgotten what to do with it ( this happens a lot!) and hey-ho, there is your video which tells me all I need to know. Love that stencil and it is on my shopping list for the NEC. I will be popping by to see you and Maria on Friday.
    Hugs fron Chris X

  5. I love this demo Barbara, and the Forest Ridge is definitely one to buy as it is so versatile. I must say I quite often emboss with my stencils which gives them another use. I know the show will be very busy for you all but hopefully enjoyable too. x

  6. Hi Barbara.
    This card is stunningly beautiful today and who would think you had only used 2 colours for your picture. I'm not going to make the NEC this year due to a family birthday celebrations, you are so clever and produce such amazing artwork. Thank you for sharing. Love Diane xxx

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  8. Hello Barb, what a great card and youtube Tuesday video, another stencil to add to my wish list along with the Chromo card. I am sure there are more brushes in your container than in the last video 🙂 Hope you manage to get packed and ready for the NEC. Have a good day. Bx

  9. Great video, I have the Flare stencil and lots of your tree stamps, lol, I love them, just need the chromo card. Lovely artwork. Happy setting up day at the NEC, wish I could be there, maybe November! X

  10. Lovely card Barbara. So simple when you know how, but really effective. Have a great time at the NEC but do take care of yourself.
    Gayle x

  11. I've just caught up. Lovely effect with the embossed frame and the highlighting with soft ink cover. Barbara, when you have a moment (!!!) can you, or maybe some other clever crafter, please say what sandwich to use with the chromo card and a Cuttlebug. I have the Snowflake Stencil set but haven't yet managed to produce an embossed image on the chromo card with them.
    Have a great time at the NEC, and I hope it goes well for Clarity. x

    1. Hi Carol, the sandwich for your Cuttlebug should be A plate, then stencil, then chromo card, then tan rubbery mat, then 2 B plates. You may need a shim. If this sandwich isn't embossing the chromo card enough then add a piece of scrap card after the tan mat. Only add one piece at a time, until you get the result you want. Remember if you are struggling to get the sandwich through the machine, stop and take it out, you've got too many shims and you could damage your machine forcing it. It won't work with chromo card, but if you are going to be embossing uncoated cardstock then giving it a light spritz with water before embossing it can help too. hope this helps xx

    2. Many thanks, Brenda. That's very helpful and comprehensive. I can see that I shall have to get a tan mat. I have a black one that came with the Bug but is thicker than the tan mat, which seems to be a multi use item. Thanks again. Carol x

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