Am I a Hoarder?

Am I a Hoarder?

Hello there,
Thanks for popping in!
Friday’s blog a private peek?
Well, I thought it might be fun to talk about hoarding!
Contrary to popular belief, I am not a hoarder! 
Well…craft stuff a little bit.
I have a SABLE, 
A Stash Acquire Beyond Life Expectancy!
If you could see the room I am sitting in, which looks as though it has been freshly burgled, you would raise an eyebrow for sure!
But upon closer inspection, you will see that there is just a load of artstuff which hasn’t been put away!

So if I can just find the time to put this lot
in my new and lovely drawer system which Dave got for me,
Tidy Barbie!
I am in the throes of experimenting with some new paints before we sink a load of money into them. 
The Fresco Chalk Paints from Paperartsy are really lovely 
 – and all over the counter while we figure them out –
so watch this space! 
The house, on the other hand, is quite spartan. 
Not a lot of ornaments, photos or dust catchers.
I worked out a long time ago, that my mind gets even more cluttered if I have got clutter around me. 
Also, to be honest, I went through a very painful divorce when the children were tiny, and had to downsize radically when we came back from California. At that point I shed pretty much most trinkets from my life before that time. So the first 35 years worth of photos, music and mementos were eliminated.
That’s ok; my memory is good.
And Mum has duplicates.
For me, Life is like a long, long string 
of days and experiences, all linked together, 
and I am most definitely the sum of my experiences. 

But the most important day is this one.
Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
We have a stamp which has been around for a long time:
Couldn’t have put it better myself!
So getting back to the question of hoarding, 
I tend to be quite radical around not hanging on to things.
Except for the Craft SABLE.
Now that’s different! 

Have a great day!

much love,

57 thoughts on “Am I a Hoarder?

  1. Hello Barb. As you say, memories are what count and all the artwork you do reflects everything you've done and lived through. Hoarding is a habit I'd love to get rid of, but it's not likely yet as we've just put a new shed in the garden! Looking forward to seeing the new chalk paints in action. xx Margaret Col.

  2. Hi Barbara, me too! My home is rather Spartan, or it will be once the work is completed and I've got everything back where it belongs. Practically no ornaments or clutter or gadgets, lots of books though and lots of my photos for putting up on the plain neutral painted walls. It's too busy and distracting for my head to see lots of stuff round me. That is until you open the door to my craft room, stuff everywhere, literally!!! And a constant struggle to keep it tidy!!! Just a few days ago I realised I had covered the whole floor space too, leaving small 'stepping stones' so I could cross the room to open the curtain!!! Spent an afternoon tidying up! And looking round me it's not much different today, the stepping stones a little bigger than they were the other day! And probably because I've piled stuff on top of other stuff instead of laying it all separate on the floor!!! It should be a good sign, I must be crafting, and it probably is but at the moment I'm only sometimes doing a wee bit this, a wee bit that, and just piling it up on the floor when I change tack!!! Better than not doing any though, until I see the mess I'm surrounded by!

    Your cubbyholes and drawer units look fab, you'll get stacks more new stuff in them!!! 😉

    I have SABLE too, it's scary, and my ambition is to use it all before it's too late! Are there any crafter's out there who don't hoard, sorry, collect craft? I think we're all the same, and it's the best gang to be in 🙂 It's the crafter's who don't have their own craft room I feel sorry for, where on earth do they store their SABLE!!!

    Love Brenda xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Sometimes in the dead of night I wonder what George will make of all the stuff in my craft room that he doesn't know about, when I'm no longer here!!
    Had this stamp a long time, and used it loads. I find it handy for lots of men's cards.
    Maureen xx

  4. I love your writing style Barb – you make me laugh out loud! Loved the bit about looking freshly burgled – sums up my craft room right now, even though I've just tidied it. If I don't put anything else away after a craft session, my lovely Clarity brushes get returned to their home, ready for use again next time. Now to find homes for the rest of the stuff, it may take me some time 😀 xx

  5. Hi it is true what you say about clutter. I am in the middle of trying to de clutter a lot of my years of hoarding. Even my craft stuff. I have experimented with many things over the years, only to realise they are not my thing, but I still have all the stuff.
    I have just got back from the craft show at the SECC in Glasgow. I knew by the fact that you didn't advertise it, that you probably wouldn't be there, but we missed seeing you or your team. It wasn't very good this time. Many of the old faithfuls were missing. My son, Sandy, did not enjoy it, especially as your lot weren't there. I don't suppose you will remember him, but when he was just 9 he copied a card from one of your DVDs. It was a monochrome reflection. It was meant to have a swan in it, but as he didn't have the swan, he put a man by the shore. You were so kind to him that you gave him the swan stamp. He never forgot how generous you were and he has always looked forward to watching your demos. He's just turned 16 and he was bored today…..
    Do you think you will be able to do an open day or work shop up here in Scotland in the future ?
    I was thinking about you yesterday as Mark left home again. Still, look on the bright side, it's a lovely place to have a holiday, if you ever get the chance…..

  6. How very true – your blog and lets face it "shrouds had no pockets". I am a hoarder and my lovely husband of 46 years is an even worse hoarder. We are always looking for things – spend hours and blaming each other! Well off on holiday and going to turn over a new leaf and declutter! Think it will happen – that's the future/tomorrow. Now is important – today/present a gift. I will miss your blog for 2 weeks and will probably have to go into rehab when I return as I look forward so much to the blog.
    Have a nice weekend
    Anne (Reading)

  7. Wow Barbara 90 drawers. You'll have fun filling them. Must admit over the years I've tended to hoard things, but I am starting to radicalise the house. Charity shop doing well out of us. Yes craft goodies are different. Trouble is I've flitted from one thing to another with trends I suppose, also things I didn't get on very well with, so have lots of things I haven't used in a while, but they could come back in fashion or I must try my hand at things again. I think most of us crafters are the same. Love that stamp too.xx

  8. Reading your blog today made me smile, I too due to divorce have few trappings from the past but my craft stuff it overfloweth. I used to paint with oils and acrylics on big canvases and they along with my studio easel are still lovingly stored against the day when they find a cure for fibromyalgia and I have the energy to stand and paint again. My new passion of cardmaking has caused me to acquire every pen, pencil and ink I could lay my hands on along with dies and now my latest passion of stamps having discovered that it was not me who couldn't stamp but those free stamps are not much use for anything more than a squished splodge on the page. So thanks to you I am now the proud owner of a brayer and a box of stamps and a collection of DVD's. So please no chalk paints I am running out of space lol. But crafting and arty pursuits make me happy and so long as the clutter in my life is arty clutter then may my SABLE continue to overflow, although I swear I see my dog raise a questioning eyebrow when the postman brings another package. Today brought my new club stamp so off to have a play with it xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Crafty Stash doesn't count as hoarding but I do admit to finding it very difficult to part with anything. This was a trait I picked up from lovely hubby who never throws anything away in case it might come in useful. I sometimes have a craft clear out and give it to the local Cubs/ Brownies and when I do I also sneak a few of hubbies " useful " things into the bin. He never misses them! I do find it impossible to throw photographs away even after scanning them and saving to a disc.

    X Chris

  10. I have been trying to declutter craft things ready for move but not good at it so will pack it all including the fairies and of corse the new stencil brushes that arrived today from your sale makes 12. Know all needed. Was looking and the paints on photo so be interested to see what you think have some already and love your craft draws,would mind some like that when moved xx

  11. I like most other crafts people have a sable or two but could definitely do with a nice large table to spread out and do a project from start to finish without having to put things away first or least ways move them to one side whilst I start the next stage ! Love the photo of your work in progress and how thoughtful of Dave to buy those lovely drawers xx

  12. Ooooh go with the Fresco Finish paints they are wonderful. So easy to use, blend and layer. Dry quickly and brilliant for stamping on. I have no links to PaperArtsy but would love to see your style and stamps combined with them…more ideas for me 🙂

  13. Having lots of craft stuff is definitely not hoarding!!!! 🙂 I too have stuff from years back and yet can't seem to part with it. However I have managed to sell on some stamps I no longer wanted to keep – not Clarity of course – though they were replaced with more craft goodies :-)) love your drawer system Barbara, so kind of Dave to get it for you. Interested to know how you get on with the new paints. Hugs xx

  14. Hi. I am Jane and I am a craft stash hoarder! Let's face it though all the things we have we really NEED and cannot survive without it! Loving those drawers Barbara! In my head I'd need to label them otherwise I'd never find anything! I could do with an extension not just a room though!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  15. Hello Barb, that is the first Clarity stamp I ever bought. Yes today is the PRESENT! I do give what I am not using to others if they want it, but need another clear-out, and I hope they will build their own SABLE, which I definitely have. I so want your organiser drawers, but I think Hubz will have a fit. My office is 1/4 office and 3/4 craft, but I am not complaining! The boss might!. Take care and thank you for sharing. Bx

  16. ooh loving the look of the new storage!! what a lucky girl you are!! I am in the throws of moving house and going from a crafting shed to an indoor craft room and cannot wait! today I have been out and bought a new 7 foot long desk from IKEA, with a nice drawer unit and a new chair !! can't wait to set it all up! and rediscover my SABLE!!!
    Yesterday is definately History though….. tomorrow is a new day – alwaysxxx
    Much Love as ever Barbara

    Kim xx

  17. Oh you lucky lady Barbara (well done Dave), I love storage as well. I am definitely a hoarders of everything but I'm working on it. I'm just in the midst of sorting all my "stuff", crafty and otherwise, quite therapeutic when I get going. Safe journey to Mark, there's always Skype and you'll just have to factor in some extra breaks xx

  18. Love the storage – lucky you! I'm not a hoarder but I do have crafty stuff that I know I will probably never use BUT I need to keep it just in case . . . . . Pat x

  19. Those drawers are great! I have to admit I am almost as obsessed with storage as I am with crafts. I could be descibed as a storage hoarder, given that I have a little more storage than stuff to fill it! LOL alas I have a plan to fill it one day. I am off my feet this weekend so I might just have to lock myself in my craftroom, with feet up of course and create something. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

  20. Love your blog Barbara I never miss is I am a craft hoarder I still buy put it away and at 76 I often smile thinking what they will do when they see my treasures I have made cards for charity for years so I must have done some good love you Barbara xxxxxxxjune xxxx

  21. Eighty drawers, oh what joy Barbara. I work on what was the dining room table and have two cupboards, eight drawers and several boxes of varying sizes and the space is more than full already, but how can you stop buying new things occasionally. I do try to declutter now and again but the space never seems to be any less full, but I could no way give up my crafting. x

  22. You would be amazed at all the stash I can manage to get in the little corner I have for craft. I have some ornaments about and they are precious as quite a few have been given me by my children.My husband is a hoarder. our loft is groaning. I would love those drawers how organised I would be, for a while anyway. xx

  23. Had to laugh! I have a craft stash too except mine is named my SFS stash (Saved For Stroking) I often look at the craft room and think I could open a shop with the amount I have! Still, I could be doing something less creative with my money but I wouldn't have as much fun. I have stuff everywhere. A couple of years ago my friend phoned to say someone she knew was getting rid of her crafty bits so she had told her she knew someone who might like it. A couple of days later she phoned again to say it had been dropped off and I should come round and see if there was anything I would like. Excitedly I popped round, and she had about five plastic boxes full of all sorts of bits and pieces. My friend went off to make a cup of tea and I started going through the boxes and setting aside things that I would find useful. When my friend came back in she said in all seriousness "Look at all this stuff, she must have had a problem!" ……………… I just nodded and said "yeah" making a mental note to ALWAYS keep the craft room door shut when she comes round! Xx

    1. That's funny Donna. I hadn't thought about how we and our craft stash must look to 'normal' people!!!! And, with my living room being a bit like a building site, anyone that Nicola brings get's shown into the craft room, and I don't always tidy away /hide what's lying around, oops! Ah well, some people already think I'm a bit weird anyway!

      James Ward just won his match, yay, only need to win one more out of three, happy dance, on second thoughts – happy dance better be just in my head, way to sore for actual, I'll save it up!!!!!!

      How's it going?
      Love Brenda xx

    2. OK, thanks. Was watching that match earlier as well, after watching a bit of Crufts. Love seeing all the different kinds of dogs all fluffed and brushed. Then I look at Phoebe and think its time for her trim! Making a couple of Mothers day cards over the weekend (one for me and one for my older sister) I want to do something pretty and arty, will have to see how that one turns out, never look as I imagine but I am working on just going with the flow and seeing where it ends up. Hopefully after this my Jane art will be top of the agenda. Xx

  24. When I read your blog today, Barbara, it was like reading my own life experience ( divorce ,loss of memorabilia) . I read on with interest and couldn't agree with your comments more!
    Your view on life in general is so down to Earth and 'common sensey'.
    Thank God for craftiness (and daughters.).lol.

  25. Haha Barb, I've only been crafting for a year and I already have a craft SABLE!! Goodness knows what it will be like a few years from now!! I have always been 'arty' but after a similarly painful divorce and then a year later an horrific pile up on the M25 (I am also from Kent, Maidstone, not far from you). I met the man of my dreams only to be struck down just 8 months after we were married with Fibromyalgia. I have had to give up my job as a childminder, a job I just loved but could no longer cope with and now we have had to move to a bungalow, in Ashford where I am lucky enough to have my own craft room and a loving man who is supporting me not only with my disability but also my passion of crafting. I hope to start selling once I've built up a stock and so that's what fills my days now. But one thing I've learnt is to live for today, you just don't know what tomorrow will bring and yesterday is already a memory to forget or cherish! xx

  26. Going through the difficult process of slimming down crafty stuff – determined to focus on fewer areas and get rid! Hopefully it will make it easier to locate things in my craft room, then all the overflow can find its way back onto shelves. (Craft books/books in general are the problem as I can't throw them out!) Brought two big shelving units back from the USA, thought they'd be adequate storage – no chance!
    I have always loved this stamp, one of the first Clarity I bought and is used frequently – adapts to suit many occasions. ;~}

  27. I too have a craft SABLE but like you not so much clutter in the rest of the house. This is because we have moved around a lot, sometimes to large houses and sometimes to small ones. I quickly learnt that it was easier not to have too much stuff but we still have more than we need.
    I love that quote on that stamp
    Jackie x

  28. i definitely have a craft SABLE. but i think i'm a hoarder too. in the sense that i find it difficult to throw things away as usually i need them immediately after.
    paperartsy paints are fab. i have a few bottles that i got from ally pally last year and i like them tend to be more translucent that daler rowney acrylics. hugs xx

  29. Hi Barbara yes I have a SABLE too and all three of us are hoarders of craft and other stuff. I look at minimalist houses and think they look ever so easy to clean but I do like my ornaments and pictures so that's never going to happen! Love your drawer system, aren't you lucky-reminds me of school! They do need labelling though. We have stepping spaces in our study too, mainly because Emma has taken over the room and has got her revision notes spread out over the floor, desk, walls …. Have a lovely weekend Barbara, try and get some of that lovely sunshine we are expecting this weekend. Love Diane xxx

  30. Oooh – I have drawer envy! My new year resolution was to use up some of my "stuff" – so I've been trying to do projects which may involve new things, but also use up historic stash! And all those old bottles of perfumed body lotion and sample cosmetics have come out of the cupboard too and are being whittled down one by one. Look forward to seeing what you do with new paint stocks! Susan x

  31. I love that stamp! I too have a sable, I'm such a contradiction because I hate mess! I would love to see what goodies you will come up with using the paperartsy paints, I was looking at them longingly at the stamperama show last Sunday -did miss you and all the clarity peeps,my grandson was quite disappointed that you and Maria weren't there but we had watched you on the TV before visiting the show

  32. Ohh I have drawer envy.. you Sable enabler!
    I am lucky to have a room, but it is partly spare bedroom too.. so no storage.

    Thats ok i only need a tiny path to the door.

    Keep missing you at shows, will you be at Ally Pally?

    Hope you fall in love with our paints, from the first moment I tried them I loved them and haven't looked back.

  33. I live on my own with my two teenage sons, so they don't care what stuff I have, I don't even think they notice it anymore. We only have a small two up, two down, so I have a kitchen/craft room. Although any cupboard space in any other room is crammed with craft items, paints, inks and stamps. I know for a fact I'll never use it all, but there again, you just never know when I might need it! Lol.
    I have quite a few of the fresco paints, and I love them! They are great for everything. Xx

  34. Hi Barb,
    I'm definitely a hoarder when it comes to craft stuff! I bought a proper classroom double cupboard that's also got 18 drawers similar to your lovely new ones in the bottom half of the cupboard. I was convinced that this would be big enough and even Dave thought it was a good idea. However, 3 years down the road, I think I could do with another one!!the only trouble is that there is no room in the spare bedroom which is now my craft room/ home office. I keep meaning to sort through and get rid of stuff that I haven't used for years but then I think, I might use it sometime!!! Still I could have worse vices than craft! Love Alison xx

  35. Just don't get a loft ladder!! Spawn of the devil as it makes it too easy to keep useless stuff just in case!! ( speaking of husband here!!) craft stuff is different as it supports our sanity – and there are far worse addictions!! (Chocolate doesn't count either )

  36. I love that stamp! I too have a sable, I'm such a contradiction because I hate mess! I would love to see what goodies you will come up with using the paperartsy paints, I was looking at them longingly at the stamperama show last Sunday -did miss you and all the clarity peeps,my grandson was quite disappointed that you and Maria weren't there but we had watched you on the TV before visiting the show

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