An Elephant never forgets…

An Elephant never forgets…

Hello there!
Thanks for drooping in.
Well, it beats pooping in last week.
I was having a clear out, and came across a set of stamps which I thought were brilliant and clever when Jim and I designed them:
The Alphabet Animals
So dust them off and get them out, I say!
There are lots of them, from

My personal favourite is the Elephant
Each animal comes as lineart AND the fill.
I am going to use both parts today.
Told you mine were old!

We need some foliage , too, so here’s 
a wonderful leafy branch
Stamp the branch on an A6 piece of Theuva card
Stamp the outline elephant into place underneath.
Now comes the clever bit.
Ink up the fill Elephant with Butterscotch Adirondack, 
or Mustard Seed Distress ink pad,
screw up a piece of copy paper and stamp the inky stamp onto the paper.

Then position over the lineart and fill.
Elephant skin!
Do this a couple of times. I used the Watering Can grey too.

Time to add yellow to the background.
Load a Stencil Brush with yellow ink from the same ink pad,
and start dusting the edges.

Looks airbrushed.

Lay a piece of copy paper underneath the Elephant’s feet
and add yellow and grey to the ground with brushes.
Colour in the Flowers with Spectrum Noir pencils.
The Essential Tin is a good starting place.
But we do have a great deal on all 5…

Remember from one of our brilliant Word Chains sits perfectly
underneath. Word Chain No. 5 it is.
Quite apt I guess….

Nearly done. Edges last.
Using a Clarity Blending Mat and a Ranger mini blending tool,
let’s work shade into the edges.
See the difference? 
Left done. Right not.
We have them back in stock, 
so here’s that special deal which is very popular:
Buy the blending tool handles and the refills, and we will give you an A4 Clarity Blending Mat worth £8.99 FREE

Mount on a good grey card to finish

Now, what was it I was supposed to remember….

Ah yes!
A Special Blog Offer!
Buy any one of the Lineart animals, 
and we will send you the Silhouette equivalent as a gift.
FREE. Two for one
Have a great Sunday!
I’m staying home.
It’s a jungle out there!!!!!
much love,

32 thoughts on “An Elephant never forgets…

  1. I've already got elephant, zebra, giraffe and lemur still wrapped in their tissue paper 😉 can't wait to retire to start stroking them at least! It's getting nearer – might be end of April – I will definitely be finished by end of May she says hopefully. Lovely project to use some of our older stamps! So looking forward to having the time to try out all these projects 🙂 xxx

  2. Hi Barbara
    lovely card and very clever stamps,loving the crocodile.
    Like you Barbara I'm staying at home It's the first time in ages since I've stayed in all day and not put a foot outside, feels great:)

  3. Hi Barbara, brilliant card. But haven't you forgotten something? Words in French for your "lovely" French customers????……. Reading you from the lovely Stratford upon Avon where I am for the week-end. Thanks for the offer, it's another lovely one.
    Laurence xx

  4. Hi Barbara, I like what you've done with this. I've got the crocodile ones and been wondering what to do with them, so thank you for reading my mind once again!!!!!

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday at home. The wind has died down a bit here, at last, and the sun is saying hello this afternoon 🙂
    Love Brenda xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    I just love those animals and the crumpled paper for achieving texture is so clever. You always inspire us. The awards you won are well deserved.
    Hugs from Chris

  6. Hi Barbara this is fabulous, I remember having a laugh at how clever these stamps are a few years ago. When you started with the watering can ink pad I thought oh that's an interesting colour choice and then the penny dropped when you stamped the elephant! Oh dear, if I had a brain if be dangerous! Good thing I drooped by! Enjoy your lazy day. Take care love Diane xxx

  7. Some gorgeous artwork Barbara and such a clever design. I love the different tones you have managed to get into the line work and the light and shade. I think my favourites are the lemur and the crocodile. Thank you for the great offer too. x

  8. Lovely stamps, like the texture you can create with the fill one. Taking a break from creating, mainly because it's going well and I don't want to do something I regret! Horrible cold started yesterday so I am now sitting here with my steaming bowl of water, vix drops and watering eyes, what a sight! XX

  9. Hi Barb, great to see the old stamps coming out and getting an airing! These are very funky and what you have done with the "elephant "is superb. Love the colours too. Take care. Bx

  10. Great technique with the coloured in bit! We're just back from the beach with some smelly dogs – really bracing in the wind, but I feel really awake now!!! The dogs on the other hand look very weary…. Susan x

  11. Hi Barb,
    Really like what you've done here. I was always amused by these stamps and my favourites are the elephant, the lemur and the cheetah. Hope you've enjoyed your day indoors. The wind has finally died down here today. – the last two nights have been horrendous.
    Donna, hope you get well soon- I ended up with bronchitis and cracked rib at end of January, and it's still hanging on – hope you're luckier! Love Alison xx

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